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  1. hellodolly

    Price of life/wife: An honest appraisal

    not in thailand when you are 50 plus. Not true, a weak rationalization for being taken. Find one in her thirties, at least. They usually have a bit of maturity, not so into consumer overdosing, and can see the value of a decent guy. If you are not a decent guy, I would go with the one night stands option: cheaper by far, they don't get to know the full depth of your jerkishness, variety, etc. Do you need a woman 24/7? Physical disability or something? I give my wife money every month. She was working full time and not making enough to be worth my while. I told her to quit and I would give her double plus as she was worth more to me being free to go any where at the drop of a hat. Money being there. She was working full time six days a week. It did not fit into my life style so I changed it. I do not pay her a ridicules amount but it takes care of her mother and helps with the other family members. None of my business what she does with it. In 8 years I have given her a raise three times and will do so again as costs are rising. If money is the basis of a relationship run.
  2. hellodolly

    Enroll in ObamaCare?

    What you are talking about is Medicare Part B. When you are eligible for Part B, which is one year after you start receiving social security benifits (65, 66, or 67 which ever one applies) you have 6 months to accept it. It is currently $104.90 a month, period. If you don't sign up you are penalized 10% for every year you do not sign up. So if you never plan on returning no problem, but if things change and you do, You suffer the consequences. How would they know? Simply go to a doctor when you return. If you have private insurance they too have the option of billing medicare. So you get caught there too. Plus yo might even get caught in good old Bamacare. Your best source of information is http://www.ssa.gov/ Thanks for the web site.
  3. hellodolly

    Enroll in ObamaCare?

    I was wondering what it would take to get there medicare if I was to move there. I am receiving a SS payment. I chose not to join it as I was not living there even though I am US citizen. Is it based on the amount of SS you receive?
  4. hellodolly

    Green bottles on trucks

    I thijnk we are OK as long as they are green. If they turn polka dot watch out.
  5. It is posts like yours that make me wish they had a "now that is funny" button. Glad to hear it turned out good for you. As to the topic. I have been to Phiket a few times but am really unfamiliar with the Island. How far are the hospitals or the points the ambulances are dispatched from to where you are. Is it in rush hour traffic. Hard to say. Bottom line is the first hour can often be the most critical and it was good that they got there in 45 minutes.
  6. hellodolly

    Dukes At Promenada

    Well, David, I guess you can complain about me! I wish you well, but I simply do not understand marketing on a forum. Maybe that is a sign of a problem at the till. Why you become such an icon for so many I cannot understand. You are a Chiang Mai version of Coca Cola for expats and popular with many cholesterol-free (I hope!) Thai! Sort of a more developed palate than Mike's Burgers, I suppose! Whatever, I hope that you will not start to promote "promotions" in conversations on CMTV like a recently departed former pub owner did. Not tasteful! I should add that the next time I need a juicy burger and fries, I'd go to your place.....except that my burgers are better !! Dave's a capitalist and an American one to boot. That's going to make him the object of a certain amount of hatred, but I have a hunch that he doesn't loose too much sleep over that. Well two things 1 what is the difference between an American capitalist and a French capitalist? and 2 Was he promoting the expat coffee held there once a month which I and my son attended and we both enjoyed?
  7. hellodolly

    Dukes At Promenada

    Very well said. If some one has a problem with a dish tell Dave to his face. He would appreciated it. He is constantly trying to improve on his various offerings and would greatly welcome your criticism. They may very well help him to improve the dish. Some times not, it is just the way that he has found most people prefer. Next time you are in there ask for it prepared your way you would be surprised at how willing he is to adapt. to a couple of other posters I use the I like because I like what the poster said and have no problem admitting it. To the one on about promoting his own product well that is what he pays Thai Visa for. Can't say as I ever remember him starting a thread to promote a product. I can defiantly say I have seen some posts that were so inane that I felt embarrassed for the poster but Dave said nothing. His food talks for it's self. You would all be in trouble if he listened to me. I have a wide range of acceptable tastes. LOL
  8. hellodolly

