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  1. Are you a Loser?

    I like your positivity . Good to see the naysayers haven’t beaten it out of you . Stand strong sir ! 😉
  2. Are you a Loser?

    I like your positivity . Good to see the naysayers haven’t beaten it out of you . Stand strong sir ! 😉
  3. 7-11 Location

    I know it’s a stupid question but why build more shop houses ? 50% of them are empty .
  4. ‘Stupid’ memo highlights plight of rural Isaan

    Yes you could be right there . I do usually spend my time travelling around the more southern parts of issarn . Which that could be influenced by the Bangkok people buying up the farm land closer to the capital (like korat) my SIL construction team who built her house were all Cambodian . The fields around her place are all Cambodian workers (especially the large scale farms )
  5. ‘Stupid’ memo highlights plight of rural Isaan

    I’m a Scotsman too . Who was bought up in England . Care to educate me ? Scotland up until the North Sea oil find was one of the poorest countries in Europe . When I was growing up in the south of England the Scottish and Irish were not viewed any different to the West Indians and Asians . But you would know better right ? Shhhhhh and stop making a fool of yourself .
  6. ‘Stupid’ memo highlights plight of rural Isaan

    Do tell me what happened to that Mary queen of Scots? There was a huge Scottish migration south due to the English clearing the highlands then plantations to Northern Ireland and then further as indenstured servants to the americas and Australia . My family was part of that and my family name was prescribed for over 150 years . If you wore the tartan or used the name you was hung ! Scottish heritage celebrated ? You have to be kidding the bagpipes were also banned . The only time the English was ever interested in Scotland is when the North Sea oil was found . Don’t come out with such uneducated crap ! I think you are the one suffering with such a low IQ .
  7. ‘Stupid’ memo highlights plight of rural Isaan

    This article is a litttle dated . Issarn has made massive strides forward in the 15 years I have been going to Thailand . Back when I first went ,there was not much of a difference between Cambodia and issarn , now the difference is huge ! Almost to the point where most of the labourers in the fields are not Thai anymore . Back in those days you would never get someone from issarn with a decent central government job I now know a fair few . Reminds me of the old days when the Scottish and Irish were seen as the bottom of the barrel in England until the next wave of immigrants came in . Issarn people’s stock has risen while the Cambodian and Burmese have taken their place . Happens all over the world .
  8. The vast majority of people on this forum have been a victim at some point . That same majority didn’t have a gun pointed at their head either when they were being turned over.
  9. Been with my wife 12 years . Worked the whole time and that’s with kids . I made it clear what we get out of life we have to both put in . We have done ok for ourselves .
  10. In the west we tend to marry closer to our own age ,culture ,and economic background for the most part while in Thailand relastionships are formed from a much more uneven keel ! When the balance is so off how do we expect a normal relationship ? I’m not saying this to knock anyone for their choices but a healthy relationship is built when you both put into the relationship equally . Why are you not buying a house with your wife through a mortgage so you can both share the burden ? If I lost half of everything to my wife I wouldn’t care as she has worked and paid for half of everything WE own .
  11. Please go talk to someone . You wouldn’t want your kids to end up with her . I hope you pull through and keep going mate . Those little ones rely on you.
  12. If anyone thinks that a Thai will leave a goose that keeps laying those golden eggs then they are deluded .they only leave when they either find a bigger goose who lays more eggs or the privious goose runs out of golden eggs . It’s that simple ! Just keep producing those eggs people and she will continue to love you !