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  1. PatOngo

    Thai engineer impressed with Musk’s team

    As a test driver? Who better than a Thai to find out what a car is made of and if it holds together and if the brakes work or fail!
  2. There's only one country you'd need a bike like that and it's certainly not Thailand!
  3. …...That's why they have BIG swords!
  4. Thai manhood on display!...……..Look at the size of MY sword!
  5. Could be a little embarrassing when they jump ship in the future. Politicians don't follow any ideology, they just follow the money and who controls it!
  6. Here's some subject matter for TAT's storytelling competition...……….The wonderful destination story contest.
  7. All this from a self proclaimed intellectual genius...……….is there something I'm missing?
  8. Careful kid! Mum may counter sue!
  9. I think a storytelling competition would be a great solution to this dilemma...……...Tell us just how great a tourist destination this place is. Just don't mention boats, highways, busses, minivans, ladyboys, cops, caves...…...etc.....You get the picture!
  10. Looks like a healthy bunch of hangers on he's inherited there...…..all wondering, what's in it for ME!
  11. Now where have I heard that excuse before? Bet it doesn't work for this snoozer!