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  1. They are all "honest", just ask them.
  2. I find this hard to believe..................isn't gambling illegal ?
  3. ..............while Khrong Thip cigarettes remain healthy???
  4. Those feet should be easy to find.
  5. He'll be along to answer all your questions just as soon as he finishes his breakfast.
  6. Let’s see the junta’s exit strategy

    ..........too many vested interests. It's a mighty trough.
  7. The new theme song for Boss and YL.
  8. Semi naked....he's wearing shoes and socks! And why did they cover his underpants?
  9. Brake failure - standard excuse ruled as nonsense Is that a typo in the headline, should it not read Brain Failure! No Nonsense.
  10. Yingluck’s whereabouts still unknown: Don 

    There is an endless free supply courteously supplied by the PTB on a daily basis.
  11. She is obviously in aware of the perils of picking mushrooms in a national park. 15 yrs incarceration from memory!
  12. Oh get away! I'm encouraged to believe it's the hub of perfection!
  13. ........along with corruption!