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  1. Whether you like Trump or not he is the president of the USA. As a British citizen I am embarrassed the way Said Khan has allowed balloons of him around Londonstan. too many tree hugging leftie loonies marching. Just reminds me of the lot at Greenham Coomon in the 1980's were they use to spit, throw excrement at you when guarding the fence. Trump has said what to many British politicians should be saying. This is not what the UK voted for and he is right that TM has 'caved in' so to speak. There will be posters on here who just won't like what he says, because it is the truth.
  2. Laughing Gravy

    Defamation/set-up in Thailand concerns

    I would take a guess and it is just a guess that the person is full of wind. Probably just trying to frighten you to stay away. I wouldn't let anyone know when your coming back to Thailand or where your staying.
  3. Laughing Gravy

    British foreign secretary quits in protest over May's Brexit plan

    RR you may have a point but doesn't every Prime minister do the same and if true, he would seem an ideal candidate. I like his politics personally but not he religious beliefs. As it comes to ethics, it would be great to see all Politicians take a psychometric test on this very issue. I wonder how many would actually pass?
  4. You clearly said people are lying. where is the evidence. Obvisously there isn't. Now if you said you believe people to lie that is different. Sandy I have not took offence. I am also 'tongue in cheek'. We differ in views. This issue is forgotten with me. Next.
  5. Please send me the link and evidence to that or just delete the obvious false statement.
  6. errmm because it is true!!!! This was before the referendum. I have heard even posters on here and other people say the way the EU have behaved that they would vote leave next time. Anecdotal evidence sure.
  7. The most ridiculous statement this week. Well done. How on earth do all the other countries survive who are not in the EU! It must be hell for them. Japan, USA, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore South Korea etc etc
  8. My sister who was a leave voter and understood the way the EU morphed from the ECC watched the BBC all week before the referendum ,as her husband was on nights. She changed her vote at the last minute after hearing all the project fear stories. She regrets it now. A true story.
  9. Of course I do I believe everyone has a duty to keep up with politics and adults are all equal, regardless of who they voted. I, like others watch the PM's question time and many of the political programs. These are the places David Cameron consistently repeated what would happen if people voted to leave. I guess I have more faith in people than you do.
  10. I think we all would like to get paid for a job that we have done for 20 years. His sole aim was to get a referendum and get the leave result, as a win. He did that. Obviously you don't like him well that's your prerogative.
  11. . You believe that. OK. Next you will be saying the BBC isn't biased either.
  12. Thank you for your insight and opinion. I beg to differ. You put it so eloquently. I am sure you will get a few likes that will cheer you up. Just for your information he is still an MEP . He hasn't quit.
  13. Laughing Gravy

    British foreign secretary quits in protest over May's Brexit plan

    That is your opinion, which clearly isn't mine and I suspect many others on here or in the UK. If you followed the many threads on here over the last 2 plus years, I and many others, are not surprised one bit in the direction the Brexit talks have gone. In fact many, including myself sadly, expected this to be where we are now. But like watching your country's football team in the world cup (whichever it is) you live in hope and even give the benefit of the doubt until you realise, you were right all along. So I wouldn't feel that those that voted leave didn't understand the political reality. Sadly we did. That doesn't mean you don't expect your team to score the penalties when the time comes.
  14. I am saying, what a timely coincidence. I am also saying that Reuters is a well known EU mouthpiece. I am implying that the EU through its mouthpiece would hate the fact Nigel Farage start his campaign again, to get the UK out of the EU, especially after the hard work they have done may. As to giving the article any credit. I won't even waste a sentence.
  15. Grouse I wished to leave the Single Market and Customs Union. I also listened too and watch David Cameron on various occasions, promise that if a vote leave won. Yes i know prime ministers lie, as we have one now. I personally believe and still do (we disagree on this as we discussed it in 2016) that the UK can do better on its own away from the constraints of the EU. From your own admission the EU isn't perfect. I would go further and the EU actually is holding back the UK and its economy. I know we see it differently.