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  1. You go girls, should of stuck the gun and iron up his ring turned 1 on and pulled the trigger on the other, once he was under control of course
  2. The family would be long missing and disposed of long before now if they had tried that 1 on
  3. Come on, there must be someone on here that can enlighten us to the real story
  4. A swarm of Europen bees giving multiple stings will kill even without an allergy if enough get hold of you
  5. That was the thinking in qld a few years ago, don't pay the rego, might go for years without being done and if you do get caught just pay the fine, most tradies did it
  6. Ben condolences to you and you family, mate I am so sorry that you have most likely read the shit that some <deleted>/wits feel they have to post on this forum and that the mods let them keep it going
  7. my brother went the same way but at least he got to empty the bag 1st
  8. and some really pissed off hornet's at that, they would think they had knocked the whole nest off the branch
  9. if you know you need to talk even just to get things off your chest,not just about your demons as we are not all stone cold or rock solid under are different masks there is always Samaritans in pattaya to call and talk to
  10. what des Ms Kenway know and what is she got to say, maybe she wants a personal chat with Mr Nelham to pass on her own threats just to let him know if he gets out of it she gets in on the deals or she sings like canary
  11. rip mr finn i would say they lady seems to be pointing out to explain something to the other policeman and not pointing for the sake of it as normal as for the jerk on the phone well he just might be a reporter doing his job even
  12. i have to agree with the "dead man walking"" theory, the boys will never forget and maybe send someone inside to get the job done instead of waiting
  13. i have said it before and heard the saying all my life "you can take the boy out of the bush but you can't the bush out of the boy"", in saying that many of the younger people from all over the world move to the cities for the excitement, some choose to stay even with the higher cost of living
  14. dunno about connected for long, would not surprise me to see him connected to a lump of lead in the not to distant future