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  1. Natural honey

    Anybody know a place to buy natural raw honey at reasonable prices? Thank you.
  2. Canadian Consulate

    Can someone please tell me if they issue income verification letters for the 1 year extension based on retirement. Thank you.
  3. Internet

    Ok I fully understand peoples experiences will vary, and also dependent on areas. I just want to get a general feel. How is TOT, 3BB, True and AIS? Thanks.
  4. Chiang Rai Immigration

    I am Canadian, not Australian.
  5. Chiang Rai Immigration

    This is a 4 year old thread. Does not answer my question, which is in relation to CR Immigration. All local offices have different rules.
  6. Chiang Rai Immigration

    Will be moving to CR in March. My 1 year retirement extension is due early May. If I get my proof of income letter from Canadian Embassy in Bangkok in March before I move, will it be accepted by Immigration? Here in Jomtien it cannot be more than one month old.
  7. Moving Company

    Can anyone recommend a good reliable moving company for a move to Chiang Rai? Thanks.
  8. My hiv+ Thai partner is on Teevir provided by Banglamung Hospital. He has just told me that the Thai Government has not yet ordered more supplies for next year, and if they do not do it will run out at end of October. What are the options if Teevir is not available at the hospital. Teevir costs just over 1000 baht for one month's supply, but where to buy it? Also can anyone recommend an alternative to Teevir?
  9. Quick Baht Bus fare query?

    Its on the side of the bus - naklua to sattahip
  10. Aeon Bank ATMs

    How much can you withdraw from Bank of China ATM in a single transaction?
  11. Where to buy Brazil nuts in Pattaya?

    You can buy pumpkin seeds at Tesco Lotus. I buy raw brazil nuts on line from Phuket, 485 baht for 500 grams.
  12. Where to buy Brazil nuts in Pattaya?

    How many pumpkin seeds per day?
  13. Living in Chiang Rai

    Sorry I upset you, no need for that. Thanks for the info.
  14. Living in Chiang Rai

    Yes I know the official version is 6 months, but local offices have their own rules.
  15. Living in Chiang Rai

    Thank you. Nice to hear that. Do you know how old proof of income letter from Embassy can be? Here in Jomtien it has to be less than one month. Also how far in advance can you apply for renewal of the extension? Thanks again.