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  1. agreed. He should simply have instructed the department and agency heads to scrutinize more thoroughly.
  2. very good point. It easily could be a stolen or even fake passport. Small time vendors don't electronically scan passports. And visually checking IDs is well, loaded with human error. And the vendor was probably happy to get some business and wasn't looking for reasons not to rent.
  3. get her and him. in the video he watched and even let her pour some of the stolen drink into his glass. Seemed funny at the time and they probably think they will get a laugh out of it later when home. Id them, catch them, one night in a shithole jail, then ban them from coming back. Collect a fine along the way. See how funny they think that is
  4. What building codes will be applied? What inspections and design reviews will be done? Oh and what external cladding is proposed?
  5. Not that I have anything particular to hide, but for this amount of money I am pretty sure I wouldn't bother with the police and get my name in police records, especially given the nature of the story where he kind of admits paying for services. Depends on one's situation, marital or relationship status, job status, etc.
  6. yeah, and then the ladyboy forced him to hand over 5,000 baht with a beer bottle? How big was the ladyboy? Pretty much a BS complaint
  7. in general I don't see anything legally wrong with the ban. Yes the countries involved are primarily muslim, but that in no way means the ban is discriminatory. And even if somebody in the USA didn't like the ban, the ban applies to non usa citizens so any rights in the constitution are not necessarily applicable to foreigners.
  8. i think that is her female partner
  9. Yes, and few if any direct pay the hospital. So you still have to pay out with your money, and then file for reimbursement later. So unless the Thais have some way to make payment of bills direct, just mandating insurance won't do a darn thing. I have plenty of insurance in my home country but they still require me to file for reimbursement. I used to buy some travel insurance on my first trips to thailand but never ever found one that had direct billing so there was no point in buying it
  10. oh my. no bidding. a special procurement process. Gee, that has no warnings. disgusting
  11. i don't know. Those numbers just seem pretty large.
  12. pretty sure the biker was speeding by a lot. Probably made a lane change to get around a slower moving car just prior to the hit, but you can't see that as the video cuts out.
  13. 61,000/160 hours = 381.25 baht/hour. if OT is 1.5 x the base rate, then 571.85 is his Overtime rate. So they say he filed for 100,000 extra baht due to over time. well 100,000/571.85 = 174.87 hours for the month! or just over 43 extra hours per week! That's a lot. I as a contract software engineer tester have put in consecutive 80 hour weeks back to back, and certainly have done 20 hours overtime for a month or two. Now his overtime may be different than just time and a half which would reduce these hours. Some places pay double time for sundays, or holidays. Some pay 1.5 for hours worked in excess of 8 in a day, but then pay 2 x for hours worked over 12. But this BS about filing a lawsuit because he may suffer consequences is BS with a capital B. One can't be responsible for how other people interpret facts. If somebody thought he was being a greedy bastard, well, tough. And if his superior or time card manager that approved the hours gets scolded then reprimands him, well tough.
  14. yeah. The numbers don't look good. Luckily I have planned for this and spending a few years in Thailand while waiting for Medicare is fine with me. Or, I can keep this job if I like. Medical was one of the reasons I took this gig last year, since before I was a contractor with them and was paying $340 a month in my "Grandfathered Plan" and that would have jumped to over $500 in 2017. With Northrop, I only pay $96 a month. That to me is really good.
  15. Yeah, it pretty much looks like most of the UFO photos, Abominable Snowman photos, etc. Decent CCTVs are not that expensive. Casinos have thousands of them and they really can see the cards from the ceilings.