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  1. Nemesis7

    Wife diagnosed as HIV+

    My best friends GF was tested hiv last year he was confused like hell and was scared . She is an expat however he needed the sane advice, I was with them all the way , took them to see a dr in Pattaya first ( a French guy extremely rude ) then to bumrangrad and they are under the treatment of that ekchai a young dr. To be honest with you there is nothing to worry about ,, just please go viral load and cd4 test first start the medication prescribed and soon with in 4-6 months she should be undetectable. If you really love her please don’t judge her fir what already happened just think how hard it is for her to accept the reality as it is . But these days doctors says as long as the viral load are suppressed and she never misses her medication, she will be just fine and can live a normal life just like any one of us and until she is undetectable please use condom just to be on safe side and temporarily you can take prep medication. By the way even in Bumrungrad the test and medication isn’t that expensive. If not mistaken the SR fee was around 1400 bhat and one month supply of medication was around 2000 bhat. Iam pretty sure soon some days to come there will be a vaccine for HIV and remember having HIV doesn’t mean she has AIDS. Wishing you two all the best and hang in there .
  2. they should make a reconstruction of the event and make a movie, will be a hit. no doubt
  3. we all have possibly worst stories of being conned at some point, but still sorry for the poor guy.
  4. No doubt the pilot did a great job, Now the other side of blame game will start. Human error, Technical error vs maintenance error.
  5. Learning from the big brothers from the next door neighboring country.
  6. Well Job well done, no matter what you call that officer, at least he gets the criminals out of the country.
  7. Unbelievable, instead of banning him from driving and taking him to custody , fining him with 1000 bhat is nothing but an insult to the dignity of a women.