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  1. It's almost 1984!................Orwell.
  2. Here's your patch.
  3. I am feeling safer by the day, first submarines, now APC's........just add some more tanks and the future is sealed.
  4. I would interpret that as 'On Track"
  5. Well something is happeneing, everytime I read or hear their statements, I can't seem to wipe a cynical grin off my face.
  6. None of them were rocket scientists!
  7. I somehow don't think it will have an adverse affect on their education.
  8. I'm surprised he wasn't filmed having a chuck on the wow string!
  9. The video ended up on Facebook with onliners shaking their heads at what has become of Thai society.Wittawat was worried that the monk might get angry - he had seen the results of monk violence recently - so he decided to film instead. Speaks volumes doesn't it.........Thai Bash Thai!
  10. I'm disappointed, I want to see a photo of them pointing at the tree they rubbed to get the lucky numbers.
  11. Reform the reformers, police the police force, educate the educators and govern the government for starters!
  12. Control the amount of pla la that goes into the somtam.
  13. Good luck with this one, where I come from, a "straight shooter" is an honest person!
  14. Hiso's pay a good price for their little princes and princess's diploma's.