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  1. Update Went to immi. today....at the entrance counter they directly sent me to counter "J 1" (allowed skipping queue) after checking my Thai-post tracking ticket + passport the officer promptly provided me an new 90 days receipt starting from 19th July the day immi. has sent the lost 90 days receipt...I was in and out in a minute The officer said it's just fine if one come to immi after two weeks of due date....most importantly is the registered mail tracking ticket!
  2. OK...I'll do the same next time...many thanks ubonjoe, helpful as always
  3. Yes...I have copy track system Thailand post and Immi. received on the 10th...and I guess/hope so too receipt got lost. I'll go today anyway....but why Immi. mention after one month, it's confusing then?
  4. Hi, Bangkok, my 90 days notification expired July 23rd, I sent by registered mail (have track ticket) on July 7th (before 15 days due date) still no reply....shall I wait until 1 month has past as mentioned immi. website "- Waiting for reply mail over 1 month, please contact Immigration Office with your registered mail receipt." or check it out now? I'm afraid Immi. officer will just tell me to wait and come back after 1 month so it's for me a waist of a "long travel".....suggestions please!
  5. One must admit Thais are innovative people
  6. That's just what they do... it's well orchestrated....first one must go to local police station waiting in a queue to get registered and pay a fee of 20 bht then theyl'll tel you to come back week later again waiting in a long queue for your free herbal. Surely donation are been made.
  7. My electric consumption avg. of 3.90 bht price per KwH (unit as you called) a month....this is according government invoicing. Water rate 18 bht p/unit that's what JP charge me....this I don't know exactly what's the official rate therefore I'm curious if any one really know/tell?!
  8. Whata<deleted>....lonetics...all of them, filming car is also speeding he's a lucky selfish <deleted> who saw this happen but kept on speeding....I'm safe whatever happened to that car it's not my bussines....me me me, general mindset here!