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  1. actually ubonjoe think cambodia is not the place to apply in, but i lived there while waiting to get 50 and will invariably opt for the least possible travel. laos seem popular to apply in, and especially savannaket? spelling ? anyway from what i gathered, even cambodia would have given me 90 day non O if i had had 800k at the time for application, so i think 1] get a thai account and stuff it with 800k 2] when the time comes, go to nearest embassy/consulate and apply for 90 day non O 3] when you are in thailand, convert it to retirement extension ...and for all steps, do it as early as allowed, to allow for adjustments to the grand plan in a timely fashion before time runs out, adjustments like getting requested documents/hire agent if push comes to shove
  2. i just did a tourist->90 day non O->retirement extension with an agent, it took around a month before i got my passport back. i deem it zero probability IO would have done it if it was just me offering no money on top of their salary. so you can do that when you are done with singapore for the cost of around 25k, or you can ask around how to get a 90 day non O, it has been said that IO is a whole lot more forthcoming when its just a non O->retirement extension, and in most cases dont regress to extortion. the reason embassy in cambodia didnt give non O was i didnt have 800k in a thai bank account, so if you can get that sorted out before you apply for non O, -you should be fine
  3. i wonder if there is a conversion table, or if someone can convert how many tablespoons of food is 1 teaspoon of sugar ? i now have 1 cup of cappuccino a day, and that sums up what i even want to consume in a day, i use 1.5 teaspoon of brown sugar innit
  4. 1 year is already enough, more important is to deal with red light offenders
  5. poanoi

    Two dollar bills rejected

    i didnt know 2 dollar bill exist so i would have rejected them too
  6. on the bright side, he got a whiff of what 72 virgos in heaven really mean, ummm, nevermind
  7. i'm different than tropo in that i seek for a serviced apartment as preferable. i go back to my current landlord for the simple fact he hasnt stolen my deposit, this is the 3rd time i return to him
  8. i found being tall is mostly a handicap in thailand, many doors here were made for short people, i lost count how many times i hit my head first 1/2 year before i adapted. i also found out the hard way sports cars are made for short people, and well, it looks like cars in general keep getting smaller too. scooters too are made for short people, only a few choppers are big enough for me. also every girl complained my dick was too big, with a chunk refusing to even try, and as far as i know that is related to height. furthermore i cant find shoes big enough in this cursed country, so i'm stuck with flip flops
  9. wait , wot ? having money in my bank account in my home country is just as good as having it in an account in thailand ??! whats all the fuss about having it in a thai account then ? i didnt get a 90 day non O in cambodia cause i didnt have the money in a thai bank account, is it enough to have it in my home country for retirement extension and 90 day report ?
  10. ...so the prostitutes that attracted sex tourists may one day be the demise of pattaya, is that the irony ?
  11. "Immigration police officer Nipon Buddharaksa was among those arrested" any day i see an immigration officer go down is a good day
  12. i lost you there, what may one day lead to pattayas demise ?
  13. EZPZ, punish both prostitutes & punters, and that include both mia noi's & sin sod, it will put all the pimps out of commission just like that
  14. poanoi

    "Can you support me?"

    the obvious counter question is: "whats innit for me ?"
  15. poanoi

    Thai words that aren't really Thai

    thais use many words with origins from india, your task is futile, much like the english word window stems from the norse word wind-eye, i.e the hole in the roof for letting the smoke out, what else should an englishman call a window these days ? maybe eurohole