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  1. spacebass

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    I think the meal out for sex is a western concept, in Thailand first pay for meal second pay for sex one way or another.
  2. Yes like seat belts in cars, so the world has to get lumbered with air bags.
  3. There is a misunderstanding there....x
  4. spacebass

    Mexico navy says finds 50 tons of meth in mountain lab

    Not to mention the U.S. drug companies supplying Fentynal and goodness knows what else.
  5. spacebass

    Visa agents in Penang

    Jim is the man get on his facebook
  6. spacebass

    Electricity crisis on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

    Mostly insulating tape.
  7. spacebass

    Child bride sent back to Thailand

    No money back in Thailand.
  8. I don't think I can get cash with debit card from the bank if ATM is down.
  9. spacebass

    BBC says Thailand asks UK to extradite Yingluck

    What about the Red Bull heir ?
  10. PCX 100kms - 2.5 litres
  11. Anything can happen in Thailand x
  12. Or screw the exhaust pipes back into the head every couple of days. (Norton Commando).