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  1. The headline should read "Idiot Driver Loses Control of Van Kills Two Students and Blames the Weather!"
  2. Even at 300 km/year, it would take 21 years and, more than 2 years at 3000 km/yr.
  3. 30% remaining = 1920 km They will have to increase the dredging rate to 49,920 km/year to finish the 1920 km remaining in the next 2 weeks, Typical Thai math! Better employ more equipment!
  4. Was he a reporter or a bystander trying to get a video to post on Youtube hoping it will go viral and he could make a few baht?
  5. They are only 'thinking' that it is good idea - it hasn't been put into practice!
  6. The kids needed money for ya ba so they can bear to face the everyday trials and tribulations of the education system. Make money while laying down on the job!
  7. Happy to hear that they arrested the guns and ammunition!
  8. What a tragedy. After having nearly drowned on two occasions myself I vowed that my children and grandchildren would learn to swim. And so they have! It is an invaluable life skill! Certainly many Thai's don't have access to proper training either due to lack of facilities, proper instructors or financial constraints.
  9. There are some types that are rapid onset! (see below) Staphylococcus aureus Staphylococcal food poisoning 1-6 hours Sudden onset of severe nausea and vomiting. Abdominal cramps. Diarrhea and fever may be present. 24-48 hours Unrefrigerated or improperly refrigerated meats, potato and egg salads, cream pastries
  10. Prairieboy

    Nong Plalai drainage repairs make floods worse

    I thought the idea was to improve drainage!
  11. 555 - more reason to allow foreigners to perform the work!!
  12. I agree - 56 hours a year is just over an hour (1 hr. and 4 min.) a week and isn't even worth mentioning. Assuming 6 days a week for many that is only 10 minutes per day!
  13. Yes cow sh*t on the streets is a problem in our village as well. Add to that the dog, cat and chicken sh*t and one gets a real 'taste' (or smell) of life in th village. Barking dogs and PA news casts at 5:00 AM also add to the 'romance' of village life!
  14. Prairieboy

    70 kilogram marbled whipray found in Krabi

    http://thewebsiteofeverything.com/animals/fish/Rajiformes/Dasyatidae/Himantura-oxyrhyncha "The Marbled whipray is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild. " "....very rare species, known from only five specimens in museum collections worldwide ....."
  15. No gambling involved in cock fighting either but it seems to thrive. It is the bridge players and darters who are the worst offenders!