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  1. We were at the summit at 07:00 this morning and it was a balmy 10 degrees. Amazingly, one degree warmer than it was at our hotel (at 400m) when we left it an hour before
  2. I second BB's recommendation to spend time at these two lovely temples. Depending on your timing, the former can be either busy or pretty empty, and the latter is always likely to be very quiet. Easy to spend an hour+ at each place.
  3. Trip to Nan

    I've driven all those roads in the past year, and the roads are generally very good. Obviously there are some rough patches here and there, but nothing worth worrying about. From Bo Kluea, you take the 1256 across to Pua. That whole loop around the 1081/1256 is gorgeous. Some great views along the way, and in November last year almost no traffic at all. We plan to do it again later this month. Between Nan and Phrae, be sure to stop off for an hour at Pha Nang Khoi Cave (search that on Google Maps) - a delightful (and when we were there a couple of years ago, completely deserted) temple cave, with lights and no entry fee, no office. Lovely spot. And, closer to Phrae, also off the main road, is Pae Muang Pee Forest Park (search Google Maps). A fantastic area of eroded rock formations that is very photogenic under blue skies (best to go early morning or late afternoon) Have a great trip -- you'll love it!
  4. Excellent scenic trips in Phayao area

    Another waterfall in the are is Than Sawan, about an hour SE of Phayao city. Not dramatic at all, but really beautiful, nicest I've seen in Thailand. You can find it on Google Maps by searching "Than Sawan Waterfall"
  5. Rush for vaccinations amid H1N1 flu fears

    You can get the regular seasonal flu shots in Samui at Thai Inter or Bangkok Hospital. I got mine a couple of months ago at Thai Inter (and glad I did, because 3 weeks ago my partner got Influenza A -- confirmed by a hospital test in Bangkok -- but I remained immune). But I'm not sure whether you can get vaccinated there against H1N1, which is what this post is about, and which the regular annual flu shot -- to my knowledge -- would not protect you against.
  6. Depending on how important her remaining in Phuket is (and it sounds pretty important), and on your financial circumstances, you could look at the Thailand Elite 5-year option at THB500,000. Or, if you think you will stay longer than that, the 20-year at THB1 million. No income requirement, no money-in-the-bank requirement. Very easy and straightforward to obtain.
  7. cost of rice paddy per Rai in Sisaket

    Collins English Dictionary: paddy1 (ˈpædɪ ) 1. Also called : paddy field a field planted with rice 2. rice as a growing crop or when harvested but not yet milled Or if you prefer an American source, here's Merriam-Webster: Definition of paddy rice; especially : threshed unmilled rice wet land in which rice is grown
  8. Thanks for sharing your itinerary, photos, and experiences. All for helpful to store away for future use. Glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip.
  9. In or on Samui

    Personally, I live in Samui. But I don't think that either "in" or "on" is grammatically incorrect. However, I've never heard anyone say they live "on" Phuket, or Singapore, or Tasmania, or Corsica. On the other hand, although I do usually say "in Samui", if I'm being more precise, I might well say "I live on Koh Samui", or "I live on the island of Malta". So maybe it depends if the place has "island" in the name (e.g. the Isle of Wight) or you are adding island as a descriptor