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  1. I dont condone the action of course but there is abuse of the siren and light all the time.... I stayed in a house in Pattaya near one of the more premium hospitals... every morning except sat + sun an ambulance blaring siren would pass exactly 7:15am every day... co-incidence right??? If they clamped down on improper use then maybe Thais would believe it to be an emergency.... the old "not my family" mentality may be in play... either way.. regulate it and legislate with tough penaltys.
  2. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    Is this practice run for 1st April?
  3. They don't like refunding too much money... a friend requested a 17K tax refund and they investigated him, cost him a lot of money...
  4. Bar problem

    Please, Please, Please initiate a claim with your credit card company, this could be the most entertaining exchange ever...
  5. Opportunities if not teaching

    It's sounds like you don't want to get bored rather than here to make a lot of money.. Restoring cars sounds like a great idea, you are not going to get too much attention when actually working on them and you can sell them at a profit later. There's all sorts of unique business set up by farangs in Isaan, some guy is making replica retro-arcade game cabinets, other guys are going around setting up illegal KODI TV boxes to make a little money. You can also restore odd and unusual items and sell them online, one of the best I saw lately was a fully restored Bicycle Rickshaw. Good luck with your adventure.
  6. running bare-chested

    I know of a British guy that got arrested for not wearing a shirt in a public park and he got a life sentence.. Mind you, he did have 9000 ecstasy sown into his trousers but it was being Shirtless that got him arrested..
  7. "Most Hated German in Thailand" ties the knot in the Gambia!

    Sham marriage.... he'll pocket about 15K EUR out of this when she gets settled in Europe.
  8. Mike's Shopping mall construction

    Great news,... I hear it will be 500 baht a night and Jet Ski rental outside for only 100'000 baht for 30 mins
  9. Can I have a car as a falang in finance?

    Confirmed.... There is a National credit Bureaux, my bank sends me a letter occasionally with updates to my credit file.
  10. Married to a Thai and after 5 years of paying tax with work permit have been offered a 90% mortgage on a house.. Not actually gone through with it but the info may be usefull..
  11. Food is included as I seen Restaurants like MK advertise this tax rebate..
  12. Sounds right to me if you only pay tax at 5% rate.. You will save the % amount according to the highest tax bracket you pay into.. for example if more than 15000 is in the 35% tax bracket then you'd save 35%
  13. Last Year it was section 19 on the PND91, you need proper Tax invoice and ensure address matches the one used for tax purposes
  14. Showing them a Thai bank account could contribute to reasons to refuse you entry based on the assumption you may be working illegally.
  15. You have an Investment Visa 2.3 Non-Immigrant Visa Category “IB” (Investment and Business Visa) is issued to foreign citizens employed to work on investment projects which are under the auspices of the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI). Such projects must be involved in or bring benefit to Thailand in the following ways: - Export-promotion - Increasing employment - Utilising local raw materials - Projects engaging the provinces - Encouraging technology transfer to Thai nationals - Not hindering existing domestic businesses