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  1. yeah. Thailand gets plenty of rain, just not always at the right time or place . Some proper reservoir and aqueduct planning could fix things for now and ever.
  2. I have been to Thailand 14 times, since 2004, staying as long as two months at a time a few times. As for Thailand Civil courts, good luck with that. They are totally subservient to the Military and you would have a lot of trouble getting much traction or support there as a foreigner.
  3. Yep. Reputation, saving face... Farang, or just being a person, not much importance
  4. oh stop being such a twit. I am sure most people in any western country could post a similar thing. Most western countries have civil courts, disturbing the peace laws, etc. As far as you never meeting USA folks in Thailand, well, that doesn't mean anything. Maybe you don't get out much or maybe you live in an area with few if any USA folks. And if you mean USA folks retiring and living in the USA, there are many that post on Thai Visa. Living in a foreign country has become a bit more challenging for USA folks due to some laws such as the Patriot act, banks "know your customer" interpretations, etc. Many Pension funds, IRA brokerage firms make it difficult to live abroad, and Thailand happens to not be on one of the favored banking nations, which means many institutions will not direct deposit to Thai banks. Sorry for the divergence.
  5. Some people just don't get it. Appearances are important and many customers are sensitive to it. I personally see nothing wrong with a private company having an appearance and dress code. The guy says he was neatly dressed. Yeah, but clothes are not the whole appearance. I support any individual dressing, tattooing, or whatever they want to do to themselves. But unless the laws mandate it, I think an employer should have the right to specify dress and appearance.
  6. This is one of the things that always worried me about moving there. If you buy a place, you often have so little control over anything. What might be a simple but granted somewhat long running feud in the USA would usually be resolved by enough noise complaints and court orders. In Thailand, well, there don't seem to be much courts and normal police action by any Western standard, and it has not gotten better since the military moved in and put the civilian forces under their thumbs. You might get lucky if the dictatorial military locals slam down on the noisy disruptive folks, but I think it is more likely they will go with the locals
  7. Does this story have a leg to stand on?
  8. As others have posted, this really is a ridiculous thing(s) to buy. Any of the relatively cheap shore patrol boats would be more useful. Any of the several commercially available reconnaissance aircraft would be more useful. Heck, even one global hawk aircraft could fly up and down each coast on 24 hour missions. And they are cheaper and easier to use and maintain than submarines.
  9. having worked at Electric Boat in Groton CT, and been on many classes of subs and having toured some older subs in museums like a Russian widow maker, mentioning poisonous stuff is a good point. The amount of asbestos on the 1970s boats was amazing. And most subs have tons, and I mean tons of lead as ballast and also as radiation shielding. I was surprised even on modern US Subs how many lead bricks are stacked around the inner hull walls. Then I did the calculations, and the subs really do displace a lot of water and you really do need the weight to keep the darn things down. I am sure there is other exotic stuff in there also, battery materials, for example
  10. Boy, unfortunately I thought the whole idea if you are using the money on deposit method was they wanted to see money in a Thai Bank. The old fashioned way. I guess you could have an online Thai account with some Thai bank?
  11. Follow the money. exactly where will this or other subs be based? Gulf of Thailand? West coast of Thailand? In what port(s)? What facilities will it need? Who will provide the support logistics, the food service contract, the onboard foo supplies, etc.
  12. sad sad for Thailand and the easy going masses.
  13. PUST was founded by evangelical Christians. Nuff said. Nothing against one religion or another, but preaching or espousing a lifestyle or dogma not supported in the country you are visiting is just looking for trouble. Be a missionary if you want, try to aid and help others that you feel need help. Good karma for you. But you better be aware of the potential consequences to you and your family and friends.
  14. I always like going up to the Hill on all my visits. The big Buddha of course was always pleasant. The Chinese pavilion there was refreshing and very nice to leisurely walk around. As for the "Den" stuff, well, the worse I ever saw, was years ago some of the girls down by Won Amat beach past Naklua. This is when the walkway was still usable. There were some scary looking propositions from among the trees
  15. God bless that lady. Articles such as this restore my faith and belief in the general nature of Thai people.