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  1. LawrenceN

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    I read Thai, for more than 40 years. I translated the middle school math book for a well-known private school here in Chiang Mai. I read the text. I have no idea what you're talking about, and neither do you.
  2. I wonder how much time you have spent in the North of Thailand. The way you describe Lao people is how I think of Northerners. I felt it the first time I set foot in Chiang Mai in 1978, and still feel the same. It's the reason I live in CM.
  3. It used to be a time-honored rite of passage for the young in the West. Not so much any more. My thumb got me from St. Louis to LA (almost 2000 miles) in three days in 1976 when I was 21 years old. Anyone who disagrees doesn't have to pick them up. No need for hostility. I pick up hitchhikers leaving Chiang Mai. They're usually European kids. One young Frenchwoman a couple of years ago was a dead-ringer for Penelope Cruz. Made my day.
  4. LawrenceN

    Parmesan Cheese? I don't think so.

    Again, uninformed. Madison, Wisconsin, hosts the World Dairy Expo annually. Milk and cheese producers fly in from all over the world for it, many bringing cattle with them.
  5. LawrenceN

    Parmesan Cheese? I don't think so.

    Correct. Next is wheat flour at 25%, salt 5%, and emulsifier 5%. That brings the list up to 98.7%. I checked Wikipedia. The flour is not allowed under Italian law governing Parmesan cheese. Maybe it's necessary to hold the flakes together when it's grated and stored in a can on a shelf. None of this seems especially onerous to me. I did a quick check on Kraft Parmesan, the biggest seller in the US. They have been under fire recently for wood cellulose fillers. So I think you can be happy with what you have.
  6. LawrenceN

    Immigration Moving Back To Airport

    The best thing about Promenada was the parking. I would bet dollars to donuts there's no new parking at the old place.
  7. LawrenceN

    Vintage Volkswagens

    Answering my own question: The pale yellow Beetle is ฿590k. The steel-gray one is 930k. From photos on his FB page.
  8. LawrenceN

    Vintage Volkswagens

    His home page gives an address in Bangkok, BangWa. Maybe he just had a display in CM to drum up business.
  9. LawrenceN

    Vintage Volkswagens

    Great! Please get some example prices as well.
  10. LawrenceN

    Traffic cops crack down on Soi Paniadchang

    "Residents and business owners occupying the shophouses along the narrow street claim that the large condominium hasn’t supplied enough parking for its tenants, and so the tenants are parking on the street." And have said business owners provided any parking for their customers? That would be a first.
  11. LawrenceN

    What is the general rule for tipping?

    You opened this post asking for advice, presumably from more experienced people who live here. As soon as someone helpfully, honestly answered your question, you flippantly thumbed your nose at him. Please go away.
  12. LawrenceN

    Reading Sugar content in food and drinks

    Correct. The top of the column says "percent of recommended daily allowance." For the Meiji, it's 3%, for the Sprite, 11%.
  13. Why are the police collecting fines at all? That should be done by traffic courts.
  14. Perhaps they should have done it last week.