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  1. Do the crime do the time
  2. Why not show her face so people can know and warn others
  3. I have never heard of anyone committing suicide by shooting themselves in the chest , usually its in the mouth or temple and no guarantee .
  4. What's happening with the Bangkok-Chiang Mai fast train has it been put on the back burner ?
  5. Luxury car owners 'dodge Bt1.8bn in tax'

    When the import tax is 200% I'm not surprised people are trying to avoid it and with luxury tax on top wow .
  6. TrueVision scores with special EPL campaign

    They may score even bigger if they put the HBO channels back on air.
  7. way to fast downhill for those conditions with the inevitable happening
  8. Junta failed to achieve reconciliation: poll

    why would anyone pay attention to a poll of probably.00001% of the population
  9. then read it again it is very clear including you cannot carry goods for sale in any vehicle
  10. Everyone knows about his connections with Russia and Putin so why are they surprised about his statements .
  11. Just looks like a lot of rusted junk metal no wonder it came crashing down , lucky if no one was killed or injured .
  12. they will lose so many tourists the place will be like a ghost town and all the locals who rely on them for some kind of income may turn to crime which inturn will further decrease the number of tourists .
  13. Trump is obviously racist against blacks as he is trying to undo everything that Obama has done .
  14. should know by now if you flash gold you will lose it more often than not and that's anywhere in the world