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  1. It's a horrible situation for the guy, I think we all sympathize but people are also right to issue certain warnings but the thread is continually derailed with too much emphasis on proof he left Thailand which is not the real issue. The real issue is that he left the country illegally in the eyes of the law an offence according to some non-validated website that carries a sentence of up to 3 years. I would engage with a lawyer in Thailand to personally to speak with immigration.... You never know there could have been a spate of the same thing that day, it might be a well known problem cleared up with a smile. But on the other hand the OP has not indicated how frequently he has entered and left Thailand in the past, If he has 20 other stamps in his passport the "Didnt realise" won;t hold up to much scrutiny.
  2. Hopefully someone with real experience can put this guys mind at ease. You can prove you left Thailand easy enough but can you prove you didnt commit some crime and dodge immigration to avoid arrest.. only to return after you learn you was not a suspect... This is one question the IO will be asking himself..
  3. The moral was a lesson in being polite, patient and not annoying or disrespecting the officers. Also it was a long time ago 2004, when computers were not as integrated as they are now..
  4. Proof of leaving Thailand is not the only thing... He needs to convince them he had nothing to hide by evading immigration control... No criminal intent etc.. I'm sure it may have happened a dozen times if security was so lax and hopefully quickly rectified... but it also could go a very bad way.
  5. Read this story http://www.roadjunky.com/1108/immigration-jail-in-bangkok-thailand/ A guy entered Thailand without exit stamp and got locked up.. I dont how you could have been allowed to skip immigration procedures.. This is thier mix up. You need to be careful you may be accused of illegally exiting thailand and depending on thier mood the fact you can prove you did leave thailand is irrelevant.. But why did you evade immigration? What were you hiding etc? May be the thing on thier mind.. Dont mean to scaremonger but the quoted story teaches you one lesson remain calm and polite.
  6. You see them lots of places, mine are nothing special and is not the one in the picture.. I found them in a toy stall set-up in a Korat Mall, there must be similar markets, stalls etc in Hua Hin - I'm sure now that you are looking you will come across one fairly soon.
  7. And there's me thinking I was onto something new!!!
  8. Rat's getting into aircon units and chewing its wiring... not any more place a plastic snake next to the compressor.. Birds annoying you on window canopies.. not any more place a plastic snake on there.. Peace and quiet at last!!! I never would have believed how useful these things could be. Thought I'd share this..
  9. How many beers?

    3 is about my limit!!!
  10. Long stay car park at Swampy ?

    It's not 250 a day, I use it sometimes I think it was 120 or maybe 140 as suggested. It seems secure enough, there a shuttle bus every 15 minutes that will take you to the terminal (ground floor) - getting back is a little more confusing as you have to go to the bus terminal first and change buses. I left my lights on and came back to a flat battery after a week and they got some guys out in 10 mins to start my car for me, very happy and it was free.
  11. Those Tourist police are up for a bravery award when this goes viral.
  12. can muslim guys have 4 ladies?

    One is enough.. can you imagine the nagging from 4 wives? Oh they can have a 5th temporary wife too.. Sent from my SM-N920C using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Lazada does not deliver - legal questions

    Try pay COD, Real Credit Card or Paypal in future.. Bank Transfer gives you no rights its like mailing cash.. but I have never had any problem with Lazada and when order is picked up they mail you to say its too late to cancel.. so maybe you can cancel at processing stage. Sent from my SM-N920C using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Will the Ice Rink at Pattaya Harbor ever open?

    There are two here in Korat in competing Malls... novelty at first but now empty and devoid of customers.. Good sense not to open it in Pattaya.