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  1. keith101

    Army borrows Thaksin slogan to promote Prayuth

    Thaksin and his sister are both convicted criminals and should be behind bars .
  2. The best way is to take the motorbike for three months plus a fine for the first offence and then increase from there small fines or a smack on the wrist will never stop them .
  3. Maybe a good long stint behind bars would give her a new perspective on life as a thief but then again she could just become worse depending on the women she serves time with . Another possibility would be a billboard somewhere on Beach Rd with the faces and names of women and ladyboys who commit these crimes and they may actually leave the area .
  4. keith101

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    Maybe the teacher is dyslexic and was seeing the + sign as a - sign either way should not be teaching anything anywhere .
  5. They should remove it from their Thai soapies where you see guns used are lot in the High So characters and this is where the people get the idea that its ok .
  6. Lets hope they give a descent raise to the age pension as well .
  7. keith101

    Tour bus brakes fail on Patong Hill

    The brakes fail because they keep their foot on the pedal causing them to overheat and stop working . The same will happen in every vehicle if the brakes don't get a chance to cool down .
  8. keith101

    Samut Prakan burglary turns into double homicide

    Double murder should get 2 life sentences + 20 years for the attempted murder of the 9 yr old little girl and absolutely no chance of parole ever .
  9. There's only one way to fix this and thats to put everything underground .
  10. Yeah that would be nice and when you have finished shove it where the sun don't shine
  11. And yet another crane collapses , are these things ever inspected or rated for tonnage and even if they are where the operators trained correctly or forced to lift more than the rating .
  12. Uttaradit does not have a Big C yet but one has been proposed , how much extra are people going to have to pay for all of these imported goods an example i usually the Australian cereal Weet-Bix which was 98baht per box of 24 rom Tesco Lotus but it is now 108baht so i wont be buying them any more it seems that Tesco is raising the prices of most things making it very expensive to shop there these days especially with the exchange rate the way it is on the Aussie dollar .
  13. It seems to me this lady is no better than the Military and is not the real leader and to think she won the Nobel Peace Prize .
  14. High speed and wet roads a recipe for disaster . RIP to the passenger .
  15. keith101

    Junta exacerbating seriousness of T-shirt case

    So she was held without charge and then forced to pay 200,000 baht bail without a charge being laid is that legal ?