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  1. Hi, when you say IPTV, which service do you actually mean as there appears to be more than one out there? Is your IPTV service supplied as part of your internet package or is it something you purchased seperately? I have an IPTV service supplied by TOT but the basic package is only good for watching Thai tv and the paid for upgrade doesn't have premier league football.
  2. The didn't seize 58 billion from him it was 58 million as others have already pointed out. However, even if they had confiscated 58 billion it would of still left them well out of pocket as the overall cost of the scheme is said to have been over 500 billion. " Yingluck’s rice subsidy program supposedly cost the government some 500 billion Thai baht ($15.3 billion) in losses. " The above quote is from the ibtimes. So no, not a great little earner for Prayuth and his group.
  3. Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    Meanwhile, in other breaking news, the pope is a catholic.
  4. Oh, did I spoil it for you?
  5. Damn, just as the warriors were reaching for their keyboards.
  6. "He questioned why the teens had not been charged with murder." Probably because they didn't kill anyone.
  7. She’s gone, Prawit says, get over it

    " He said the government had no idea" Stop there, while your ahead.
  8. Thailand set to host MotoGP in 2018

    Thailand have hosted a round of the World Superbike Series for the last three years, do you have any proof that hosting that motorcycle event led to more deaths on the road in Thailand? If not, why do you think the MotoGP will be any different?
  9. Thailand set to host MotoGP in 2018

    Well, if you believe that "monkey see, monkey do" does apply then following your logic we can look forward to lots of Thai bikers wearing full leathers and helmets in the future which should cut down on the number of fatalities.
  10. Didn't Thaksin previously avoid a court conviction simply by divorcing his wife?
  11. Why was Mayweather dressed as the Phantom Flan Flinger?
  12. Bualuang provide reports in English also, they do daily ones on highlighted stocks and a weekly round-up showing their BUY/SELL/HOLD recommendations for the stocks they cover. They also have a model portfolio which they update every few weeks and is currently up 7.2% YTD against the SET which is up 1.5% YTD.
  13. An earlier report said they had made the banner in response to the military sending soldiers to observe the forum.
  14. Bualuang Securities allow online trading and you can transfer money in very easily, I signed up with them at Bangkok Bank. One word of warning though - at the time of sign-up I asked if there were any restrictions on a foreigner trading shares and was told no (this was a Bangkok Bank person that said this, not Bualuang). A few months later I got a phone call from Bualuang saying that I wasn't entitled to receive some dividends that were due because I had bought my shares in the Thai market but should have bought them via the Foreign market.
  15. Here we go again. "are you her boyfriend, father or pimp" You just cant help yourself can you?