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  1. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/illegal-immigration-enforcement-separating-kids-at-border/
  2. NYT has an interesting piece on this. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/16/us/politics/family-separation-trump.html After Bush Jr., The Obama Administration was faced with a false belief by would be illegal parents, that they could use their children as emotional leverage to gain special treatment in their quest to enter the US. The Administration was focused on preventing that with stricter border policy, opened family detention centers for mothers/kids pending deportation or furthering processing, as well as sending an official to Guatemala to advertise the end-state reality to those contemplating the long, perilous trip.
  3. 55Jay

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    I think the idea of "Real" Thailand is depicted in the carefully prepared tourism authority vids, and photo-shopped images of marginally desperate Thais wearing the famously deceptive smile whilst cultivating paddies using traditional methods from the Bronze Age. Pattaya is just a different kind of real. If you get a burning sensation when you go pee a few days later, that's real too.
  4. "Up To You, Mate!" ~ Ancient Thai Proverb
  5. And remember, kids, smoke BEFORE you get on the plane! http://abc7.com/southwest-passenger-allegedly-smoking-pot-forces-emergency-landing/3544948/
  6. Interesting, current read below from LA Times. Other articles I saw indicate California now has "open bag" laws, similar to open container, so no more joy riding Cheech and Chong style. I still chuckle when I think about two stoners having a fender bender in a parking lot. After laughing their asses off, they apologize, give each other a hug, and then exchange insurance information and bags of Doritos. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-marijuana-dui-20180322-story.html
  7. From that new fangled invention old fuddy duddies still refer to as "The Net". You can see all sorts of outrageous things there, it's so clazee!
  8. Yeah, saw this in another article last night. It hadn't been pounced upon yet but I figured it would be, eventually. And so here it is. LOL. Very embarrassing because it's a Freudian window into how simple simon he is, and another example of his uncontrolled blurting issues. He admires Putin as a strong leader, even through he's a killer. Kim now, fascinated and attracted by people snapping to attention when he walks into the room. Trump needs to be told, again, that they do that out of fear, not respect or real loyalty. The punishment for not being a sycophant yes man in NK is likely to be more than simply being told, "You're Fired!".
  9. 55Jay

    Over-manning over here

    There is that cultural quirk, indeed. I was already well experienced with it having lived/worked in SW Asia for many years before moving here. Strays off the manpower issue toward competency, but in my 3BB case, it made sense that it was (finally) 3BB proper that sussed out my end-user problem was actually further upstream in their infrastructure. I would expect they have broader situational awareness than their more narrowly focused sub-contract field teams. Good possibility that the sub's SOW doesn't authorize them to mess around in the main distro boxes - the domain of full-time 3BB tech employees. Left Hand~Right Hand comm breakdown between Prime and Sub is another ever-present possibility. The cynical point is, of course, the dudes who came to my house didn't know what the source of my problem was, so they pulled a solution out of their ass - go get a new router. My wife, of course, thought Jesus had just spoken and was really annoyed that I insisted we try calling 3BB again.
  10. 55Jay

    Over-manning over here

    Ironically, the 3bb cased I mentioned wound up them saying internet from the soi pole to their test router inside the house was fine, 5X5, and so my non-3BB "farang" router wasn't "strong enough" all the sudden. They said I should go buy a new one. I'm no techie but IMV, the intermittent service problem was upstream somewhere on the ISP side, because we had one instance just like it in the past, and that was the reason. My router wouldn't be broken one minute, then work again for a while, then "break" again. To my wife's annoyance, I pushed her to call 3BB Call Center again the next day, one more time, cause you never know what a new Call Center rep might come up with. She did and was told they had become aware of a problem in the distro box up on the main highway, they were working on it, ETR 3 hours. My internet service returned to normal thereafter. Nothing wrong with my router.
  11. 55Jay

    Over-manning over here

    Right, go into HomePro or Global! One thing I noticed with 3BB internet is they employed sub-contractors for outlying areas like where I used to live (30km from city area). I had internet problems once there, 3 guys turned up in a non-3BB pick up truck. 1 was obviously the contract lead/supervisor, so he and his #2 did the "easy" inside work while the 3rd, who seemed like a less technical up-the-ladder line puller type, checked the cable from the soi to the house for any obvious problems. My house call was probably the easiest kind of job they get dispatched to by 3BB Call Center.
  12. It's also difficult for them to be "wrong" when they're always right. About everything.