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  1. spacebass

    Shop house cess pit ?

    Is it normal for Thai shop houses to have some kind of cess pit built under them that need periodic emptying what would be any alternative sewage disposal design ? Thanks.
  2. And what about the war on all the other illegal substances ? Part of the reasoning ?
  3. You haven't learnt nothings 'kosher'.
  4. What is the latest on Kuhn Dum the perpatrator have Rayong Police failed to catch him ? Even though he is around ?
  5. Not that they would get a marrisge visa anyway......,.
  6. And Thai people on the islands like Koh Samet dispose of their trash in the sea
  7. Every country has to beware of being bought by the chinese. Including the U.S.A. bonds ?
  8. I believe marriage visas are only considered in Bangkok as you can imagine the local offices aren't into that at all. Good luck. Especially as the slight anti corruption vibe effect created by the new military government seems to be waning, as their time ( might) be up !
  9. The rule of law does not exist in Thailand.
  10. You will never stop Ladyboys i.e. men from selling sex for money and one day it will be bigger than the girls and they are not endemic in every society.
  11. Don't remember all this high profile shenanigans when the two British tourists were murdered on the beach in Koh Tao near yo Koh Samuii, the police could not even be bothered to secure the crime scene for 24 hours.
  12. There is no law in Thailand, Red Bull Heir kills a Policeman with his Ferrari never apprehended, 2 British tourists murdered on the beach in Koh Tao , police do not secure the crime scene for 24 hours, no Thais responsible, google it . You could say law = thb the only chance a farang has.
  13. You were supposed to bribe him when he started fining You.