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  1. Sorry but that’s comedy gold right there ! Catasgating anyone on TV using the one thing in this world we can trust .... when you do it , it’s bullet proof . 😂😂 you couldn’t make it up ! Thanks buddy I look forward to you editing or deleting that post
  2. 😂 sorry that’s a myth .you used your eyes to make this judgement . I look forward to rehashing this for the next year😂
  3. That makes sense , much the same as why grapes don’t do too well here .
  4. Agree only someone massively desperate would do it
  5. Could be the handsome white guy from tinder who needs his suitcase carried to Japan as its got the secret combination in it for the safety deposit box we have all been searching for ?
  6. I think the mountainous regions in Colombia are a lot cooler then Thailand .
  7. You wonder why the police are arresting Africans ? They certainly bring it in to the kingdom . They are probably behind moving it to japan .
  8. Yep I know a lot of people who are raving about Costa Rica ! A much safer Mexico with stunning varieties of women . Well worth a punt
  9. At a guess he was lucky to find an even bigger idiot 😀 we have all been there
  10. Just a load of here say tosh ! You can get someone you trust to deal with things while your away but honestly for the cost of a flight you should just do it yourself .
  11. Did you see who I replied to ? The person who said cooks were not skilled . If you reread what I wrote it was agreeing with you . Come on I shouldn’t have to point that out to you 😉
  12. Are you talking pub grub nuked in a microwave or proper cooking ? Proper cooks are some of the most skilled , intelligent on task people I know !
  13. Especially being a foreigner
  14. I agree with you on most things but I’m not a pensioner I have a youngish family . The thread is about tourist who come to spend money not live on a shoe string . IF I was to go to southern Spain my flights for my family would be 1/6th of what I’d pay to go to Thailand , big chunk for a family of 3 , accommodation is similar priced, only thing cheaper is street food (and bar girls of course if that’s your thing) beer in Thailand is double the price sometimes triple . Last time I went back I went to Tenerife for a week I loved it and would consider living there when im retired. Has a decent vibe great food and good climate