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  1. Sessions is an old fuddy duddy waxing on through his dentures and jello jowels.
  2. If nothing else, humans certainly have plenty of time to prepare.
  3. US car rental with Thai driver license

    Used my Thai license for rental car in Los Angeles last week, no problems.
  4. That's good you are clear with them and they are clear with you, and that you recognize women are very aware of their shelf life, and afford them some walking money when you part ways.
  5. Sure. How long do you give the two in the OP before the inevitable TMZ headline report?
  6. The pre-outting shag is insecurity. The post-outting shag is the visual and sniff test "inspection" process, rooted in distrust and insecurity. Cultural conditioning, no doubt.
  7. If she shags you like a rabbit before and after you go out with the lads, my guess is she doesn't feel "secure" at all. At best she's protecting her investment. At worst, a closet psycho with low self-esteem who might blow up in your face one of these days. Hopefully not near a high condo balcony. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing you at all, sounds great, at least for the short-term.
  8. Somebody in the parent Mazda org better weigh in and save their brand from the numpties running things in Thailand. Gunna be lots of broken faces on the floor before this is over.
  9. Me too. I am not happy that it's going down in a proverbial ball of flames like this with Trump's nonsense. But my sense is/was the trajectory was already established before Trump. Every empire has its time in the sun and the US has been riding on its laurels for some time, amid calls they back off and go home. Still a great country but it is rotting from the inside out, and other players out there biding their time have exploited it very shrewdly. I think the process will have to work itself through before something new can emerge. Trump is accelerating that process in many ways.
  10. Well, in recent decades, this is what "The World" has been demanding. Iran, Russia and China (and N. Korea) exploited the weakness of Obama and Hillary "Frequent Flier" Clinton and made some very bold moves. Trump may not be the right guy for this job but, seeing how things are, my sense is Hillary Clinton would have been even less effective. Interesting time to be alive, watching the deck of cards being reshuffled again.