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  1. gk10002000

    A Day in a Thai Temple in Florida USA

    I don't know what he means by donation. The prices for food are pretty much listed. Fried rice, Pad Thai, Issaan Sausages, penang curry dishes, etc. Another line has Thai soup. There are a few other stalls often there outside that sell Mango and sticky rice with the coconut sauce. Bottled water costs a buck. Now sometimes some lady walks around with a big bowl and puts in your face and pretty much demands a donation. I always drop a few bucks inside the small temple hall where the buddha statues are. That is usually air conditioned and feels good to sit and relax and "chill out" for a while
  2. gk10002000

    A Day in a Thai Temple in Florida USA

    This is in Melbourne FL. I work and live nearby and go now and then. Not a big temple but a pretty place. There is a bigger one not too far west in Kissimmee that I mean to get to this weekend.
  3. gk10002000

    Minor Rotator cuff Tear, Frozen Shoulder

    I have a combination of partial frozen shoulder and after two sessions movement and mobility are much better. But I am still concerned about the tear and when and if I am making it worse by constantly stretching the tendon. I will definitely avoid any strenuous lifting and will continue with some therapy for a while. FYI, I saw the bill for the terapist. The USA firms seem to by default submit a claim to the insurance for 4 times the Medicare rate! Then the insurance company knocks that down to what they are contractually allowed to charge. So my therapy was $271, then knocked down to $43. It is not clear yet if I will bet billed that $43 or if that is totally covered by my insurer. It looks like I have to pay that until my deductible is reached. But just an interesting factoid on how these medical centers try to bill. The off the street rate if I had no insurance would be $85.
  4. I always had a lot of doubts that all these foreigners killed themselves over a breakup. I would have thought the guy would be so mad or enraged or jealous or whatever.. such that he was more likely to go and hurt or kill the lady he broke up with. But upon reflections, I recall one or two girls I knew in college and later in grad school who had nutty boyfriends and that would do strange things to get their attention. One guy twice "tried" to kill himself by staying in the car while it was running in the garage and when the girl came home she had to call the medics. And I can believe that some foreign guys living or more accurately hanging on in Thailand may actually depend on the Thai girl a bit for some money or possibly housing. So when they break up, massive depression sets in as the guy now is bordering on homeless? But still, I am amazed that there seem to be many less reported stories of the foreigner killing his ex girl than himself after a breakup. Some notable recent incidents do come to mind of course. In this case here, the guy left the house? Exactly who owned or paid for the house or the rent? That may have a lot of bearing on the situation. I have seen several of the more notorious stories where the guy of course had bought the house (but not the land) and then he died or was killed. Some very suspicious circumstances sometimes.
  5. If one isn't driving carefully enough to see a bus in advance and to be able to safely avoid hitting it......
  6. gk10002000

    Passport Seized Overstay

    No relevance to any of your constant baiting comments you constantly make towards others. But it has the same relevance as US or many other countries simply saying that just because one is incarcerated they may not be relieved of fines and penalties. It is common in many countries
  7. The article text is a bit misleading, I took it to mean the sum total of the cash and property equaled 100,000 baht, not that it was 100,000 baht in cash. " an iPad, Samsung phone and foreign cash totaling almost 100,000 baht value missing. "
  8. gk10002000

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    I think the teacher just read the question wrong and said the guy picked 4 more mangos than the 8 guy did, or obviously misread the + for a -. I can't read Thai so the translation may be off
  9. nah. dual citizenship is allowed. the following Department of State gov site gives a fairly decent explanation of it. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/Advice-about-Possible-Loss-of-US-Nationality-Dual-Nationality/Dual-Nationality.html
  10. Yanks is not considered bad when used by non usa folks. Here in the USA, Yanks or Yankee is used when referring to somebody from the northern more eastern part of the USA areas that existed during our civil war back in the 1860s, aka the Union or northern side. I was born in Rhode Island and have worked and lived all over the USA with many years in the South (Alabama, Florida). Yankee is poked at and in general sometimes applied as an insult, at other times as a joke. But if called a yank by a Brit, it is not assumed to be derogatory. Especially since "the yanks are coming" was considered and OK thing in WW I and WW II.
  11. what is the rent contract? what if one just has like a weekly rate at a hotel. that doesn't have any paperwork they just have me pay one week in advance each time. What would the officials accept?
  12. gk10002000

    Passport Seized Overstay

    Why fined? Because they can be! Even in the US there are many situations where one is incarcerated but still liable for costs and events happening outside of jail.
  13. of course but that doesn't mean that in the future he may want to decided to return to or visit the USA. Things change, political situations change. Up to him if he wants to shut a door that can't be re-opened again.
  14. Yeah. any transfer these days can leave quite an electronic trail. But if the victim doesn't want much publicity, well... mums the word