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  1. CCTV footage enlisted in hunt for Yingluck

    Here she is....last been seen in Koh Tao....?
  2. I can ....please provide me a link to your story!
  3. Incorrect....different names/different story.....get your facts straight!
  4. Their story in Belgium news Day before home trip we were suddenly stopped at a intersection by a local policeman and immediately surrounded by other policemen who pulled off all our stuff from us and said we had to follow them, they dragged us in a taxi and escorted us to a police station, there they stuffed us in a dark room with seven policemen one of them pulled the golden chain from my neck. They threatened to stop us in prison for three days, unless we would pay them. One of them wrote 40,000 bht on a paper we tried to explain we did not have that amount of money with us which they did not believe, for an hour they've putting us under pressure at last they got tired and toke only 100 Euro cash from us. When I lied about the golden chain that's not golden they trowed luckily back to me. That day we were robbed by the Bangkok police. In the op pic. one see the (supposed golden) chain? Well I leave the assumptions up to you guys....
  5. I just learned that one use his savings whole are partly from Thailand to buy property he must proof there's tax been paid on....is that correct?
  6. Will that be a immediate reply or send?
  7. OK So I better go myself to land office and find out the assessed price of that particular unit....do they issue a official statement doc.?
  8. Hi all, I'm retired and would like to buy a studio is it mandatory to transfer the total purchase price from abroad or can I use partly from my saving account here in Thailand? Regards
  9. The way it looks to me the driver use the gas pedal instead of brake pedal.....inexperienced driver maybe (not surprising)?!