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  1. If you think you've been conned for the last time, you're wrong. 'Cause that's when you're vulnerable to the next one.
  2. If you are stopped by traffic police @ Pattaya

    That's on the mud flaps.
  3. Not to mention a single photo in just about the most stressful situation any of us could ever imagine finding ourselves in...
  4. You mean like good Judeo-Christians will stone adulterers and kill gays like the Bible says they should?
  5. No Taxies at Swampy

    I've stood in a 100 meter line at Swampy and it took 11 minutes to get a taxi. I timed it. I've waited twice as long at DMK when the line was only 20 meters long. It's frustrating when I see taxis come in in bunches, often with a time-out between each bunch. I can envision the guy who shut his engine off to save a few baht in fuel, then holding up the whole works when it won't start again, but I have no clue why it works that way. But since they got the new ticket machines at Swampy (and got them dialed in), I've never waited more than 10 or 15 minutes, usually less than 5, and often no queue at all.
  6. Chinese

    Strangely, that's exactly what a lot of them say about lao wai. Which is the polite Chinese name for foreigners. (= falang) The not-so-polite refer to us as gorillas.
  7. Chinese

    Within living memory, many Chinese people who politely waited their turn in the queue starved to death, along with their families. It's going to take generations for that mindset to change. I'm amazed at the progress they have made since I moved there in 1999. I'd also point out that they're often appalled by some of the eating behaviors of western people. What's accepted in one culture is the kiss of social death in another.
  8. The grass is usually greener, especially on holiday when the money flows pretty freely. Ask her again after she's lived there a few years and has to live within a budget. It's not that I disagree with her. But she may find she also likes another part of Thailand better than the one where she lives. I'm always amused at the number of foreigners who live for decades in some dumpy neighborhood back home, to stay close to family- or for the career. They could improve their surroundings by moving 50 miles. Instead, they pull up stakes and move to Thailand, Costa Rica, Vietnam, or wherever. And they marvel at how much cheaper a hovel in paradise is, compared to the 3 bedroom suburban home they left behind.
  9. I need to print 100 pages!

    You'll have to differentiate between "posting something" and "answering a question".
  10. Cautionary tale, a counterpoint to those who dish out advice to "man-up" and confront neighbors whose behavior is irritating. No matter how bad-ass you are, there's someone else who's badder, or just has less to lose.
  11. I suspect it's the number of smartphone cameras that's increasing. A few years ago, we'd have probably been oblivious to incidents like this.
  12. A lot like Jim Nabors (aka Gomer Pyle), if you saw Tillis just talking then heard him sing, you wouldn't believe it was the same guy. Amazing voice, and I didn't realize how prolific he was as a songwriter.
  13. Correct meter

    How many watts does it take to run one of them dancin' girls?
  14. He very well may have, if only the battery were there...
  15. Hot weather , humidity & salt intake

    What's the thinking on sea salt, which (I would figure) matches the electrolyte content we evolved with? Seems sea salt is even more easily available here than refined NaCl.