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  1. Hi I tried to buy the Kodi tv for Thailand and can't seem to get through it keeps telling me i don't have a correct address , i know my address is correct in bang but thong used it many times to order things on the internet Can some one shed some light on what might be the problem ? Another question would be then can posters let me know of other devices or companies in thailand that are similar to kodi , i have heard of a few others but can't recall them at this time thanks in advance
  2. list of national parks thailand

    Hi i am looking for a list of national parks in Thailand i looked on the internet for the government web site and couldn't find it i used it before and does any one know the web page and can direct me ? the web site shows all the parks in each province and they also show the park attractions thanks in advance
  3. Need document translated near Canadian embassy

    Thanks Allane I will give them a look
  4. I am going to the Canadian embassy next week and I am looking for a two page document to be translated to English and then I have to go to the embassy for the notery service I would like Do this in 1 day I can be down town Bangkok for 8 am and if any one knows of a good company Near the embassy were I can have this document translated Thanks in advance
  5. High schools in Vietnam any info

    Yes I know there are high schools , So to put it another way any one have experience with Vietnamese high schools and maybe a few names of schools Thanks
  6. I might be going to Vietnam for a few years and will bring the family from Thailand . I have done some searches on the Internet for schools in northern Vietnam . Near Hanoi . Are there good international schools in that area and cost would be grateful to know any info . And in the coming months I will be doing a lot of my own research for living there for afew years with my family so any other info please feel free We will still keep our place in thanks because we are not selling our house .
  7. Red light areas of Bangkok any in china town

    If there is not much in that area during the day were else can j direct him ? Thanks in advance
  8. We're to buy stainless steel bolts

    I am going to China town . I do recall an area there were I seen lots of hardware , I am looking for carage bolts SS China town is so big I get lost and would any one know the street were I could find these types of hardware My experience of China town is it seems to be broke up in to areas like clothing garments , tools etc And I think there is an area for bolts Thanks in advance
  9. I Have a friend going to meet me in China town he is here for 10 hours . I am going to meet him there because I need to do some shopping . He was asking me if I know if there is a red light area or places he could get a massage , soapy massage etc All I know is bkk the usual places at night time but don't know much about China town . Or day time activity because I usually don't go out at night Thanks in advance
  10. We're to buy stainless steel bolts

    I am looking for SS bolts for my fence does any one know a good shop were they have a good selection of Hardware Thanks in advance I am. In Bangkok
  11. I was out to a restaurant last night and the staff were about 12 Vietnamese with 2 Thai staff. Is this part of the AEC free movement of labour ? Many of the restaurants in my area employ Burmese I am near bang Yai in Nontaburi
  12. Piper Alpha Lest We Forget

    I have watched the documentary about Piper. I have seen it Used as a safety training orientation as to what can happen. Being in the oil industry makes me think when I see that . Like alot of safety regulations and I will speak about Canada because that is were I work out of. The safety regulations that are in the safety manuals the sad part is they were implemented because some one spilt blood Lest we forget is a very appropriate way to say it
  13. Very tragic. For sure but it is the norm here in Thailand . Car seats for infants , not going to happen . The lady next door to me also lost her child in a similar type accident about 10 years ago. And she is now crippled for life . This happens often My kids had car seats in the vehicle here ever since they were toddlers . I remember one time we were going out and my wife's cousin was taking out the child car seats . I asked why she was doing that she sad it was to uncomfortable for her to sit between them . I told her no ..never once have I ever allowed any one to remove the car seats to make more room , there thought was they can sit in there laps .. And I only allow the number of people in the vehicle as there are seat belts. My vehicle my rules . I have even told some of her family there is not enough room for them and they got mad at me .. My kids safety on the road are more important than any Thai opinion , and i don't care if they like now or not. My kids safety is first .
  14. She is cute . Good on him if he is enjoying him self for the last few years of his life I say go for it
  15. I am thinking if selling (wife) our land in Chinag khong I am looking for a realitor to list it with, Because we stay in bkk and we don't use the land and are really not interested in traveling there to stay . The property is 2.4 rai and it is near the new friendship bridge and has had a survey done with chanot and has about 240 teak wood trees . We also put up a fence around it. One side of it also has a stream going past it Any other tips on how to list it and or web sites that's that you might know of Thanks in advance