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  1. Do you think your average thai can tell the difference between accents ? Every American I meet thinks I'm Australian and we speak the same language ! anyway as far as I'm concerned he is an Australian now as it seems he spent most of his life in Australia and most likely lives off an Australian pension
  2. Jesus wept ! What a load of tripe. Do you think these Thais read thai visas forums and read false headings ? Get a grip man and stop being so paranoid
  3. Are you the fella that was renting them out on air bnb?
  4. Having an 8 year old kid at that age is bad enough without trying to act like a youngun . Aussie quality tourists at it again ....
  5. So pre 98 you should listen to your buddy and buy one of those condos he's offering you . Sounds like an amazing deal! You would be a fool not too .........
  6. I think the only thing that could save the oversupply problem (didn't say bubble) is lifting the 49% rule to 100% but still never owning the land the building sits on ? Im not sure what the implications would be but I'd feel a hell of a lot more confident if I knew other foreigners owned the building , knowing maintenance would be kept up .
  7. Did you ever find out if you could buy a condo pre 98? You know when foreign ownership was not restricted ? Everyone's eyes rolled in unison when you posted that . Keep telling your bar bird your minted ,we all know you live in a council house ??
  8. It's okay such nonsense could easily be confused ? Please could you find me where I said the bubble will pop in Thailand ? It's ok you can stop talking with the big boys now and go back to your bar stool ??
  9. No wonder your living in Thailand after such a collapse in personal wealth ?
  10. Are you saying you couldn't see the bubble happening prior to the collapse ? I'd be worried if you said no .
  11. Maybe we could look at it this way .... Condos are built so poorly , rubbish tradesmen , poor quality materials that they can afford to sell half the condos and still miraculously pull in a profit ? Does anybody know the profit margins ?
  12. Very true and a lot a lot a lot of luck ! I bought my home I currently live in 8 years ago , the price has gone up $200 k in that time! I bought not out of a future investment plan but just a nice decent area that I could afford . I didn't see the boom that was coming, was all a bit of a fluke if I'm honest ? It may come down in that time But will never fall to the price I paid for it so I will never lose . Problem is I can't sell the property unless I moved to a much cheaper place (like thailand ) as the whole area has shot up massively in price so all steps will be sideways if I bought another house .
  13. You want to take the bangkok post as serious reporting ? ? All real estate bubbles are firmly entrenched with massive doses of speculation . Just yesterday I read the government are about to break ground in November for the high speed train from bkk to korat , that speculation has been going on for years where a lot of generals in bkk bought up massive amounts of land around korat and pak Chong . The land prices are now ten times the price they were ten years ago! the generals have become super rich out of 'speculation' !! I will do ok as well but I won't hold my breath until it happens .
  14. Best post I have ever seen on thai visa . I will say I started from a council estate with no real prospects or hope, no trades on offer or decent jobs , I'm 37 now and my generation was I believe a lost generation . The only jobs in Britain now is within the service industry which are not high paying and ultra competitive due to the importation of cheap labour which keeps wages at a ridiculously low rate ! Somehow I managed to get a mortgage on a house and now own 1 near london and 2 in America where I have since moved , slowly I have built my porfolio of property and land but to just get on that ladder was the hard part . I look at my son now and seriously can't see how he would be able to get on the property ladder as houses where I live average the 600k mark , the reason is the Chinese have been allowed to buy up everything with cash leaving local kids having to move further and further away from jobs and industry to be able to afford to buy a home . I'm a massive fan of the Thais looking after their own people much like we should of done before you old timers sold us down the river ?
  15. What we as brits really need to do is be like the Thais . Don't let foreign nationals buy our country out . It's happening in America , Australia , New Zealand , Britain , everywhere !! But we can't own in thailand ? Look after your own people first .