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  1. Thank god he went for the simple explanation, no telling how long the complicated one would have run for.
  2. The word they used was 'consumed' not 'ate' so maybe they had some drinks?
  3. My daughter ordered a seafood pizza in a place in Khon Kaen but asked them to leave off the mussels. When it arrived there were mussels on it so she sent it back. The place had a seperate area for making pizzas which allowed you to watch the chef at work so for the next few minutes we were treated to the sight of the chef picking off the offending mussels with his fingers before sending the same pizza back.
  4. Surely the only person who could file a lawsuit against her for adultery would be her spouse?
  5. I thought it was a picture of a pair of tits myself.
  6. You've lost me, how many plots does he actually claim ownership to?
  7. Does he do lottery numbers?
  8. The Worst Divers in EPL

    keep sucking your dummy
  9. The Worst Divers in EPL

    do you have trouble counting past five?
  10. Or worried that he might get shot too???
  11. Did 'blind freddy' predict as far back as last October, because that's when I first tried to book (unsuccessfully)?
  12. There is a 15% discount if you buy your ticket before the 19th of February and a further 20% if you show a Honda motorcycle key, Yamaha motorcycle key, or purchase a minimum 99baht worth of Chang beverages (plus a few others). There is a limit on the 20% discount depending on which promotion you use. PTT give 25% off, as noted in the op. The bad news is that Agoda and Booking.com both say that there are no rooms available in Buriram during MotoGP weekend.
  13. Re: Thailand Lottery

    And the government website has an English version. http://www.glo.or.th/main.php?filename=glo_lotto_en
  14. I would think that all previews would be in Thai only but there's a good chance that the commentary will be offered in dual language, Thai and whoever they are taking the broadcast from. I'm basing this on previous broadcasts such as the 2016 Euro finals which had dual language and more recently the F.A. Cup games which were shown on free television (I watched the Liverpool - Everton game the other week and it came with Thai commentary plus the original English commentary).
  15. Zimbabwe Family Still Stuck At Suvarnabhumi

    So, problem solved, just get the family from Zimbabe to "chuck a pittance" in the bank.