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  1. I would like to known why there are so many women on building sites and doing the gardens (manual job generally) and Thai men are sat watching and drinking whisky. I am generalizing of course but I see it happen very often in numerous places. Very different from the west per say.
  2. I have to say that the British embassy here in Thailand seem to do very little for their citizens unlike say our American cousins. It was the same in the Middle East as everyone knew who was British you are on your own and got very little assistance if you got in trouble, which was easily done, such as driving.
  3. So lets blame the foreign press. If Thailand allowed freedom of speech, then I am sure the Thai newspapers would have a say and show a disagreement/argument for the street stalls to stay, like good journalism should. Still much easier to blame them pesky foreigners eh!
  4. No surprises there. I have never voted for the tory party before but I will be this time, so they can get on and deliver on Brexit and get us out of the EU. After watching some of the UK news there seems to be quite a few others who feel the same way, as once traditional Labour voters. I will be happy after the 8th June and then hopefully the remoaners will get behind the government and start supporting and uniting the country for an EU exit.
  5. No I am not saying that at all. It was relating to a certain poster who I have discussed patriotism and serving in the forces before. You are making assumptions that are frankly not true, People are entitled to an opinion. My post is linked to being proud of your country and those who have served doing so.
  6. I look forward to the 8th June so we can see who is right. As for reading the Express which I assume you mean, I read it along with the Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail,The Telegraph, the Mirror and the Daily Star on occasion. I always feel it is best to get a broad spectrum of views and opinions before I make my own. May I suggest you do the same.
  7. For once a half decent article in the Guardian. Hopefully after this election we can get on with the job of getting out of the EU and those who are still complaining will finally be quiet. The remoaners have their second referendum-this election. "It is true that among parts of the EU leadership, and the European public, there remains a lingering belief – something more than wistful regret – that the British people can be helped to change their mind. Even though article 50 has been triggered, many EU lawyers believe a legal route is available for Britain to revoke Brexit, probably through a Commons vote in the winter of 2018."
  8. Yes I do. Lets see shall we. It is only 7 weeks away.
  9. I am not against the Scots having another referendum, if that's what they want. She's was/is trying to derail the Brexit talks so this should shut her up on that point. Depending on the size of TM's win, it could hold a referendum back a good few years.
  10. Well Sturgeon has her chance to prove herself. If I was a betting man I think she will fail and may will be the victor in getting more seats at Westminster. If this happens hopefully then Sturgeon will shut up or even better resign.
  11. Where did I lecture you personally! Well if you are such a big supporter of the EU you will get your chance to vote for one of the parties supporting rejoining the EU. It is not xenophobic to want to be governed by your own people who you can vote for and elect and also it isn't bigoted. That's the rhetoric liberals and lefties use when people are proud of their culture and heritage. FYI I am not a tory but sadly there is no other party around that supports my views. You are entitled to yours but I don't say your a racist, bigot or any other. Having the freedom for the UK from the shackles of the EU is nothing about being in the 19th century.
  12. Well I am looking forward to May getting rid of Corbyn. It is sad to see the Labour party in such array. I am hoping that it will be the end of Sturgeon too. A clean sweep of these Europhiles. I hope Farron gets wiped away but I have a feeling he might be OK.
  13. The UK and the rest of Europe was fine before the EU. You must have insecurity issues. I pity you. I will tell you again. People voted to leave the EU for sovereignty issues. To make their own decisions, You keep telling yourself them lies and maybe some people, maybe will believe you. The unpatriotic thing is giving your identity away and justifying it in a body called the EU. Project fear was that the UK would have a financial meltdown the day after the UK voted to leave. t didn't happen, so admit it.
  14. Well I hope it will shut up the whinging, unpatriotic europhiles that do not support the majority of the UK. It would seem you never did national service or served your country. What a shame. Even if the people do not vote for May at least she is a patriot, sadly lacking by many People and TV posters here. I am embarrassed for you.
  15. Some posters still can't accept the result of the referendum. It is time to move on, accept the fact the UK is leaving the EU and start supporting your country. Whining and complaining10 months on is becoming boring, grasping onto any little bit of hope (usually from the BBC or Guardian) that the people made a mistake. Project fear has already proven it was a lie.