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  1. Very well done, quick thinking selfless act ......now I suggest you go get some vaccination shots to be on the safe side..
  2. Very well put smedley. I for one wish the western governments would ditch this politically correct, don't upset the Muslim approach. Alas I fear it is just too late. As I have posted many times, ( and been vilified more than once for it ) these people will not, and do not want to live as we do. They come from their s***holes to Europe, then want to change our country into their old s***holes......
  3. Oh, I don't know................
  4. What is the duration of an AIS SIM card?

    I wanted to keep my number for convenience so I used to top up my phone in Saudi using International roaming. Here are the codes for AIS, hope it helps AIS 12Call USSD Codes *411# – Activate 4G on your SIM if available *120*_Top-up-code_# – Add Credit from top up card *121*3# – Check your remaining data plan balance *121*2# – Check free airtime. *121*1# – Check mao mao bonus. *121# – Check your remaining balance ( or Dial *121 ) *125 or *125*1# – Turn on International Roaming *545# – Get your own phone number *139# – Check remaining SMS/GPRS/WiFi balance ( Old – changed to *121# ) *777 – Change Promotion *700 – Balance and validity transfer, language change and call me back service *120 Call: 900120 – Activate new SIM *292* 12call number *amount # (20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 thb) – Transfer credit from AIS Post Paid to 12Call *140 or *140*1* 12call number*amount# (10,20, 50, 100 thb) – Transfer credit to another user *500*9# – Add 30 days validity for 30 THB on Mao Mao package *500*1# – 25 Calling minutes for 20 thb – valid 48 hours *388# – Get WiFi Username and password.
  5. Try Here....https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collapse_of_the_Royal_Plaza_Hotel
  6. If it walks, swims, flies, or farts, the Chinese will eat it........
  7. I feel a new committee coming on........
  8. Another example of the mentality of people in Authority, be it a teacher, or politician......We know what is correct, you are simply there to keep me in my position so keep quiet and do not bother me.....plebs. Maybe if drivers were educated, then forced to obey the traffic rules then the roundabout would work ok.
  9. I wonder if there is any chance that they will actually give it some taste........Naw, probably not..........and how about this.............
  10. Fake printing ink cartridges seized in Nonthaburi raid

    Yes it is called Copy ink........ looking for my coat right now.....