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  1. Yep. I told my girlfriend that it would work out better if it was a woman that she picked and liked.
  2. If the woman was beating the man who would have lifted a finger to help him and what would this comments section be like?
  3. How are you guys choosing your girlfriends? Shouldn't you know these things before you claim her to be your girlfriend? Once a week my girlfriend goes to the market with her own money and buys food to cook for me or me and my friends. And that is after working all day. Yesterday she did win 2000 baht in the lottery and she sent me a message to say that she was taking me out. Today when I had problems with my motorbike she came right over to help me take care of it. Make wiser choices.
  4. The place you are staying should have the form that you are supposed to take to immigration. Did you bother to ask at the desk?
  5. Pattaya under age sex bar busted

    Isn't a Thai supposed to be 20 to work in a bar?
  6. HIS cut was 1000 baht? I thought places for local Thais was supposed to be cheaper.
  7. Why should she? Wasn't her money.
  8. Thailand waives Tourist Visa fee for ALL nationalities

    I wonder if Thai Air will be refunding me that visa fee for a ticket that I have already purchased.
  9. Walking Street

    When are they planning to replace the water?
  10. how to dress to impress Thai ladies in Pattaya ?

    Oyster sauce good or durian good?
  11. Maybe there were only 10 foreigners inside the place, which would mean 100%. No way to tell from the information given.
  12. So they are saying that they want to cut 10% of Thailand's GDP? By they way, I live in Pattaya but must have missed the city's red lights that chicks wait under. Where are they?
  13. So this chick was doing a banking scam when she was 15?