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  1. It appears the motorcycles were occupying his parking spot so he bulldozed them out of the way! Perhaps it was one of those driverless vehicles that are slated to make roads safer - a short circuit in the operating system???????
  2. Rare animal – a moonrat – found in Krabi

    That would be a strange looking pig!
  3. Was he driving on the street or the sidewalk - most power poles are on the sidewalk!
  4. 11 passengers injured as bus crashes into tree

    New tyres are not available or is it that the bus line needs the money to put in their own accounts. I keep reading about the much touted safety inspections - I guess they missed this bus!
  5. I suppose it depends on who hands over the thickest envelope!
  6. Police officer’s New Year largesse investigated

    That is once every 3.8 days - when did he work?
  7. I am surprised the BMA hasn't bought a bunch of blower fans and pointed them skyward similar to what they do with the boats during floods or at least instructed the populace to point all their fans skyward.
  8. My Thai wife takes her coins to the bank all neatly packaged - 100 baht in each small plastic bag. All separated by denomination. The bank insists on counting each coin (It is obvious that Thais don't trust each other), and rejects coins which are deemed dirty. Not sure if that is legal or not. As a merchant one has to accept coins whether they are dirty or not.
  9. The village where I live in Amnat Charoen province has recently erected 30 kph speed limit signs. I haven't noticed any slowing down of the traffic - I estimate the average speed through the village, on the highway, to be 70 -90 kph. Of course there is no enforcement of the speed limit.
  10. I could name a few that have left the country aided by those who are supposed to enforce the laws - perhaps a few baht in an envelope circumvents the law.
  11. Most murders are 'personal'!
  12. I could hear the tires (tyres) squealing before impact so obviously the brakes were working before and after impact. Seems to be a clear case of distracted driving.
  13. What’s happening to Bangkok’s air?

    I laugh everytime I see people wearing those paper masks - not much use for PM2.5 conditions.
  14. I believe this would be called diversification! One has to make a living!