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  1. To be honest, I'm a 3rd party and not privy to the individual processes -which I figure are rather private- other than it seems they were all solved when they switched to Samitivej Hospital. I'm headed that way once again tomorrow after giving up on the other (famous and expensive) hospital to solve it. I've run yet another battery of tests and scans, but it's like pulling teeth to get them to look at blood, urine, sputum and stool samples- except those blood tests related to cholesterol. Still, I'm functional albeit not 100%, and trying to be patient as they run through their recommended protocol. Helps to have employer provided insurance otherwise I'd be eating peanut butter sandwiches 3 times a day..
  2. They're already laying the foundation to explain non-performance against any warrant: "He will be processed like any other suspect who is evading an arrest warrant," said Krisana. "There are tens of thousands of these suspects." (underlining mine)
  3. I'm not as concerned about the age difference as the "stage of life" difference. As a 60 year old guy who has no intention (never mind the energy) to start a family that I won't survive to see graduating from high school, it would be unfair to marry a woman who wants kids, and foolish to think she won't have them somehow. Similar issues with marrying someone who's got a 30 year career in front of her while I'm sitting home eating bon-bons or traveling the world in retirement. And after the 7 minutes of sex, what the hell do we talk about for the next week while I'm recovering for the next go-round?
  4. Better yet, put it out there that he leaked sensitive CIA documents. There will be no place he can hide. Edit: Except maybe a 3rd world embassy or Siberia.
  5. With the family's money, he's probably got half a dozen passports from different countries who offer citizenship in exchange for cash $$$ or investment. If not, he needs better lawyers.
  6. Welcome to the club. The most recent lady had a staph infection that ended up with open heart surgery and several months in the hospital when they finally figured out what it was. I'm reluctant to offer up any advice since I'm going through a similar situation- and have been for years- with all kinds of tests and scans and no clue what's really going on.
  7. Foam earplugs are available in Thailand, and real cheap.
  8. Click all the way through at Amazon and see what it's going to cost with shipping, duties and taxes. I tried to buy a $9 microwave popcorn bowl from Amazon, and all in it was going to be $58.00. I ended up ordering one from Lazada for $9 -delivered- and hedged that with one from AliExpress for about the same price- all in.
  9. The guy with the helmet cam is to blame. No video, no argument on social media. She was jaywalking, not paying attention to oncoming traffic and not in any hurry to get out of the lane. He had the last clear opportunity to prevent the collision by steering around her. So I still blame the guy with the helmet cam. Weren't they declared illegal a while back?
  10. Leaving aside such niceties as the presumption of innocence and the right to due process before being executed, ya figure he may spill a little more information about any buddies if he's breathing?
  11. After going to a bunch of BITEC trade shows and spending lots of time in various parts of BKK (especially Chinatown), and Lazada, I'm amazed at how much stuff is actually available here, and even more amazed at how poorly they advertise to foreigners- especially the products -and venues and events- geared toward us. That said, even our company's procurement people can't find a lot of basic kit when we submit requests, so we import a lot of mundane crap from Singapore at stupid high $$$. (Anyone else sense a business opportunity there?) Then I'll find it next time I'm at a trade show or in Chinatown. Rant alert: Forums like TVF don't seem to help that much because they're always posting up news of a great event after it happens, and most requests for "where to buy it" usually end up being a cat fight over whether you really need it and whether the world as we know it will end if we don't give up our reliance on it. I'd suggest anyone who's interested in tools and such spend some time scrounging the neighborhoods around Klong Tom market in Chinatown, and check out an occasional industrial trade show at My personal pet peeves: Aspirin in doses bigger than 82mg and caffeine tablets (though I found the caffeine on Lazada) Edit: On a side note to the OP, there are some companies that exhibit genuine western cleaning supplies and equipment at just about every major industrial trade show at BITEC. The good stuff- but generally not at great prices- but that's a whole different rant...
  12. Cleaning toilets is honest work. The guy found a niche and parlayed it into a means of funding a trip he'll never forget. He worked when he wanted, when he wanted, and pointed his pickup wherever he wanted. I'm not sure how you'd call that sick.
  13. Sitting here in the peanut galley, I have no suggestions. I'm just amused that they characterized shooting into the vehicle as "warning shots".
  14. My friends got trips to Europe (or cars) for their high school graduation presents. I got a calculator- to use in college, and a job during my gap summer. Thank goodness I didn't care to go to Europe, or I would have had to beg my way through. I would have really liked a new car, though...