    Dukes At Promenada

    All that a mall should be ??? Indeed! When it comes to Dukes, his fare may be tasty, but is that why you are in Thailand? Or are you here to pick something familiar off the shelves of Rimping or Tops. Or to have malls to stroll around in? All just like back home, so why are you here? Did you just try to pack where you were into your bags and find out the overweight was prohibitive and leave it to others to bring in the "best western breakfasts?" A taste of this, a taste of that. Lovely. Every place would, I hope, have that, but some international gourmands seem to forget where they were and dwell too much on where they came from. Food has nothing to do with why I am here. I like the people and the country. I like Dukes because I know that the meals are tasty (most of them) I don't like every thing and I wouldn't like it any where else either. I know it is prepared in a clean environment and the quality of the food is good. Not the cheapest stuff Dave can get. He told me and it is true that my taste buds might not know the difference but my body will. Not being in possession of sensitive taste buds it makes sense to me.
  9. hellodolly

    New refrigerator earthing. I'm in disbelief

    Yes there is Thai/ASEAN standards laid down for electrical wiring of domestic properties. Problem is no one can find them.
  10. well said satire at it's finest On a serious side the Thaksin regime that introduced it also tried to trade chickens to Sweden for fighter planes.
  11. Yes indeed it is the law. No other reason for the sign. The OP is new and if he really wants to know should consult a legal expert. It is more than likely the same as many law's the world over one that has out lived it's purpose but not been changed. Police will enforce it because it offers some of them tea money.
  12. hellodolly

    jet ski scams

    just ignore this "petercool", he is either a liar or a moron. obviously there is always actual damage, the point is it is pre-existing 99% of the time and even if it wasn't, the extorted money is grossly disproportionate to the actual cost of repair in all but the most extreme cases. in addition, physical intimidation is always involved, physical assault is often involved, it is always about extortion/kidnap on some level and the scammers should be arrested and put behind bars. money should be paid as compensation to the victims, not the other way around i.e.. to the scammers and the police. i have seen many scams and i know exactly how it works and so far i have never seen any damage caused by a jet-ski renter, it is always pre-existing and usually superficial. what i have seen as i said above is intimidation, assault, extortion and kidnap, all with the open and clear cooperation of the police. maybe if this "petercool" had been observing the actual scams instead of just sitting in the police station he might have learned something but he hasn't learned a dam_n thing and has no idea what he is talking about. Maybe you out to read what he said before commenting. He admitted that there are real scams happening in a certain area. You left that part out. How many cases have you witnessed in the police station where the scammer paid the police off? In fact have you ever been in a police station when a case came in there? Do you patrol the beach looking for scams or just sit in the one area where petercool has already admitted it is happening and you conveniently left out to bolster your Thai bashing.
  13. hellodolly

    jet ski scams

    What a load of garbage. All you need to do is hang around Beach Road for a few hours to see scams going down...they are real, the damage is made up and they certainly are widespread...stop talking rubbish or go somewhere else. Also, scams do reach the police station, but the police are part of the scam so it won't help the victims by going to the police station. How can you make up damage either it is damaged or it is not. Instead of all these posts about scams why does no one ever mention look the machine over before you use it and point out the already existing damage. A common sense solution to most of the problem yet it takes away the ability of the poster to Thai bash so they don't mention it. They are more interested in Thai bashing than they are in helping the potential victim. You have documentation that the police are part of the scam petercool was on site in the police station and saw what he reports he did not read it off of some forum. Did it ever occur to you that you saw all those scams on the beach because the scammers did not want to go to the police? That fit's right in with what petercool said.
  14. Interesting that the OP left the door open by giving a definition of a God that many might agree with or disagree with. I would have to have a broader definition than that to answer with in the seven choices given. For that reason I prefer to call my self a Reborn again Pagan. It gives me lots of room to move my beliefs in. Kind of like a feeling of freedom to follow different trails with out surrendering to any one I am free to change my mind at the drop of the hat. some times twice in a thread. Maybe three times.
  15. hellodolly

    Secured Credit Cards Thailand

    Now that you mention it my son is coming over again for a month. This will be his fifth time I believe. can he set up an account for me to draw money out of so I can travel more and in style?