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  1. Hi Not sure to add anything useful but i'll give it a go. I'm living here in Thailand with my Thai wife in our own ( yes yes, i know ) house, and have done so for several years. I am on extension of stay based on retirement. Until the latest extension, made in September last year, everything done at Chiang Mai. In September i tried to file a TM 30, the officer didn't want it. He also told me to use a local office in Lampang for future matters. Late November i sent my wife to the local office to file a 30 day report and a TM 30. She didn't look happy at all when returning 2 hours later. The officer told here she couldn't file these reports alone, the alien had to come as well. Well - we went back, just to find the office empty. After 3 hours they surfaced looking well fed and happy. They had been to a coffee shop out of town, suppose we all deserve a decent break every now and then. Filing the reports went smooth and the 1800 Baht fine was paid. Christmas and New Year we spent in Europa, came back yesterday evening. This morning my wife went to our nice local office to inform them about the alien now staying in the house again. For this purpose she brought a TM 30 filled in and signed as well as the receipt from the last report in November. She was told to come back with copies of all pages in my pass port, signed by me. By the looks on her face i somehow worry a bit about where to spend the coming night. As mentioned by many before - by living in Thailand we have to comply to Thai rules, but seriously, do they really know what to do to all the paper work, stating the same information over and over again? Have a nice day, here is now dry after some rain yesterday. Rasmus
  2. Fantastic - what about putting some lights on, pretty scary to run up these in the dark as they move very slow.
  3. Well - that's new to me. According to the official rules, if meeting the requirements, the mandatory basic sum of state pension is to be paid regardles to residency choosen. Weather that's a small sum or not is up for discussion, guess most wouldn't like to live on it though. Have a great day. Rasmus
  4. Hi to all. Can someone please share info as to the the situation at Promenada theese days? My extension is up and since we live quite far from Chiang Mai it would be nice to know when to get out of bed. Are there any new requirements compared to last year? Thank you Rasmus
  5. Hi there I read just yesterday that the Swedes are going to have new bank notes. Don't remember just when, but apparently the news travel fast theese days. Enjoy the day, might be the first of the last. Rasmus
  6. Hi there We also have a 6 year old Triton and experienced exactly the same symptoms as described some time back. It turned out to be a smalish plastic thing which measures and controles how much air is going into the engine to be at fault. Quite expensive though, from memery Baht 4.500. After exchange the car was behaving as new, and still is. We have just had the 120.000 km service done incl. change of all oils and also the timing belt - charge Baht 25.000 To be honest i found it difficult to keep my mouth shut despite the hawk eyes from my wife. Fair or ? Have a nice and hot day out there. Rasmus
  7. Well - after 9 pages maybe it's time to add some fuel to the story. Christian happens to be not any ordinary Christian. He's living full time here in Thailand and has done so for several years. So does his father, just resently entered the munk hood. The father by the way is the founder of Pandora, the well known jewelry company. Honestly i don't think Christian needs worry anout any financiel needs his adorably wife might have. Enjoy the day, nice and hot. Rasmus
  8. Yes - i am fully aware of that option at the airport. Unfortunately my plane shedule has been changed, leaving things a bit tight at the airport. Thank's anyway - maybe i'l have to bite the apple and go to the immigration office. It's a 250 km ride - would have been nice to avoid. Rasmus
  9. Hi there. Just a short question in the heat. Is it possible to apply for a re-entry permit by proxy? A friend is going to extend a turist visa anyway, so... Thank you Rasmus
  10. Good afternoon Now this topic has been running for quite some time. The article, or whatever you like to call it, refers to people on pre-pensions, granted to people suffering from some kind of dissability of either mentally or physically caracter. Age does not mean anything. This pension is as mentioned max kr. 13.000 a month and reduced when sharing household with another person irrespective to nationality. Age pension is given to everybody, but not until the age of 65 and this limit is gardually increasing to 67 within a few years. The base pension, given to everybody is about dkr. 70.000 a year. Just now new legislation is on the way in order to reduce the base pension to people with additional savings jumping the 2,5 mil dkr line. The base pension can always be taken abroad, but as mentioned if outside the EU and a handful of other contries, only the base pension no additional benefits as given if reciding within EU. This is in no way covering totally, but it is important to keep the 2 different kind of pensions apart to avoid the waters to get too muddy. Finally - isn't it a quite generous society, that provides people who choose not to bee part of said society, with a state pension. I am looking forward to recieving a monthly payment for dooing nothing but in return. All the best Rasmus
  11. Good morning Just a few questions to clarify things. As i understand, it actually is possible to drop off the application for the certificate of recidence all evening untill midnight. Do people really sit there all evening? The original passport is required - do they keep it untill pick up of of the certificate of recidense. Thank's Rasmus
  12. Can someone please share a little information here? When does the door close to the ' drop off the papers for a Certificate of residence' in order to pick up the next day? Thank you soo much. Rasmus
  13. Good after noon. Can anybody recommend a reliable and skilled dentist in Lampang? I have lost a huge filling, broken one tooth and today while having lunch, i suddenly chewed on something big and hard, a crown. Seems time is up. Any recommendations please. Thank you rasmus
  14. Hello! Word is that a permanent office for al visa stuff is to bee opend in Lampang. Does anyone have information on this? Thank's rasmus
  15. Good luck - it surely is needed as this scenario is not likely to happen. The Danish National Bank is far from running out of options to secure the span to the Euro. Who says the rate of interest can't go further down? The Danish National Bank has unlimited access and availability to to meet any demand for the Krone by buying Euros. Have a nice day - enjoy it as it is most likely the first of the rest. Rasmus