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  1. notification of residence for foreigners
  2. @ elviajero My wife read and share your comment, apparently the case that initiated CW immi. is "Wat Sai Temple case" recently. My wife owns condo where we stay (private residence) and she is been told by IO CW to register me online....she is not willing to take any risks and just do as been told by IO. I live here so many years on a marriage visa and do my usual 90 days and never heard of TM 30 until now....this is just crazy!! Whats next walking around with a badge as the jews ones or an Orwell 1984 situation?
  3. have to ask my wife, she and her companies HR was in contact with immi. ....I'll come back asap
  4. Hi ubonjoe I've been told by immi. this form must be submitted by every landlord regarding his tenant in 24H also when tenant every time returns from a trip abroad. This 30TM form came to my hears from a Thai landlord who was recently 2000 bht fined coz he did not submit this form regarding his foreign tenant
  5. Hi guys, Can someone explain what exactly is TM 30 for and is this really mandatory? (see attachment) Apparently for Thai and foreign house/condo owners/landlords tm30.doc
  6. Hi all I'm a farang who spouse is Thai national. We are married without an "prenuptial agreement" or any kind of contracts. My wife is going to buy an condo on her name this purchase is partial done by her own funds, a loan on here name (with "my approval" that I had to sign from the bank) and partial some funds from me (money earned in Thailand) This is all agreed by me, no discusion about this!! Now the issue is that the Land Departement want me to sign "a declaration that state that the funds used are the separate property of the Thai spouse". That means I can not make any claim whats so ever on the property. Now me & spouse we where really surprised when we hear this, we only worry what is going to happen with the property in case my wife dies. Is this a normal procedure from The Land Departement? Do I really obliged to sign such document? Will the property go to: following order descendants witch we do not have, than parents, brothers and sisters and so on....... Do I, as her husband have by signing this document no right at all and will the property go directly to her family? Is it helpful to make a "Will"? Can someone give me some advice about this matter, Thank you guys
  7. Hi all, I bought an studio at the Lat Krabang area, and I would like to have handmade build-in closset 250x250x60. Can someone provide me an address where I can find a experienced person who is able to make this kind of furniture. Thanks