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  1. I had cervical spondylosis for several years, in fact it occasionally re-appears though not so severe. My treatment was at a hospital where I lay on my back, on a flat table with a brace around my head and jaw, attached to weights hanging down. The mechanism slowly applied the weight, then released it. about one cycle every two minutes, which slowly stretched the neck to separate the vertebrae, worked after about two treatments a week for three months, along with hot packs etc. No monks or hammers in sight thank you very much. Mind you I am now 7 foot 5 inches tall........
  2. Ah, I understand the meaning of your post now........Only close the shop, yet nothing done with the owners....
  3. They could hardly close it down before anyone got sick.......Seems a fairly quick response to me...
  4. Need time for this.......
  5. Well said Sir, you beat me to it regarding not letting an animal suffer, but is ok for a human. Although I believe I am right in saying that it is not the case here in Thailand, as I have read many times of how hard it is to put down a suffering pet. Either way, R.I.P. old man.
  6. Saudi foreign minister tells Iran: "enough is enough"

    Promising Israel billions of dollars in aid is a bit of a turnaround for a country that wants to see it wiped off the map. Will not be a popular move among the religious nutters over there. I knew a teacher in Saudi who lost his job because they found an Israeli stamp in his passport.
  7. Father’s grief at triple road tragedy

    Oh, General......Measures are already in place.......but we all know why accidents still happen........Unfortunately, in instances like these the little innocents are the sad victims as they are at the hands of the incompetents...... R.I.P. to all the victims, and I hope in time the pain of the parents will diminish....
  8. Where are the ashtray bins in the photo. Or will they use the flowerpots....?
  9. I am going to have a stab in the dark here.........but with a name like Amnuay Wensila I will say, er , no.....
  10. Curse of the Black Magic

    Just tell her to eat them.......
  11. There is a very high chance that IS operatives are already in Thailand, and have probably been here for a long time. However, they are not so dumb as to be here on overstay, or working illegally. They will keep a very low profile well under the radar until the time is right.....unfortunately.
  12. Man, 62, hurt after SUV plunges from car park

    Lucky nobody was in the soi below.
  13. Correct......A Politician or a Policeman........