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  1. "The sentence should have been, 'I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia.'" Damn right it should have been. But it wasn't.
  2. LawrenceN

    Koncept vs. Ikea..is it same/same?

    I can't believe I'm the 20th poster and no one has suggested Index. Much, much better quality than Koncept. Check out Index Living Mall.
  3. I read the article. It's not a good translation. A better translation, imo, is, "as I do every time." Sounds a bit like the translator is sympathetic and wants to help that poor excuse sound acceptable. In fact, what he was saying was he habitually abused the old guy. What was different this time is that someone caught it on video.
  4. The Daily News article has a lot more detail. She's safe, no ransom paid. Pretty good police work overall.
  5. This article doesn't say whether the young woman was found and released. Was she harmed? Is she still held by the two outlaws on the run? Was ransom paid? Pretty sketchy reporting.
  6. he said from his barstool. Or, maybe I'm wrong. Tell us about your vast expertise that qualifies you to offer this assesment.
  7. Agree. Good to hear from an experienced cyclist, instead of the know-nothing fear-mongers. I would add that, for my own safety, I stick to small rural roads as much as possible. At least there, the speed differential is a lot smaller. I pass more grannies on motorcycles than pass me. I would also like to know more about the truck and driver. Any driver on that road should heed the warning signs about sharing the road with cyclists.
  8. I just bought one this week for ฿28,800. But, still, that's pretty cool. Maybe it will be cost effective when they ramp up production. Economies of scale, etc.
  9. Then let's see him do the work of working with Congress to craft the law to his liking. He lacks the leadership ability to do that, and even his lapdogs in Congress are reluctant to expand his power. I assume you voted for him. He always struck me as no more qualified than the loudmouth on the next bar stool. Has no idea what it takes to govern, or even what it means.
  10. LawrenceN

    White Fortuners Tailgating

    I believe that fish motif signifies the Christian faith, if that's the one you mean. There are lots of them in CM.
  11. LawrenceN

    I think I ate red ants by mistake.....

    Yeah, big deal. This is like the tag on your mattress that says do not remove. The stuff is boric acid, harmless to mammals, unless you eat a pound of it. It's used in ear treatments. Also comes in a powder form, which I blast directly into their nests. I find the powder more effective than a squiggly line of chalk. Available at your local general store.
  12. I often get the thumbs up when I'm out on my road bike, often by passing motorcyclists. They like to see us old guys stay fit, evidently.
  13. They were hired as models. Show up, do your makeup, smile, flirt a bit. Cops should be going after the organizers. Not that hard to find the advertisers, webmasters,etc.
  14. You're getting warmer. Go over to the river and go north. Roads on either side of the river are OK for cycling. Depending on how far you're going, the east side is better because the west bank has no single road following the river north of the middle ring road. Eventually, that river road on the east bank runs into Hwy 1001, the Phrao Road. Just before that (< 1 km) is a bridge to the west bank which leads to routes to MaeRim and MaeTaeng. If you stay on the east side, Hwy 1001 goes to the MaeNGad Dam and "Sticky Falls." Or you can cross Hwy 1001 to go over to the irrigation canal that takes you back to MaeJo University. South along the river is similar. River roads can be boring because they tend to be flat. For hills, turn off east and west. Happy exploring!
  15. LawrenceN

    Driving Chiang Mai to Hua Hin

    Agree. I did CM to Surat Thani last November. Avoided Bkk by going past Chainat and Nakorn Prathom. That puts you on Hwy 4 far west of Bkk. After about ten hours of driving, we stopped at a little "resort" among some rice fields in Rajburi. Dogs barked all night. Slow going through Nakorn P for about 20 minutes, because the highways going through there are city streets. I don't relish the idea of being on Hwy 4 and its tributaries in the dark with idiots doing 100+ kph and iffy lights.