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  1. First time, me too. I did give the UP card a try for a weekend, then took it back and got another Visa (Rabbit). This time they were hard over on the UP card, and I wasn't in the mood to argue with the little pin head that day. I'm going back to the branch on Monday with a bit more resolve.
  2. FYI, sent Bangkok Bank a couple inquiries from the iBanking message system. Got a response and as others have said, and I knew as well, you can still request a Visa logo debit card from Bangkok.
  3. Got a response from the iBanking inquiries. As expected, and as others have reported here, branches can still order Visa logo cards from BKK. The new guy at my branch clearly got a different memo..... LOL.
  4. I was looking through his content and various posts on social media a few days ago. Indeed, he said he works for a company and clearly stated he has a work permit.
  5. Yes, I'm well aware of the cultural cowardice of our hosts, as well as the potential for childish, petty ramifications if one rubs their noses in it. Had my share of challenges here - some resolved boldly, some carefully, and some I've let go. It just depends on the circumstances, parties involved, and if there's a need for continued interaction.
  6. Depends. Are you a man of unwavering principles, or do you go along to get along? I would stand on principle and not pay anything, especially if they show up in a government vehicle. This is their requirement, not yours. If they want to make these checks part of the process, fine, but groveling for gas money? Sorry. No. But a few of the posts above pull at my humanity and I might be persuaded if they were getting screwed over, made to use their own vehicle, etc. But paying just keeps the injustice going and is another wink and nod to corrupt practices. These I/Os have the power to deport you. But they don't have the balls to tell the office boss the truth? Why should you have to pay so they don't have to confront the actual problem? It's not your problem. Don't let them make it yours.
  7. I typically use Momondo when I first start looking at flights. When you input flight, dates, etc., there's a link near the top right of the results page called "flight insight". May not be completely accurate, other sites may have similar or better, but for me, a worthwhile look when I first start sussing out trends and costs on a particular route. http://cfse.momondo.com/
  8. Always thought it was the other way around.
  9. Sadly, the Visa Rabbit debit card I went through a bit of krap to get last year (vs a Union Pay card) was eaten by an ATM machine recently, and boy was I dreading another round of Union Pay bullshit at the branch; which is precisely what happened. The kid behind the desk made a call to someone, presume Bangkok (not sure) but they apparently said the same - Our Way Union Pay, or the Highway. Highway it is then. Handed the forms back to the kid behind the desk and said I would be shifting my routine banking over to our Krungsi accounts. I didn't even ask for the supervisor/manager. I have sent 2 in-mails via iBanking message system in the days since and mentioned this issue is starting to get traction on social media. No response so far. I'll start posting on their Facebook next.
  10. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. But.... I can remember several things I did in my invincible, younger years that should have done me in. I just got lucky. This young girl, wrong place, wrong time, all the holes in the swiss cheese lined up. Happens 1,000s of times a day all over the world.
  11. Never.... let your guard down, especially but not exclusively, in the countryside - always keep critters in the back of your mind. Don't walk around garden areas at night without a torch or plenty of lights on. When entering a dark room, wait for the lights to come on fully and do a quick visual scan for snakes, scorpions, centipedes... and always wear sandals outside, and slippers inside the house. And never sit down on the crapper without visual scan around the dunny and under the seat, and as we've seen in the news several times lately, a quick look in the bowl as well. Thar be dragons in the Shire.