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  1. Valentine's Day

    Thanks guys. I managed to buy a lovely bouquet from a small shop between the fresh market and Big Buddha entrance, opposite Salefino restaurant.in Bangrak. In the good books now. :)
  2. Anyone know where I can buy some roses in Samui today for my girlfriend?
  3. Not much before Solo Bar, so yes get the bus to Green Mango area. Depending on what you are going for. At least from there you can stroll up past where Central Festival fronts on to Chaweng Beach Road. There are some new bars and restaurants from Hooters and Hard Rock.
  4. SCB to reduce number of branches to 400

    If other Thai banks don't immediately do the same, they may find many of their customers going elsewhere.
  5. Just used Transferwise for the first time to transfer some money from K to TH. I see on their website that they also have a "Borderless Account", here one can keep money in different currencies. Anyone used it? Any good?
  6. No. She didn’t give me a receipt. Just another little one inch square of paper with a number on it. She said come back at 4pm, but it was one of those days of very heavy rain, so I left it until the next day. The only forms that I did not have were the ones she asked me to sign, and these were unfamiliar to me. Looked like Terms and Conditions of visa, but I don’t know if I was charged for them. Next year the money will be going into two marked envelopes again.
  7. Went back Tuesday 9th Jan. After handing in forms I was given a number and told to wait. After 2 hours, my number was called. I was told to sign two or three documents. One related to accepting terms and conditions of getting the retirement extension. I was then told to return on the 11th Jan. 11th Jan. Went back. Was asked for THB 6000. Normally I put the 1900 THB for the visa in one envelope marked VISA FEE, and the 3800THB for the ME permit in another marked accordingly. Total 5700. Being in a rush, I didn't do it this time. Didn't want to cause a fuss with the miserable looking woman behind the counter, so just handed over the 6000. Don't know if I got stung, or charged for something that I didn't do correctly. Was told to come back at 4pm. Went back next day and collected passport. So three trips this time to do what I did in one go last year.
  8. Ledger Nano S - Where can I buy NOW!

    Same as mjnaus. Best buy direct from manufacturer. They so show them on Lazada, but they probably order them from somewhere else.
  9. Of all the countries in the world she could have gone to, I wonder why she picked the little old UK. Surely the US would have been a better bet. Maybe because of the THB/GBP exchange rate.
  10. Dinner in the Sky Thailand kicks off

    Next headline. Diner mysteriously falls from high rise dining table. Police baffled.
  11. Renew motorbike tax

    HEADS UP. Anyone going to renew car or bike tax. I went to Lipa Noi yesterday afternoon. I was told "Servers not working. Come back next week". Lady said she didn't know for how long. I managed to buy the compulsory insurance, so not a totally wasted journey.
  12. Renew motorbike tax

    Do you mean the compulsory insurance? Where do you buy that? From a different counter? My insurance broker supplied a certificate last year, with my first class insurance. But not this year.
  13. I can’t remember what I needed last year, but can anyone tell me what documents are needed to renew motorbike tax please? Are passport copy and certificate of residence needed by Lipa Noi?
  14. Last year, which was my first time applying for the extension, I went about ten days before. I was told, “Too early. Come back one week before.” So I went back as asks and they processed it there and then. We all know Samui Immigration has it’s own particular requirements and way of doing things. Not much we can do, but go along with it. I will post if anything different turns up.
  15. No. It was very quiet. No reason given. The lady behind the counter just said "Cannot do. Come back next month, number 9 or 1. Make new again." I presume she means the medical certificate and bank book.