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  1. I think he'd slot in well in a Texas gun shop!
  2. I'm not sure but they have obviously never heard the derogatory, often used Thai term "Falang Kee Nok"!
  3. Far be it for Cambodians to drive in Thailand. Only Thais are rich enough to drive cars!........and crash them with alarming frequency. Add that to your warrior file!
  4. I just wonder if people are so unhappy why they don't leave. Because cigarettes are cheap here!!!
  5. Police linked to forced prostitution ring Two and a half years of military rule and $#!t like this still goes on, shows how much respect these muppets have for the army and life in general! Also just how ineffective military rule is!
  6. 'Many accomplices'..........many blistered hands.
  7. If only they'd streamed it live on Facebook there could be no doubt!
  8. On behalf of all keyboard warriors, I wish them a speedy recovery! RIP the mates car!
  9. Plucky German tourist foils Pattaya lady boy pickpocket Oh! Isn't she/he lovely! Careful what you say warriors....let's not provoke another mid week rant!
  10. The driver had short man syndrome.
  11. I would have serious reservations letting them repair a broken Songkran water gun!
  12. “We have to raise people’s immunity against such scams,” he said. Please don't forget to take a look at the submarine scam, the NGV bus scam, the education reform scam, the.........ah.........forget it. Cop it sweet!
  13. I have a feeling the entire country is becoming quite spooky!
  14. And they are only buying 3 submarines..........come on guys, I think 10 submarines is in order! Think of the security of the Nakhon Sawan rice farmer!
  15. An entire population hoodwinked yet again. Enjoy your submarines!