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  1. I done this last November when my daughter was 7 months old. She had both Thai and UK passports. At immigration on leaving BKK we were also asked for her birth certificate. We did not have this but the officer let us proceed but we were told we should have this with us in future. No problems at the UK side.
  2. I would also take her birth certificate with you. I was asked for this by the immigration officer. I did not have it with me but he let me through saying in future you must carry it.
  3. PeteM3

    Our German Shepherd

    Did you guys ever get together as I am looking for a very good German Shepherd puppy.
  4. PeteM3

    Leaving with Children

    Make sure that you also have their birth certificates with you.
  5. I was recently quoted by them. They were expensive but good cover. I ended up going for Cigna Gold package but 2 weeks after I had signed up with Cigna I received a phone call from Regency offering a 25% discount. I refused on principle ( they were obviously overpricing in the first place) and kept with Cigna.
  6. I am not sure what you mean by "alert". Over the past few years I have transferred large amounts of USD into my Thai Kasikorn account. The rule with them is if under $40k USD they can confirm the exchange rate and finalize the transfer over the phone. They normally call me when they receive funds and if I agree to the rate they transfer into THB and put into my account. If I dont agree with the rate they will hold onto the funds until the exchange rate gets to where I want. If over $40k USD you have to physically visit the bank and sign the exchange form.
  7. I have to agree with the original poster. If this is corporate "policy" it comes from executive management and approved by the board of directors. It starts at the top. Management cannot ignore corporate policy's, no room for discretion here. If it was a procedure or work instruction then local management can apply discretion and common sense when the situation arises.
  8. It is can only be one condo as far as I know. If you look at the rules and etc their is nothing pluralized. Thanks ubonjoe, that was also how I read it but was just seeking clarification. Looks like you can only invest in 1 @ say 5M bahy and then top up with either a fixed deposit account or government bonds.
  9. If you had 2 x condos procured new with a total price in excess of 10M baht, would this be ok and qualify ?
  10. I'm in and out most weekends, no problems.
  11. I am not sure that I want an O-A. I want an extension of stay based on retirement. Looking at previous posts It looks like I may not be able to convert my non Imm B. Reading the info at the Royal Thai embassy it looks like I need a non Imm O-A or is their another way of doing this?
  12. Thanks but I'm a UK passport holder working in Singapore. Does this mean that I have to go to the Thai Embassy in London for the Non Imm O-A ?
  13. I currently have a multiple entry 3 year non Imm B visa which expires in February. My question is can I convert this to a retirement at Jomtien Immigration? If so when should I start the process? Thanks, Pete