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  1. The neighbours are fine until they build a factory right next door ! It happened to me but somehow I managed to sell up ! Was a very lucky time for me .
  2. Totally agree. Buy land away from the family and enough so you can build high walls away from the neighbours ! There is no restrictions from industrial to residential . Or better still don't buy the land but buy some in your own country which is often cheaper these days !
  3. The only bonus a realtor offers is unlocking the door if your not in the country . But that's the same everywhere right ?i sold my house no problems by myself , was priced right and well maintained , clean and didn't have grandma or dirty nappies in the pictures ! By the way it would be quite easy to scam the final price . (especially if no mortgage is involved) When declaring the sales price at the tax office most people declare the sales price as a lot lower so as to avoid paying extra tax. Hence no written record of the final price and agreement
  4. Hahahah it's not that the credit standards are too high , it's that most Thais are swimming in debt or have no proof of income (can't show under the table money) would you lend a thai money thinking you would get it back ?
  5. Pattaya expat and Thai wife murdered in Amsterdam

    The amount of times these guys rip each other off in the importation business , eventually tracks you down !
  6. You really are a weird man . My eyeballs confirm this .
  7. Arnt they talking about the stocks that don't crash ?? 😀
  8. I always preferred an iphone and an mdf built in 😂
  9. Where do thai banks get their cash from ?
  10. Knowing Thais the discount is probably 100k off of a 40 million price tag ...
  11. Patong is dead.

    I always found the low season the best time to visit .peak season holidays are terrible and best avoided if you can .
  12. Patong is dead.

    An apartment is part of a rental complex . A condo is privately owned . Apartments are seen as the same as council gaffs in America .
  13. State of local business debt

    Never lend money to anyone . Be it farang in your home country or here . My sister in law has done quite well for herself (should be loaded) but the hangeroners have continuously pecked away to borrow money off her without even the slightest hint of paying back ! If Thais really worried about saving face why is it they turn up like it's nothing to every family function even though they owe hundreds of thousands of baht ? Thais will ask for money off anyone we are not the only victims .
  14. Patong is dead.

    No living costs and 100k a month ... that's a decent living in any country . I make way more then that where I live but my outgoings are way higher . I had cash from selling land and a house there I just bought it back over and lost close to 10% ... currency can be a batch but I needed the money and couldn't wait any longer for the $ to weaken . That money I couldn't buy a rai in Thailand, I could buy 5 acres of beautiful treed land here .
  15. Patong is dead.

    I think his ego may of taken over . There are many expats in Thailand that live on a lot less then a million a year .