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  1. No not really, the flight does leave a bit earlier from Doha. And approx 1 hr of wait time at Rangoon. Would assume no one will be allowed off the plane if there final destination is U-Tapao. Already asked to change to a Bangkok flight but was told no from the Bangkok ticket office and given a Qatar email address which deals with complaints.. not expecting any thing helpful to come out of that.
  2. The flight from Qatar to U-Tapao has now got the added bonus of going Via Rangoon!! Or the flights in August do, as ive just had an email about my booking, doubt il be booking Qatar through Utapao ever again..
  3. McGregor21


    So is it confirmed its being made in Japan?
  4. And yet, they use ferrys to koh chang, across the english channel & hong kong harbour..
  5. How about get several big ferrys, that leave every 30 min...from bali hai to Koh Larn..cut out all these daft speed boats
  6. Any one done the Utapao to Qatar in Business class and would like to comment on any, if any privileges at Utapao?? Lounge or priority boarding etc..Cheers
  7. McGregor21

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Nice one cheers..il hit it up this week and see if they can do a Khachupuri...great stuff.
  8. McGregor21

    ED Visa Extension in Jomtien

    Hello, the 1900 was one time per 90 days.
  9. McGregor21

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Hi, Any one know of a place in Pattaya that does Georgian food..Looking for Khachapuri and Khinkali. cheers folks
  10. Thinking about getting a smartwatch, mainly for fitness application's..so wondering if the Apple Watch is due to be released with a SIM option in Thailand.. Any one any idea on a timeline for this to happen? Cheers.
  11. Can any one comment on wether Qatar has build a decent lounge for business class passengers leaving from U-Tapao?
  12. McGregor21

    Pattaya tunnel - unveiling confirmed for August 25th!

    No chance of it being open today..i just drove past and theres a marquee in their that would seat about 100 people..
  13. McGregor21

    Jomtien/Dontang construction

    Do you have any details of the project..? I hope they dont plan to make it passable by car...!
  14. McGregor21

    ED Visa Extension in Jomtien

    Just for an update, i went in on the Tuesday, so 3 days before i was due to do the extension. No problem, i was given the 2 week extension as normal with Jomtien ED visa. Tomorrow is the end of the two weeks and i go back with proof that i have been attending school and i will get the next stamp for 2 months and 2 weeks.
  15. McGregor21

    ED Visa Extension in Jomtien

    Thanks for the clarifications, from Joe & Suradit i will try again at Soi 5 to get the extension early and report back here next week. As for getting a proficiency test, not heard of any of the students from the school im going to being asked at Jomtien immigration office..Although, almost everyone(including myself) who has left the country and came back in through Suvarnabhuni has been interviewed and some asked to write in Thai. Thanks again