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  1. Yeah, when I first visited Thailand I taught myself basic counting and numbers, then when I got to the money bills I saw the script characters for numbers and was really worried. Luckily one side of the bills have the numeric. Less for my small brain to ave to learn and memorize
  2. Squeeze them hard until they talk about where and how they got the 1,000s notes. I am pretty sure the would be scared of talking as the eastern mafias and their contacts can be pretty nasty and may even know of their families back home. But I say give it a try and let the crooks decide if they want to spend miserable months or years in a Thai prison or jail instead
  3. yeah, but the dog running out gives one an idea of the actual speeds the vehicles were going. It really was not a high speed accident. Granted the light blue pipe and a gray truck do not together provide a high contrast background with which to see things. Accident investigators would use the words "an unfortunate confluence of events, with several contributing factors".
  4. Funny, being a supposed Buddhist society, forced by law or otherwise. I think this just shows that when things are prohibited, reactions can be to go and do just that! The old Preacher's daughter thing
  5. and anybody that is vain or a show off and wears anything expensive while visiting is acting foolishly. pride and ego will get you every time. All you do is make yourself a target. I had one grope my once and had just about managed to get my wrist watch off and then he/she noticed it was a cheap $8 USD Wal Mart thingy She just turned and walked away as if nothing had happened. So be it. Now I have found pairs of shorts that button down and have an inner flap that make it hard even for me to get things out of the pocket! There is no way another pair of hands can get in there without me knowing about it. But of course people will wear their necklaces and bracelets, some cultures do it more than others, and people will have their smart phones and devices hangout of their back pockets. Gosh I remember not even having a phone. Would use the internet cafes or little side stalls for a quick call here or there overseas to check up on things.
  6. Overall in my experience, the Thais expect the farang to bend much more to the Thai way than vice versa. But, having said that, I am pretty sure if the Thais were visiting the USA or any other country, the general impression would be that the USA people would be perceived as expecting the Thais to bend more to the USA way. Home field rules
  7. Uh yeah. No surprise there. The woman often is now saddled with the responsibility of raising the child and usually has few resources or opportunities to afford that. I can't fault the ladies for looking at options such as hooking up with a farang.
  8. It amazes me how people such as you make hasty generalizations or read into things, things that are not there. I never said nor implied it was the biker's fault. I simply observed that the biker did not seem to slow down or veer off very much. When on the road, you need to look after yourself more carefully. In this case, even if it was the truck driver's fault, the biker if very alert could have saved his own life
  9. yeah but there won't be much in court. A payout, and all will most likely be settled. Criminal charges don't seem to be filed much over there
  10. Pattaya expat worries: unofficial survey

    In general the USA does not require it, but you will likely have a very hard time getting treated or admitted to any major hospital or you will be charged so much that the sticker shock will kill you if the ailment does not.
  11. damaged the pipe? From the photo it looks like they put the darn pole foundation right in the middle of the pipe! That is just plain nutty, and not an accident
  12. Army balloon deflated, QUESTIONS remain

    Air ships can be a viable surveillance platform, but with the advances in batteries, Drones, low power electronics, lightweight cameras (both visible and infra red) they can in general be replaced by off the shelf Unmanned vehicles or drones of various sizes. There are many small ones and many medium sized ones that just don't require much logistical support or user training.
  13. Ah, a Robin Trower reference. I had the album way back in the mid 70s.
  14. wow. But the biker didn't see or consider stopping or veering off sooner?
  15. lots of cement trucks but not a lot of obvious construction eh? Perhaps Jimmy Hoffa type of disposal operations?