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  1. they will lose so many tourists the place will be like a ghost town and all the locals who rely on them for some kind of income may turn to crime which inturn will further decrease the number of tourists .
  2. Trump is obviously racist against blacks as he is trying to undo everything that Obama has done .
  3. should know by now if you flash gold you will lose it more often than not and that's anywhere in the world
  4. the tyre in the photo doesn't seem to have a lot of tread on it may be a reason for the accident
  5. My first visit was all about playing golf and drinking , the last thing initially on my mind was sex that came later pun intended .
  6. bt3,000 for renting a taxi to a serial rapist seems a bit light to me . a police check would have shown his crimes against women , a bt300,000 fine would be more appropriate .
  7. This was premeditated murder not manslaughter and should have been convicted as such and to say he should be pardoned by the PM is ridiculous and beyond belief .
  8. a big problem is that you cant say to someone that their driving is bad (to their face) creating loss of face and some drivers will kill anyone who complains no matter how bad they are . a lack of proper on the road driver training is also to blame so most drivers don't know nor understand what they should be doing behind the wheel of a car or on their motor bike .
  9. three of my friends were on the way to the airport from Pattaya when their driver said he needed to stop for fuel . he didn't stop at a bowser but instead he asked for more money (even though an agreement had been made on the price) and when they said no he drove them back towards Pattaya refusing to stop until he was forced to stop after which they had to organize another van to take them to the airport just in time to make their flight back to Aus .
  10. The big question is , are these numbers much different from normal if so by how much and with increase of vehicles being much higher than outside of holidays is there any real increase . With an increase of both vehicles and inexperienced drivers the road accident and death toll will never be fewer , only higher .
  11. my point is that she is no different from other women across the world doing the same thing and just because she is a professional doesn't make her more important than the rest and this goes for all celebrities everywhere .
  12. again nothing new from the rest of the world
  13. why is this so different to every other person who plays tennis and keeps playing after they get engaged , get over it who cares .
  14. what's needed is Foxtel in Thailand to show the locals how to run a satellite/cable tv business properly and provide the customers with what they want .