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  1. Disgusting. Military should have no role in a civilian government
  2. Well, at least the article said "Caters mostly to Thai Men". So don't go blaming the falangs for everything
  3. The trick is to combine resources. A good sized and I mean good sized 2 br 2ba can be shared, and priced decently, but it still won't be $400 a month! And eating out is no longer cheap or inexpensive. Dining out is relatively expensive here in FL. One would have to scour for those senior citizen discounts, or lunch specials. And of course you have to have a car to drive anywhere because there is no usable public transport and there are no baht busses which really were a great cheap useful feature of Pattaya. In brevard county up and down the space coast where I am now, there are some decent house prices, but the quality is below PAR. I think I have to buy here for the future semi or even full retirement, although I really prefer north palm beach county. Rentals in Brevard are getting out of hand and I think a house purchase here is a good investment, especially with Northrop Grumman sucking up people and contracts. Now just debating to go no down payment and use my VA benefits or putting more down up front so I will have less to little mortgage payments in the future. Every dollar I invest even in my tax free munis, I think would yield a higher overall return and benefit for me in the long run if I put that dollar towards the down payment. Especially later on when I am taking social security and my tax free income is added in when they figure how much of my social security is taxed.
  4. I wonder if the Thai officials, notably the "tax man" or revenue department loves this new immigration enforcement because now the officials have a record that a foreigner is renting or leasing and paying the Thais money. I am sure many landlords don't report rent income, now, every little place is on record as having received monies. Will the government close the loop?
  5. yeah but paying 190,000 baht for the "opportunity". Just sit down and calculate the wages or net take home money one would need to pay that back. I guess if they promised the girls a big pay day, it gets easier to rationalize. Sad how desperate the lasses are that even though many of them have heard some bad things, they still go.
  6. Indeed. This is starting to get a little more than suspect. At first years ago it looked like he really had a swollen leg medical condition. Now, I don't know. Is it a begging add on? Is this a "photoshop" touch up? Is that photo of the two people the same guy just super imposed photos of him in two places for comparison?
  7. Yep. I got it now. Great forum. Just turned 60 and have so many options ahead for retiring, punching out, taking early benefits, all my IRAs both Roth and Traditional are all doshed up. Just passed the 1 Mil mark, and got a free and fully paid relo back to Florida. So now juggling how much to buy on a house, or not, use my VA no down or not, how much to keep putting in my regular brokerage mostly tax free muni investments (still would count for MAGI), etc. I am working in Melbourne FL and I just am not enamored with the place so buying here as a retirement home is iffy, Looks like it could be a fantastic rental investment since properties are in short supply here.
  8. So I think I am getting close to my confusion and ignorance about two facets of Social Security. For years I always thought I read that earned income, AKA wages was the only thing used when calculating your final tax return and how much of your social security is taxed. There is a work sheet in the 1040 and it is pretty clear that MAGI is used when doing the taxes, and not just earned income. Then I am reading other articles and facts from the SSA site and it clearly talks about REDUCED benefits if you are working and getting earned income. I think I finally got the two sorted out and I had not understood things. Seems to be two separate things going on: 1: benefits may be reduced if one has earned income AKA wages. I guess the SSA administration figures that out and reduces your benefits, something like $1 from your benefit payments for every $2 you earn above the annual limit. Then after you get the benefits, at the end of the tax year: 2: How much of social security benefit you actually get is then taxed when one files taxes and you deal with MAGI which includes investment income. So am I getting in the ballpark? Separating the two features, reduced benefits, then taxation Comments appreciate, GK
  9. I thought your post was well composed and hits so close to the truth
  10. I am constantly dismayed every time I hear about a "chase". In this day of cell phones, never mind good old fashioned dispatch radios, why not just call ahead and have other officers intercept? Yes I get the idea of the adrenaline of the chase, and I do expect some units to chase and try to keep an eye on things, but they should not have to do much. call ahead!
  11. Reading the fine print it looks like the group may have come as tourists, but were clearly here to perform and get paid. Different visas needed?
  12. Several people where I worked (Northrop Grumman) repeatedly got and keep getting jury summons. My feeling is the state/county keeps summoning them because they know the people are real entities, know most are professionals, engineers or what not and are reliable and literally have to obey the summons due to the fact they have security clearances and go through routine background checks, etc. So the court knows they can rely upon the people showing up, and the court doesn't have to send out additional summons to people whose work history or location may make it challenging to find
  13. Prediction: The man will confer with his lawyer and with her family and her lawyer and some other broker or arbitration guy, military and or police. He will admit it was an accident as they struggled and fought and she slipped out the window. He will pay an official fine to the officials, and he will give a few million baht to her family. He may do a month or two in jail while these arrangements are worked out.
  14. Separate from the cooling or performance issues, what I noticed over the years in some places I stayed was how noisy the outdoor units were. The bearings no doubt spun out or had long since used up their factory lube. Do the units normally require or expect some oiling or greasing like Car grease fitting arrangements? Finally some of the places had newer units that barely could be heard.