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  1. Price of Land

    Some very valid points . Only problem comes when the buffalo (farang) rolls into town defying logic by massively overpaying .
  2. Price of Land

    Pretty much bang on there . What’s funny is even people from bangkok get the same treatment . At times we will drive around looking at land, we will ask the neighbours the price and they will tell us , when she calls the price all of a sudden jumps to Bangkok price due to her accent ! As you said be local, do your research ,and pay true value not the value somkit got from the village whispers (normally bs)
  3. Price of Land

    Let’s put this into perspective they want over $100k for one acre of arid farm land! I think everyone can agree it’s not worth it . Although The beautiful bit about Thailand is there is no property tax so sitting on a chunk of land forever costs you nothing ! You can then sit on that land forever if you like until the next idiot comes in wanting to buy a massively over inflated bit of land . To get that land at a good price You have to be in the right place at the right time to get a deal . Remember nearly every Thai is a real estate agent as they get 5% commission (sometimes less sometimes more ) if they bring a buyer . You said part of the land is built up and part has been dug out .... well the dug out bit is worthless! No Thai would even consider buying it other then to dump their trash in it , wait until it’s near full then put a bit of top soil on top and then call it good ! Put the feelers out that you are looking for land (if you totally insist on buying land you can’t own) the location you want and the price you will Pay ,then let the som tam lady gossip everyone’s ears off until you find a desperate seller .
  4. In the old days a white knight would simply buy a hooker a house in a rice field ! What’s the world coming to when you fight to the death for one 🙄
  5. Everyone’s been paid off already . The cctv does not work, a hooker goes with him to say what a hero he was .... this guy is a pro hood rat who knows a simple manslaughter charge carries a couple of years . That’s easy time for a hood rat .
  6. I guess I was right then . As I said in an earlier post there is nothing on this planet worse then America’s trash ! They really are the bottom of the barrel . Let me make it clear I’m not saying Americans but it’s trash . I have seen more and more hood rats every year!! they are far worse then Chinese tour groups or cheap Indians .
  7. Probably ghetto trash . Going to some rubbish Muy Thai school .
  8. Have you ever met an Indian who ‘forgot’ a debt ? 😂😂
  9. Then they walked around the corner and split the proceeds .....
  10. True . But those same people could be the ones complaining about zero baht tours ! When cheap meets cheap no one gets anywhere ! Why do you think they leave in the first place ? Much like India , they barter to the point of no one making anything .
  11. Cheap Charley is such a low grade bar girl word . It’s a word a bar girl would use to guilt you into spending more then you should on her. The only thing you get is your ego massaged by being called geng jai (idiot)
  12. Protex shower gel ...

    I want video proof ! I was going to the top with this 😉
  13. Protex shower gel ...

    Yeah I never measure the actual contents just unscrewed the lid and every single bottle was half full . It’s got a very strong smell so maybe you have to add a little water but they are not telling you ?
  14. Protex shower gel ...

    Better to be prepared ...😉
  15. Just walk into a certain 3 floor go go on soi cowboy and you will Find one of the biggest ummm shall we say washers ....