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  1. Shipping boxes to Canada from bkk

    Any one have any experience shipping to Canada ? i want to send 4 boxes about 24 “ x 24” square to Canada personal items . i was looking on the internet and there are many options . And it does not matter how long it takes to get there either no hurry looking for the least expensive way and if u could recommend and places that I could contact also thanks in advance
  2. I was looking on the internet about taking my dog to Canada from Thailand I do have the pet vaccines that are required would go from Bkk to Toronto looking for an air line that I can take the dog in checked baggage . amy posters have experience ? also to let u know she is a female fixed and a German Shepard my wife and kids will also come back with me thanks in advance for any assistance .
  3. Hi i am looking at going to Laos driving there for a trip can I get to the Great Wall of China any one every drive to China through Laos to China let me know your experience and how was the drive thx
  4. Hi I tried to buy the Kodi tv for Thailand and can't seem to get through it keeps telling me i don't have a correct address , i know my address is correct in bang but thong used it many times to order things on the internet Can some one shed some light on what might be the problem ? Another question would be then can posters let me know of other devices or companies in thailand that are similar to kodi , i have heard of a few others but can't recall them at this time thanks in advance
  5. The New Skytrain

    Hi was wondering about the new skytrain that is going down Rattan a tibet and seems to be going out to Bang Yai and ,,,looks long, , and big the construction is on a world scale, My question is was looking for the proposed route and were the stations will be located please. or a map, or Govt in info on it Thanks