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  1. ^Well, Charlie has interviewed a lot of people in his time. Might even be able to find a photo of Bill Clinton on the show.
  2. Love these threads, thanks for posting. How241.
  3. If true, wonder if the factory workers were Thai or immigrant labor. If latter, may have emboldened him a bit more.
  4. I would be more concerned about the sycophant Generals surrounding KJU. What's the SOP for KJU to launch nukes? Any checks and balances? Any key Generals who might have the sack to stand up to KJU in the critical moment? Would that General merely be relieved and pushed into retirement? Or perhaps shot in the head in a very public way, to remind the others what happens to those who dissent?
  5. Of course I understand all that. My observation was not about that.
  6. I looked around for other news on this, most have it right - a barely newsworthy, minor event but of course, and rather predictably, use it as a springboard to re-hash the Navy's recent string of incidents. The worst was Time.com's huge font headline screaming, "The USS Benfold Just Collided With a Tugboat in Japanese Waters!" OMG! You'd think it was the Titanic all over again. The lead in para says the Benfold "CRASHED" into the tug. The next line flips it 180, saying the tug "drifted" into the ship, which brings it back into reality. They continue dialing back their bulls**t incrementally with minimal damage, "scrapes", and then return to Earth, characterizing the whole event as relatively harmless. Indeed. Quite the departure from the intentionally dishonest headline. Who writes this tabloid s**t? Curious, I looked up the Time Jouroboob on the By Line. A 20 something Millennial dingdong, 2016 graduate of Northwestern, BA in Journalism. She writes on her LinkedIn page, "I cover breaking news and health for TIME, Fortune, Money, and other Time Inc. brands". IMO, she's somewhere between Facebook selfies and amateur Blogger.
  7. Ha ha, right. Turn into a pumpkin after 0200.
  8. Doesn't really bother me, I can manage a day or two without a beer, OMG, the horror. The daily time restrictions on buying alcohol annoys me more than the occasional buddha day. But I agree with others from an ideological, church and State POV. God botherers have too much influence in government, worse when uniformed goons wearing guns enforce prohibitions based on religion. The PM himself is prone to a good old tongue lashing about morality, and how much boob and butt is allowed. Extrapolate this kind of behavior out to the extreme, you wind up with the Taliban, ISIS, etc. Parts of the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, can be just as or even more invasive. Some states have no alcohol "dry" counties and towns. Others only allow State-run liquor stores. In my native Southern California, I can rock up to a petrol station and walk out with a guilt-free six-pack - even on a Sunday!
  9. Driver has seizure, crashes into shop

    4 minute drive from bus station to the 7-11. Flat, straight, city center road, probably deader than a door nail at midnight.
  10. I had to Google church and solidarity tax.
  11. Had a Bahraini guy tell me a similar thing once. He drove carelessly, lane straddling, no indicators, no seat belt, etc. Said if it's his time to go, it's his time, nothing he could do about it.
  12. If you're interested and until usurped by other articles, photo of the aerial art work can be seen on the front page of Military dot com.
  13. Bad wife and a terrible student. The Unbalanced Female Handbook, Chapter 2, page 57, clearly calls for genital mutilation in cases like this, not death.