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  1. Most of them! As long as there is rice for the next meal, most don't give a rat's toss what goes on around them!
  2. Old Suthee, about as sharp as a ping pong ball!
  3. Nong Kiew Koy.......she's achieved reconciliation, maybe now she can work on corruption and the road toll!
  4. This place becomes more surreal by the day!
  5. Well, who could have predicted that?
  6. Yes, or more precisely.........Planet Thailand. Parallel universe. a world conceived of as coexisting with and having certain similiarities to the known world but different from it in some fundamental way.
  7. You are quite right, but if I had to take a song thaew (God forbid!) and the moron was playing with his phone or himself, I would simply get out and take another one, not sit there and pray for 10 km that nothing bad happened.
  8. So the passengers watched him, filmed him for ten kilometres but did nothing to stop him........oh well! Ho hum!
  9. Caught stealing

    Except of course if you are an official in authority, you buy the job and it is quite normal to steal. Send your relative to an inactive post for a month and everything will be ok.
  10. Car sales this year to exceed 900,000 units

    I'm sure the insurance companies and panel beaters will welcome this news!
  11. It certainly gave wings to the heir apparent.
  12. Good enough for them, good enough for us! With an attitude like this, they will never change!