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  1. My point is that the OP simply asked if she would be allowed back in. That's not the only question to ask.
  2. It may have been a suicide, but I sure hope they investigated a little bit before they closed the case. Especially if there is an estate to consider, or an issue of custody, or any of a dozen other reasons someone may have wanted him gone.
  3. While I salute the initiative, I sure hope they have something constructive to do for the other 360+ days a year when there are no water related incidents. Not to mention the inconvenient fact that it may be much faster to transport someone by road to a land based facility than by water to a facility that may be a 3 hour boat ride away. That's a long and winding reservoir with a road that runs up the east side. I'm not against the idea, if they are also going to use the facility to serve the areas that don't have access to health care because of the remote location and economic factors. On an aside, that's a beautiful area, and easily accessed on a weekend jaunt from BKK.
  4. Just to be clear, what you are saying is that she can re-enter on a visa exempt, but she cannot continue pursuing a work permit unless she gets a new Non-B visa? That's the way I read your statement, but I've been wrong before... If that is the case, what are her chances (and the correct procedure) to apply for a new Non-B in a country other than her home country, or her country of residence? Will she have to return home? And, if she gets the re-entry permit suggested by PoorSucker, will she be any better off? It may seem like I'm splitting hairs here, but I know several people who were in for a real nasty surprise when they popped over to a nearby country for a weekend, and ended up having to make the 40-60 hour round trip back home to get back on their visa/WP track.
  5. impulse

    An Annoyance for Me, What About You

    Gotta be more specific. Do you mean the lowlifes who would deny others the joy and freedom of making noise, or the lowlifes who make the noise that irritates them?
  6. Where their rooms will be burglarized, and the in-room safe violated by staff while they're gone...
  7. More likely, it won't happen because none of our so called leaders want to start the parade to prison for campaign violations. DC would be like a ghost town.
  8. Agreed. What a bunch of Scrooges. A few years back, I went downtown to be a spectator at that year's event- and it was amazing. Great energy, very well organized, lots of support in the form of medical and food and water available all along the route. Sadly, I had just recovered from heart surgery and was not able to ride, but I still thoroughly enjoyed mingling with the locals, who all seemed to be having a great day. It also showed me how wrong a bunch of TVF'ers were when they claimed that there is no market for selling high end bicycling gear to the locals. I was gobsmacked to see tens of thousands of bikes, with thousands of them being mid-high end. And those who claimed it was just a bunch of rich folk showing off their high end bikes and lycra suits were just as wrong. It was an amazing cross section from 8-80's, rich and not-so-rich, all getting along very nicely. I wasn't in Thailand for this year's ride. But I'd have been enjoying a great day of riding (or spectating) had I been in country. If you don't enjoy that kind of thing, so be it. But there's no need to diss the thousands who do.
  9. impulse

    Jomtien traffic lines confuse

    Since they don't put me in any danger or affect me in any manner whatsoever, they don't even rate my attention. I'll save my ire for the ones that endanger everyone in their immediate vicinity.
  10. Unless, of course, Parliament is owned by 1% of the population that control something like 50% of a nation's wealth- leaving only scraps for the other 99%. One thing I've always admired about the French is that the government fears the people, instead of the other way around. That's how it should be. Unfortunately, that requires occasionally giving 'em something to be afraid of... Freedom from government tyranny comes at a cost. Just glad it's not the guillotine. Yet.
  11. No, you lessen it by teaching women how to avoid putting themselves into situations that will increase their risk of being victimized. I have absolutely zero control over the actions of predatory criminals. They exist in the real world, and they are going to do what predatory criminals always have, and always will do- for millennia. I only have control over my own actions. I can exercise that control to my benefit by using common sense, or I can surrender that control by failing to use common sense. She failed to use common sense. That's not victim blaming. That's the reality- sad as it may be. Acting as if a bunch of strokes on a keyboard is going to change that reality is folly. But a few keystrokes may educate women to that reality- even in a tropical paradise.
  12. impulse

    Jomtien traffic lines confuse

    As dismayed as I often was at the driving habits of the locals, I was even more appalled that many of the worst traffic scofflaws I encountered were foreigners who quickly went native, driving the wrong way, speeding, weaving and generally driving like wild men. It's one thing when crappy drivers never learned any better. But it's even worse when they come from countries where they had to learn better to keep driving more than a few weeks. It indicates to me that the lousy driving is more a function of lax enforcement and lack of consequences, than of nationality.
  13. impulse

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    How would most tourists even know what was spent? Either the beaches are in good shape, or they aren't. That's what tourists care about.
  14. Just out of curiosity, what are the chances it was deliberate sabotage? Obviously, I'm not asking about the numerical odds, just the feasibility that someone could have tampered with that component of the craft.
  15. The flip side of saving money (long term) on a longer TE Visa is that you may feel locked in if your situation or the political climate changes and other SEA countries start looking more appealing. Or your finances or health change and you need to repatriate or start working- which isn't allowed under a TE Visa. I'm not forecasting what's going to happen, but flexibility is worth money.