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  1. Please post how you get on. It's these crappy routers that the ISP's are using with their Fibre service that is keeping me from upgrading from VDSL. If I can keep my current router and do as you plan to do, I might bite the bullet and go for FTTH.
  2. It's creeping into Samui as well now, as I have noticed they accept it at Dairy Queen in Central Festival here.
  3. Plus, one can use those Rabbit cards in some food courts such as Siam Paragon and some Central to pay for food. Saves queueing for a food card. Also various other outlets. Very handy on my trips to BKK.
  4. phetphet

    PCX shuddering

    I recall reading somewhere a while ago that this could be something to do with wear on the variator. I also get it on my PCX.
  5. phetphet

    French Fries. Standard cut or thick cut?

    The only way I ever eat my chips in a traditional fish and chip shop, is with salt and vinegar. I do see the curry sauce on the menu blackboard, and ketchup and brown sauce on the tables, but just doesn't seem right to me. Each to their own I suppose.
  6. phetphet

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    Rolex. Maybe Explorer 2. Not too chunky. Or Omega.
  7. phetphet

    Drivers license renewal update

    I went three days after my birthday. Just checked the expiry date, and you are correct June 2024.
  8. phetphet

    Drivers license renewal update

    Really? Ah well. I needed them to keep the licences clean. At least I am done for another five years.
  9. I too am running an Asus that is not shown. Luckily I updated my firmware with another recent scare a few months ago, and on checking, it is still the latest version. I was going through the settings on the router and came across "local access config" HTTP, HTTPS, or BOTH. Would there be any point in changing this from HTTP to HTTPS?
  10. phetphet

    Drivers license renewal update

    Went today to renew my two driving licences (car and motorbike). In at 8:30, but with the ensuing scrum, I only managed to get number 84. Waited about 50 minutes before number called, handed over documents. Two copies of each; passport photo page, visa page, residence certificate from immigration. All signed. Did not require medical certificates. Was asked to sign and add telephone number to two documents in Thai. Don't know what they were. Told to go upstairs at 10:00. Name was called around 10:30 for visual tests. everyone pushing and jostling to be next. Depth perception test, and reaction test. Simple colour test of traffic lights. Call out red, green or yellow as shown. No colour blind test as I had before. Papers ticked off, and told to go back downstairs and pay. I did not have to watch any videos. Was charged THB780. Receipts only show 505 + 255 = 760. I think more of an adding mistake than a deliberate overcharge. Out by 11:30. I had been told by someone not to go on a Monday as it is really busy, and it was.
  11. Casa italia. That's the place. Perhaps the OP could ask the owner what day he roasts and put in a pre-order if he wants really fresh. HTH
  12. phetphet

    Transfer movie from Android Box to Usb

    There are videos on youtube that might help. E.g. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiih7uS6cjbAhUSfCsKHYxMA8MQtwIIMTAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DrCoXalUV6E8&usg=AOvVaw2vS8_p_chxOO5dJZKuAUh1 HTH
  13. Someone has asked me today if I could help them get the application form for a Schengen visa to visit their boyfriend in Germany. Checked the FAQ’s here, and am now sitting here looking at the German Embassy website, but it’s in German and Thai (as one would expect). Does anyone please have a link to the relevant page (Thai) where I could either give her the link so she could complete online, or download and print the application form for her? TIA
  14. There is an Italian cafe on the ring road, on right hand side going from Makro to Fisherman’s Village. I can’t remember the name. Big place near Samui Water Tech I think. Next to Pure Estate agents. He has a coffee roasting machine there, so it might be worth a try.
  15. I’m arrive Don Muang T2 around 19:30 on Tuesday evening. Need to get to Asoke as quick as possible. I’m thinking the best way will be to take a taxi or bus to BTS Morchit / MRT Chatuchak and train from either. Can someone please tell me where the bus or taxi stands are when I exit arrivals? Also which bus? TIA