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  1. Honda Forza 300

    they mentioned the price at the show?
  2. Car accident, looking for some advice.

    sorry for the trouble - your / rental car 1st class insurance should deal with all parties including the police, but at the end of the day "the accident wouldn't have been happen if you would stay in Thailand but in your home country" especial car vs motorbike
  3. Honda Forza 300

    looks not bad
  4. Merci - lets see how it ends and hope my HR know their job........
  5. Reputable pharmacy that will not rip me off

    exactly what i do as well
  6. "Note that severance pay is subject to different taxation allowances than normal pay." thanks - do you have any details regarding the taxation, I remember a colleague got 10 months but 1 month got lost due to taxes.......
  7. to be clearer - I might get fired sooner or later due to bad business numbers and outlook and would like to know how much pay-off or compensation payment my employee has to pay me after 10 years in the company and if the monthly allowances are calculated as well?
  8. thanks for some valuable replies - yes I have paid more than 10 years the Social Funds of THB 750/month and I am not a teacher, so sound not bad initially the 15.000/months for 1/2 year in addition to the pay-off from my current company but the downside as mentioned already earlier the WP and Visa issue as I am married to a non Thai and would probably have to get a new type of visa e.g. ED first in order to get the funds.....
  9. I got the Citi Bank credit card no fees and no deposit requested - holding WP as well, limit started with 1 month salary and now after 4 years increased to 5 times monthly salary without my request
  10. Dear all, are foreigner entitled for monthly unemployment payments? If yes how it gets calculated (have salary and allowances for housing/transport), how long you can get it and were to apply? Thanks
  11. Hi all, my income out of employment is about 65% salary and about 35% allowances for housing/transport/phone. How is the pay-off amount calculated? I am fearing only out of the normal salary not the allowances? e.g. after 5 year employment, entitled 5 x monthly salary ? Thanks Mr.J
  12. you need to transfer foreign money to Thailand and the proof/form, from a local bank to register under your name at the land office (besides the 49% quota) But if one has cash only and or black money you can get this form under the table via bank or money changer against a fee
  13. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    momento beach pattaya have 1 xmax 300 for rent theprasit road
  14. Any rent to buy condos in Pattaya?

    my lawyer told me only works for Thai not for Farang
  15. Horseshoe Point - Dog Missing

    good luck to find her!