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  1. $280,000 for sex with 2 women and he claims to be smart???.....and that was just to keep them quiet.
  2. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the physical attributes to be an actor.
  3. Quick, shut the gate, the horse has bolted!
  4. Of course they do, he's the widely known watch collector with numerous dead friends.
  5. The well mannered Chinese should have been treated to a seafood buffet on arrival. They like those.
  6. It's not a pond, it's a cesspit!
  7. Will it work?.............. Let the road toll be the judge!
  8. Three months? It takes that long to explain where his watches came from and even then it's as clear as muddy water!
  9. I am laughing mine off, best free entertainment anywhere!
  10. 80,000+ signatures duly filed in the WPB (waste paper basket)
  11. Negotiations have broken down.......and face is involved. Let's not rush in half cocked now!
  12. Thailand, you must be so proud of your second in command!....If you need to harp on about national reputation, look no further than this guy!
  13. I have yet to be threatened by a gun in Australia...........USA, well that's another dimension.
  14. A broken luckeee lotus bowl....Nooooooooooooo!