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  1. impulse

    i have lost weight already living in isaan

    I lost 12 pounds one night drinking peppermint schnapps and flaming shot of Jack. I'm not sure that was a good thing, though. I couldn't stomach peppermint toothpaste for years.
  2. If you subtract the typical 500 baht fine from whatever Facebook pays for over 2 million clicks (and counting), I can't help but wonder if crime does, in fact, pay. As long as you get it on social media. Which begs the question whether the whole thing was staged?
  3. I suspect those signs say "Will work for CBD real estate"
  4. Water parks are for people who can't get to a real beach. Sticking one in the middle of Phuket is like building a Rain Forest Cafe somewhere on the Amazon River. Here's a thought... Why not spend the money on preserving what makes Phuket a world class destination. Like sewage treatment, waste disposal and police enforcement.
  5. I'd be more than a little concerned that a system like that would allow them to identify red shirt or yellow shirt drivers (depending on who's in power that week) and make it easier to harass the opposition and prevent them from traveling freely within the country. That kind of privacy intrusion is scary enough in a country with a well developed legal system. Who knows what they'll be doing with the data when they find out how much Facebook makes selling our most intimate information? They may look at their tax deficit and decide to supplement the coffers by selling your whereabouts to beer companies, insurance companies and anti-snooping consultants who can charge you big $$$ for tech that allows you to drive incognito. A right we enjoyed for free just a few years back.
  6. impulse

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    If you add 30,000 HP in the downstream direction over a period of 24 hours to a river flowing at a rate of 1 million cubic meters per minute, how much faster will you drain 50,000 acre feet of water than it would drain naturally? What's the ROI of building and maintaining that infrastructure that everyone seems to think they need to spend hundreds of billions of baht on? If you can't answer those questions (showing your math) I'd suggest you let the engineers on location do their jobs without commenting.
  7. Apparently he's just looking for "another 30 days" or "2 more months." before returning to the US in November. Not sure if he thinks those two time periods equate, but at this point an Elite Visa would seem like overkill.  I found myself in a similar situation this year when my contract ended and my WP was cancelled. I wanted to do a year of traveling in the Kingdom and Asia before I head back to the USA after an 8 year absence, but 500,000 baht for under a year didn't seem like a very good value for the peace of mind I'd have gotten buying an Elite Visa instead of cobbling together a bunch of visa exempt entries. And if I do come back to Thailand after cleaning up things back home and seeing how I like it there, I'll come on a Non-OA and a retirement scheme. Fortunately, I was able to get by on visa exempt, but I was always prepared for a flight home if I was denied entry. Made for some nervous queues at immigration, but not 500K worth of nervous.
  8. Just when you thought the local news couldn't get any weirder. It does.
  9. impulse

    Alcoholic friend in trouble

    Isolating himself is probably the worst thing someone can do if they want to recover from alcoholism. His brain on its own right now is just about his worst enemy. He needs support. Or we may end up reading about a mysterious death of a foreigner where suicide is suspected but nobody really knows what happened. I agree with avoiding people and places he associates with drinking. At least until he's got his legs back under him. Then it's up to him to decide whether he has to change playmates and playgrounds. Hopefully, under the guidance of an AA sponsor or other mentor who's been where he is now and gotten better. And it's pretty much impossible to avoid running across alcohol in normal course of a day. As a strategy to give up drinking, avoiding 7/11's and the myriad other places that sell alcohol is pretty much a non-starter unless someone's delivering his food and taking care of him 24/7 while he's holed up. Which is unlikely for most of us who drove off everyone close to us with our drinking.
  10. Or taking doggie bags when they left.
  11. Note to self: Don't order the fish special for lunch. Especially if it's at a discount.
  12. impulse

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    And what qualifications do you have in fluid mechanics?
  13. impulse

    Alcoholic friend in trouble

    I had to avoid most of my old playgrounds because of all my old "friends" who all but forced free drinks down my throat when I'd show up and not drink. There's something about drinkers where a lot of them can't stand to be around people who aren't drinking. 29+ years since my last one, I still have to turn down free booze at dozens of social and business functions every year. It would be hundreds if I kept hanging out where drinking is about the only form of entertainment.
  14. impulse

    Alcoholic friend in trouble

    People have died from the effects of alcohol withdrawal so I salute the guy for willingness to look for a good hospital to keep an eye on him. With many Thai hospitals being about as cheap as a decent hotel room, that decision is even easier.
  15. impulse

    I was in an accident in Bangkok

    I'd agree with posting the warnings, as I'd agree with educating visitors of safety issues wherever there are tourists. But keep in mind zebra crossings mean different things in different countries. Even in different states. For example, in California, cars must stop for pedestrians in zebra crosswalks. (I've seen pedestrians abuse the crap out of that right of way- to the point of almost causing accidents when a driver has to lay on the brakes for someone who jumps out into the crosswalk with no warning) In Texas, a zebra crosswalk means you're allowed to cross there, but it's the traffic signal that gives pedestrians the right of way. If you cross in the middle of a block without a zebra, or cross a zebra against the light, you can get a ticket for jaywalking.