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  1. I use Express VPN, but find that the slowness is usually due to bottlenecks to the international cables. Before changing VPN, you might want to contact your current one and explain what's happening. I did that before, and they told me to try another server in the same city or country (UK). Worked for me.
  2. Wonder if this will weaken the Baht a little.
  3. One thing to consider. As far as I am aware (because I couldn't manage to do it), one cannot buy AppleCare cover for the iPhone in Thailand. It might be possible to purchase in another country within 60 days of phone purchase, but I am not 100% sure.
  4. I have purchased an iPhone twice online from Apple Store Thailand. Paid by in bank transfer, (30 baht fee). Both times went smoothly. However the last one, the courier left with the security guard despite the fact it was supposed to be signed for by me. A little scary. Didn't even call or text to tell me. The biggest problem here in Samui is the fact that the nearest "AUTHORISED" iPhone repair centre is Surat Thani, or BKK. Plus they don't do same day service, but have to wait one month because they don't keep spares.
  5. Heard a loud bang and power went off again ten mins ago here in Bangrak. Fan running slowly, so maybe lost a phase. Went off last night also with the rain.
  6. Not sure if allowed to post a link to another site:, but here is a copy / paste of a paragraph The mother of a "pretty" backpacker who was found dead on Thailand's notorious death island refuses to believe the police account that she hanged herself. Elise Dallemange, 30, was found dead in the jungle on the island of Koh Tao, having been half-eaten by lizards, eight days after she said she was leaving to return to her native home in Belgium.
  7. No Facebook. No WhatsApp. If I want to communicate with someone, I use phone calls, email, or SMS. Occasionally Skype.
  8. Here in Bangrak, off Saturday night for several hours, Sunday night about three times, and again this morning since around 8am. It's still off now at 11am. As you say, it's getting ridiculous.
  9. I noticed that there was an update for my Durex build the other day. Once I updated it added Elysium.
  10. Power off in Bangrak since about 16:00 ish.
  11. Thanks KhunBENQ. Seems like it happens a lot here, although not sure why as people calling me are not using reduced rate plans.
  12. When ever anyone calls me from the UK on my Thai number, it never shows their UK phone number. It always seems to be a number starting 02, which I presume is BKK. Perhaps some sort of re-routing of the call. It's annoying (a) to not know who is calling. (b)to be unable to call back on missed calls as I don't know who called. Anyone know why this happens? Are Thai providers unable to show foreign caller ID's? TIA
  13. You could also add oat bran, which is available in Big C, Tesco etc to your soups and casseroles. it acts as a thickener, and also contains a lot of soluble fibre. I actually sprinkle it on my salads to help keep my cholesterol down. Also add red kidney beans to your soups and casseroles and blend if you prefer.
  14. What about porridge oats? They contain soluble fibre. Also very good for reducing cholesterol.
  15. I bought a kilo, which was the minimum I think. But it was very cheap, and I now have plenty for the future.