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  1. There are many ways to fund the account as that is all the Thais look at. The fact one may be spending oneself into debt, getting negative return on the "investment" is irrelevant. Not a great financial plan, but that is up to the individual to decide. Similar things are likely to pop up even for the income method. People that don't have cash assets to put out 800k baht will likely scramble and find creative ways to show a transfer of 65k a month every month, even though that by itself is no guarantee of any sustainable steady income
  2. Hopefully some middle ground will be reached where as long as one brings in some certified documents, the Thais may accept them. I could bring estimated income letter from my bank/broker, the printout of my holdings that pay dividends and interest, my last year transaction records, etc. Now I could bring in my tax form 1040 but much of my income is inside my IRAs and unless I transfer funds out of there, those incomes do not show up as income on the 1040. But the income is documented on my IRA transaction records. I simply may not need to withdraw monies from the IRAs, nor should I have to be required to do so to prove I have income. That would be a stupid requirement.
  3. Why would they be better? Less freedom of speech and writing. Less freedom of movement. No significant economic changes
  4. Press conferences are by invitation yes no? Under what laws does the think he has the right to get things restored, never mind being invited in the first place? If I were Trump, I would quickly comply with the court order. Then I would simply not give any press conferences for the next 6 months. Let the press corps sort things out. Or if then the court for some reason compels the President to hold a press conference, fine. Let the people in, then stand there for 15 minutes and say absolutely nothing. The right of free speech to not say anything. There are lots of ways to handle this disrespectful punk who thinks he is so important and to show such disrespect for the Office of the President. Time to enforce such standards of behavior
  5. Complete lack of driving education, sense of responsibility. It is like Borat the comedian said "like giving a loaded gun to a monkey"
  6. Interesting. I always wondered about the details of changing one's name. Assuming it is done legally, through the courts etc. A name change in the USA probably would not change one's social security number association? I bet in this day and age a legal name change would take a long time to get correctly entered in all the USA government and civilian databases, obamacare, banks, credit cards, ID checks, Birth certificate associations with the Social Security Administration, having to constantly provide the court order and then "forcing" each little agency to get in lock step. But the SSN is not on a passport. I assume this guy did not legally and fully change his name, being wanted by the French I doubt the French courts would allow that.
  7. The cause? Not really, but certainly can be a factor. As in most problems there are other things involved. crap job, crap living arrangement, no money, no resources to allow one to go out an do something. Stress builds.
  8. No no. I tried to do that. I tried to ask what sort of things might be possible. They said no such things are done
  9. As an engineer that grew up in a small town in a small state Rhode Island, I love your post. Thailand can be great, but the opportunities are so limited and the percentages are against a kid being competitive by most objective standards. The education is far far from a decent standard. Quiet village life? Simple life? Possible but very difficult.
  10. Yeah. There is NOT civilian control or authority. No District Attorney. No proper court system that represents the people. It is shameful how bad the Thai justice and police system is. I didn't think much about it after my first trip back in 2004. Things seemed pretty reasonable. They had an elected and then re-elected PM. Things seemed pretty normal on the surface. I had little idea of how the back street really works.
  11. One can shoot to kill if the one is truly threatened. However many cases of shooting breakins did not exonerate the shooter. Sure he caught a burglar or whatever, but killing on site is often not allowed. In the USA it varies a bit from state to state. Sometimes the DA takes it to criminal trial. Sometimes there is a civil trial.
  12. Many years back, prior to my first visit to Thailand, I had not traveled internationally much and I thought it would be cool to maybe get a tour of the US embassy, perhaps dine there, maybe talk to some staff if they have any sort of welcoming, or attend an audience with the ambassador. My memories of old time travel was that visiting one's embassy in a foreign country was quite an affair. I got totally rebuffed, no such things, no tours, don't bother us again, etc. Silly me. The embassy is there for business interests, and the common people seem to be of little concern.
  13. I am pretty I read some posts here that said some offices required the letter to have been issued within 30 days of going to immigration. Note that the order says the letter should not exceed 6 months. It does not exclude the local office from requiring something more recent such as one month, two months etc. caution is suggested
  14. Agreed. Will be a while before all the immigration offices sort out what the Headquarters expects, never mind how each office may understand and interpret things
  15. Or like showing a proper documented pension, a proper USA Social security benefit, etc. I understand the Thais may not understand or have worked out a way to verify such things, but there must be some middle ground reached between the Thais and foreign embassies