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  1. Now that's expensive sex, it would have cheaper for him to fly to Pattaya!
  2. PatOngo

    Prayut urges people to 'vote carefully in Feb'

    Visions of grandeur!...………...Lead singer syndrome!...……..Inflated Thai male ego!
  3. PatOngo

    Prayut urges people to 'vote carefully in Feb'

    We got your name, We got your number!
  4. PatOngo

    PM urges Thais to plan New Year spending

    How much planning does it take to buy 1 ya ba pill?
  5. PatOngo

    Junta Lifts Its Ban On Politics

    There'll be an acute shortage of 500 baht notes in the coming week.
  6. She has the makings to become a successful politician!
  7. Nearly as many pigeons as there are people......good to hear families are visiting the family resort.
  8. PatOngo

    EC: Political party reform must involve public

    Let's not act in haste here, the status quo has served the upper echelon for generations, Winners are grinners. As far as involving the public, we saw that on display with the constitution, the public are not well enough educated to participate.
  9. I bet you would be happy if a whole day of your western wages was given to you for free? I am happy when I get my foreign salary, but it's not given to me, I work for it! And my vote is NOT FOR SALE!
  10. So that's how you return happiness to the people, give them 500 baht each.
  11. I think you'll find the assets are with the rightful owner and always have been.
  12. PatOngo

    NLA confirms its adherence to rule of law

    Would you buy a used car off this man?
  13. PatOngo

    Democrats up in arms over Prayut proposal

    Common sense is a foreign concept!
  14. My plan?...……..is to sit back and see what unfolds...…...I love to watch them make it up as they go!