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  1. When the last straw falls

    It has everything to do with politics. The root(s) of the issue is cops that won't enforce traffic laws and illegal markets that are ignored by the authorities for some kind of consideration. And that doesn't even consider the lack of planning and zoning that creates incompatible neighbors.
  2. The kind where they allow you to bet on the weekend football game? And if you lose...
  3. I was amused when I happened across these on Lazada. https://www.lazada.co.th/hiso-car-1-13239364.html The only thing I can think is that they allow someone you've blocked in to call you just before they thrash your car out of frustration. But I'm sure someone else knows what they're really for...
  4. Along with everyone else who has to rely on any enforcement in the traffic arena.
  5. You still wear undies? How 1980's...
  6. I can only imagine the bashing that would be going on if this happened to KFC in Thailand.
  7. They have 'em in Songkhla... This is Samila Beach, right after a big storm blew through. Otherwise, the water would be a pretty blue/green.
  8. Just changed over to LED lighting

    If you want to see a real bill of goods, watch the video about the conspiracy to make "real bulbs" burn out after a deliberately finite life. http://www.videoproject.com/Light-Bulb-Conspiracy-The.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoebus_cartel I'm sure the video is on YouTube...
  9. Wait'll your prostate starts giving you little gifts- usually after you start walking and jostle it back to life...
  10. I'm not one who can take satisfaction doing damage to others' property and slinking off to shirk my responsibility. Apparently, neither are these ladies.
  11. That doesn't solve the problem. For every car you can key, there's 1000 oblivious owners eager to take their place. The publicity they're getting by going full cowabunga seems to be getting some attention...
  12. Why would you even bother if you know that throwing it in a bin is only a temporary thing? The budget for dealing with trash in the bins has been pilfered so it's going to end up on the beach and by the roadside anyway. It takes a certain level of pragmatism to know when you're pissing up a rope.
  13. Eezy peezy. Put up a sign "Parking- 500 baht an hour" and let the local taxi mafia do the collections.