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  1. gk10002000

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    assuming we are using the same definitions, only the bonds are really defined by face value which is the PAR price or what I would get if the bonds were redeemed. I always buy bonds below the Par value since once I was burned when I paid above PAR for a bond that paid an attractive interest rate, but there then was some emergency/extra ordinary call bullshit and I lost money when they called it back and I got back less than I paid for it, and barely had collected one interest payment. The stocks and ETFs are based on present value. You can go to any finance site and see the current % calculation which is basically based on the current dividend/current price, google, yahoo, (I like morningstar (the old format not the new that just has colors and horribly presents even less information than the older layout) and see the current % estimates. I have been accumulating since 2005 when my job really started paying off, and I could start socking things away. As I said, my capital gains or price appreciation really has not been that much, so my purchase prices are relatively close to the current prices. But I have been getting and compounding the divvies and interest since then, and heading into retirement or part time contracting and then social security in a year if I want it, things are looking pretty good. The market ups and downs have not bothered me. When things were down, the dividends stayed about the same and I accumulated more shares on the DRIP (Dividend reinvestment). I know many people say the market did this, the market did that. Yep, it did. Good luck to the arm chair people that have a few thousand in there and think and try to trade up to millions. They often pay out as much in commissions as they make in capital gains after taxes. I have had some good picks now and then, Intel (INTC) made me a lot and I sold and took the gains to invest in more income producing things. BP made me a lot as I bought that at a low and it recovered after the lawsuits mostly ended. Slow and steady sets the pace, slow and steady wins the race.
  2. gk10002000

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    In summary: I hold: NLY, T, PFXF, PGX, PRTAX, PRHYX, NEA, NUW, some MUNI bonds, and an Intermediate Term Bond. Below are the approximate interest or dividend rates for these holdings. T that I bought in at a low price and NLY are my two biggest payers, while most everything else pays over 5%. Net capital gains and price increases have not been much but I don't care. I am not buying to sell. I bought for Dividends and Interest and retirement or out of work income cash flow. I hold in my regular Brokerage account: T (6%) (all qualified dividends), PRTAX (3.6% but tax free), NEA ( 5.2% but tax free), NUW ( ~ 4%),, and a several Muni bonds I bought and have held for years that are tax free and all pay (5.2%). In my ROTH whose distributions are all tax free I hold: NLY (11%), PGX (5.5%), and PRHYX (5.2%). In my traditional IRA I hold PFXF (5.2%, NLY and PRHYX and T again. I don't touch any of this money as I am still working. The dividends and interest just keep coming in and compounding. NLY which is a REIT is the highest dividend and I have about 14% of my portfolio in that. T is my next biggest holding. Then my tax free stuff. I have another 75K that will be about 115 K in my company 401k by the end of next year that will roll over half to my ROTH IRA and half to my Traditional IRA next year when I retire. I currently have those 401k monies in an intermediate bond fund paying about 3% which is OK since I don't plan to have the money in that 401k for long. I will roll that over to my own IRAs where I can invest it in better things. I try to keep things simple and see no reason to have too many holdings. Many are variations on a theme. I plan to add some energy or oil, and I have been almost pulling the trigger on some drugs/pharmaceuticals. I like dividends and interest and not too worried about chasing ups and downs and trying to buy and sell things, market time, etc. very very few people do that well and you hear people say "play the market". I don't play. I like reasonably steady dividends and interest.
  3. pretty childish be you. There is plenty of defense. Just scan numerous posts on Thai Visa and you will find many examples of Foreigner getting the shaft. Now run along to your paper route. Lamentable how people such as you just keep trying to inflame things and are too lazy to do any due diligence. If you think Thailand is greatly fair to foreigners, then by all means go and buy some land in some Thai person's name, go ahead and open a business and see how much attention you get from many officials and non-officials.
  4. I have to admit I thought that was pretty funny. I get the joke.
  5. gk10002000

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    gots 1 million net worth conservatively invested earning about $60,000 USD a year in passive income, dividends/interest, much of which is tax free being municipal bonds and funds, or ROTH IRA distributions. Still working since I get paid quite well, and medical and dental totals $84/month! Enjoy my engineering job(s) in the USA, now living in Florida. Loved hanging out in Thailand. Been there 14 times, staying as much as 60 days continuously at times between contracting gigs. Do I want to spend a lot of time in Thailand? Absolutely. Would I want to spend no time in the USA? Almost certainly not. Will make the decision next year. I need one year to get enough time with the company to get vested in the retirement plan and keep the company matching contributions. I don't need that, but it seems not smart to quit one year early and give up over $35,000 of 401k matching monies. Still single, no health problems at age 61. Social Security is looming soon. Medicare at 65 still a few years off. Current medical premiums if outside of work in Florida for me would be $850/month! Crazy. So that is a factor. If I leave the company, I would possibly leave the USA for a few years, buy cheaper reasonable medical in Thailand for a few years. Just a thought.
  6. Confessed out of guilt/conscience? Repeated heavy phone book smacks to the head? Hopes for a reduced sentence/payoff/release?
  7. The picture shown at the start of the thread is NOT what the weather and water conditions were like. Check the interweb and you will see a heck of a lot of chop and wind. Just flat out stupid and negligent to be out on the water at that time.
  8. Oh stop it. You clearly are bent and stuck on the belief that you think foreigners get the same treatment in a Thai court as Thai natives do ( if they even get to a court which is doubtful). You just keep believing anything you want
  9. gk10002000

    Do you lose weight when living in Thailand?

    Absolutely no doubt that convenience plays a big part. While I kind of used to like going out and driving to the gym, there is some energy there. I am well past the age where I need to interact or fight with people over use of the equipment. I am there to exercise not necessarily socialize. Oh and did you catch that I used the word "driving"? Walking is so much better, but rarely done in the USA, since we hop in our cars to go and take a shit!
  10. I hate reading about people complaining to the police. There should be legal action, charges filed, etc. Oh wait, that is if a civilian government is in charge and not a military.
  11. gk10002000

    Chinese boy killed at Pattaya temple

    When I was growing up a kid a few years younger than me that lived a few streets over died right on the next corner from where I lived after he crossed the street but apparently lost his shoe/sneaker and turned around to pick it up and got hit in the head by a bus. The boy was about this age as I recall, circa 1965
  12. In the past I always traveled from the USA on the simple visa exempt method. Several times I was pretty sure I was going to extend and had either an open return flight or a flight 60 days after my arrival. Never had a question or issue. Of course unless they asked they would not know what my air ticket reservations were. The "system" didn't seem to do any automatic checking of arrival/departing reservation checks.
  13. Seriously? Do you think the Foreigner has any advantage over Thais in general when it comes to any dispute in Thailand? Not to mention any dispute that even gets to a court. good luck if you think a foreigner is a favorite
  14. Don't buy, don't buy, oh and don't buy. The Thai rules and laws (if any) just do not favor foreigners. You never know what sort of new rule or development is going to come along. Sounds like many people bought the properties with the goal of renting them out. Another risky proposition in itself. Lease or rent unless you really really really love a place