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  1. they should make a reconstruction of the event and make a movie, will be a hit. no doubt
  2. we all have possibly worst stories of being conned at some point, but still sorry for the poor guy.
  3. No doubt the pilot did a great job, Now the other side of blame game will start. Human error, Technical error vs maintenance error.
  4. Learning from the big brothers from the next door neighboring country.
  5. Well Job well done, no matter what you call that officer, at least he gets the criminals out of the country.
  6. Unbelievable, instead of banning him from driving and taking him to custody , fining him with 1000 bhat is nothing but an insult to the dignity of a women.
  7. It’s always about the money in 99.99 cases. I remember On my own experience from a very close and kind person a friend of mine who was dating this half Thai and German lady, her mother who was married before left her family with the Thai husband two kids and flew to Germany falsifying marriage ( she used to work in a bar ) and her daughter half Thai and half German was no no exceptions. her mother uses to ask her every time My friend took her out what she got with her back as gift or in cash ! Both of them leaves in Schefflenz, in Germany now and every time they are on vacation dies the same , look for foreign victims and when they suck them out , go for another target. i don’t blame these farangs if they happen to trust people and believe to be in love though I wish they realize it doesn’t exist here. RIP. Truly sad what people can do for money in the name of love
  8. Deport this lunatic right away and ban him for next 10 years
  9. These offenders should be listed with Interpol.
  10. Good work RTP . Please ensure toughest punish ever. there are many other scammers like blank magic : Pattaya Black magic master Ajran Koh scamming millions of bhat from foreigners in the mane of spells , let these bloody bastards be locked up. well beside vulnerable foreigners falling for the traps there are many Thai’s involved they are so greedy they should be Taken in to account too.i have personally know a Thai mother who used to work in bar got married with German man moved to Germany leaning her other husband and kids back , gave birth to a daughter who is in her 20’s now and turned her in to a gold digger. And she keeps on chsinging boyfriend and trying to rip them off in the name of love . And the poor German man had a mysterious death right after few years of marriage . and now that daughter is following the oath of her mother, being a German National tries to catch big fishes but unfortunately she is nothing but the same as her mother and hope to see karma treats her back the same way . all these love scams destroys people’s lives and often end up losing their life’s savings . and those who are behind such heinous acts must face the harsher punishment
  11. Im sure its not only the food voucher but repeated delay triggered his anger.
  12. Nemesis7

    Indian Man Checks Into Hotels, Steals 120 TV Sets Over Four Months

    Wondering are civilization going backs wards or what?
  13. Interesting Thailand and their taxi drivers...