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  1. And what path would you recommend to a 17 year old kid that will allow him to bankroll a $100,000- 200,000 college fund while in Thailand living with his folks and no WP, or in India where his passport allows him to work. That is, before he's retired.
  2. He hasn't been doing himself any favors, but both sides of the aisle want to destroy him so they can get back to the old patronage model of politics. None of them are happy to see an outsider get the office ahead of the parties' anointed choices. None of them want to see it happen again in 2020, when they may be up against a better choice. They want to be rewarded when it's their turn, for all the years of doing what they have been told to do by the parties' power brokers.
  3. Bullshit? He's correct that the Ducati parked in your garage is no more dangerous than the Ford parked next to it. Until you pull them out on the road. Then, it's 20-40 times as dangerous. Fortunately, most people will drive the Ford a lot more than they'll ride the weekend Ducati. Unless economics force them to do without the Ford at all. Like here in Thailand. And pretty much all of SEA. Edit: And the Ducati becomes a Scoopy.
  4. Like that's going to happen in our lifetimes. I drive for the way things are. Not the way they should be.
  5. There's about a hundred well published studies that would disagree with you. Along with pretty simple common sense physics that say a roof, 4 doors and seat belts protect occupants in the event of a collision.
  6. Do you have any stats to show that it's any worse than it was in the past?
  7. What percentage of Aussies are compelled by economic conditions to ride 2 wheeled vehicles, which are 20-40 times as dangerous as 4 wheeled vehicles?
  8. I always enjoy reading the lectures from guys whose careers spanned a time of full employment, lifelong careers with one company, constantly increasing wages, defined benefit pensions, and affordable housing. All they had to do to insure a funded retirement was to drag their butts into the worksite day after day. Protected by unions and guilds from being fired even if they showed up and smoked the whole day away. Many kids nowadays can look forward to job after crappy job as they become redundant again and again as a result of globalization, real wages that haven't increased in years, housing that they can't afford and their retirement accounts being looted about every decade or so. Lazy lot that they are...
  9. Double edged sword. Walk in looking for a $5 remote. Walk out with $200 of fascinating stuff.
  10. I dare you to tell a NASCAR driver that he sits where he does because of some French thing...
  11. If you didn't find any at HatHai (best bet in that part of BKK- and real nice people) you may want to try AliExpress. Literally thousands of telescoping rods up to 15 meters in length and I would think they'd ship to Myanmar. For an even better selection in BKK, though not as convenient as On Nut, point your GPS to: 13 43 38.49 N 100 29 38.68 E It's a brisk 15 minute walk from BTS WongWian Yai, with 2 or 3 shops together in an alley behind what used to be a Robinson's department store. I haven't been in a while, but they still show up on Google Maps and Google Earth. There's a couple of small shops in the pet fish section of Chatuchuk Market and a couple more scattered around Khlong Thom market in Chinatown, but they're hit and miss. One big (and good) shop allegedly in Rangsit, but that's in violation of my "if it's not on the BTS or MRT, I probably don't need it" mantra. (Or, at least it was before the new extensions, maybe I should look again)
  12. I'd guess that one out of 5 times I've entered, they're sending pretty much everyone's bags through x-ray in the green channel. More often than not, they're sending selected people who have lots of luggage, or just look suspicious. And sometimes, there's nobody even near the x-ray machine. Luck of the draw. Beyond the x-ray, I've never been singled out for further inspection, or hit with any duties or taxes. But I'm rarely carrying anything valuable that I didn't have with me when I left. Laptops (work & personal), camera, tablet, smartphone, etc. But it adds up if they ever wanted to get stinky.
  13. That day was a hat trick for me. New to Thailand and to Bangkok roads, first time I'd ever driven myself on the wrong side of the road, and first time ever shifting with the wrong hand, and hadn't driven at all in well over a year having moved here from China where I refuse to drive. Thank goodness the gas, brake and clutch pedals were in the right place or I'd have never made it home. Even the turn signals took a few tries to get them right. I almost stopped and hired a taxi guy to drive it home, but false pride got the better of me. On Google maps with toll roads, there is an option to avoid them. But I've never been successful at plotting a route that did. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...
  14. On the first part. we agree. I won't leave my neighborhood without the GPS. I bought my well used pickup about 3 miles from home, and it took me around 3 hours to get back home without one. I kept missing flyovers and getting into the wrong lane to make the turns I needed. GPS was the first thing I added, even before the pine air freshener. I sometimes need to look at the route because I'm not allowed on the expressways with a kayak on top. And there have been a few times I've been sent into some inner city neighborhoods that nobody bigger than a scooter should be sent down. On an aside, I can't seem to get Google maps to avoid tollways when I plot a route in advance- in spite of selecting that option. That alone would change my mind. But that's for another thread...
  15. Is there an online test I can have her take?