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  1. Gotta love how the boatman is plowing over those sacred lotus.
  2. Blocking Wikipedia. Now there's a good idea.
  3. It's an old site, and can be wonky due to translation, but this is what I found. Section 51 pertains to left/right turns. http://www.gt-rider.com/se-asia-motorcycling/threads/traffic-laws-in-thailand-a-translation-from-www-bkkriders-com.9367/
  4. I've never gone down that road with password managers. I keep them all on a document, on a flash stick, backed up on a couple others but for the main things, I just remember them and smash them in manually, or via a virtual keyboard. Ah, I didn't know you did your over-the-counters with Krungsi. I've never tried, always did them at Bangkok Bank. Abandoned that now, cause it takes two trips, usually over two days, to pull what I want, and then maybe an ATM to top up again. Now I just sit on my arse at home and do 1 ACH per month and eat the fee. Lazzzyy! LOL.
  5. Agree in spirit, this "know your customer" and other related legislation, has been taken too far by some orgs, beyond the original intent, screwing hundreds of thousands of Regular Joes in order to catch a relative few. FWIW, I never use a VPN when performing US internet banking or turn off images, at least not for that reason. Don't have a MajicJack or a Skype thing. Schwab and Capital One were the only two financial orgs that threatened to close my accounts if I used my Thailand mailing address with them. I said never mind and they backed off. But I had already told them in secure messages and on the phone, I moved to Thailand. Even a causal glance at my banking and credit transactions with them reveal the obvious fact I live here. So it seems to be a paperwork drill. If they can check the box and appear compliant, they actually don't care that I live here. I wouldn't tempt fate and rub their nose in it, but paranoid? Not so much anymore.
  6. Faux indignance. Hell, I gave your post a Like just to rub his nose in it!
  7. The bike he hit was on the correct side of the road as well, waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before turning right. He is demonstrating careless riding habits that are all too common here. He was doing great, cocky, confident....right up until he slammed into a stationary object. I learned and practiced the "3 E's" in traffic/roadway management many years ago. 1. Engineering 2. Education 3. Enforcement. All 3 are woefully inadequate here, which is why Thailand has a dismal international reputation for road accidents.
  8. Not helpful for the OP at this point, but this thread is another worthwhile, cautionary tale for anyone in the US contemplating a trip or moving abroad. Set up the best possible banking plan before you depart the States.
  9. Not a very mature, competent bike rider. Bike riding anywhere, but especially here, is totally defensive. I only ride a small motorbike, around the immediate neighborhood area, small sois. Any further, out on the main roads/highway, I take the truck.
  10. We hear about this every year. Year after year. You know your government system is completely broken if it takes the DPM's personal involvement and worse, that he can't grasp the fundamental issue and solution from his office in BKK. It's not rocket science. But ok, fly down, walk the beach personally, and while the cameras are rolling, wave that benevolent, magic wand and make it rain Baht. Then return to BKK and forget all about it. If that's the case though, there are a whole lot of incompetent, ineffective jobsworths sucking up government salaries from Phuket all the way up the chain of command to the DPM's office. What are each of them worth? 15,000 Baht/month? I would start there.
  11. True statement from him, although I doubt he does much "chasing". Probably sits in a chair, women come to him, until the money is gone.
  12. Are U really afraid of women? Or are you so programmed by feminists that you regurgitate this puzzy whipped nonsense on knee jerk default mode? Man up, fer fuke's sake. If a woman swings a frying pan at your head, take it away from her and smack her upside the head wid it. Then ask her how she bloody well likes it. That's equal and fair, innit?
  13. No, not really. Thanks for sharing though. Well done. 2 gold stars for you.
  14. Yes, the first one. Agreed, if I were single again, I would probably have some fun for a while but damn sure wouldn't want to start all over again with a 20 something y/o wife. Building and feathering the nest, dealing with her reproductive instincts and fairy tale "dreams". Fk that! Women closer to my age are, hopefully, a bit more settled and realistic. Having said that, I just watched a newish relationship get terminated by the farang. He was early 60s, recently retired, had some coins in the bank, pension, wasn't a boozer or a slob, seemed like a good, reasonable dude looking for a partner to share travel and the silver years with. She's early/mid-40s, had been married to a Thai before, 2 late teen/early 20s kids, has her own house, SUV, running two shops.... I would of thought she was a reasonable prospect as well. When he came over here for an extended visit, he didn't last long - good for him too! Afterward, heard she'd been peppering him with the standard list of demands. House, car and fer fuke's sake, KIDS! About 2 weeks after he hit the eject button, never to return, heard she had a new internet farang dangling on the hook. I get it, she's in a race against time but whoever coached her on the first farang must have given her the hot 20 year old's checklist of demands instead of the much shorter one for the 40 and over group. Ooops!
  15. I've been with them for a few years, but only for the better, non fixed saving account. I don't use any of the accounts for routine, day to day needs. I have accounts with Bangkok Bank for that, moreso because of the easy ACH link to my US accounts via their New York Branch. I always fill in my user name/password, never use the Remember Me feature for any online banking. Agree about the statement default and having to do a calendar search. That is a pain, ought to be 2 weeks to 1 month back as a default view.