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  1. It is a Thai first name meaning 'Real Man'! It is the most common male given name in Thailand, with 240,000 persons using the name in 2012.
  2. Phuket man, 39, arrested for attempted murder of wife

    Blur his face in the photo but publish his name in the text....?
  3. In the mountains of Canada truckers are required to stop and check their brakes before proceeding down the incline.
  4. Yes they are great 'apers' - I notice that with the young kids even preschool - they can repeat exactly what you say but have no idea what it means and then promptly forget it.
  5. Thai Embassy warns about tourist scams in Turkey

    "Thai Embassy warns about tourist scams in Turkey" If one reversed the names it could also be accurate "Turkish Embassy warns about scams in Thailand"
  6. "He said that the chairs were more suitable to a hard surface and when foreigners leaned they became unstable." I guess if you were Thai and leaned the chairs would be stable. Or do they mean that the foreigners became unstable when they leaned and not the chairs.
  7. Around 1.53 billion baht to purchase 1,913 radar guns - real cost including shipping and duty, assuming they bought the top quality items, the cost would have been 60.4 million baht leaving a discrepancy of 1.47 billion baht for 'administration' and 'miscellaneous' fees. (Figures from the Bangkok Post: 573 million baht for procurement of 849 hand-held speed guns and 957.6 million baht for the procurement of 1,064 units) https://www.radarguns.com/decatur-doppler-hand-held-traffic-radar-speed-gun.html
  8. Sadly Thailand outside of Bangkok doesn't exist in the eyes of the government.
  9. Thailand could do with a few of these machines!

    About 70 years ago in Saskatchewan, Canada we would scour the highway ditches for bottles which we then sold for 2 cents each. That is how we raised the money to buy our first bicycle. Now they are 10 cents each but littering is almost a thing of the past. Only a few bottles are now thrown out into the ditches. Every spring and fall the boy scouts do a garbage pickup on the highways and byways of the province. Not here, in the land of plastic bags, where litter is strewn everywhere - even adjacent to the bins - too lazy or uncaring to open the lids and properly dispose of the waste!
  10. Perhaps the Bangkok authorities would find it cost effective to dredge the river to remove 1,000's of years of built-up silt and accumulated garbage!, Perhaps building something similar to the Red River Floodway in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada to divert some or most of the water around the city. https://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/wms/rrf/index.html
  11. In today's USA the policeman would have shot the driver!
  12. Watching the video reminded me of a trip through the desert surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada, USA except there the garbage consisted of larger items - old sofas, refrigerators, mattresses etc. Also reminds me of the roadsides in South Sulawesi, Indonesia where the roadsides appear to be the local garbage dump (and smell like it also). I see so many school children here in Thailand who buy their after school snacks (served in a plastic bag) and drop their garbage wherever they finish even beside the 'bin'. I firmly believe that each day a different group of students should be placed on garbage detail to clean-up the streets - perhaps they would eventually get the message!