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  1. Art Street next to Mikes gone where?

    You could get some wonderful things done there.... They would turn a photograph into a painting which was great gifts for Grandads and Grandmas.. Ok they cheat a little and use a projector to paint over original image but such lovely unique gifts and at the fraction of the cost anywhere else in the world. I'd be very sad to see them go... I thought they were onto a good thing... Maybe Mike got greedy with the rent!
  2. Work permit renewal

    Just renewed in the last few days and all that was needed was the usual syphilis test.. negative I am pleased to report :-)
  3. Maybe they will actually go and exploit the people that flout traffic laws like lanes violations and illegal u turns - parking in crazy places for their tea money now... would be a good thing..
  4. Thanks for reporting back to the forum and glad it all went well OK for you..
  5. Working offshore

    Its a common topic that crops up... at the end of the day it is common sense.. Keeping yourself to yourself and writing a few emails relating to work is not really an abuse (although technically is) If you are evading tax, that could be an issue... If you are in the public eye - that is an issue.. This is country that makes mowing your own lawn a labour law offence... so it relies highly on discretion of the labour/immigration officers and these guys are human and not as bad as people make out. The most important thing is to keep your business to yourself. There are many on here with Work Permits that condemn you as evil... Well I hold a work permit and I don't - Thai law never caught up with technology. But you will hear so many different interpretations from different medium ranking local police being made public.. at the end of the day "work" is effort whether paid or unpaid. If you are netting 500K a month then you are probably in a category for exploitation.
  6. Taxi drivers will rig their "For hire" lights with a switch, so they can continue to not use the meter but with the "For hire" light off so police will assume they are compliant.
  7. New House - Strange Breaker Box Wiring

    Interesting colours, reminds me of home :-) - I'd have almost approved if all the Browns were connected to live and all the blue's connected to Neutral. But get that 1.5mm out of there or change all the breakers to 10 amp for safety... there's a 1.5mm connected to a 32 AMP breaker that is not good, especially if there is a shower at the other end!!! You have a hazard my friend...
  8. Vinasat 2 and CTH

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if there remains any Thai content accessible to persons using the old CTH satellite equipment pointed at Vinasat 2? or with an alternative set-top box.. Would be grateful for any info, you are willing to share.. Note: I don't need info on anything else, just what is left on the Vinasat 2 satellite that may remain of interest to Thai's - The question is professional in nature. Thanks Lee
  9. Residence Certificate Charges

    I did not need one for renewal of 5 year licence last month... but I don't know about a first time application.
  10. Residence Certificate Charges

    I got charged 500 baht in Korat, no receipt of course but the lady was nice enough to prepare all the documents/copies in the right order exactly as the DLT needed... I didn't have to do anything but hand it over - she prepared it all for me.. I won't complain about the admin fee, you can kick up a fuss and be told to return in 28 days if you want :-)
  11. Shower Breaker Switch

    Thanks all for the input, it is very much appreciated.. Thai Sparkies seem to turn up with only a tester screwdriver, sidecutters, and black tape.. I know there are good ones but in the house I am building in the jungle, there is no-one around. I also ring-mained but kept them on 20 Amp breakers, and isolated the kitchen circuits.. The PEA guy was very surprised by the presence of the Green 10mm Earth from the Neutral incomer - but I think that is correct. Well nothing gone bang yet.. It was 20 years ago I finished electrical and electronic Engineering and moved into the communications field so am rusty. Lee
  12. Shower Breaker Switch

    Thanks Guys.. I'll be sure to send the Mrs in first for the switching on ceremony :-) Lee
  13. Shower Breaker Switch

    I wired my home myself and to a very good standard in my opinion (I'm qualified in Electrical Engineering) it's all fully Earthed, all 3 pin sockets etc.. Howeve, there was one thing I overlooked and I don't know if it regulation or not in Thailand... I'm kicking myself because I forgot to put acessible 30 Amp isolator switches outside the bathrooms, so the only breaker is the one in the Master Distribution Box (at least it is protected by RCD etc..) I've not yet installed the showers but the cabling is now not accessible - I've seen some dreadful installations over my years here but I do know there is such thing as regulation in Thailand :-) So I wonder if anyone (Crossy???) can advise is this a requirement of the electrical code? Cheers Lee
  14. Korat City - Decent restaurants

    I recommend Ban Ya Steakhouses you can find them everywhere in Korat, they serve T-Bone steaks with a unique touch - They use sledgehammers to pulverize and flatten the meat before they serve it to you... If you ask for size XL, it takes a bit longer to beat a little more crap out of it to make it appear bigger. Forget Wagu steak - Ban Ya uses only meat from the oldest and weakest stock - the sort of cuts you would never pick up in a supermarket.
  15. It's a horrible situation for the guy, I think we all sympathize but people are also right to issue certain warnings but the thread is continually derailed with too much emphasis on proof he left Thailand which is not the real issue. The real issue is that he left the country illegally in the eyes of the law an offence according to some non-validated website that carries a sentence of up to 3 years. I would engage with a lawyer in Thailand to personally to speak with immigration.... You never know there could have been a spate of the same thing that day, it might be a well known problem cleared up with a smile. But on the other hand the OP has not indicated how frequently he has entered and left Thailand in the past, If he has 20 other stamps in his passport the "Didnt realise" won;t hold up to much scrutiny.