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  1. Car driving: Thai's passing very close. WHY?

    If I understand correctly, he didn't overtake you, he undertook you. In the UK and Europe, (especially France), one would normally pull back into an inner lane after overtaking in the outside lane so others can overtake.. It is quite rigorously enforced in France. I do think Thai drivers show a distinct lack of spatial awareness, and that is what you are experiencing. Plus most of them don't have a clue how to drive. The one I can't understand is the overtaking, then braking sharply to immediately turn left. Must save all of two seconds.
  2. Hottest day of the year so far...

    The weather app on my phone showed 32 yesterday, and 32 today here in Samui. Yesterday not a cloud in the sky and scorching. Today some cloud and didn't feel too bad. How they figure it's the same temperature I don't know. Does anyone know where I can buy a thermometer here in Samui?
  3. Kodi, ISP, and DNS

    Kodi not what it used to be, and I understand many add-ons have disappeared. Seems really slow nowadays, and can hardly watch anything. I use a VPN, but was wondering, If I change my DNS to a private one, so ISP cannot see addresses I visit, is it likely to improve my Kodi experience? Any suggestions on what might improve things? I have totally wiped everything and done a fresh install. Kodi 17.6, NVIDIA Shield, 30/10 internet.
  4. Thanks ubonjoe. I did think that might be the case, but this being Thailand, I just wanted to make sure. I tried searching the forums, but the search feature on TV is not what it used to be.
  5. I have just noticed that my next 90 day report is due on the same day that I am due to fly out of Thailand. On a Saturday. Should I do the report earlier to be safe, or will it not make any difference as I will leave on the date the report is due? TIA
  6. any new strong anti inflammation pill ?

    As others have suggested, far better to get a professional opinion first. It may not even be something that requires surgery. I had a slipped dic in my neck, and it was treated with cortico steroid injections. If you are in as much pain as I was, a visit to a doctor for a diagnosis would be top of my list. Those injections provided immediate, though temporary relief.
  7. You don't get bruises like that from being made to stand up, sit down, and roll on the floor. Warden must be sh****ng himself over getting transferred to another post.
  8. Lost in Space (2018). Netflix remake of the original series.
  9. Many years ago (mid- 80's) on my first trip to the US, we stopped in a restaurant in Desert Springs, California for a quick meal. Not knowing American tipping customs, but being aware they expected a tip, I left all the change I had, about 10% of the bill. The waitress said in a loud voice to everyone sitting in the restaurant, "Can you believe this guy? Look what he left me!!" I didn't have a clue what was going on. Only found out later they expect 15% minimum. Now I notice lots of hotels and many restaurants include 10% service charge here in Thailand. The thing is, the staff still seem to expect a tip on top. Seems like the service charge is the hotel or restaurant expecting you to pay the staff's wages on top of what they bill you for the meal. It's never ending. Greedy b*****ds.
  10. Mango tree never bears fruit.

    It does get the morning sun until about 10am, but the building shades it for much of the afternoon, so you could be right. Thanks.
  11. Firstly, let me say that I know nothing about gardening. I have a mango tree just outside my apartment. It was planted about nine years ago. It's quite big now, but in all that time, I have only ever seen it bear fruit once. Any ideas on why this might be? Or what might be needed to make it fruit? Other Mango trees nearby seem to bear fruit regularly. TIA
  12. What's new in truck world ??

    I did read somewhere that the Ford Ranger Raptor would be coming out in Thailand 2018. Here is a youtube video I just found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2k4EeqAvTQ
  13. Where do you buy them? I have looked in Tops and Big C, but no joy.
  14. Bank Book machine magnetic error EVERY time!

    Might be easier to just ask them for a new book.
  15. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    It's the children I feel sorry for. Lost their mother, and soon the father.