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  1. It's not 250 a day, I use it sometimes I think it was 120 or maybe 140 as suggested. It seems secure enough, there a shuttle bus every 15 minutes that will take you to the terminal (ground floor) - getting back is a little more confusing as you have to go to the bus terminal first and change buses. I left my lights on and came back to a flat battery after a week and they got some guys out in 10 mins to start my car for me, very happy and it was free.
  2. Those Tourist police are up for a bravery award when this goes viral.
  3. One is enough.. can you imagine the nagging from 4 wives? Oh they can have a 5th temporary wife too.. Sent from my SM-N920C using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Try pay COD, Real Credit Card or Paypal in future.. Bank Transfer gives you no rights its like mailing cash.. but I have never had any problem with Lazada and when order is picked up they mail you to say its too late to cancel.. so maybe you can cancel at processing stage. Sent from my SM-N920C using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. There are two here in Korat in competing Malls... novelty at first but now empty and devoid of customers.. Good sense not to open it in Pattaya.
  6. Can't work it out... Time Zone and Time was always set to automatic but today it seems mysteriously my clock changed forward by 1 hour. Checked settings and everything was still on Auto and the time zone displayed Bangkok +7 GMT etc.. Weird.. I had to set it manually to fix it.. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. You can leave the country owing money to credit cards as long as they have not started court proceedings to recover debt.. But returning to Thailand with a credit card debt that has gone legal could cause you problems the moment you arrive back as there could be a warrant out for you.
  8. I don't have your answer but it may be helpful to know whether or not you pay Social Security and Workers compensation contributions..
  9. My Son's school arranged an account for my son when he was 3 year old - Government savings bank. But I assume there is some guardianship arrangement, he's not walking round with a debit card just yet
  10. Income 600'000 THB Tax payments on this... 750 Bhat a month social security 1275 month workers compensation (employee and employer) Income tax (single man no kids) = 2500 Bhat/mth So around 55K a year plus professional fees of lets say 15K for work permit etc.. but the business can save tax to the tune of 120'000 baht (assuming corporate rate of 20%) so this scam may be detected by a vigilant tax officer. Also, you will have rights and he will have to give you 3 months severance pay which may put them off unless you sign undated resignation letter. Not guaranteed for accuracy so take above with the diligence it deserves..
  11. She can walk into almost any civilised country she chooses and claim asylum based on having been convicted to death. No country in Europe would send her back thats for sure..
  12. Thai cells are not exactly designed in such away that there are no ligature points... no conspiracy here guys lets move on.
  13. Great news, less clueless farangs in tourist spots congesting the tills because they need the staff to enter the codes for them... I've often found myself walking 10 Meters down the road to the next 7/11 because of this..