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  1. Regardless of your political preference, do you have an opinion thus far on the overall issue in the OP?
  2. Sounds exciting. I'll give it a miss, and stay in sterile and dull Thailand.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/praiyasuriya/?fref=nf
  4. Click on the Coconuts link in the OP, scroll down, there's a video of a bar girl sat on a sofa singing Thai karaoke (very badly) whilst doing the laughably stupid eye and head bobs they believe are sultry and seductive. And yes, looks like she's been around the block more than a few times. Lots of base and cover up make up.
  5. I would like to see her CV since leaving school.
  6. @jenifer d Getting back to the OP, is it actually possible for a spirit to be insulted by a human, and the latter to exact revenge or retribution on them in return? Do you agree this presents a danger to humans, tourists, et al, and should be taken very seriously by the concerned authorities? What would you propose to ensure harmony between tourists at this site and the spirit(s) there?
  7. Oh Dear. After a life spent traveling and living/working abroad, I'm over all the cultural ambassador BS, and have discovered the secret of life.
  8. Was that the moment they accepted you as "a Thai"? The warm embrace of acceptance in the group think collective.
  9. Right, I think it's a waste of time taking the "Locals" to task. Perhaps we should take them at their word. Here are the facts asserted by the esteemed "Locals" quoted in Daily News: Spirit lurks at/near this tourist attraction. Spirit acts as a protector and violent, random enforcer for insults such as urinating in the wrong place and climbing up the wrong rock. Spirit caused this young tourist's death, and also previous accidents and deaths at this site. So, why aren't these "locals" shouting warnings at the tops of their lungs? Why aren't there monks up there chanting and whisking holy water all over the place? Where are the local authorities in all this? How about the Minister of Tourism and Sports? Why in the hell isn't this dangerous tourist site barricaded off, with warning signs as big as an M-150 billboard on the Asia Highway? I say take the esteemed Locals at their word and hold them, the Temple, and the government, accountable for it. Then let's see how long they stick to their cave man bullshit stories.
  10. I heard an unconfirmed rumor that Burger King is selling hamburgers.
  11. Me too, always have seat belt on just shy of "snug", including when in flat bed mode. I don't know much about the Chinese, but the Arabs and S. Asians in the ME/GCC region seem to have a shared anti-seat belt gene. I would always hear the "click" of seat belts being released immediately following take-off when still climbing steeply, and again right after landing, when we were still braking heavily/ engines in reverse thrust.
  12. Sounds good, you're a lot better off financially than some. Also came here around the same age, tracked expenditures on an Excel spreadsheet the first month or two to see where the money was going. If you intend to pull off that 5 million for day to day living expenses, running a similar exercise will give you a tailored result as to how long the 5m will last - save any new big ticket items, emergencies, hospital, etc. Me and the Mrs usually went through about 50,00 Baht per month out in the countryside, now about 80-85,000 as we've moved closer to the city=more to do/spend money on. If you are out in the countryside and all the big expenses are done and dusted, 5 mil could last a very long time..... probably far longer than would be advisable if you plan to re-enter the work force. Hopefully you'll maintain qualifications, contacts, etc., so you can jump back in when you're done with a well deserved, extended holiday.
  13. Someone, or more than one, did screw up. Obviously. But equating this with the USS Cole, or pier side force protection measures and Condition 3 or 4 Steaming, is apples and oranges.
  14. My first ship in the US Navy, an aircraft carrier, was T-boned by a commercial ship. It happens, and more often than you think but it obviously makes news when the US Navy is involved. http://www.navysite.de/cvn/cv41.htm That link ^, the June 03, 1987 entry, re: AIM 9 missile falling off the F18 and rocketing off the flight deck.... I was there, just forward and to the right in the photo, on fueling station #6 when that happened. I looked right then WOOSH, there it went right off the angle deck. Witnessed the next entry below that one as well. It was the last bird to shoot, and I was standing up there watching it, smoke, flash, poof, the pilot ejected. We were blanketed in JP5 fumes as we advanced under the cloud, and the pilot floated down our starboard side, waving his arms and yelling. The more you know. LOL.
  15. Good call. Noticed that in the damage from the photos of the cruiser and ACX Crystal. The latter's forward ballast sure would of punched a hole below the water line of the cruiser. While the incident is bad, fact she made it back to Yoko is testament to the training of the Flying Squad and DC teams on board.