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  1. frodo77

    Central Plaza Parking

    I park in the open field just before the Central entrance. Just a short walk, well worth it, no hassles.
  2. frodo77


    Went to Central. Bangkok Bank wanted around 900 baht for some insurance etc. Scb refused point blank, even though I have an account in Jomtien. Succeeded with Krungsri.
  3. frodo77


    I am on a 1 year visa based on retirement. Can anyone please recommend at which Bank and location where I can open an account? Thank you.
  4. frodo77

    Fifth boy RESCUED from Tham Luang

    Everything seems to be going smoothly. I have every confidence the rescue mission will be 100% successful.
  5. Your time is correct. Its now 3:37 thai time
  6. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    I am not in the system to do 90 day online as I last entered Thailand Sep 2012. I would need to exit Thailand and return to get in the system. Have not done a retirement extension at CR yet.
  7. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    On my last 2 previous visits in April, Immigration Office was very busy. Imagine my surprise today when I went to do my 90 day report and nobody outside when I arrive early at 0815. One other person behind me when the office opened. Got ticket No 1, and was done in 5 minutes. Very pleasant experience. Only 3 people there when I left. Wonder what it will be like in Sep. Cannot do my 90 day on line as I entered Thailand in 2012 and have been here since.
  8. Just for your info. Two years ago I was told by the IO at counter 8 that the letter could not be more than one month old.
  9. frodo77

    Chiang Rai hit by two mild earthquakes

    I live in Mae Lao and I felt it.
  10. I will take my chances with natural every day over the toxic poisonous Big Pharma.
  11. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    For my 1 year extension based on retirement, in Jomtien I provided a letter from the Canadian Embassy for proof of income. Is it the same here in Chiang Rai? The letter states my income in Thai baht. Thanks.
  12. I recently moved to Chiang Rai from Chonburi, and when I registered at the Immigration Office, I was told that I had to complete a TM30 every time I left the province, never mind the country.
  13. frodo77

    24 hr immigration check

    I recently moved to Chiang Rai from Chonburi. When I was registering at the Immigration Office, the lady made it quite plain that I need to do a report every time I leave the province.
  14. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    Just one more question. Did you take a number from the main one, or is there a separate place for 90 day numbers? Thanks.