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  1. Could someone please pm me details of any agents in Chiang Rai, "just in case". Thanks.
  2. I have to provide documents to prove my income before my Canadian Embassy will issue the proof of income letter.
  3. frodo77

    Chiangt Rai Immigration

    Thank you.
  4. frodo77

    Chiangt Rai Immigration

    The reason I am asking here is that the Immigration office can give conflicting information. I have experienced this in the past.
  5. frodo77

    Chiangt Rai Immigration

  6. Take her to Banglamung Public Hospital. They have a special HIV section.
  7. frodo77

    Chiangt Rai Immigration

    Could someone please tell me what documents they require for a 1 year extension based on retirement. In Jomtien it was 1 copy of all relevant passport pages, tm7 form with 1 photo, proof of income letter less than 1 month old and letter from landlord with house document and id card copy. Thanks.
  8. I am in Mae Lao, 20km from Chiang Rai city. I have 3BB fibre, and its much faster than the TOT fibre I had in Pattaya.
  9. frodo77

    Roof Repair

    I will be having a new roof installed once the rainy season ends. In the meantime, there is a small hole that needs fixing. Does anyone know a handyman that can do this please. I am in Mae Lao.
  10. frodo77

    Central Plaza Parking

    I park in the open field just before the Central entrance. Just a short walk, well worth it, no hassles.
  11. frodo77


    Went to Central. Bangkok Bank wanted around 900 baht for some insurance etc. Scb refused point blank, even though I have an account in Jomtien. Succeeded with Krungsri.
  12. frodo77


    I am on a 1 year visa based on retirement. Can anyone please recommend at which Bank and location where I can open an account? Thank you.
  13. frodo77

    Fifth boy RESCUED from Tham Luang

    Everything seems to be going smoothly. I have every confidence the rescue mission will be 100% successful.