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  1. Laughing Gravy

    Crunch time for Italy, Brexit as leaders convene in Brussels

    https://metro.co.uk/2018/01/21/france-probably-voted-leave-eu-says-emmanuel-macron-7247197/ Macron also said it on the Andrew Marr show. https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/politics/243659/holland-wants-its-own-in-out-referendum-on-leaving-the-eu/ Anyway it is over many different sources. I thought you would have known that. So the EU are letting the UK leave. Really! In fact they are doing their best to stop the UK leaving.
  2. Laughing Gravy

    Crunch time for Italy, Brexit as leaders convene in Brussels

    If that's the case why doesn't the EU give everyone a vote to stay or leave? Of course they won't. France, Holland and others would jump ship. even their leaders have said that. I don't wish the EU harm I just don't want to be controlled by them and get tainted as a racist or bigot for not wanting to stay within the EU. The rhetoric often sprouted. The EU is a protectionist racquet often bullying nations. The UK people have known this and have stood up to them. Let the UK leave and stop trying to make the people feel guilty and inferior. The EU should try a bit of democracy and give everyone a vote if their club is so wonderful.
  3. Well at least they don't get promoted or sent to an inactive post unlike what happens in some countries.?
  4. Laughing Gravy

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    The Chinese seem to have mastered it,,,, I would have agreed with you on the fact of husbAnds pressure in the Middle East that was my experience but not with many I have met in the UK. The indoctrination and brainwashing goes to the core and many are as guilty as the men on their version of Islam and the Koran.
  5. What the young men states in the article and how he feels is what I have seen people using this awful drug. Zombies that erode feeling and personality. It should be class A drug not given out like smarties to children and young adults who don’t fit the norm. One time if you were hyperactive you would play more sport nd run it offf. No you sit looking at Computer games playing pointless games all day. I am generalising of course. ?
  6. A referendum was given and the people given a clear choice leave or remain. We we’re all told that the result would be respected. No second referendum and what has been said countless times the UK would leave the CU, SM and ECJ. Parliament have voted many times and so far has got things through despite the Millers etc trying their best.Maybe to be concise the word law should not have been in my post. All this should have but I wrongly assumed everyone knows this or tend to ignore it.
  7. That’s the biased BBC for you. Same on Question Time shouting down people with different opinions to the remain. They should have the licence fee taken away nd fund themselves like everyone else especially as they have be n found to have complete biase on BREXIT.
  8. 43 plus years to get a Referendum and when was given people don’t like the outcome. regardless whether you agree with it or not it is the law. We haven’t even left and remainers want another referendum because the result doesn’t suit them. Comical. If you don’t like the electorate system camoaign against it. As for another vote let’s ply fair nd let the UK leave and after say half the time it took for a referendum, see if the UK wants to rejoin the EU, if it is I still around. I have.a feeling people who voted remain wont go for that.
  9. Laughing Gravy

    Sterling drops on Brexit fears, trade tensions boost dollar

    3 remainers. with project fear talking crap who are doomsday preppers. Thankfully people can see through the smell. The government stock piling food and water. Fake news at its worst.
  10. It Not that old boring chestnut. It wasn't. it was for many reasons that has been done to death on here with threads removed but it would seem posters like yourself like to believe that to justify point of view of the referendum was a shambolic joke. Shamefull,
  11. Laughing Gravy

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    The first Racised Bigotted card. congratulations. I think old men who wear leather jackets with Hells Angeles slogans and sleeveless t shirts are ridiculous. I am a racist or Bigot for that.You have fallen into the liberal lefty spin. If people criticise those who wear Burkas then call them racists and bigots. I still didn’t realise people wearing Burkas are a race? If when in Places like Saudi Arabia you get the religious police asking you to cover up your legs as your in shorts. Are they racist? Of course not.
  12. Laughing Gravy

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    Well I have to agree with Boris they do look stupid. They are impractical and if people walked round with bank robbers masks on they would be ridiculed. He is saying what so many people think. As I have previously mentioned I lived in Saudi Arabia. When asking Saudi men why their women wear black Burkas the response was they need protecting. From who? Why black then as it intensifies heat. I am sure some will play the racism card But Boris is spot on
  13. I agree. but it would be much more difficult to rig and cheat. I have always wondered how much is Catullus spent on lottery tickets. As an exmpl3 the Uk lottery wa 1 pound no now 2. Still people were winning minimal 3 million pound and often more. in Thailand you might win. Ouplenof million Baht if your lucky which is 46 thousand pound. Knowing Thais and how much thy spend on lottery tickets I would love to know where all the money goes. Anyone for a submarine. Lol
  14. Yes agree and the truth of course. No doubt Diane Abbott and the rest of the liberal loony left will make some excuse up for it.
  15. Laughing Gravy

    Thai PE teacher allowed to rape students for three years

    He was fined 2 days salary. no evidence of any disagreement. I find it equally concerning that you seem to be condoning his actions by supporting his lack of evidence. Blind obedience isn’t a defence in my opinion for a nonce.