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  1. And after all the bloodshed and disruption, some lines on a map were re-drawn. A few thousand people moved here, a few thousand people moved there. Disgusting
  2. The video is pretty self-explanatory, but I didn't see a lot of what clearly would be eye witnesses stop.
  3. I agree. And I would suggest trying to contact some of the faculty members directly. If something is there for you, they will be able to help start the process to bring you on board, paperwork, Work Permit etc. I pursued such things a little bit as I have MS level engineering and math degrees and was considering moving to Thailand to teach. I got some info back, but decided to keep working in the USA on my engineering jobs until I semi retire to Thailand.
  4. Yep. Classic hazing mentality and abuse of power. Disgusting
  5. yecch. She is already doing the fake nails, and makeup, shaved and painted brows thing.
  6. Oh so in the link the video talks about his friend having a company called Dream makers, and this guy Tobo is involved. So he is conning his friend who has money into this fantasy venture. Well, if Theinemen guy is a business man, he better wise up because Tobo doesn't seem to be the type of person one could count on.
  7. agreed. While I don't agree with but do understand why in Thailand some people flee the scene for fear of being lynched, as soon as they do they should be automatically guilty of leaving the scene and the law should have stiff penalty.
  8. It didn't look like the turning truck signaled. It didn't look like the biker had a helmet on. Maybe he did but I can't tell. Anyway, passing on the left I thought was wrong in Thailand and one should in general pass on the right? Opposite of the USA where the driver is on the left. Sadly for the foreigner he is, well a foreigner. He probably should be content get off paying a few thousand baht, pay the ticket and walk away with that
  9. If the beach were clean, it would not be empty. Jomtien is a really nice stretch of land. Too bad the water has become so foul. Ten years ago it was swimmable, granted with a plastic straw floating by now and then
  10. Yes. I mean, the lady didn't know she was born in Singapore until now?
  11. Oh get a life and stop being a nit. I never guessed and never blamed it on mobile phone! Stop making and continuing to make stupid assertions that were never done. Your dinosaur fixation is probably due to the walnut sized thing between your ears. Now run along and tend to your paper route
  12. Its funny because traditionally, in most countries in the past, the dowry was given by the Lady's family to the groom, to thank the man for taking the bride. Women in general were not viewed as being big bread winners or being able to contribute much. In Thailand, so often the ladies are doing the bar girl thing, hostess, or whatever and sending money home to the non-working village parents.
  13. Well, I was at one time, broke, jobless and homeless, but I certainly didn't and certainly wasn't able at that time to jet off to Thailand at that time. The show in general is crap, but does have some elements of truth about it. I am glad when they show episodes of when an American Lady wants to bring in a foreign man, and they don't just focus on an American man bringing in a foreign lady. Since they never seem to mention what this guy does for a living now, or if or how he is going to make money or earn a living, never mind support a wife, I am wondering if since he had a stroke he managed to get himself on Social Security disability?
  14. So much of this show is staged. As for this man. He is by his own admission bankrupt. Fine, that happens. His wife got the house, his money and whatever else he alleges. Now, he never says what he does for a living. He is living temporarily with that friend of his. Fine. Nice that he has a friend, but now you want to bring over a fiancé and get married? How could he himself pass the paperwork or requirements needed to financially support a wife in the USA? Isn't a declaration and check of one's assets or income part of the process? I read that the participants get paid to be on the show. That is not unexpected. But almost everyone I have seen on the show has very suspect financial situations at best so I think there is a fair chance they are just looking at this as a way to get some cash.
  15. I used to love the BTS. Maybe I managed to avoid all the rush hour times, and so I usually had a seat and would enjoy sitting and looking out the window. Heck it is like an amusement ride. But the last few times were pretty crowded. OK for short trips, but not much of a tourist attraction any more.