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  1. Every time I see something like this, I'm more convinced that the Thai government is just being humane when they set so many hurdles in front of foreigners who want to invest in land and businesses here in Thailand. If locals with the dosh to build something like this can't figure out who owns it, who's going to operate it and who's going to keep any proceeds, an outsider hasn't got a prayer. It's more humane to have 100 foreigners griping about not being able to open a business for all the red tape than to have 98 of them griping about getting their clock cleaned after they've lost their life savings.
  2. Maybe, but if he gets a good price on Orbitz, he's a on his way to SEA- using OPM.
  3. Jeez, That's almost as stupid as chewing off your other arm because you know she'll be looking for a one armed man. Google "Double Coyote Ugly" if you don't get the reference.
  4. Yeah, like those guys Zuckerberg and Jobs and Gates, who played on their stupid computers instead of going to class like good little automatons.
  5. What's especially amusing is that the folks ragging on this guy (and Millennials in general) are the very same people their parents ragged on for being liberals and slackers. Hippies, Yuppies, Hipsters, Millennials. I don't understand them. Just like my parents didn't understand my generation's cultural idiosyncrasies.
  6. Global warming doesn't necessarily mean warmer weather for everyone. Melt enough glaciers to stop the Gulf Stream conveyor, and Europe could go into another ice age... Of course, there's going to be winners and losers. But stability isn't to be under-rated. The global economy is pretty fragile anyway, and any abrupt changes could result in even more refugees who look a lot more like economic migrants. Great if you live in a gated community and need cheap labor to fund your billionaire lifestyle. Not so great if you're looking for a job.
  7. He should have posted a fake photo of a gorgeous chick, and asked for sofas to sleep on during his her travels. He'd already be on a plane by now... Probably funded largely by the very guys dissing him here, waiting on a guest who will never show. I'm not a great admirer of the guy for this feeble effort. But a lot of guys here in Thailand got here using much more despicable fund raising efforts. At least he wasn't cheating anyone. I'm just curious about how much funding he did get.
  8. Great cautionary tale: Unless you have something in your bag worth a trip to the hospital (or the morgue), better to just let it go- which is pretty much impossible if you have it draped over your neck to foil thieves.
  9. Does PVC or UPVC hold up to the tropical sun? For how long?
  10. Demon rum destroys yet another family. Other than fictional characters in "Reefer Madness", I've never heard of a pothead going off on a family member, even after toking his brains out. Time to legalize it as an alternative to a much more dangerous mind altering (soul crushing) substance. BTW, I neither drink, nor toke- in case anyone's wanting to respond in that vein.
  11. Same problem here. I tried some pricey air cleaners and they just don't do much before they're plugged up, too- not to mention wimpy fans with low CFM. My best (albeit not fully satisfactory) solution was to buy a salvaged blower unit from a dead A/C unit (700 baht in Chinatown) and clipped a 3M Filtrete filter on it (300 baht for 2 from Lazada) and keep it under the bed running full time. About once a week, I throw the filter into the wash and clip a backup filter on the blower, alternating between a couple of them. I just use Office Mate binder clips since the thing's out of sight under the bed. That knocks out the worst dust bunnies, but not the real fine stuff. Still, it makes things livable, and cuts way down on the dusting. I also found that the dust got intolerable when the lint filters on the laundry washing machine wore out- and things got much better when I found replacements down in Chinatown.
  12. Someone needs to teach them about flashing boobs for trinkets and baubles, just like at Mardis Gras... Draws in millions (billions?) of tourist dollars every year. Sadly for the flashers, the trinkets are pretty cheap and gaudy- but a wonderful reminder of what they did when they were too drunk to recall- even before the days of the selfie.
  13. If you're willing to do some scrounging, point your GPS to this building in a Chinatown neighborhood that has everything you'd need to make a car or a bike smell better and look and sound like it's going faster. 100.5081102700983 E 13.74752014075341 N Once you're there, wander the neighborhood(s) across the street and you'll find block after block of bike (and car) parts shops. Just stay around the signs that look interesting, and don't go on a Sunday when half of them will be closed. If you're on a surgical, time critical mission to find that one part, someone else will probably have a better shop with more convenient BTS/MRT access. I'm a scrounger by nature when it comes to tools and such. I usually end up buying a lot more than I thought I was there for.
  14. Driving around in the sticks, it seems to me the most dangerous scooters are those that can't keep up with traffic, yet still take up their fair share of the lane. Then you have the 50km/hr scooters passing the 40km/hr scooters who are in turn passing the 30km/hr scooters, taking up even more of the lane with 80-110 km/hr cars and trucks blowing by them like they're standing still. Of course, going faster safely on a scooter is more than just a matter of power, and the Fino's and Scoopy's seem to have crappy suspension and steering to match their lackluster motors. Great for getting around the neighborhood, but completely out of their element on a real highway. If you're not a show-off, I suspect that a higher powered scooter, with handling to match, would be a lot safer than a glorified bicycle with an engine. That said, I drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle and my Fino's been parked for years and years. But then, I don't survive on a Thai salary. I do take motosai taxi's around the neighborhood, but most of those guys are pretty good riders- much better than me anyway.
  15. No helmet was going to save this guy. But he may have walked away if he had 4 wheels, a roof and seat belts...