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  1. Did you read the book? If not, how do you know that she is "...hawking her lame excuses and shrill rhetoric...?"
  2. Yes, if you are going to label the book an exercise in narcissism, then you must have taken the time to read it or you are just blowing smoke based on pre-existing beliefs and agendas. Kinda like your thoughts....
  3. Have you read the book?
  4. Not so. The majority of undocumented individuals came to the US on a valid visa, and then overstayed its term. That is NOT a crime, but rather a civil violation, the sole punishment for which is deportation. Beyond that, the average age of a DACA participant on arrival was 6 years old - well below the age of responsibility. Only Congress can make laws, not the executive? Really? How loud did you holler when Trump used his executive authority to enact bans on immigrants and refugees from 6 Muslim majority countries - not once, but twice? And you are dead wrong about the courts invalidating DACA - that has been tried before and the program was held to be constitutional and a valid exercise of executive power.
  5. President Obama did no such thing. He did not invalidate a single word of existing law. He simply created a program when Congress was at the height of its obstructionist mode, a program which was predictably challenged by his opponents and found to be constitutionally sound and within his executive authority.
  6. The question on credibility is not whether someone has a differing viewpoint; the question is whether the individual has a reasoned viewpoint which is supported by data and facts, or is simply regurgitating unsupported and usually false assertions obtained from a Fox News talking head.
  7. Police clearance

    My Australian wife recently had to obtain a police clearance certificate from Australia to submit with her application to emigrate to the US. You can apply for it online at https://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/services/criminal-records/national-police-checks. We had hers shipped to a relative in Adelaide, who then sent it on to us in Thailand via FedEx. The AFP will mail to Thailand but we didn't want to take a chance on having it get lost in the mail here.
  8. Interesting that you posit that the rule of law is of paramount importance. Should we not apply that standard to Joseph Arpaio, who not only flouted the law, but also rulings from the federal district court, only to be pardoned by Trump? I would hazard a guess that you never complained about that flouting of the rule of law.
  9. They are legally in the US, entitled to work, and to pursue educational opportunities. So yes, they have just as much right to be in the US as anyone else. Parents abused their children by seeking a better life for them? By spiriting them away from war zones where their very lives were in extreme danger? And your assertion that the US will grant them citizenship is simply flat out wrong - there is NO path to citizenship for DACA participants. Now that it appears that Trump will terminate DACA, Congress will be forced to act on DREAMER instead of kicking the can down the road again and again.
  10. You are either as dense as a brick or are simply trolling. They are legally in the United States. Period. They have as much right to be in the US as you do, and they probably contribute a lot more to US society than you ever did or will.
  11. I have known the requirements since the program was first initiated. If you can find the information so easily, why is it that you continued to call them illegal when the language you cite clearly says that those enrolled in the program are legally in the US?
  12. I give up. You don't want to learn. You just want to spout the hate that you learn on Fox News and Breitbart.
  13. Do you have ANY understanding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program? I sincerely doubt it, because you would recognize that enrollment in DACA provides limited legal residency (and ability to work) to individuals who qualify for admission. You said earlier that they should become legal, which is exactly what they are right now, and what the Trump administration wants to strip away.
  14. People in their position have almost no path to becoming legal, either through permanent residency or citizenship, no matter how long they are in the US or how hard they try to do the right thing. What part of that is so difficult for you to grasp?
  15. Under the scenario that you present - US citizen marries a foreigner, and then sponsors the foreigner's parents for immigration - the spouse would be eligible for US Social Security and Medicare based on the US citizen's work record, but the parents would not. They do not receive any Social Security benefits; they can buy in to Medicare but at rather steep rates.