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  1. Most countries require a driver to have a licence in the first place, could she be one of the 8 million driving without a licence?
  2. Re-educate the un-educated? Incarceration sounds like the better option.
  3. Whereas mass corruption gets you an inactive post if you are unfortunate enough to get caught. Amazing!
  4. Fort Trump? If this goes ahead, hopefully, Trump will be voted out of office by the time it's finished, so an appropriate name change could well be on the cards...………….Fort Kanye???
  5. I get the feeling that road carnage is part of the plan...…….25,000 less possible dissenters each year! Rabid dogs and dengue mosquitos don't dissent!
  6. PatOngo

    Who will vote for hypocrisy?

    Too Many!
  7. PatOngo

    The cost of corruption: Bt100 billion

    No mention of submarines?
  8. And what a tidy business it is...……..The cost of corruption: Bt100 billion
  9. Come on now! The loser HAS to lose face.
  10. PatOngo

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    The teacher deserves an award!
  11. PatOngo

    New aquarium at central

    Everyone invited......usually free of charge.
  12. PatOngo

    New aquarium at central

    Try....Monday, Saturday or Sunday!
  13. @#Stormy, I want the money back!
  14. This will be interesting, Thai's traditionally put their hands out to receive at election time, not dig deep to give. Maybe they can get 500 baht from Pheu Thai and give 100 baht of that to Thanathorn.