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  1. Need Big Joke to take this one on , he will get to the bottom of what's been happening .
  2. Killing him will only make him a martyr better to just let him rot in jail till he dies .
  3. Wrong i was with the YMCA a long time , i am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours .
  4. If the Chinese tourism dropped it may be a good thing as they are amongst the rudest people who come here and tend to only buy from tour organised stores and told not to buy from anywhere else and strictly controlled by tour operators no matter where they go . They don't have respect for other people or countries only to themselves .
  5. Just trying to make himself look good
  6. keith101

    “Buddy dive” planned for Tham Luang rescue – news report

    I sincerely hope that this goes well and everybody exits alive .
  7. Limestone is relatively easy to drill through and they don't need to drill right over their heads but the only problem is getting equipment to the area to start i think they should have done this as soon as they found them but thats just my opinion for what its worth .
  8. If they swim them out what is an acceptable loss of life , one experienced diver has already died and most of these boys cant swim let alone cave dive which sees loss of life all the time (2004 19 died) biggest loss in one year . 475 deaths between 1950 and 1999 averaging just under 7 per year not good odds for bringing out 13 untrained .
  9. Being transferred after only 15 months , is there a reason for such a short term (good or bad) .
  10. There shouldn't be an expiration date on murder cases .
  11. Taking responsibility for his actions in putting them in serious danger in the first place , should never have gone into the cave to start with especially in rainy season .
  12. How long would it take to drill from the top and take them out that way .
  13. keith101

    Outrage as Malaysian man, 41, marries Thai girl, 11

    Unfortunately this girl has probably been sold by her parents which still goes on here in Thailand .
  14. Looking at a long prison term for dealing and deportation , took his chances and lost .
  15. Why the hell should Latin America help them with this when the US is doing everything it can to keep them out of the US . Tell the Trumpies to take a flying jump off a cliff and look after there own affairs .