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  1. On the ABC News here in Australia this morning, so it's out there at least.
  2. I am happy for everyone concerned, I hope for the future no matter how long that all goes well, social media has some good points now and again.
  3. Probably help if they posted drawings of the tough stickers, not the actual pics themselves.
  4. Still happens worldwide even with accumulaters, Christ knows how many have been killed when a tipping body has propped when they have been servicing or repairing them
  5. Yep mods it's well past time you closed this thread the crap is getting boring now
  6. I am still waiting for him to give us his side of the story, maybe he is one of the bleeding hearts on here arguing​ that the deceased was totally to blame
  7. I am wondering what his tv handle is and I invite him to give his version of the sad event Rip to the innocent victims
  8. He acting like an overjelous inscure school kid scared someone is going to look at or chat up his girl
  9. Rip, sad way to escape your health problems, hope the family can understand
  10. Well how about that, the bib never commented on a cause of death, that will upset a lot of the CSI unit on TV for sure
  11. Leave the Eagles fly free
  12. You go girls, should of stuck the gun and iron up his ring turned 1 on and pulled the trigger on the other, once he was under control of course
  13. The family would be long missing and disposed of long before now if they had tried that 1 on