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  1. where in pattaya can i buy shoes size 46/47 ? i want leather casual steel toe kinda shoes with a robust pattern, something like military boots without shaft
  2. i ordered from alibaba, they came back and wanted to refund since they couldnt ship to the shithole, i told them hold on i'm moving back to civilization in just a few weeks, send it to civilization. they got eggs, but the shithole aint got no caviar to go with the eggs
  3. no, i didnt stay there by free will, my condition was so deteriorated after a night on a foam mattress so doing another visa run to laos was not an option. i dont think anything can rectify the endless pain stemming from chronical inflammation.
  4. the reason the victims keep speed up and cant pay attention is that they are under fire, they try to dodge shots and are getting blinded from dirty water being shot in their eyes
  5. you also have to get it stamped yet again in ministry of foreign affairs in bkk, and even then its a toss if the immigration officer will extend visa, so its best to apply as early as possible and have a plan B handy
  6. cant order stuff to the shithole, the shithole dont have proper addresses like for example zip codes, or street address, or any other propriety you would associate with civilization. and yes, protein is the top of nutrition food chain
  7. i just so happened to see you and took a photo of you, and i strongly suspect its your company that insist on your habit https://imgur.com/a/r7Giu
  8. yes, i bought the most expensive they got, and it was still no quality, tho possibly the first mattress messed me up beyond recovery so there was no point trying
  9. quality in cambodia dont exist, no quality mattresses and nothing to chose from, no tasty food at all and cambodians are cheaper on the meat than thais, i cant eat for less than 20 dollars or i go into such protein deficit so i cant walk in a straight line, i hate this god forsaken shithole with a burning passion. beer is cheaper, but since they havnt got any gogo bars and the place is depressing, theres no reason to drink
  10. srsly ? i thought none could be more bored than me, but i now know i was wrong about that
  11. home is colder then hell itself, it is also long distances to walk so its not an option, i wish i had moved to caribbean while i still could
  12. yes, i'm 50 in another couple of weeks, and i do meet requirement, but after 3 stinking years on a foam mattress in cambodia, i got so much pain i cant take care of myself any longer. i moved to cambodia thinking it would be less painful than the yearly visa trip in thailand, but i got that part wrong. now i just wish i had never come to asia
  13. paying sod sin is no different than paying for a short time in advance, -there wont be any honoring of agreements
  14. the visa hassle crippled my back too much, now i got too much pain for anything, i cant get outa here
  15. i'm literally deadly tired of visa hassle, if i had known this shit, i would have moved straight to a caribbean island belonging to an EU country like NL or France, and as such, i would never had have to do a single solitary visa run, since i'm a EU citizen.