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  1. NVIDIA Shield 2015. Cannot load build

    Thanks. That is exactly what I did. I also tried loading the Durex Wizard on my phone without success via the drxbld site.. I think there might be a problem either with the server, or with Kodi 17.4. I did see on the internet, suggestions to try a different server, but couldn't see the option for that on drxbld. It is on Ares though.
  2. I have visited Santorini in October, and it was quiet-ish. The big cruise ships still bring lots of day trippers. It was a bit chilly at night. I am currently looking the Gili Islands as suggested in post #3, although a bit of chopping and changing involved to get there from Samui.
  3. NVIDIA Shield 2015. Cannot load build

    Further to my post above. I have tried downloading several builds, and cannot download any of them. I am wondering if the urls are being blocked by my ISP (3BB). Any suggestions?
  4. A bit of a novice at this. Had problems this morning updating my Durex Build to 6.32 on my Nvidia Shield Pro. Kept getting Durex Wizard error. Been pretty simple updating previous times. Did a factory reset, reinstalled Kodi 17.4, and followed instructions to load the add-on here: http://www.drxbld.com Every time I download it and try to install it, I get the "Durex Wizard Error" message. Also showing no build installed. Have done a factory reset three times, so it must be an error either in Kodi, or the add-on. I know this sn't a lot of info. to go on, but any suggestions as to what I might do next? TIA
  5. I want to take the Thai GF on holiday. She can only get time off work in October, and would like to go somewhere she can "do some snorkelling with a little bit of nightlife." The thing is, October is SW monsoon time. Most of SE Asia is wet. I have thought of Bali, Sri Lanka, and maybe El Nido in the Philippines. All are likely to be "wet season". Although I have read that early October is likely to be drier than late October. Maldives are out. Too expensive, and too quiet. Did think of the Middle East, but not sure where to go, or if she would like it. Can some of the more travelled members / snorkellers here offer some other destinations that might suit please? TIA
  6. Why have I started receiving junk mail from Passion Delivery? One of Thaivisa's advertisers. I have never bought anything from them, and do not wish to be contacted by them. Are they harvesting email addresses from the site? Or is Thaivisa passing them on?
  7. I want to park my bike at Arrivals and walk through to Departures to fly to BKK, so that on my return, I can just jump on my bike and go. Tried it twice before a couple of years ago. Once successful, and the other time the security guard stopped me, and told me to walk around the road ( the long way.) Anyone done this recently? Don't know what the problem was. At Suvarnabhumi, you just go up in a lift.
  8. I thought foreigners could only hold a maximum 49% minority share in any business in Thailand. Or am I wrong? How do these big American restaurant chains get around that?
  9. UPDATE. I tried again an hour later and the payment went through OK. I prefer using the OTP method over the PIN2.
  10. Currently in Europe. Trying to do a K-bank account to another K-Bank transfer. Keep getting, "We are experiencing problems with OTP service." Anyone else getting this? With all the scams and malware floating about, I get a bit nervous when anything out of the ordinary happens when doing any online banking.
  11. I will pop into the London branch next week with my passport, and a UK bank verified statement, (unfortunately I don't have my BKKBK passbook with me), and see if I can do the ID part at this end. Quicker than posting from Thailand.
  12. Thanks. But when I went to their site today to look at "Faster Payments service", this is what I found: Funds Transfer services will be available soon as there has been some changes to our terms and conditions. If you wish to enquire more information, please contact Bangkok Bank, London on 0207-929-4269 or e-mail london_operations@bangkokbank.com
  13. So do they want proof of address in Thailand? Or are they looking for proof of address where UK bank account is registered? I will be in London next week, and could maybe take my passport into the Bangkok Branch.