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  1. thanks - was wondering if true or fox or bein may show the event?
  2. Hi all, any idea which TV channel and/or sports bar in Pattaya is going to broadcast the fight on Sunday early morning? Thanks
  3. PCX is 95K now, my Yamaha Max(same engine as Aerox) consumes 2.7l/100km on mixed driving - my previous PCX 2,3l/100km
  4. no idea if it is really worth it?
  5. Hi all, looking for a decent shop which sells and installs (hidden cables) quality dash cams in Pattaya - would like to have front and rear cam including GPS. Thanks
  6. haven't worked for me - gave up after 3 tries
  7. this is the highway police checkpoint between 87 and 89 - they don't check alcohol but license and tax or maybe weapons.....
  8. N Max is manufactured in Indonesia - but still in other SOA markets already available for months :-(
  9. Hi all, need to do re grouting of my pool (app. 94sqm/64qm) and may need new pump as well (possible refurbish would work ?) Having difficulties to get quotation and prices in Pattaya. Anybody can recommend a reliable company with competitive prices and superior quality? So far got between 23 - 28 K for the grouting with quality grout. E.G. waiting for quotation from "Home and Pool" for 2 months already and tired to send reminders. Thanks Mr. Jay
  10. sales staff at Pattaya dealer spread the rumor :-(
  11. Dear all, planing to travel to BKK Motorshow but herd the rumor that the introduction of the X Max 300 to Thailand might be leased until November 2017. If someone visits the show could you please check if the bike is on display and/or any update available? Would save me time and money as I would cancel my trip. Thanks
  12. 100 THB is the going rate in South Pattaya/Tukom area - on the dark side plenty of 80 and even some 60 THB barber shops available, and yes all I have have noticed with A/C.
  13. Forza 2017 is unchanged to 2016
  14. still on the current website, even the 2015 mentioned