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  1. Another example of technology taking jobs away from human employees just trying to feed their families. Yes, that's sarcasm...maybe.
  2. Unless, of course, the taxi drivers are just following instructions from their paymasters who would also be the paymasters for the guys issuing the fines. Go after the common thread. The paymasters. Like that will happen in my lifetime.
  3. Did you ask the immigration guy? It could have been a mistake. They stamp in hundreds in a day. Remember when 60% correct was a passing grade back in your school days? While they do have some discretion, I would think they would have to have a reason to impose a limit less than the visa people allowed when they issued the visa.
  4. Agreed 100% Fixing the health care system in the USA would be as simple as mandating that health insurance provided to government employees (at taxpayer expense) be limited to the average of the policies provided to the average private sector citizen- employed, self employed and otherwise. The bigwigs wouldn't care, because they're rich enough to buy their own. But they'd be getting daily earfuls from everyone on their staff. Along with an exodus of government employees who work there mostly for the benefits. The only way to afford to raise their care coverage without bankrupting the coffers would be to deal with the exorbitant cost of health care in the country relative to just about everywhere else in the world. Edit: BTW, this is also the perfect example of why we need term limits. Make them go out and live in the world they have imposed on us once in awhile instead of grabbing that government tit and holding on for the rest of their lives.
  5. Leaving aside the controversial nature of gun laws, this is just one more example where the laws they created to control the rest of us are not good enough for the very guys who pass them. So they get their own rules, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Not quite as egregious as health care, but still disturbing.
  6. I judge the action. Not the person's entire life. And I have no problem with anybody doing what they enjoy, even if it is 20-40 x (That's 2000-4000%) more dangerous than getting around the other way. I do it, too. But I get irritated when they then turn around and rag on others for adding a small increment of danger by doing it without a helmet (adds 40%) or without lights (I have no clue). Hopping on the scooter was the dangerous decision. The other factors are nowhere near as onerous. Try this. Get on here and try to convince people you enjoy riding a scooter with your hair waving in the breeze. You'll get dozens of responses calling you everything but a sane man for riding without a helmet. Yet, that's just another choice people make based on what they enjoy. I also get a little irritated reading from people who spent their career in a country where the average GDP per capita is 10x what it is in Thailand, and then feel the need to criticize how the Thais manage their money. Just about everyone tuned in here has pissed away more money than the average Thai will ever see. Try supporting a family on 300-500 baht a day and see if you don't feel just a little bit different about spending money on scooter parts exactly when the part fails. May take you a day, week, or month to spend that 60 baht, too. I ride scooters, I water ski, I scuba dive, sea kayak, fly small planes, and do a lot of other dangerous things. Enjoy the hell out of them. Have no problem with anyone that does even more dangerous things. And if I feel the urge to voice my opinion that they're doing something irresponsible, I put it in civil terms, specific to the action, and not about their whole being. You won't find me here ragging on them, or questioning their IQ and spending priorities, or whether their parents had a brain in their head.
  7. I'm not agreeing with them. But I didn't grow up in a place where economics puts people onto 2 wheel vehicles that are 20-40 x as dangerous as the cheapest beater car I drove when I was a kid. Hell, I don't even agree with sticking a kid on a scooter, much less 2 or 3 of them on one scooter. But economics are different here than back home. And it's not so much about irresponsibility. What I do think is irresponsible is foreigners sitting on $$$ millions and still choosing scooters, which are 20-40 x as dangerous as their other affordable alternative. They have a choice and choose the dangerous one. But I don't judge them, either. Because for many, it's driven by economics, not irresponsibility. And I take scooter taxis in BKK all the time because it saves time.
  8. If you made 300 baht a day, and had less than 50 baht a day in discretionary money left over after necessities, this may not seem as outlandish. You may not get it, but your wife has a lifetime habit of being frugal. Count yourself lucky. Some wives would buy a shiny new scooter instead of replacing the bulb.
  9. First time I went to Anchorage, my buddy took me to a park right in town and showed me where a jogger had been attacked just days before. Instilled a respect for bears that I have never forgotten. Apparently, pepper spray works on some, just pisses others off. Condolences the the guy's family.
  10. Last time I was there for a WP checkup, they said they were moving. At the time, they didn't have a forwarding address. They gave me a card with their email address to find them in the future, but it's long gone. You may want to Google Soi 11 clinic to see if they have landed anywhere.
  11. When a taxi shield can cost over $$$ half a million, the choice of cars is pretty inconsequential to the economics. Edit: Getting back to the Volvo, take the round badge out of the grille, and I'd probably mistake it for a Buick... (That's not a compliment, BTW).
  12. Softening up a little bit, some folks remain delightful, drinking until dawn. But the nature of alcohol, the drug, is that some subset of the people can't control how much they drink and some of them will behave badly. Real badly. Unfortunately, most laws have to be written to protect the public from the worst examples. Like so much of life, a small minority screws it up for everyone.
  13. I have no issues with people who go to bars. But being an old alkie myself, I do have serious reservations about people who rant about the decline in the quality of their life when the bars close a little early. But that's okay. I've met thousands of them, with many becoming lifetime friends. We always keep a chair warm for them. And like my old self, I have found that lots of people haven't a clue how bad their behavior gets carrying a snootful. I was shocked at my own... So pardon me if I want nothing to do with them after a few. Edit: I didn't read about it in the MSM. I lived it. And I listened to thousands of others who lived it.
  14. On the plus side, they saved around $6,000. That's about $100 per human life. The cladding believed to have been used at Grenfell Tower are BANNED in the US and Germany, it has been revealed. ..... US-based Reynobond makes three types of panel: one with a flammable plastic core and two with fire-resistant cores. ..... Reynobond’s fire-resistant panel sells for £24 per square metre— £2 more expensive than the standard version. Estimates suggest that the cost of using the more expensive version would have cost about £5000.
  15. Perhaps it won't be a cesspit any more? (Your word, not mine) For every young, drunk monger that quits coming, they may get a whole, respectable family on holiday- with an actual holiday budget (Edit: and a little bit of self control, if only for the kids). Gotta love the people who think tourism will collapse if they clean a place up a little bit. As I recall, Las Vegas boomed when they started catering to families instead of guys out on a howler.