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  1. Jack Lemmon is spinning in his grave.
  2. Thailand Gov is stuck in the provincial mud. The Facebook generation will, eventually, pull it up by the bootstraps. My Immi office scans my passport, details come up on the screen...... and then I hand over lots of dead trees, same as the year before. They enter a load of data into the computer, capture an updated, digital image........then dip a quill and make the official entry into Moses' desk sized ledger book. Meanwhile, the Immi Officer at the back is chatting real time with someone 100s of kilometers away on a telephone the size of his palm, then transfers some money via iBanking to top up his phone credit, and buy a Hello Kitty T-shirt from China on Lazada.
  3. Thailand is a goat rope no matter who's in charge. But that's why we love it here.
  4. I think you're giving Thailand a bit too much credit. They can't even get people to wear helmets.
  5. "I hope they put the tax up again hee hee hee".... steps off the curb, gets hit by a crazy bus driver. Karma's a bitch.
  6. Ha ha, indeed. My Mom sups Berringer's White Zin. Still calls it "4 Buck Chuck" although over the years, it's gone up to around $6.00.
  7. Effective immediately, from source to distributors. Existing stocks would (should) still be the same until higher taxed items flow through supply chain. There may be some cheeky shop owners looking to take advantage of the confusion and put the prices up for existing stock.
  8. The junta must be feeling rather secure in their plush leather chairs.
  9. Starting to understand why Obama ignored this chump for most of his 2 terms in office.
  10. They haven't "reached out" to Cambodia yet but they are discussing the matter. They have to first discuss having a discussion about having a discussion, before they have the actual discussion. Government double speak gobbledigoop. Wasn't the Cambodian PM in the news recently giving PM Prayuth a hug?
  11. Ought to be an interesting "rest of the story" on this. Cutting throats is, IMO, in the chopping off heads genre - typically not the act of a garden variety criminal.
  12. Can't blame folks who didn't get out and need water, food, camping gear and necessities, but flat screen televisions and the like? They're just taking the piss.