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  1. Its ok as long as they can spy on him as well
  2. So not saying its fake news or not true ?
  3. The drivers should be drug tested on a random basis to ensure the safety of the people who travel in them and other road users .
  4. Looks like a straight 2 lane road so i don't see how it could be badly positioned causing an accident , is it possible he just decided to take his bike through the traffic causing the accident himself ?
  5. This is typical extremism , killing of innocent people
  6. It would be a landslide victory for Oprah you FOOL
  7. There is so much traffic on the highway i don't see any need to increase the toll by so much and 1989 is nearly 30 years ago when the amount of vehicle's using this highway would have been seriously lighter and maybe 1 bht per kilometer may have been justified . My opinion for what its worth .
  8. Its time for these kindergarten boys to go to sleep there getting a bit naughty with the mines bigger than yours BS
  9. mobile service providers

    True just takes whatever credit is there at the end of each month and i was sure the GOVT made a law against it .
  10. mobile service providers

    I thought the Government had brought in law stopping mobile service providers from taking your money while you still had a valid time remaining for our credit , if they did its obvious that their just doing what ever they like because even though my validation doesn't run out until the end of June 2018 they just keep ripping me off of over 200 baht every month .
  11. Was there an accident involving these people or did they just go into the one lane to get spoken to or fined by the BIB .
  12. I would have thought that being where a large number of accidents happen would be a deterrent to people driving with disregard for others and reduce accidents not cause them .
  13. If she wasn't in there to eat she shouldn't have been in there and i agree with the men in telling her to get out , probably trying to use the wheelchair for sympathy just to take a short cut through the hotel and what isn't said is whether she was staying in the hotel . Nothing to do with her being Muslim or not just not showing respect .
  14. He never used the indicator to move across so his fault not hers
  15. So Thai men like to wear expensive watches big deal why shouldn't they wear them just like women want to wear expensive jewellery i don't use watches myself but thats just me and who cares about that , get over it there are more important things in this country to be concerned about .