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  1. Phuket man found ‘aluminium’ in 7-11 sausage

    I think that I would be more concerned of what part of the pig goes to make up the rest of the sausage.....
  2. Of course not......Too many high - so hangers on stand to lose too much.
  3. Firstly my condolences to the family of the deceased. Along with a lot of posters today I am still amazed at the lack of training to deal with these ( more common ) situations. However, I am also amazed how many people feel the need to stand in the middle of a street filming a crazed, drunk moron brandishing a loaded weapon !!! Barking mad !! Stray bullets have no loyalties to any one entity.
  4. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    Jenga license next......then dominoes behind locked doors.......
  5. Phuket Police hunt Chalong lobster thieves

    “We checked CCTV records and found that two men climbed over the wall and got into the venue at 4.11 am. One of the suspects was wearing a black cap and a dark shirt. Another one was wearing a jacket, a white cap and a mask. They broke the lock, fished out six lobsters, put them in a bag and escaped from the restaurant in the same manner they got in,” Capt Somkiet said.
  6. Tourist revenue conversion ........
  7. No Richard, it is the required IQ to operate the vehicle in the circle.....
  8. Please tell me if I am mistaken, but did I not read about a week or so ago that the police had deemed the ex policeman to be the rightful owner ????
  9. Dumb and Dumber....
  10. Cash-strapped Foreign Office puts Bangkok embassy up for sale

    Here is a clue......
  11. I thought they always went along side by side..........