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  1. kind of visa is no issue for renting at all
  2. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I have ordered a 2nd remote for my Yamaha Xmax, the dealer (Pattaya Watchara/Yamaha Sukhumv. op. Thepprasit R. junction) programed/mirrored it with notebook and now 2 remotes are working well
  3. Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    on the pics still rear drum brakes.....
  4. was going that way 3 weeks ago and still easy as usual
  5. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    have outdoor and separate indoor/ac area with nice food and drinks
  6. I got 5% discount from Viriyah Insurance, they requested picture of cam/windscreen as proof
  7. do they service motorbikes as well?
  8. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    I wasn't there - the new owner did it alone........yes was easy quick sale ..... Just ordered a 2nd Xmax for my friend (currently in Europe) at Yamaha/Watchara Pattaya, black/grey color - expected delivery January 2018.
  9. BPH: Great service or inefficient?

    they told me 4 weeks ago Dr. Anna has left for good and is now in the US
  10. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    yes I guess a smaller driver may don't have any issue, when I lower my head the wind is down to a minumum - but hope the short screen will send all wind to my chest only get already good used to the brakes - would rate it over average
  11. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    thank for the warning - but 1st: Yamaha sells the Akrapovic as accessories via their website for the Xmax (Europe) 2nd; I will keep the original exhaust and its easy to switch back 3rd: my local Yamaha man in Pattaya told me he will "take care" any issues regarding warranty update - the 2nd remote is 1.500 only in Pattaya ordered already (2.200 in BKK) - short/dark windscreen ordered already - stock windscreen is on top position (tried lower position but was worse) - waiting still for other quotes for the exhaust then the 32.5k (more/less similar price to Europe) from BKK Akrapovic black/carbon slip on with cat (official importer) - have now 300km on the Odo, consumption 3.3l/100km or 30km/l (both ways indicated at the board computer) - get already more used to the brakes - feels little less left at 120km/h on the throttle - after 1 week still waiting to see the 2nd Xmax on the road Anybody has experience about the breaking-in period? the Yamaha manual indicates 1.000km not over 4.500 revs (hard to do as easy revs up) and 1.500km not over 6.500 revs
  12. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    Thanks I guess I will get used to the brake set up and wont change anything - just need to use more hand power especially compared to the very good Nmax brakes According to the dealer the windshield is on the top position but I cant really confirm/see this, will check with the local Pattaya dealer, I use a 3/4 open face Nolan helmet with big screen, compared to the wind noise withe Forza I think its similar or slightly better , but i do like more the set up of the Nmax which has a short sporty screen and I do mainly city driving of around 10km/trip and are happy to get some wind/blow at hot times but dont like constant buzzing the suspension feels better than the Nmax and far superior vs the Forza, especially on pot holes ans similar bad road conditions, no difference solo (85kg) or together with the wife (+40kg) the high riding position gives you a great view to the the road and surroundings handling is very easy like a bicycle even on low speeds, just has a longer turn radius - but easy to adapt But I think after about 1.000km I can give a better review and may confirm or not my 1st impressions the seat feels great, very comfy and good lumbar support, way on top of all bikes I have driven, the 2 foot rest positions.leg room are good as well, slightly below Nmax standard but clear above Forza
  13. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    first impressions after 50km very good overall quality very impressive handling and stability guess due to the big wheels very practical and large under seat storage great night vision / head lights very comfortable seat and sitting/leg position may want to change the standard wind shield to the short black one (original Yamaha accessoires 3.4K) , design wise and to reduce some wind noise at the head/helmet may consider black/carbon Akrapovic slip on but with 32.5k very expensive will order 2nd/spare remote control 2.2K was so far only at 120km/h hardly notice the speed as it runs very smooth and effortless as stated in various reviews in the net the breaks are missing little responsiveness and need a strong hand so far 4l/100km at least 1 league above my previous Forza 300
  14. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    on the main stand its way higher, have to put it down - with 178cm easy to touch the ground and handle I get my bike tonight :-) currently on the way down from BKK according to Yamaha Pattaya/Sukhumvit currently 4 month waiting if order today....
  15. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    I doubt that - no market for 3 big scooter 300, 400 and 530cc (TMax)