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  1. The owner paid out 112,000 baht which works out at 7,466 per person, think they would have been happy if she'd doubled it to 15,000 each. Can't decide which is the worse, the small amounts paid here to clear problems or the huge amounts they could of expected if the accident had happened in America.
  2. She has been mentioned in the press numerous times in the past. "Thai authorities confirmed on Tuesday that Ms Wanna was currently overseas but refused to say in which country. Late on Monday news agency AFP tracked down her number and a woman answering that name took the phone call, saying she was living in the Turkish city of Kayseri with her husband whose nationality she did not state." The above was reported on Sept. 4th 2015 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-01/thailand-arrests-second-foreign-suspect-in-bangkok-blast-probe/6741684
  3. This is the same National Trust that earlier this year tried to force volunteer workers to wear gay pride badges and then had to do a U-turn after many members reportedly quit.
  4. Removed during the autopsy for examination?
  5. https://herb.co/2017/02/09/heres-long-weed-stays-urine/
  6. I'm sorry but there's something about this headline that makes me want to roll about laughing.
  7. Police re-enact Health Ministry car accident

    Did they get pissed first?
  8. Bangkok Christian College 1-0
  9. Errm, that's what I did in my post which you then responded to. No idea what game you're trying to play here.
  10. Well that's exactly what the poster that I responded to says they are doing.
  11. From the OP: " The EU executive has said Britain will owe it around 60 billion euros when it leaves. "
  12. She only reported the groping this year.
  13. "For the investigation to stop at the alleged driver of the car that allegedly transported the ex-PM inside Thailand, within the terms of her release on bail, is ludicrous" What do you mean the investigation stopped?
  14. So if someone did help her to escape you don't think they should go after them?