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  1. I will take my chances with natural every day over the toxic poisonous Big Pharma.
  2. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    For my 1 year extension based on retirement, in Jomtien I provided a letter from the Canadian Embassy for proof of income. Is it the same here in Chiang Rai? The letter states my income in Thai baht. Thanks.
  3. I recently moved to Chiang Rai from Chonburi, and when I registered at the Immigration Office, I was told that I had to complete a TM30 every time I left the province, never mind the country.
  4. frodo77

    24 hr immigration check

    I recently moved to Chiang Rai from Chonburi. When I was registering at the Immigration Office, the lady made it quite plain that I need to do a report every time I leave the province.
  5. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    Just one more question. Did you take a number from the main one, or is there a separate place for 90 day numbers? Thanks.
  6. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    I am due for 90 day report in June. So how does it work? How do you know which officer is doing the 90 day reports? No numbers for it, so how do you know when its your turn? Seems rather confusing.
  7. frodo77

    BIG Tesco Lotus in Chiang Rai

    I am in Mae Lao and we buy most of our fruit and vegetables from the local people who grow them in their gardens. Fresh and cheap and also supporting the community.
  8. I wonder what will happen with the medication for hiv positive people?
  9. frodo77

    New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    boomerangutang, what you refer to as circles are known as roundabouts in the UK, and they work very well there. However here not well at all. In Jomtien, Chonburi, they put one in and it was a disaster as the Thais had no idea how to use it. The "big" vehicles such as coaches and trucks did not even slow down, just plowed straight through. That intersection is now back to traffic lights.
  10. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    After doing my retirement renewal in Chonburi on Thursday, picked up my passport yesterday and flew into Chiang Rai last night. Went this afternoon to report my change of address with my Thai partner. We are staying in a 2 -bedroom house that my partner has bought. Ticket counter said it was full. Spoke with ticket lady, and asked about 90 day reporting. She was insistent that you have to be in the province for 90 days. I told her that Chonburi told me that I have to do my next 90 days report where I am residing and that they will not do it, so what should I do? She said do it online. I told her I cannot do it online since I entered Thailand in 2012 and so I am not in the system. She then referred us to "boss" lady. She wanted to know the reason why I had moved here. When that was explained, she then put me in the system as living here and told me to come back in June to do my 90 day report. Very nice lady and so all went well finally.
  11. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    I posted about this on the main forum. Here is ubonjoe's reply, who is very knowledgeable. - There is no rule that states you have to be in the province where you are applying for 90 days. Was that the office in the city or the one in Mae Sai? Perhaps try at the other office.
  12. frodo77

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    Well after reading all the positive comments, I was looking forward to renewing my retirement visa this morning. I was told that I have to have been here for 90 days before I can do it. Apart from the young girl where you get your ticket number, the 2 ladies next to her were very adamant about this rule and not at all friendly. I was very polite and smartly dressed. This appears to be a local rule. So far I am not impressed with this office. Now I have to return to Chonburi at extra expense just because some local official has made this rule.
  13. frodo77


    Thanks. He is staying in a hotel.
  14. I have a friend from the UK who has arrived on a 30 day stamp. Can he do a 30 day extension at Chonburi Immigration?