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  1. running bare-chested

    I know of a British guy that got arrested for not wearing a shirt in a public park and he got a life sentence.. Mind you, he did have 9000 ecstasy sown into his trousers but it was being Shirtless that got him arrested..
  2. "Most Hated German in Thailand" ties the knot in the Gambia!

    Sham marriage.... he'll pocket about 15K EUR out of this when she gets settled in Europe.
  3. Mike's Shopping mall construction

    Great news,... I hear it will be 500 baht a night and Jet Ski rental outside for only 100'000 baht for 30 mins
  4. Can I have a car as a falang in finance?

    Confirmed.... There is a National credit Bureaux, my bank sends me a letter occasionally with updates to my credit file.
  5. Married to a Thai and after 5 years of paying tax with work permit have been offered a 90% mortgage on a house.. Not actually gone through with it but the info may be usefull..
  6. Food is included as I seen Restaurants like MK advertise this tax rebate..
  7. Sounds right to me if you only pay tax at 5% rate.. You will save the % amount according to the highest tax bracket you pay into.. for example if more than 15000 is in the 35% tax bracket then you'd save 35%
  8. Last Year it was section 19 on the PND91, you need proper Tax invoice and ensure address matches the one used for tax purposes
  9. Showing them a Thai bank account could contribute to reasons to refuse you entry based on the assumption you may be working illegally.
  10. You have an Investment Visa 2.3 Non-Immigrant Visa Category “IB” (Investment and Business Visa) is issued to foreign citizens employed to work on investment projects which are under the auspices of the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI). Such projects must be involved in or bring benefit to Thailand in the following ways: - Export-promotion - Increasing employment - Utilising local raw materials - Projects engaging the provinces - Encouraging technology transfer to Thai nationals - Not hindering existing domestic businesses
  11. Art Street next to Mikes gone where?

    You could get some wonderful things done there.... They would turn a photograph into a painting which was great gifts for Grandads and Grandmas.. Ok they cheat a little and use a projector to paint over original image but such lovely unique gifts and at the fraction of the cost anywhere else in the world. I'd be very sad to see them go... I thought they were onto a good thing... Maybe Mike got greedy with the rent!
  12. Work permit renewal

    Just renewed in the last few days and all that was needed was the usual syphilis test.. negative I am pleased to report :-)
  13. Maybe they will actually go and exploit the people that flout traffic laws like lanes violations and illegal u turns - parking in crazy places for their tea money now... would be a good thing..
  14. Thanks for reporting back to the forum and glad it all went well OK for you..
  15. Working offshore

    Its a common topic that crops up... at the end of the day it is common sense.. Keeping yourself to yourself and writing a few emails relating to work is not really an abuse (although technically is) If you are evading tax, that could be an issue... If you are in the public eye - that is an issue.. This is country that makes mowing your own lawn a labour law offence... so it relies highly on discretion of the labour/immigration officers and these guys are human and not as bad as people make out. The most important thing is to keep your business to yourself. There are many on here with Work Permits that condemn you as evil... Well I hold a work permit and I don't - Thai law never caught up with technology. But you will hear so many different interpretations from different medium ranking local police being made public.. at the end of the day "work" is effort whether paid or unpaid. If you are netting 500K a month then you are probably in a category for exploitation.