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  1. Thailand has plenty of spirituality both by law and individual beliefs. But Thailand for whatever reasons, frankly probably because of the enforced and generally passive nature of so many people constantly succumbs to the power mad and greedy minority that controls them
  2. I don't want to enforce smart actions, and I am not a big fan of government involvement, but I would support somebody having to initial or sign off on a disclaimer or warning before traveling about not having medical or travel insurance. At least it would be an effort to more strongly urge people to do some preparation
  3. so immigration would have to be setup, staffed, computers, networks, proper gating for inbound and outbound, security, etc. Seems like a lot of money and effort somebody would have to pony up
  4. I think the pork has been very good also. Thai pork kabobs have never done me any harm. The pork slices used in all the Thai barbecues have been fine. Oh I love those dipping sauces. The pork dishes I have had at German restaurants has been very good. Every carvery I went to has been fine to. And every pig roast outside the various bars has been great. One party I even arranged myself for a friend and the bar owner knew just who to call and set every thing up. Pork pieces in the little noodle soup stalls have always been fine. The only two bad meals I had was on my first trip I ordered some Thai beef dish from the savoy restaurant down in Pattaya right on second road and Pattaya Klan. It was rubbery and not right and I couldn't finish it and had some minor intestinal difficulties for two days.
  5. They have kept corpses in the country until past bills are paid up
  6. I think the OP is asking about if it ok for his money is in an account that is in his Wife's name, and it will not be in his name if he goes the 800k or 400k baht on deposit route.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they bunch them up on the same truck or delivery person that runs the route. The driver enters the data, cans the package or whatever literally seconds after the other package. Still a bit odd though.
  8. I think some are a bit hit and miss. I went to HR Block once, and the agent knew far less than I did, was basically a high school graduate, wasn't great at navigating thought the software, being young had much less actual tax form experience than I had. Now my taxes are not exotic by any means. I don't even itemize. But I do typically have a W-2 G for gambling winnings, sometimes two W2s for wage income as I sometimes have more than one employer in a year, I do have a schedule D and the new form 8949, that lays out the buys and sales and you in general transfer to lines on Schedule D, I do have dividend and interest, some of which is Tax free and goes on different lines on the 1040, and my taxable dividends are mostly qualified dividends which means you do the final tax computation using a separate worksheet. Young people typically haven't done much investing and If one hasn't done any of those things, it can be challenging to use the software and put the right information in the right places. The software is usually very good, but still, understanding and using it correctly can be trickier than you might think. I try to keep things simple, which why I don't itemize. The only things that take a bit of work are my dividends and interest from Stocks and bonds and bond funds. I trade very little so I don't get a lot of buys and sells in a year that have to be accounted for. I even live in Florida in an attempt to not have to do a State Income tax form, but sometimes I work out of state and I have to file a Non Resident form in that state. Those can be a pain as you allocate wage monies between earned in this state or that state, Investment things that don't apply to the work state, etc. Now I am working in Florida and hopefully going forward I will never have another State income tax form to file.
  9. On my very first trip back in 2004. A fantastic 10 days. On my last night I just wanted to take it easy since the next day is a long trip back to BKK then to the USA and LAX. Slept late, hit the pool, mailed some post cards, took a nap. About 8 pm went out for a little walk about on soi 8 in Pattaya where I was staying. Bar across the street had baloons and a pig roast. First one I had seen. I walked over, found out I could eat my fill. I bought the mama san a drink, had a few drinks while chatting with one of the hosts, bought her two drinks. I was about to call it a night and tip the lady some more for her time. I was tired and heading for bed. Just then a real stunner came in, and I started to chat with her. A drink or two later I decided I would ask her out for a while. She spoke very good english had worked in the USA at a restaurant for a while. I told her I wanted to be nice to her friend but that I didn't want to hurt her feelings by not taking her. She said take both of us. I said, no, I am tired and have a long day tomorrow. She said "No problem, you lay down, we take care of you" I mean come on. How can you not get a good impression of a place on your first visit. I tipped her friend and off we went.
  10. I had a close call once. I was honestly fooled. I was staying in Eastiny Place at the time many years ago, and I brought a girl back to the hotel. The the desk clerk checked her ID and then said "sorry sir cannot". I didn't know why. I asked what, no visitors any more allowed? And she said no sir, "can not take this person". So I was thinking, oh, maybe she is a known problem or crook or whatever. Then the clerk showed me her ID card. Of course it is in Thai and I could not read it, but the photo which looked a little bit like her was clearly a guy. I said thank you. I kind of felt bad because now the person had lost some time. So I gave her 100 baht for a motorbike taxi or baht bus or whatever she would use to get back to work. Good old Pattaya when new adventures were still about.
  11. In Pattaya a few years ago I was walking on the side of the road, north of 3rd road on some little side street as I recall. Out of nowhere a young kid and his girl on a motobike hit me right in the butt. It pushed me forward as it hit me right in my center of balance and I didn't fall over. But they fell off the bike and hit the ground. I looked back in amazement trying to figure out where the bike came from, to see if they were OK, etc. Best guess is they came out of one of the little shops or bars that were there and lost control as they tried to straighten out on the little street. Anyway I was searching for words and as the guy picked himself off the ground he holds up his arm and says "jep", the Thai word for hurt. I said, yeah, Jep this. A few people standing around didn't say much and I just walked away.
  12. Yep. that tv show border patrol or whatever routinely showed people getting turned away even though they had the online electronic visa. Jesus. Shame for letting the people leave work, buy a plane ticket, fly 1/2 way around the world then be told go away. Granted some circumstances may change from the time they got the visa, like some nits bring in drugs,or have very suspicious travel itineraries that changed. But still a bit dodgy
  13. And, depending on your bank or institution, some may refuse the transaction, judging it as suspicious. They may send you a text on your phone, which like me you may not get because my USA phone and account won't be used in Thailand.
  14. Freaking idiot. Take away his license if he even has one. Does Thailand have the equivalent of the USA's Commercial Driver License (CDL)? I bet not. Just look at the way he was cutting the corners and crossing over the Yellow Line at every single chance. Just disgusting.
  15. was robbed in Malaysia and lost his So he took no steps to recover his insurance info and contacts after being robbed and before going to Thailand? Before I travel, I scan or email all the stuff I might need in case I lose the papers. I mean the idea is to have one's emergency documentation somewhat in hand in case there is an emergency. But to each their own