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  1. But what is the cost of all the lives lost in accidents
  2. Warning shots or missing twice before hitting him is a question thats needs asking , unless there are witnesses who can verify her statement .
  3. It is very clear that these are shark bite and most likely the black tip reef shark rocks do not leave bite marks rather the skin would be torn and not identical to each other as these clearly are .
  4. Needs to be tied down and whipped just like that poor baby and then castrated and never to be released from prison an absolute animal .
  5. Idiots driving on the wrong side of the road is nothing new here they are just to lazy to go the right way to get to the U Turn and come back , more incorrect driver training/learning from watching Parents .
  6. Longer holidays blamed for more road accidents

    Could it be the culture of very heavy drinking and then driving totally impaired that night or the next day that causes accidents or just stupidity .
  7. PM Prayut presses authorities on road safety

    These things need to be done 365 days a year not just for special holidays along with proper driver training before anyone can get a license this is the only way this country will ever possibly lower its accident death toll .
  8. I have never heard one truck/bus using the Jake brake on a decline anywhere in this country .
  9. The tide can also go out a long way just before a tsunami
  10. Some people are just ignorant and don't care about anyone else on the road especially emergency vehicles see it all the time , maybe if they where booked by the BIB next time they would move out of the way but TIT .
  11. why would you be so stupid to have so much cash in your room asking for trouble .
  12. These people are just as bad as paedophiles and should be dealt with in the same way and thats castration and not the chemical kind .
  13. Stupid old <deleted> stick him on a plane and send him home don't need his type here
  14. The person/persons stopping volunteers from patrolling the beaches are responsible for what's happening as well the company that won the contract to supply trained lifeguards . People will continue to drown unless they stop dragging their feet and get lifeguards onto these beaches .
  15. It would be good if they could stop the flow of cash going back the other way and really hurt these drug gangs where it hurts the most