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  1. The older I get, the more of my luggage has wheels on it, and the less weight I'm willing to sling over my shoulder. Given that shopping trips often mean stops at multiple stores to pick up what I need, it makes sense to have some way to safely convey those goodies on mass transit. Luggage is handier, and more likely to protect that package of eggs that I am schlepping around than a backpack. In China I've seen more and more shopping carts with bigger wheels taking the place of luggage with tiny wheels for the purpose. I imagine the trend will move south with the massive influx of Chinese tourists. Besides, who wants to be confused with a backpacker anyway? Not that I have anything against them. But they're often taken advantage of because of their "fresh off the boat" demeanor. I'd rather look like a jaded expat with a wheeled briefcase.
  2. You volunteering to be at the front of the purge line?
  3. White Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder on Friday for the 2014 shooting of black teen Laquan McDonald, a case that laid bare tensions between the black community and the police department in the third-largest U.S. city. You forgot the part where they mention the victim is black. And that the case falls into a much bigger context of a city with a horrendous murder rate and a history of corrupt police and within a national framework where the police are notorious for shooting first and letting God sort out the good guys and the bad guys- with a disproportionate percentage of the unarmed victims being black. "Cop convicted of shooting a teen" would also reduce the number of clicks (and readers) because it leaves out the crux of why the story is relevant. Finally, you can claim you're color blind. But you're not. None of us is (and that comes from a guy who had 2 black room-mates by my choice in college). If you want to see evidence, have a read of TVF where Africans, Russians, Indians, Chinese, and (most of all) Thai people are denigrated mercilessly. Color blind, NOT.
  4. Can't bring back the victim, but it may cause cops to think twice before shooting the next one, or covering it up. And the next police superintendent to think twice before holding back evidence for a year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZdIz3vLgUs And the next (elected) State's Attorney for the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY1kG7V5Txo And the next mayor... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mapxyIjRjBs
  5. And that works well, right up until it doesn't. As Robblok indicated, once we throw a leg over a scooter seat, we're subject to all kinds of outside forces over which we have absolutely no control, in addition to those things we can control. Most of us are protected by the numbers- as opposed to any formula we may think protects us. Because as dangerous as it is, 99.999% of us won't be killed on any given scooter ride.
  6. He paid 240 for the entertainment and 10 baht for the water. $8 to mingle with naked cuties and dodge sticky ping pong balls? It would cost 20x that back home.
  7. If the police reports were accurately described in that video, they should also fire and prosecute every cop that lied. Had this happened 10 years ago before smartphones and ubiquitous dash cams, this would have been just another "justifiable" shooting in self defense. Edit: Well, halfway there... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyuMEHEkulk
  8. impulse

    Electric Razors / Shavers

    I've had excellent luck with a cheap Flyco brand electric shavers with 3 rotary heads. Bought one in China and it worked great, but it has a battery so I couldn't put it in my checked bags when I flew to Thailand. So I bought another Flyco in Thailand via Lazada and it worked great, too. Rechargeable, and works in the shower. BTW, I'm a chrome dome so it shaves everything but my eyebrows... Not as close as a blade, but neither was my Panasonic or Braun. Best news- less than half the price of a similar Braun, Panasonic or similar. Less than $20 USD for the one I bought on Lazada. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/flyco-fs371-2-i158617099-s189914708.html
  9. impulse

    Did I buy fake Tramadol?

    Is that that the generic name? I'm might try it and see if I can cut down the tramadol dose I tried Ultracet and it was brilliant but expensive here Acetaminophen is American for Paracetamol (Generic Tylenol).
  10. impulse

    Tip Box at Immigration - Against the law

    If expats were allowed to buy houses, most expats couldn't afford them, either. They'd be bidding against millions and millions of Chinese, looking for a place to hide their ill gotten gains. (And a nearby bug-out contingency when SHTF) Just ask Australia...
  11. So, how do you figure California builders are sizing up the solar systems for 15,000 NEW solar homes a year? And that's just one state... California averages about 80,000 new homes a year, with about 15,000 currently including solar installations. Over all, at the current rate of home building, the new requirement will increase the annual number of rooftop solar installations by 44 percent. Sources: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/09/business/energy-environment/california-solar-power.html https://theurbandeveloper.com/articles/california-becomes-first-state-to-order-solar-on-new-homes Edit: BTW, what I like about California's rule is that the cost of the solar is amortized into the new home mortgage, making the payout calculation pretty easy. Typically, the electric bills are reduced by about 2x the increase in the mortgage payment due to the additional cost of the solar system. And that's at today's relatively low energy costs. As energy costs increase, the electrical savings will increase, too.
  12. Nowhere did I say shorts are despicable. But I do believe the combination of shorts, the 3 minute news cycle and (untraceable) fake news presents an opportunity for abuse, resulting in the transfer of wealth from honest people to cheaters. Short a stock, get a few influencers to post negative information about the company and BINGO, you've robbed the people who invested in the company. As opposed to the building of wealth, shorts are zero sum. Kind of like Las Vegas. If you happen to like the concept of financial markets being big gambling casinos (backed up by public funds when they go tits up), shorts are great. If you believe that the purpose of financial markets is to provide funding for businesses to invest and grow, they're like a carbuncle.
  13. No promise to make it right financially (even if it was a bank employee)? Punishing the perps is great. But I'd rather get my money back.
  14. impulse

    Bang Sue mall due to open Nov 30

    Boy, that's going to frost a bunch of TVF posters who seem to think the going local wage is 9,000 a month and can't understand why their employee turnover is so high.
  15. If the OP is asking for advice, I'd keep the guy's phone number. It may come in handy.