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  1. Limiting the speed won't prevent the rider from T-boning an automobile, or pulling out into traffic without looking. Proper gear, helmets, education and policing are needed. Seizing motorcycles from unlicensed and underage drivers would get many off the road.
  2. Where does this information come from?
  3. My wife has operated a small bar for more than three years in Amnat Charoen province. She has yet to find a wholesale distributor for alcoholic beverages.
  4. A common occurrence here in Lue Amnat District also. Our business is about 130 metres from the local school and each day when school is out every imaginable traffic infraction by the under aged drivers is observed. The school is from Prathom 1-6 so any student operating a motorcycle is obviously under age. They drive by two abreast holding hands, sometimes pulling a bicycle , doing wheelies, speeding past and dodging through classmates, 99% have no helmets - I have seen as many as 6 on a motorcycle, 3 is common. Obviously they are unlicensed and uninsured. I have never seen a police presence. I have considered installing speed bumps in front of our business and perhaps saving a life. The parents are obviously aware of these illegal riders since they supplied the motorcycles. Where are the police???
  5. Car Dealers Amnat Charoen

    Does anyone know what happened to the Chevrolet dealer in Amnat Charoen? Did they close down or have they relocated? My truck is due for servicing.
  6. Phuket road deaths keep on rolling

    Regardless of when they die or whether or not they are included in the traffic fatality statistics 80 deaths per day is tragic and preventable with driver education, practical training and proper policing. Who would train the trainers?
  7. Yes and with daylight approaching within the hour the motorcyclist wouldn't need lights - many times in complete darkness they don'd 'need' lights.
  8. Wherever they were going it is amazing that they couldn't see a parked bus! Why were there 3 persons on the bike? I see no evidence of helmets. Karma!
  9. Labour unions propose redefining of minimum wage

    I agree - The Home Pro Shop in Ubon Ratchathani is the same - a bunch of 'customer service' representatives following one around like ants after sugar. But you ask them a question and they have no knowledge and always need to call a supervisor. It seems they are watching to see that you don't steal anything - creepy at best!
  10. Defendant leaves everyone guessing

    Very similar to the disappearance of MH-370!
  11. It is a sad commentary on the justice system when one has to flee the country of their birth to escape the biased and greedy politicos.
  12. This is a more common sight. I guess the kid in the van is unaware that carbon monoxide could be sucked into the van and kill them all - known as the silent killer!
  13. Driver Training

    Does any one know if there is a driving school in or near Amnat Charoen?
  14. Their appears to be 34.5358 billion shortfall. Can't get blood out of a stone!
  15. The biggest problem is that the locals cannot learn to laugh at themselves. His videos just hit too close to the truth and therefore could corrupt those who watch. Better to bury your head in the sand!