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  1. Situations such as that are why I have avoided buying properties as investments for rental. Yes I understand financing and the attraction of leverage, and property increase in value, etc. But the potential legal issues and tenant problems are such a turn off. Instead I put part of my investment portfolio into REITs. At the moment I only hold NLY but it returns 10% in dividends, and being in my ROTH IRA account those are completely tax free. And I only risk what I put into it. No people issues, no maintenance, no law suits, etc.
  2. any waste or civil engineers on board? What makes it black? oils? bacteria? Industrial stuff?
  3. gk10002000

    Thai economy surges: growth in all sectors

    well the USD versus Thai baht has gone up a bit.
  4. any routine survey can be done cheaply and easily. Off the shelf small drones, could fly two or three times a day and easily monitor things. Satellite imagery is fairly cheap also but is not needed for this local issue.
  5. gk10002000

    One of the worst watermelon shakes...

    Over the years I got my daily watermelon shake at KISS restaurant. Never had an issue. Shake, shrimp fried rice that has real shrimps on it. Really is a cheap and decent light lunch
  6. gk10002000

    My Four Days in Pattaya

    yes Ko Larn used to be so much nicer. The ferry to the jammed beach is about the worst way to see it. My first trip in 2004 my girl and I took a speed boat to the north side of the island somewhere. It was a quiet beach. Not busy at all. Little hut served fried rice dishes and beer and water and was fine by me. Had recliners, only two other tourists there with their girls. Stayed 11 am until 4 PM. Ate, slept, swam, etc. Been back a few more times since then, both by ferry and speed boat. So much more crowded
  7. gk10002000

    Ghost Condo Projects

    As a mechanical engineer, I can't see how it can be salvaged after several years of open exposure to the elements, rain, salt spray, etc. The infrastructure inside as well as structural degradation has to be pretty bad. And it sure does ruin the view from almost any where. Wouldn't take much of a royal edict, religious complaint to put some weight behind the push to tear it down?
  8. Yes it is possible. Several ways and means to do it.
  9. Well, an investment property should have rules and regulations and covenants. Nothing wrong with that. But that is a lot different than some private person renting out rooms in their house. And the article(s) keep saying "their rooms". exactly which rooms are they referring to? Do private dwelling houses, or blocks of hotel rooms that some foreigners and even Thais have rented at a discount and then sub rent out at a higher rate included?
  10. in the US, if one does or requests the FBI background check, a finger print must be submitted with proper notary. Other services vary. My local police check in Florida local cop office required me to go there in person with proper ID to request the check.
  11. Not so easy when one must be there in person to request and or sign forms. Or one must send in finger print card certified by a notary public, and there are a few other constraints, such as even if one gets this stuff submitted before one leaves the US, the forms are typically only delivered to one's home address and often by certified mail that only the original requester can sign for.
  12. gk10002000

    Hotel crackdown continues

    I don't mean places like that. but there are several decent rooms for rent all over that area. Harry's run by a Belgian fellow as I recall, and up on Soi Lengkee the Golf Inn or something like that I have stayed at several times. Clean and convenient for a few weeks in town. easy to walk to a nearby hotel and pay to use their pool
  13. gk10002000

    Hotel crackdown continues

    makes me wonder how many of those places up off of Soi Lengkee or soi Bukao are not reporting foreigners that check in and therefore may cause problems later for the traveler who thought that was all taken care of? I know Soi honey has many foreign owned bars with rooms up top that offered decent value and location.
  14. wow. several close calls and things that I would honestly call accidents. but so many were just blatant carelessness, speeding, obvious not looking in both directions, impatience, etc.
  15. if full retirement, then can't tell what rank petty officer, chief or not. He is one year from social security eligibility also, so he should have been able to afford a decent moderate retirement. Not lavish but should be over $2000/month easily take home.