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  1. Thanks ubonjoe. Now the TM.8. Do I put the original Non.O (October 2016)? The Extension of stay? Or the last entry stamp which was three weeks ago?
  2. Just starting to prepare for my first renewal of my extension to stay based on retirement (Non 'O'). This might seem a stupid question, but do I just use the same details as used for my application last year on my new TM.7? By that I mean port of entry, date of arrival in 2016, TM.6 no. Basically all the details that correspond to the original Non 'O'. Or do I use my last port of entry, date of arrival and current TM.6 no? From when I entered Thailand three weeks ago. TIA
  3. I bought some early last year in £200 denominations to reduce the bank charges of THB153/cheque. I was told then that they were going to stop doing them. I still have quite a few left, and changed some only last week at Bangkok Bank. I'm sure the young girl hates to see me coming as they have introduced even more paperwork to change them. She had to print off forms for each cheue. It's now even more of a pain the a*** than it was before. Even if they stop doing them, I'm pretty sure Amex will still honour those that are already out in issue.
  4. Flights were already booked. It just meant doing without the phone for a week or so. There is no official repair service in Samui, and as luck would have it, because it was still under warrantee, I got a replacement in the UK. :) Arranged a business meeting in a coffee shop opposite the Apple Store, so killed two birds with one stone. Happy days.
  5. Nowhere near the service from Apple. I recently broke my iphone screen, (am in Samui). Apple gave me two choices: go to an official repair shop in Surat Thani, ( 4hours each way, or another in Bangkok. Neither carry spares, so I would need to leave the phone there and return several weeks later to collect. In the end, made a Genius appointment online for Apple store in London. Repaired in one hour, then they decided to just replace it.
  6. It was reported recently here that Apple are planning to open an official store in Bangkok sometime next year
  7. Is Grab Taxi now in Samui?

    Thanks Gulfsailor.
  8. I often use Grab when in Bangkok. Every so often here in Samui, just out of curiosity, I open the Grab taxi app on my phone. It never shows anything, but today, several cars showing up around Big Buddha and Chaweng Lake. Have they started operating here? If so, I’m sure the taxi mafia won’t be happy.
  9. Skype

    I made the mistake of updating to the new Skype on my phone a while ago. Bloody horrible. I still have the old version on my computer, and won't be changing that any time soon. Apparently on the app store, the new version gets a really bad rating. One star I think, without looking.
  10. Buying Ethereum in Thailand Safely

    Not wanting to hijack this thread. Looking to make a small investment in OMG, so looking to sign up to bx.in.th. When you register for bx.in.th, it asks for a valid email address in order to send a password. I am a bit worried about giving my normal email addy, as it never gets any spam or other crap. Is it OK to just use a one time Hotmail, Google etc email for this? Or do they require an email for all future correspondence? TIA
  11. You will probably get far more choice in Bangkok, and I don't think shipping will be all that expensive. I bought my Trek Mountain bike about four years ago from Probike, opposite Lumpini Park. They sent the unopened, boxed bike by courier to Samui. I assembled it myself. Just needed a few tools. I think it was only about 600-700 shipping fee. For your information. There is also another bike shop that stocks Cannondale bikes around Sukhumvit 26, 28. Can't quite recall which soi. This might be of interest: https://bicyclethailand.com/information/bike-stores/
  12. TM.30, Excel 2016 and Thai alphabet.

    I am using Office 2016 for Mac. I have found someone who is willing to do the necessary changes for me, but will still try your suggestions, so I know how to do it myself in future. Thanks.
  13. I have completed online the TM.30 for Surat Thani Immigration (they are now asking for it as part of renewal of extension based on retirement), and t hey require it to be completed online. When I download the completed Excel document to print as receipt for my renewal at Samui Immigration, the form shows all the Thai language parts as gobbledegook. Can anyone tell me what I need to do or change to get the Thai script to show correctly please? TIA P.S. Below, an example of what is shown on the excel document in place of Thai characters.
  14. Hotel on BTS in BKK

    There is a Hotel in Terminal 21 adjacent to Asoke BTS. Also used to be City Lodge above Gaucho restaurant in soi 19. Not sure if still open. Also Sacha’s Hotel and Silq Hotel about two minutes walk down soi 19. HTH
  15. Not departed from BKK for years. Always go through Immigration at Samui airport. However, next weekend I will have to leave the country from Suvarnabhumi. I remember reading a while ago that there were terrible delays and queues to be processed out by Thai Immigration. Does anyone know if this is still the case? If so. How much extra time should I allow myself to get through? Can't find anything recent online. TIA