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  1. 55Jay

    Nok Air / Samui Again (Sorry)

    Just got back to BKK. The Fly 'n' Ferry service with Nok Air was effecient and smooth, and a blast from past going through DMK. Mrs didn't care for the beat up old tour busses with crap A/C between airport and Donsak, but the aircraft and the hi-speed catamaran service were good to go. IMO, nice little getaway for the price. Cheers, J
  2. 55Jay

    Nok Air / Samui Again (Sorry)

    Great, thanks Razzler. Cheers, J
  3. I thought all Thais were lovely child-like creatures, walking around wai'ing each other all the time, mumbling sweet sounding jibberish, like my Retire to Thailand brochure told me? This is an outrage, why can't these yobs just go home and leave us alone? What nerve.
  4. 55Jay

    Nok Air / Samui Again (Sorry)

    Roger that, thanks, Smokie. Odd note, didn't seem a plausible detour given the schedule. Now I see the 0800 dep from Samui via Surrat (the lesser promo price offering), would of been 9,000 return, but that 8am show time leaving Samui just seemed so.... unreasonable. Ha ha. Paid 11,060 for the two of us, happy with that compared to what I was going to do - Bangkok Air @ 18-19k direct from Utapao! Tx again, cheers, J
  5. I bet they were playing that dirty, rice farmer Issan music too.
  6. Wasn't until after I made booking today, noticed our return air is through Nakhon Si Thammarat airport, not Surrat Thani. Itinerary footnote: Please note that you are required to switch boat at Koh Phangan if your flight arrangement is via Nakhon Si Thammarat airport." Does this mean the Mrs. and I ride a cat/ferry from Samui to Phangan, change boats, then to Surrat? Ferry return looks to be the same 45 minutes as going over. Any comments/experience on this foot note? Thanks, regards, Jay // Flight No. Departing Arriving Depart DD7212Nok Eco Bangkok (Don Mueang) 11:30 Surat Thani 12:40 Air conditioned Coach Surat Thani 14:15 Surat Thani(Laem Thuat Pier) 15:45 Hi-speed Catamaran Surat Thani(Laem Thuat Pier)16:00 Koh Samui (Nar Ton Pier) 16:45 Return Hi-speed Catamaran Koh Samui (Nar Ton Pier) 12:45 Surat Thani(Laem Thuat Pier) 13:30 Air conditioned Coach Surat Thani(Laem Thuat Pier) 14:00 Nakhon Si Thammarat 15:30 DD7811 Nok Eco Nakhon Si Thammarat 15:55 Bangkok (Don Mueang) 17:05
  7. Bravo, Ricardo! You have learned the Eastern Ways. I am not so flexible and prefer a NO. Usually said emphatically it stops the conversation dead. Pardon the lack of sophistication... I believe that one more Golden-Rule, applying specifically to newbie-husbands/boyfriends from Farangland, is not to appear too rich or generous, too early-on. It is so very painful to reign things in, later on, if you've sent the wrong signals during the early days. Outstanding, I enjoyed reading your two posts.
  8. A double edge sword. What would you do it you were PM? 1) Satisfy the group(s) screaming that Yingluck is an ineffective, failed PM for the last floods and move to get something done. 2) Slow down, conduct proper due diligence, follow all the procedures and engage in public debate, whilst accepting the potential human, economic and political risks if there's another heavy rain/flood season while the process plays itself out. Both present their own troubling dynamics, and present a lose lose situation for any elected politician. Just ask G. Bush after 9/11. No, I'm not comparing the two events, just the process taken afterward.
  9. Who do you think will win the bid to save Bangkok (listed in no particular order)? 1. China 2. Japan 3. Korea 4. ? 5. ? 6. NE Euro company with past performance on flood/tidal control projects? Past performance and expertise in flood control projects not required or desired as the RID is supplying the (28) plans. China has a notable past perf edge rolling over dissenting bodies with heavy machinery, which may come in handy.
  10. Moving, if not a bit surprising that many still know the words.
  11. a great consolation indeed for the poor souls who now lick their wounds because they believed in the mantras of the goldpushing charlatanes. Maybe, but meanwhile, don't you think we should be pursuing and prosecuting the criminals? Martha Stewart.
  12. Intervention? http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/633431-t-f-e-x-temporarily-halts-commodity-futures-trading/
  13. The answer is right in the article. How do you stop a panic? You close the bank and switch off the ATM. Intervention is warranted if "the house" is losing.
  14. You know, all these New World Order conspiracy "nuts" keep calling these things, and here in LOS, we can count on the Nation to print it. Fall in gold, nothing to do with Boston bombing. But as each day passes, no leads and more importantly, no group has taken responsibility for the successful operation, this is getting a little too convenient.
  15. I'm glad you posted this as, in the article I was reading this morning, Prez Obama said Boston was categorized as terrorism - but he/they didn't know who or how many were involved, nor was the motive known. I don't disagree with his "terrorism" label, this seems an elaborate act for a lone whackjob with no real motive, rather only on technical definition and ever present need for a politician to move his/her lips after a major event. I expect to see quick legislation banning pressure cookers and black nylon backpacks over a certain capacity size.