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  1. Is it just my imagination or does his face look smaller today?
  2. Thanks for the translation........I thought it said "We are the Hub!"
  3. I wouldn't touch either with a long stick!
  4. Are they planning a trip to Ayutthaya in the near future?
  5. They're on it, expect big changes in the not too near future.
  6. Of course they do, generally when they are tired. They also, as a rule, don't need to ferry passengers to the point that they fall asleep at the wheel in order to support their families. You may have noticed also that farang have greater powers of concentration than do locals.
  7. In my estimation, they make a bloody site less accidents than do locals!.....Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. I think it's called cut and paste these days.
  9. ....obviously not the sharpest pencil in the box!
  10. Wow! After all that, I think she deserves a break!
  11. OK......name a few please!
  12. Kobkarn Watanavarangul burst into tears .......that actually brought a tear to my glass eye.
  13. Maybe now she can find time to play Pokémon Go!
  14. Well there's a revelation, it's not only Phuket with crooked police.........surprise, surprise!