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  1. Bangkok hit by heaviest rainfall in 25 years: BMA

    thats the reason they bought the submarines. you didnt know?
  2. Chinese tanks arrive ahead of schedule

    timely event, problems on the horizon? maybe im just paranoid
  3. New water fees ‘threaten livelihoods’

    this will have the poor thai farmers salivating
  4. Police reveal security measures for Yingluck verdict

    and no missiles or submarines?
  5. Child support calculation in Thailand?

    can i suggest working it out between you both if possible, perhaps even share custody if practical, keeping it away from courts and money hungry lawyers would be the best advice anyone could give you, very sad time also for the children, hope it all works out well for all of you
  6. thats funny, i mean, really
  7. anyone who blocks an ambulance deliberately should be on manslaughter charges if the victims die due to delay
  8. so much for emergency exit breakable glass if you have to use an axe, no clue at all
  9. i want to see the evidence
  10. i hope they make an example of him western style
  11. my thoughts are bernie should retire, he has taken the gloss out of F1 get rid of bernie, bring back the noise and fuel stops, then F1 will turn back into a real race, F1 in my opinion has become like a drama movie, bring back the action