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  1. Totally agree and those that disagree or complain about this are called bigots, racists or xenophobic, because they (global elites) have an agenda for themselves and care nothing about the good will of people just themselves and the power they create. The banking industry is a prime example.
  2. Actually, even though I was born in the north of England I have lived in many countries and cities, London included. I have never had any issues, as I was brought up with manners and never found any people hostile. If that was an attempt at humour OK. If it wasn't then it failed.
  3. This is so very true and as we know the YK tried and tried but was knocked down by the EU. I find it ironic the the liberals and left start shouting and stamping their feet about their rights and freedom of speech and vote when the EU and its structure doesn't allow for this. It is their way or no way, so no reform and we will punish you for daring to question what we demand.
  4. Oh come on lets stop this 'run for the hills mentality'. As I am paid in baht it wouldn't affect me but if that what it took for the Uk to be autonomous from the EU, then I would be happy. export would be booming. So how exactly are people going (that maybe, possibly, will be word). The EU and the Euro is hardly an amazing economic stronghold. Come on lets not be a doomsday prepper and have some faith in your countries ability and standing in the world, if you are from the UK that is.
  5. Yes I was in the UK for 3 weeks. I travelled in 3 parts of England and also to Wales. It was very interesting talking to people who live in the UK and also to Migrants who work there and their views on Brexit and the UK. How different London is and the people you meet and their views. It dis give me an insight into certain views. I did read the threads when I could. I am optimistic, it is in my personality and working practices. As for tech, eng and science I agree and I do think at times we forget that the UK is still a leader in some of these areas.
  6. Really. Is the EU some magical amazing entity that if you are not in the club "you don't exist'. So where is your evidence and research for this statement?
  7. It depends how you look at it. I assume you are hinting that having a big folder of paper which are wants means you are prepared. It could easily be argued that the Brexit team have all they need to say. like its this way or we walk. The photo does give some good options for 'speech bubbles' though. Mine would be is "this is how much we want you to pay" with DD saying "this is how much you are getting". LOL Possibly worth another thread alone.
  8. This is exactly what the EU are trying to do with the Brexit negotiations as a warning to others who dare try and leave the corrupt tyranny of the EU. the negotiations itself are showing what the EU really is. Dictators. From the Times today. "A senior German politician has accused the European Union’s chief negotiator of trying to punish Britain by making a deliberate “mess” of key elements of Brexit. Hans-Olaf Henkel, deputy head of the European parliament’s industry, research and energy committee, warned other MEPs “not to listen” to Michel Barnier, who he said wanted to impose a bad Brexit deal on Britain. Mr Henkel, a former chief executive of IBM and president of the Federation of German Industries, also turned his fire on the European parliament’s Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, who he claimed was responsible in “no small part for the disaster of Brexit”. “Mr Verhofstadt now wants to punish the British, full stop,” he writes. “He says he doesn’t want to, but I’m afraid he does. My impression is that Mr Barnier wants to do the same. The reason is simple. They would seek to make sure that Brexit is such a catastrophe that no country dares to take the step of leaving the EU again.”
  9. Another crystal ball doom prediction. I started reading the article and the second word poses, once again shows that it is someone's opinion and not fact. How on earth will the UK survive without the EU. well as Singapore, Japan and New Zealand they do perfectly fine, amongst other countries. The EU is becoming desperate. They will be missing their annual extortionate 'cough up' and other countries will see that you can do well away from the EU tyranny. No doubt more articles will becoming on how the UK will become isolated and go back in time. Articles like this are tedious and people can see through the BS.
  10. I hate to say it but this thread is losing its appeal and objectivity for me. There is a clear divide between those who voted to stay and those that voted to leave. What is clear to me the many arguments posted by TV members on the remain, are all could be, maybe, possible and might be. This has been the case since the vote in June 2016. Predictions that have not happened and may happen in the future. We haven't even left the EU yet and it would seem the EU is trying anyway they can, to keep us in. The media and other Europhiles are trying their best to paint a picture of doom without the EU, which I find farcical. What is clear is that the talks have started and there will be lots of chests thrust out and fists banging. Those here who champion the cause of the EU still seem to demand the UK should stay in. Why when, their seems to be an anger and even appetite for the UK to be destroyed economically. If the hate for the UK is so strong why doesn't the other member states just say goodbye, we don't want you. The questions answers itself. From the express today which sums up the position the UK is in for me. The glass is half full not empty. "But this study offers a more rounded perspective. It reminds us not to lose sight of the UK’s potent global strengths." She added: “Our country’s spirit of entrepreneurialism, mastery of technology and renowned business environment all point to a long term, collective, ability to rebuild our economy after Brexit. "The UK possesses the characteristics to not only withstand, but also capitalize on major change. "I hope every business leader is looking not just at the risks of Brexit but also the opportunities.”
  11. If that is the case and I don't believe it, why don't they just say 'get stuffed UK we will go elsewhere. In fact it seems the opposite as the threats of huge so called divorce settlements etc.
  12. Why is it the German and other EU members are so desperate for the UK to remain. The UK people really haven't bought into the whole EU concept. The UK people do not want to be European and have their own identity. So as we are clearly outsiders and we want out, why are the EU making it so difficult for us to leave. After all aren't we hated, disliked for not 'doing as we are told' and pulling the EU line. We are divided by sea and scorned as 'not European. I would have thought the EU would be glad to see the back of us. We never wanted the Euro and never will. So why exactly doesn't the EU want the UK to leave them. mmm not difficult is it!
  13. Maybe to those who lack vision, can't lead for themselves, are ashamed of their country, Europhiles and must like "taking up the Gary', dished out by the EU. To many, many people it is a wonderful idea and long overdue
  14. I would have opened the link up but seeing its the independent I couldn't handle any more laughter for the day thanks. I am surprised reamainers are still clinging onto the 35o million claim for the NHS. Must still be desperate.
  15. You sound more like Junker by the minute and seem to have a crystal ball on Australia. Strong Ties is not the same as being dominated and told what to do on every level. If its the same old claptrap then I am happy. The truth often hurts. We were fine before the EU and we will be fine after. You make the EU sound like a super race and if you don't belong, you are inferior. That was also done before, also run by the Germans and look what happened!