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  1. US Veteran Helath Care cover Info

    Suggest changing the title of the topic. The contents of the post are geared towards a very specific group of veterans.
  2. Apply for US social security

    Yes, I believe on one of the emails I received it did mention something about equifax. Sick to have to rely upon their crap
  3. Apply for US social security

    I had trouble for years opening an account while IN the USA but not anywhere near my home address. I even talked to agents on the phone that have "power" and they could not do it. Then recently when I was in my home state and city even, I was able to create my account. Coincidence?
  4. give him an incorrect PIN number. After a few failed attempts the account/card is blocked. Of course that may piss off the crook. It is better to just not keep too much money in that account and just transfer funds into it as needed. For example I use Etrade. I have a checking account with a debit card and a savings account that does not have a card. I can transfer money from the savings account to the checking/debit account online or by phone instantaneously.
  5. There are six wives. Polygamy is not allowed in Thailand and the women are not legally married in any way shape or form. Associated with.. yes. Minor wives as a slang term yes. But the article title is sensationalistic
  6. Many choose not to for several reasons. 1: You don't need to get the medical thing. 2: You don't need to get the police report thing. Sometimes these can be a bit problematic for some people depending on many things, time, location, etc.
  7. The last time I checked, the head of the FBI, who presumably is in charge of the FBI reports directly to his boss, the Attorney General. And either or both are under the jurisdiction and appointed by (I think subject to nomination/approval by congress) but can be fired by the President
  8. Well, there certainly has been manpower continually applied to the Russian stuff. But I doubt so much so that it interfered with all the other tasks the FBI is working on. In this case, I don't think there is much of a system or process for handling, receiving, analyzing, processing data for such things as potential future bad things. Coordination between Federal and State and Local agencies is not easy. What priority do you assign to somebody that is reported as troublesome? That could be millions of teenagers! Then what do you do about it? Proactively jail them like the Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report"?
  9. Pretty sick in my opinion. While I can understand the desire for a young woman, I can't understand in the realm of normalcy or sex, the desire for a young child. Gosh a middle aged man isn't satisfied with a young and fit 22 year old? So it seems obvious it is beyond just a physical thing. Publicly identify the man, ridicule him, make an example of him to others, prior to, and during his imprisonment.
  10. Dozens arrested over scams

    One of the later scams here in the USA is some group calling allegedly from your alma mata university student mentoring association. They ask if you would like to donate to help younger students. The number shows from the university office, but it is spoofed. So some way or another they found an online resume, got a phone number and call.
  11. Dozens arrested over scams

    I offer them my two goats at a fair price for group sex, and use some weird madeup accent. I still get calls occasionally even to my cell phone as they pass the number around and around to different scam centers
  12. Dozens arrested over scams

    Interesting about you saying not fair and didn't share the opportunity to make big money.
  13. I thought they were manila envelopes
  14. Video: Real horse flees Iron Horse in Hua Hin

    yeah I noticed that. So common in much of Thailand. Not sure how much is lazy, how much is pure ignorance, etc.
  15. Yeah. It sounds like it might have been done as a matter of convenience. Easier to deny entry, then to remove. I would think removing would require more legal actions, police, physical removal, plane ticket, etc, and then where would they send him, to the UK because of birth? Still, a bit scary if somebody without any advance notice could properly leave and then be denied back in without apparently any advance notice?