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  1. I am looking for a residential management company that can look after my house and the rental of it . I know in canada there here are many companies that do this . i will be maybe leaving Thailand because of my contact at work and might be away for 3 years I am looking to rent my 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house fully furnished but need a company to take care of things wile I am away any one have any experience with any company the house is near bang Bua thong Nontaburi thanks in advance
  2. WilliamCave

    Thousands to be hit by Kaeng Krachan overspill

    I do remember the 2011 flood I was In Bang Bua thong And from what I am reading the dams are even fuller now than they were then. And the Rain season is just starting. i am wondering not if but when it hits Nontaburi again in that area and hope it is not as bad because I rember the cost . i had just renovated my house and gardens and lost almost every thing in the ground level . Now I just did some new gardening and hedges hope I don’t lose it again if those in the area could keep me up to date because I am out of country now and my with is there with my kids
  3. I hope some posters can help me here I am going back to Canada with the family for a year and need to take my German shepherd with us . looking for any one with info on airlines? canada requirements and the Thai requirements to age a dog ? i read so much on the Internet and some many different things trying to make heads or tails . Any info would be help ful especially airlines because there is no direct flight to Canada
  4. I am hoping I don’t have to supply a hotel we’re I am staying because I am just going to go down town and get one , do they require an itenerary to get a visa I hope not
  5. Thx Will I have to get US dollars then or do they take Thai baht ? Last time I was there the ATM gave out US dollars i am going over land to Siam reap then buss it back to Poe pet so that is my route and I don’t have a return flight i am also traveling with my kids and wife they are going under a Thai passenger so they don’t need a visa thx
  6. I am flynjvg to Phnom Penh on Thursday morning I read u can get a visa on arrival? I also read it in the Internet and just want to confirm please , also so when I get there to get the visa at the airport do u need to have a hotel booked the get the visa ? any up to date in thanks
  7. First I heard of it to that’s why I am asking if anyone else heard about it and might have more details thx
  8. A friend of mine was just at immigration to get there 3 month stamp and they were told by immigration that next year they are going g to roll out a 3 year visa instead of the one year visas now for retirement and marriage any one heard that yet or any info on it
  9. WilliamCave

    Flying from don Muang air port , arrival time

    I am flying wit air Asia at 6.30 am hope it is. It to busy but there are 4 of us wife 2 kids and we have to go through immigration
  10. I am flying out of Don Muang airport next Thursday and I haven’t been to that airport for over 10 years i am flying to Cambodia and just wondering I fly out at 6:30 am how much time should I give my self to clear customs and getting my ticket etc thanks in advance
  11. WilliamCave

    Best way to the Cambodian Embassy

    Yes I am going to the embassy tomorrow or Monday and will post back and thanks again for posters help
  12. WilliamCave

    Best way to the Cambodian Embassy

    So if I understand you I get in the sky train to tao poon station then transfer to the underground and get if at the cultural centre ? Thanks for the advice helps out heaps Thanks so if I understand you I go to t
  13. WilliamCave

    Best way to the Cambodian Embassy

    I have tried doing research on the Internet but can’t find a good source I am in bang yai station and I can take the sky train , what station can I get off of to get me near the Cambodian embassy or any suggestions please as to how I could get there thx
  14. I am looking for a travel agency in Hanoi . i was there about 2 years ago and used a travel company in the French quarters. cant remember the name of the company but I think he was Dutch and his Vietnam wife ... He really did good for me . but I can’t recall his name any one might know this company or recommend a company in Hanoi . i am going with me family and want the train tickets booked ahead and. The hotels mid range and first class train to Saigon with stops on the way thax in advance
  15. WilliamCave

    The New Skytrain

    Hi was wondering about the new skytrain that is going down Rattan a tibet and seems to be going out to Bang Yai and ,,,looks long, , and big the construction is on a world scale, My question is was looking for the proposed route and were the stations will be located please. or a map, or Govt in info on it Thanks