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  1. Does it? Second question: What is the best way to cut it along a straight line? The European Gypsum boards can be scribed and then simply pushed/or hammered out and it will brake off along the line. Will this work with thoose boards here?
  2. Thank you Ubon! I thought it was so, but I had read something to the contrary, so wanted to confirm.
  3. Hi, as the title says, can I extend my child based non O more than once without leaving the country? Regards
  4. Khun Ngo

    My custom Super Cub

    I remember reading that thread that you mentioned. Good stuff: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=460631
  5. Khun Ngo

    My custom Super Cub

    Na, not unbelievable. People have done farther trips on bicycles.
  6. I would like to ask at what initial cost we would be looking at for opening a legal business here through a service provider like sunbelt. We have the following requirements:     Establishing a limited company (For export, I understand that a local shareholder is not required for this) as well as taking care of all legal requirements that go with it.   Providing work permits for two EU nationals.   Getting an E‐Commerce License (Our export business will be mainly run as a online store)       What total cost can we expect before we can get going?
  7. Thanks for your reply Ubon. I had read somewhere on here that if your last day falls on a holiday or weekend one could go the following working day. I went today anyway and got an extension for my VOA.
  8. My visa expires on the 31st. Can I go on the 2nd of June to CW or will I have to pay OS?
  9. They will but you must be the legal father of your child by way of marriage to their mother or legitimization of your parenthood by way of a court order or an Amphoe. Ok, thanks. Legitimization by my embassy and PP of my country does not count I guess?
  10. Do they also issue multi non O based on having children instead of based on marriage?
  11. So that means, if I am on a NON-O visa without a one year extension, I can't apply for a DL?
  12. Khun Ngo

    Brown Rice V White Rice

    The same for the red rice ("cargo rice") which is my favorite. Always buy it vacuum packed and keep it in a porcelain jar with a lid after opening it. Never went rancid.