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  1. glaswegian

    car with a UK licence plate

    very many thanks you both for your suggestions!
  2. Hallo friends bear wae me , for i dinna know where in the forum tae post this, well i wes wonderin, would any o you be so good as tae provide me with some info as tae whether or no i can use my car with a UK licence plate on it in thailand ?
  3. the man should be executed! and the execution should be carried oot by a knive!!!
  4. glaswegian

    Why aren’t Thai drivers getting the message?

    i put it aa doon to egoism and opportunism,that are parts tee thai life style!, lack o education is another reason of course
  5. ma glengarry oot tae ya lad!
  6. this nae buddhism, theres nae buddhism here in thailand!
  7. glaswegian

    Drunk Monk Disrobed For Public Tantrum

    finnaly he reaches the nirvana an lives happily ever efter!!!
  8. soarry sir, yer richt, next time i will be mair carefull whan writing
  9. this rags tae riches <deleted> should be arrasted. however thit wull never happen, he wull probably get aff with a fywee thousands o bahts, tha poor motorbiker wull have this trouma fer the rest o his life, this is Thailand where money is god!,
  10. Andy haes spent a lang period o tyme in thayland but neer well an truly learned how things wark here, a good warning to us aa foreigners living in Thailand, if you want tae live in this country, "BE DEAF, BLIND AND DUMB", leukin for democracy in this country is like leukin for a needle in a haystack!
  11. go an dae this protest afronted the singha company if you can dare!!!!!
  12. Those who dinna appreciate the lives o others deserve tae death!!! tha man should be executed streight awa!
  13. the question is how tha <deleted> their parents lat them go tae a place like pattaya to find a job, the question is how many more teenagers like them still oot somewhere in this country, trying to make a living!