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  1. Cheers Jim. Will have a try there.
  2. The bass speaker for my home cinema system is not working. Don't know if it is the speaker or the amp outlet. Does anyone know where I might get it checked out to verify if it is indeed the speaker that is not working? The power light on the speaker is on, so there is power. music is playing through all other speakers. I am Bangrak area. TIA
  3. I hope the students don't get to like it, and it becomes a fashion trend.
  4. There are no other numbers on my multi entry permit other than the 97/60, which I will use on any future arrival cards. Just looking through my passport, and my extension based on retirement stamp also has a similar formatted number : 107/60 Thanks everyone for your input.
  5. The only number I can see on my re-entry permit is 97/60. Would that be it? To apply for a new extension of stay, do I have to get another Non O first? TIA
  6. I think he could obtain / buy an Austrian passport with an investment. I think the other Red Bull partner is Austrian, so that would help. I read it's one of the better ones, if not the best one can buy due to the number of countries it permits visa free travel. On another note. Whatever happened to the body in the freezer guys in BKK? That's another one that's gone quiet.
  7. I have just returned to Thailand after two weeks away and have some questions. On the Arrival card, it asks for visa number. I didn't know what to put, so put the number from the expired Non O that I used for my retirement extension. Was this correct? I did my 90 day address report on 12/04 and the paper stamped in my passport day next one 09/07. Will this stay the same? Or do I have to recalculate after being away? Do I now count 90 days from my re-entry today? Providing I keep on doing my reports, does my extension based on retirement just keep on rolling forward? The only thing I have to reapply for being the Multi entry permit when that expires after one year. Is that correct? TIA
  8. Probably flew out on someone else's private jet with new passport from another country already in hand. All such eventualities would have been covered when he first disappeared. I'm sure Facebook will turn him up somewhere sooner or later. Met a guy a couple of years ago that swore he saw him in Samui back then.
  9. Not cheap. I bought a spare when I bought my bike. Around THB1,600 if I recall correctly. The guy tried to persuade me not to because the mechanic had to remove a panel and code the extra fob to the bike. He played around somewhere near the battery.
  10. The latest models don't have a key as such, just something called a "Smartkey". Basically it's just like the remote used to open a car, and you just turn a switch to turn on the electrics. To lock the steering, you just turn the handlebar to the left, and turn the switch to lock. no keys used at all.
  11. Haven't come across that one yet, but what I do get is adverts that cover the text on the pages. One example is the large banner for "Thai Visa Radio. PLAY NOW!"" that actually covers the sign in box. So I cannot sign in. What I have to do to sign in is this: "Turn off javascript" and refresh the page... That removes the adverts. Sign in, then turn on javascript and refresh page. Once done, I can then post replies to treads. It's getting ridiculous.
  12. I must admit that I never do it myself, but when I bought my PCX, I was told that it is safer to also turn off the remote when leaving the bike. By that I mean so that the red light shows on it, and not the green. I don't know why.
  13. I try and avoid most thai food as its either fried, or has lots of added sugar. I do tell them "Mai aow nahm Taan", Don't want sugar, but it doesn't always work. I get salads from the salad bar at the supermarkets, barley, sweet corn and red kidney beans for some carbs. Cut down on my meat consumption, and mainly have steamed fish in the evenings, or salads. Cut out red meat completely for a while. Now lost 3kgs in six weeks since changing my diet.
  14. UK currently pays around £12 Billion / year to EU.One of the net contributors. While we get some of that back in subsidies and grants etc, that is still a big chunk of money. I'm sure the other EU countries, whether contributors such as Holland and Germany, or those poorer ones on the receiving ends of large EU investment, are not looking forward to either having to increase contributions, or suffer a reduction in what they get. Pretty sure Germany is not looking forward to having to help cover any shortfall. That's why they are pushing for a "divorce bill." Federica is Italian. There will soon be one less country to help bail out the Italian Banks. Will Brexit hurt UK? Certainly in the short term, But the EU is on a downward spiral, and sooner or later it will all end in tears.
  15. I use Rabbit to travel on the BTS in BKK, and in some food halls in the malls to pay for meals. Siam Paragon and EmQuartier both take Rabbit for food payment. You just swipe on the card reader. I presume your debit card will have similar capabilities, but best to check with your bank where you can use it..