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  1. What else can you expect with that idiot Trump in place and putting so much financial burdon on people with his government shutdown i am actually surprised hes still alive after all the lies and crap this Putin employee is doing to America and the world . AND all you Trump lovers out there i dont give a flying <deleted> what youve got to say i have freedom of speech and be reading any of your crap replies .
  2. So do all drug smuglers get the death sentence in China or is it because hes Canadian ? If all smuglers are sentenced this way and its a well known fact then he took an enormous risk and will pay the supreme penalty after daring to question the sentence of 15 years .
  3. If anyone deserves a death sentece its this <deleted> .
  4. She probably never goes outside into the bad air or if she does more than likely uses a mask as nobody would recognise her with it on anyway .
  5. When the bib wont say the media will
  6. Dont know if helping with sleep is a medical use , maybe for insomniacs like myself if so i could use the help .
  7. What kind of Visa are they talking about just Tourist because it took me all day at my Immigration office to do my spousal visa application as well as 2 trips to my bank for extra statements when my Pension is over 500,000 for the year . Doing my 90 day reports are quick but renewing the 1 year is a nightmare . Not CM .
  8. Turkey has called them terrorists for the simple reason that they want to kill them and not give them Independance .
  9. They dont care so why should we , loss of life seemingly means nothing to Thai .
  10. keith101

    70% of runaway children leave voluntarily, says foundation

    So does this mean that a 15 yr old can be lured away from their home legally ?
  11. keith101

    Improved air quality in and around Bangkok

    And what about all the farmers burning their rice fields after harvest
  12. Find him convict him and jail him simpleton