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  1. Have to agree with you . I had taken a wide birth (wife is not a fan) of Pattaya for ten years , coming back I couldn't believe how downhill the women have become . They are mostly in their 30s stretch marks all over the place and certainly the Runts of the litter . They are no where near the standards they were 15 years ago ! Thai women are still stunners in other parts of πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ just not in the bar game anymore , which is a good thing I guess .
  2. The funniest part is Seattle and all its ultra liberal hipsters are starting to whine and moan about 'foreign' investors gentrifying neighbourhoods and pricing them out of the city πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I bought 3 houses in 08 when people thought I was nuts as realtors were telling anybody that would listen to sell sell sell !!! I recently sold one that had near on tripled in price and paid off the other two . I can't see the market going up much more but even if it did and then crashed again I still own 3 houses (including my own)on the west coast that will always be rent positive . Not bad for a 30 something council estate kid
  3. I presume you have a British passport ? I would of though that as long as you stay on the Greek side you shouldn't have a problem ?
  4. Give Tenerife a go . Full of leather skinned scandanavians in their speedos . Bit like hua hin actually ....
  5. Vancouver has now slapped a 10% tax on foreign investors . Most the Hong Kong /Chinese have now moved south to Seattle. House prices have gone nuts here ! I think the Chinese are just giving the Americans back their toilet role $$ straight off the printing press . The Chinese government is not stopping the supply of dollars entering the American market . Spend spend spend because they know the chances of getting real money from the Americans is pretty much zero ! So may as well own the place !
  6. Bali is probably the worst place I have ever visited in SE Asia ! I went just after the bombings there and swore I would never go back . The locals were nasty little shits and the Aussie bogans were the worst kind of trash possible . Made Pattaya ummmmm family friendly 😜
  7. The John Wayne of thai visa ... but better looking , more money .
  8. Excellent points . Personally I think the white market has been bled dry and has no more room for growth . Chinese is the new market but the wealthy Chinese are not dumb enough to buy property they can't own. They are heavily investing in countries where they can own . The city I live in is being bought up by the Chinese at an alarming rate . Multi million dollar homes bought with cash !
  9. How is the HIV rates in patts these days ?maybe there has been a spike .
  10. I find this comparison calculator bs to be honest . I go to tops for groceries and it's double the price of America . A run of the mill pool villa in Phuket is 5-7 million baht (which you can't own ) where as a much better constructed house in Florida can be had for a round the same price (that you can own) . the only thing I can see that is a major difference is the cost of health care and the service industry .
  11. I was talking about the Americans on this forum . Florida has much the same weather as Phuket the beaches are much cleaner , cars are cheaper , fuel is cheaper , better quality clothes are cheaper , you can live in a beautiful gated community for retirees for the price of a basic pool villa in Phuket . Monthly fees for activitys are around $100 a month . Most are set on golf courses ! Yes you won't get a bunk up for 1000 baht a night but it's a very viable option .plus you may be able to go to Cuba and back for your visa run which is not a bad option at all πŸ˜‰For all you non Americans
  12. What's up with Florida ? It's cheaper to live there then Phuket.
  13. Try earning the same money in thailand as you do in Singapore .
  14. It's not in the grand scheme of things . In general it is very expensive. I'm presuming it's on the outer edge of hua hin ?
  15. You didn't ask me but I'll poke my nose anyway .... I think land is grossly over priced in thailand. You are not giving away the location so it would be hard to say if the land is worth it ! It could be flood land /borders a national park where the chanote is contentious , or many other reasons . Let's put it this way would you spend 1.6 million baht for 1/3 of an acre of rubbish farm land in your own country ? That you can't even own ? There is a huge bubble in condo prices the bubble in land price is astronomical !