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  1. this is not only a Pattaya phenomenon, this is a country wide problem. Up-country my wife has a plot of land which we are not cultivating. We've a big signed, please not fly-tipping and a fence but nobody gives a f..k even the police is dumping their garbage. The hit in the face is, from time to time one of these princes pass this area and my wife got ordered to clean the land or to face charges. So every few month I have to clean the land of my own cost. But who cares, only a falang has to pay and the culprit get scot-free out of the affair.
  2. Reminds me on a kebab shop in my city back in Germany. Back in the '90 they had special mayonnaise dressing for the "Kartoffels". The business was running fine until the public health department made an unannounced hygiene check and took also a sample of the special sauce. This was all over the newspaper that they have found various samples of sperms from several people in one of these sauces. Aroi Mai?
  3. OttoPollmann

    Tour bus brakes fail on Patong Hill

    brakes on trucks and buses working with air pressure. This pressure holds the brakes open, normally around 5.3 bar. In case a pressurised pipe breaks you will loose pressure and those brakes closing automaticaly. If you are standing permanently on the brake paddle, those drum brake housings heating up, the metal brake housing expand and the brakes start to fade. aka brake failure in Thailand. This oil absorbion with sand was maybe neccessary after they have pulled the bus back onto the road and they have broken something in this process. Actually, brake failure are very rare, most of the time is it user mistake.
  4. OttoPollmann

    Video: Crushed! The perils of undertaking

    you are right Spidey, according to the Land Traffic Act BE 2522 Section 45 Quote: Section 45 (400-1000B) [No driver shall overtake another vehicle from the left-side unless: a. the vehicle to be overtaken is making a right turn or has given a signal that he is going to make a right turn b. the roadway is arranged with two or more traffic lanes in the same direction.] and like you mention in a latter post, it would be better to avoid so. Thais are not good in using mirrows, if they want to change lanes they just do it. But I could not agree with the statement that this accident is 100% the fault of the truck driver. If you have a look in the video on 00:13 this pickup is already breaking the law by crossing the crossedout section. His intention was to be the first and didn't want to wait in line. From my point of view, its the fault of Somchai in a Toyota Mule with 120HP thinking he drives a race car and is king of the road. Unfortunately, he met a bigger Somchai with a bigger toy.
  5. OttoPollmann

    PEA upgrades Jomtien power grid

    a voltage drop in the supply line is called a brownout. Most happens in underdeveloped countries with single phase, no ring circuit supply to the community with too many users hooked up into the supply line. Difficult to monitor with those dickey step-down-transformer which they are using here, if they have at all a monitoring system. Here in the sticks I've every evening a brownout, sometimes the voltage drops so low that my backup generator starts. But who cares, TIT. The benefit I could run my electrical fence without any problem of tripping the community supply ?
  6. last year I've picked up my sister at the airport BKK. it took me 40 mins to find a proper parking spot. After we was coming back somebody was parking in the aisle in front of me with the car in gear and the parking brake atouched. We couldn't leave for the next 3 hours until this guy was coming back. one of those parking assistances asked him, why he didn't leave the car in nutral. without any comment he started his car and left. lucky for him, I didn't drove my old pickup otherwise I had pushed my way free. But now all these new cars with plastic all around, I would have damaged more on my own. my wife was really pissed, she has called him many animal names. this year I've told my sister fly to Ubon Ratchathani or Buri Ram, I'm not any more a city slicker. it is also much shorter to drive for me.
  7. Please, could someone explain how is it possible to kill somebody with a cap gun?
  8. these containers were secured like those on the cargo trailers you see on the roads. Just stacked on another with a rubber mat between.
  9. what an utterly b##l c##p. In Buriram, a bag of rice has fallen down. Maybe, this caused the lorry to swerve. If you had watched the dashboard clip properly you could see at the beginning of the clip, the Lady has just overtaken another car. You still can see the bonnet and headlight on the left corner of the clip. From the overtaking of this car to the impact of the lorry driver it took around 4 seconds and if you see this damage on the Accord its luckily on the A-pillar and not frontal on the windscreen. So, she has shown a good reaction to avoid this accident and didn't overreact to cause more harm. All the blame goes to the lorry driver, why he didn't use his seat belt? More questionable is, why is the drivers cab snapped out of its anchorage? Poor quality or maintenance of the lorry?