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  1. These nutters and their crazy beliefs. Modern people in the Western world are well beyond all this primitive hocus pocus nonsense.
  2. Saw a clip of Obama's interview with kids. Kinda miss hearing him speak. Trump is a cross between Forrest Gump and The Tasmanian Devil.
  3. I just changed the Display setting in Windows Control Panel. It was on 150% and didn't realize it. Set to 125% and TV home page looks fine. If I bump FireFox screen zoom up to 110%, it starts overlapping again. Not a big deal. Thanks for response.
  4. You are being intentionally obtuse in your characterizations. Nobody is threatening N. Korea. Team Spirit is not a threat of invasion. The carrier is being sent up there because...... of KJU's bullshit and like a child, he deflects, won't take responsibility and whines about everything else under the sun. The NK leader is weak, insecure, immature, selfish and petty, which is why he must be so over-the-top brutal against his own people as perceived enemies of the state. His state. Not theirs. It's also why he's desperate to preserve the notion of a massive, external enemy, in order to mislead and distract his people and, as you say, keep that good thing going. It's all about him. The military are sycophants but I don't blame them as not being one is not good for one's health. Same goes for the N. Korean people. They are victims in this. US had its role in setting this up in another era, no doubt about it. But the continuing injustice is carried on and exacerbated first by Russia and now China. The US has been in defensive/reactionary mode since the N. Korean invasion. I would like nothing more than to see N. Korea conduct itself like a normal, sane country instead of these gross over reactions and threats of nuclear conflict and ultimately reunify like Germany. If King Jong Un would one day decide to quit being such a douche bag, the US (and everyone else) would be thrilled, and we could all just go home. It's really in his hands. I was encouraged when Trump said once in his campaign nonsense, that sure, he'll talk to the guy (KJU). Why not. Dispense with protocol, politics and brinkmanship, and fly over there, meet face to face and cut through the BS. OK Kim, dude, what's going on, what's the problem? Hell, they would probably get on great. But as you say, that's not what KJU wants, and so he does what's necessary to keep things as they are.
  5. Agreed, the original post was open to interpretation but stipulating the OP's question and context, I thought it would stand alone alright. BTW, I agree with the other things you said in your previous reply, we aren't very far apart on our approach to life in Thailand. Funny enough, I've used the low level corruption with the road pirates as one aspect of Thailand that's kind of neat; although I've yet to be in a position to use it. Just lucky I guess. Have a good night.
  6. I can see how it might come off as mean spirited because it's so direct and that can cause some folks to bristle up. Maybe they see a bit of themselves in there, and try to deflect and make it about me. I also don't intend it to be all encompassing, it's just some things I've observed over time. And that includes self-reflection, acknowledging my own faults and how I sometimes piss and moan about things here when it's not really about that at all.
  7. We are not talking about ALL farangs. Just those who say they feel unwelcome and why that might be. My observations relate to that. It's not about me, I don't feel unwelcome nor do I struggle with Immigration procedures. I do think they could be more efficient though. As to my original post, I'll try to be brief: The arrogant superior ones are a doodle, but I can understand how you might be baffled and you're right. IME, they don't give a rat's aris if the little brown monkeys welcome them or not. Some have told me they felt unwelcome in their own home countries, and escaped to Thailand only to find they must jump through hoops put up by a pack of muppets, and so they resent that..... the old home country suddenly doesn't look so bad in comparison..... And so that's the point. I've noticed people are unhappy here with some (or all) parts of their lives but fail to address the root cause(s) because that would force them to take action they would rather avoid for financial, logistical, familial reasons, such as young kids in the nest, or they feel they are too old to start over again or don't have the money to do it. So they accept their unhappy life and project their anger and frustration at other things. Immigration is a popular one we can all relate to, and the typical forms and procedures we all go through somehow singles them out and makes them feel "unwelcome"? Naw mate, it's a smoke screen in a lot of cases, and why, when somebody asks the magic question, "So....why don't you just leave then, you miserable old git?", you get nothing. I know it sounds condescending but really mate, this observation isn't rocket science.
  8. Are Japan and Ireland "retirement" and/or "cheap living" destinations though? I reckon you were among a slightly different crowd with different motivations, yes? If I was making pretty good money in Japan, but I didn't like it, I might slug it out anyway. At least until I could find something better, or hang up my spurs.
  9. Seriously though, why you think my observations were negative? And judgemental?
  10. Is this that new thing I've heard younger people do? "Don't Judge Me!". "I'm unique!" Yeah, ok, everyone in Thailand is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. LOL. Mine was a fairly simple observation. Not a revelation or a judgement really. I have others. It's not hard to work out. You seemed to have formed an opinion about me. See how that works? Pretty cool, eh?
  11. For some, I thought it might be a sense of superiority over the people who run this banana stand and are in a position of authority over them. They resent the hell out of that, and so no transgression goes unnoticed. It accrues and grinds on them year after year. For others, might be compounded by the paralyzing insecurity of being in various states of reliance on their wives here. The reality that they are unable to communicate on a meaningful level and perform what would be routine tasks back in their own country. They are shells of the men they once were, and that grinds on them, year after year. Me? Not leaving in a hurry but when we do, won't be because I finally discovered Thailand is a corrupt shit hole. I already knew that coming here, so my expectations were low.
  12. If it tastes like a latex surgical glove, the owner of said cheap vagina has less than adequate hygiene practices. The consolation prize for you is knowing that the bloke who shagged it just before you went down for a "taste", was wearing a condom. Livin' the Dream, mate, Livin' the Dream.
  13. Huh? The US won't stop threatening N. Korea? The US has been and still is reactionary to N. Korea. Except for Obama, who tried his best to ignore their nonsense (militarily) for 8 years. And so here we are. Maybe you've been in a cave for a while? Weren't you a vocal proponent of Dr. Dao being chucked off the United Airlines aircraft by force? Think of this in that context. Kim Jong Un is the unruly, belligerent passenger. You seem willing to cut him all kinds of slack.
  14. BING BONG: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain. We are now cruising on auto-pilot at 36,000', weather ahead looks fine, should be a smooth flight all the way to Happiness. I'm going to keep the mandatory seat belt and gag order signs on in case any of you get any bright ideas, but otherwise, we invite you to sit back, relax, don't tink too mutt, and enjoy the flight."