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  1. Looking for residence visa I do understand it is a process. I did see it posted here before and did a search and cant find the procedure again i seen on here
  2. WilliamCave

    Camping In Thailand

    Thanks all for the info. I am going to Petchabun this weekend, on Fridy any other info would be gratefull. Is there swimming in the area, parks and is there many sites to go see? and what is the best know park there? going by the seat of my pants to the area, never been there before wife wants to see the area to
  3. The other day i read a really good article about getting papers for thailand , I lost were it is on here and wanted to find it again , I think it was posted by an administrator who whent through the process, of the getting the papers and the steps and requirements. Can some one direct me to the topic I want to save it this time and copy it thx in advance
  4. WilliamCave

    Found Good Atlas

    A up date to my post Thinknet is the company, the ISBN number is 974882409-8 ,,,,It is the 4th edition and the cover is blue. I have not tried the cd version of the maps at B2S but am going to buy them soon thanks for the info on the cd versions. I have spent about 4 hours looking at the atlas now and I keep findng new things in it, hope this helps some with there travels.
  5. WilliamCave

    Found Good Atlas

    I finally found a good Atlas in bkk. Has every thing in it a western atlas would have and it is in both english and thai. It has driving and distance maps, police stations in thailand , schools , universities, hotels , hospitals, parks, and many other things. I am very impressed with it, there are others out there i am sure but this is a really good one. Bought it at B2S in central , called Thailand Deluxe Atlas 4th Edition full of maps and many things well detailed just wanted to share this info
  6. WilliamCave

    Camping In Thailand

    I am looking for a list of camp grounds in thailand , i have been to Khao Yai and Tak. any others that you might know of and info on the camp ground ?
  7. WilliamCave

    Going To Laos, Any Flooding In Vientiane Or Nong Khaii

    thanks for the info
  8. I am wounding if there is any flooding in isan now? I am going to laos in 2 days and was thinking about the mekong river and roads in the area
  9. WilliamCave

    Trip To Vientiane Laos

    trying to think were to go this weekend , now thinking about going to Vientiane Laos, ..Can i drive my vehicle in laos? If I can not drive, is there a secure place i can leave my vehicle at the border in Nong Khai when i go in to laos for 3 or 4 days? thx in advance
  10. WilliamCave

    Train Travel To

    thx for the info, i like the map details will use it for sure along with busses
  11. WilliamCave

    Train Travel To

    Hi was woundering is there a train to chaing Rai? I am thinking of going there for the long weekend? or any ideas how to get there, besides flying tks