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  1. If true, then I hope you paid them a decent price for the loot in order to help them with their painful exits. I paid every satang they were asking, without negotiating. That said, they were all fair prices. Or, to be accurate, I didn't even contact the many sellers asking ridiculous prices while advertising "urgent sale". But that's another topic for another thread.
  2. Analysts remain bullish about the Thai stock market, Except the ones who have it shorted.
  3. Past performance on the part of the tax authorities is no guaranty of future security. Just ask the thousands of long stay guys who crafted a decades long Thai life for themselves on monthly visa runs and occasional 20K overstay fines, only to leave it all behind when those loopholes no longer worked. They figured they were safe, but... I envision the day that some will be stopped on exit at Swampy and presented with a tax bill based on years and years of unreported earnings that come to light as tax department technology develops to where they can figure out how much that travel blog is making, and tax treaties share more and more information. Or, fill in a thousand other tricks that work today. My bet for the first thing that's going to bite someone? That idea that income earned outside the country in one year isn't taxable in Thailand if it's brought in the following year. As if you can segregate money in your account so that only the untaxable part of your savings account comes to Thailand. To be clear, I'm not saying any of that has happened. Just like I wouldn't have claimed in 2013 that anyone had ever been blacklisted for overstay. I hope it doesn't happen, but I still remember the sad stories of the guys who sold me their bicycles, golf clubs and kayaks because their Thai adventure had come to a tragic end- some even leaving families behind.
  4. impulse

    70 kilogram marbled whipray found in Krabi

    You're missing the point. If a chemical company dumps some toxins that kill 98% of the fish, then an artisinal fisherman catches one of the last 2%, who's to blame for the demise of the species? I'll give you a hint. It ain't the fisherman who took one fish to feed his family.
  5. impulse

    Task force raids Petchabun resorts

    One more example of why the Thai laws against foreigners owning land are actually pretty humane. If the locals don't know they bought illegal land, what chance does a foreigner stand. Better to have 100 of us griping about not being able to own land than 95 of us griping about losing our savings because, like even the locals, we didn't know the land wasn't legal. Because all the documents looked legit. But that apparently doesn't mean much.
  6. impulse

    70 kilogram marbled whipray found in Krabi

    Imagine the time in your life when you were the most broke, and you may get a feeling of what these guys' lives are like from birth to death. Then imagine you stumbled upon a catch that could fetch 2 months' salary as seafood, and probably a lot more than that as a specimen. It would make a huge difference in your financial worries for at least the next year or two- maybe even changing your life and the lives of your entire family if the right buyer comes along. Go ahead and be disgusted. But put your blame in the right place. Not directed at a poor fisherman struggling to feed his family.
  7. How about posting a sign that says "Last week, we had the first shark bite in around 50 years when a guy got bit in the foot, so swim at your own risk". Imagine arriving for your hard earned annual beach holiday only to find that the beach is closed. OTOH, if it keeps people from swimming in sewage... God works in mysterious ways.
  8. impulse

    Electric pump to improve water pressure?

    I go to a lot of the industrial trade shows at BITEC, and there are some good ones throughout the year. And rarely a shortage of eye candy. One suggestion- bring a business card with you when you go and you can save some time filling out the entry form. Even if it's not your own card- it's not like you care if they can contact you later... They're generally free so it's not about the entry fee. But they do expect business attire on some of them.
  9. You have rendered me speechless. Why? You cannot survive in Thailand without buying stuff that benefits the junta. That being the case, why deride another person for wishing something were available in Thailand, even if it's through the junta? Or single out weed as something to boycott because it benefits the junta?
  10. If they're sitting in a bowl in a public venue, or being shared among people who aren't pharmacists, they're being distributed without a license. If they're included in the 1500 baht entry fee, they're being sold illegally. One more time, try it in Denver, London or Singapore and let us know how your legal theory works out.
  11. I don't have a clue, but I imagine they'll be whittling down their e-mail list.
  12. You guys keep confusing consenting adults and paying customers.
  13. I know it's off topic, but I get a kick out of the preppers who think they'll be unmolested when they're the only people on the block with power, water and food when "SHTF". My list of survival equipment: Antibiotics and ammo. Because people will trade ANYTHING they have for antibiotics if their loved ones need them. And the ammo? That's just to protect my antibiotics. But you get what I'm saying. If the OP just comes up with an ingenious way to charge his laptop and smartphone that doesn't have the flexibility of a genset (or solar system with a lot of storage), he'll wish he'd bought a genset when the zombies eat through the neighborhood wiring. BTW, for anyone reading in, how is that KwaiThong working? Would you recommend the brand?
  14. Then you're also ready for the zombie apocalypse. Until they hear the engine running... Or your neighbors hear it. But I think the zombies will get there before your neighbors can steal your genset. On a more serious note, I like solutions like this that solve the problem at hand AND prepare you for future emergencies. Other, niftier looking solutions that may meet your current needs may be one-trick-ponies. Or be useless at night.
  15. I'm pretty sure that advertising it to the public online and charging 1500 baht to get in takes it out of the category of a private party. The venues on walking street pay the right people to do what they do. That makes all the difference.