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  1. Pattaya tunnel - unveiling confirmed for August 25th!

    No chance of it being open today..i just drove past and theres a marquee in their that would seat about 100 people..
  2. Jomtien/Dontang construction

    Do you have any details of the project..? I hope they dont plan to make it passable by car...!
  3. ED Visa Extension in Jomtien

    Just for an update, i went in on the Tuesday, so 3 days before i was due to do the extension. No problem, i was given the 2 week extension as normal with Jomtien ED visa. Tomorrow is the end of the two weeks and i go back with proof that i have been attending school and i will get the next stamp for 2 months and 2 weeks.
  4. ED Visa Extension in Jomtien

    Thanks for the clarifications, from Joe & Suradit i will try again at Soi 5 to get the extension early and report back here next week. As for getting a proficiency test, not heard of any of the students from the school im going to being asked at Jomtien immigration office..Although, almost everyone(including myself) who has left the country and came back in through Suvarnabhuni has been interviewed and some asked to write in Thai. Thanks again
  5. ED Visa Extension in Jomtien

    Thanks Joe, im sure its just a Jomtien thing..re the reporting before..None of the students at our school have managed to get their extensions done early! regarding the 7 day grace, i took that from the pdf 90 day reporting document..linked here..https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/981135-laws-regulations-police-orders-etc/
  6. Hi, I have an ED visa, and should go for the 2nd extension next Friday at Jomtien. I have family visiting and have planned to be in Koh Chang from Wed to Sun. I have tried getting extensions done for my ED early in Jomtien before, and was told by the officer, no only 1 day before. If i go on Monday, Will they charge and write overstay in my Passport? The money, not so much of a problem but i dont want overstay marked down in the Passport. I was thinking that you get 7 days after the date to report, but that may just be for retirement. Thanks,
  7. WSBK

    We all pre booked the VIP tickets, A friend tried to get one more, 3 days before the race but was told it was sold out. For regular tickets, im not sure. The Grandstand above us on the main straight looked packed..but plenty of seats available at the stands further round the circuit.
  8. WSBK

    I had a great time this year, first time id been to WSBK in Thailand. Getting to the circuit and parking excellent, well managed traffic at all the entrances exits, no queuing.
  9. Not duty free

    I ordered a Jappo bottle of whiskey from Tokyo, using an online retailer, posted and delivered to my home in Thailand..postage was about 350 baht. I was expecting some sort of tax. But the good news is...there was no tax added...I dont know if this was a one off, or its due to the trade deal with Japan..once i finish this bottle i will find out:)