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  1. Where to go 1 time China

    If you're planning to visit on a transit visa, check the requirements carefully. "Transit" doesn't include flying in from BKK, then back out to BKK (or any other airport). I can't tell you how carefully that's enforced because that's always a mystery in China. But count on enforcement being stepped up around this time because of high level government meetings coming up. They don't want to accidentally let in any would-be protesters.
  2. Thai ocean pollution, Jomtien.

    Happens every week after Mexican Food night at the all you can eat buffet.
  3. I'm a little puzzled that they can arrest a tourist with 100,000 baht bail for feeding some fish while other fish can be plucked from the water and sold with impunity. I'm not saying either side of that is right or wrong, but it's tough to tell the rules without a program. And I think it's in Thai, and interpreted pretty liberally.
  4. OTOH, my average (fully) insured payout on the 6 years I've been in Thailand has been around $1,300 per month. Most of that in 5 days in 2015. And I could easily end up doing it all over again any day... That's after having zero medical expenses in the previous 6 years living between China and the USA. Thank goodness, because the same surgery in the USA would have been around $500,000. The nature of insurance is that the risk is spread over a lot of people. Most of them end up a little behind. But it saves the bacon of those who do end up needing expensive care. BTW, had the diagnostic skills been better, I probably would have gotten stents 3 years earlier instead of a 4x bypass after passing annual stress tests and quarterly EKG's for 3 years in a row. It was only at my insistence that they went beyond the stress tests and found 100% and 95% blockage just 3 hours after they tried to send me home again with a clean bill of health.
  5. Strangely, I feel more solidarity with a random broad out in the world doing good than my so called bro's who would call her fugly from behind a keyboard.
  6. The western concept of right and wrong means very little when the guy's in government office in a 3rd country (not home, not Thailand), requesting permission to enter Thailand. It could go real bad for him, real quickly- no matter who's at fault, or how many witnesses there are.
  7. She is fugly! Ring any bells? 'Cause I can't think of many mean spirited statements that would be of a lower class.
  8. When I head to that area for a weekend, I stay at a family friendly, slightly more expensive hotel in Jomtien that caters to Eastern Europeans and the Russkies I meet there are delightful, family centric people. I'd take them in preference any day to the hard guy tourists from the former commonwealth that stay in the 500 baht rooms with hot and cold running sheets. They can't seem to wrap their head around the fact that they don't have to fight for dibs on the women like they do back home. As if it works there, either.
  9. Man bleeds to death after hitting glass door

    There's always the possibility that the friend is a lying murderer. Which is beside the point when posters are reveling in the death of a fellow human being and making light of the grief of those who loved him. You'd feel a little different if it were your kid being stupid, as we all do occasionally.
  10. I just had a scary episide

    That's a good start, but I'd add a plan for how you're going to arrange payment for at least the initial treatment, especially if you're not ambulatory, or not even conscious. Does someone know where you keep that emergency cash hidden, where you bank (and how to get at those $$$ in an emergency), and where to find your insurance details?
  11. I'd save it if I were you. You may become a zillionaire if those Bitcoin ads are to be believed. You know, the ones where a taxi driver took $2.00 in Bitcoins for a fare a couple of years ago and now he lives on his own island.

    Can you imagine the uproar if they had a team called the "All Whites"? I have no clue what the name "All Blacks" refers to, but that never stopped a good case of moral outrage... Kind of like if they had a Miss White America pageant, similar to the Miss Black America pageants, or (God forbid) the NAAWP.
  13. Convert Vinyl LP to Memory Stick

    Yeah, as I recall, just the elliptical cartridge for my first '70's vintage turntable cost well over 1300 baht in 1970's dollars. I can't imagine what they cost today now that they're not a mainstream item. As I recall, tracking force was in the fraction of a gram, and that kept from wearing out the grooves in a few weeks like the HiFi console my parents owned.