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  1. hellodolly

    Canadian Family Demands Justice For Pai Killing

    As you say you speak from a different perspective. One in which you can use logic along with the idea of revenge. Feelings don't work that way. You might change your mind if you ever experience that kind of loss. The loss will always be with you but you don't have to suffer forever.
  2. hellodolly

    Canadian Family Demands Justice For Pai Killing

    Thank you. I have met several people who have gone through it and survived. A friend of mine couldent work for a year. The most important thing is to accept it and let the pain pass. A real long time consuming process. It has been over 24 years and I still stop by the grave when I am in Vancouver just a nod and a hello. To be honest when I wrote that I was feeling a little choked up. Two reasons 1 I miss him and 2 it brings back some of the good memories of times we had together.
  3. hellodolly

    Canadian Family Demands Justice For Pai Killing

    I lost my 18 year old son through an accident. Completely different situation. But my grief was massive. I missed him very much as we were just starting to form a good relationship, The accident would not have happened if I had not made a last minute decision to stay home instead of going to Vancouver with him. To me it seems that all the striving to fight city hall is just another way to hang on to the grief. Every persons feelings are different. For my self it took around three years for the pain to pass at seven years i was telling a friend about an incident that happened when he first started work with the company I was working for. As I was recalling it the tears started to come to my eyes. I can not imagine keeping in my mind on the conscious level for five years. It is a hard thing to do but there comes a time when we have to get on with are own life and accept the loss of another hard as it may be. I feel for his loss and for him. It is a formidable task to get over the grief.