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  1. ‘Report all corruption,’ says Phuket Governor

    I guess one of these will be overheating in the near future....
  2. There is a wonderful invention that has been around for years. You simply insert it into the hole in the door by the handle, and then.....turn it........
  3. Man smashes 'impossible' 7,500 calorie Big Mac Challenge in just five minutes

    If he had eaten the packaging he would have consumed 7485 calories...
  4. I will get onto it right away....maybe need to fit wheels though as it may be a bit heavy to carry around....
  5. Facing eviction, disabled mother appeals for help

    In a civilised society a bank would not, or even could not, evict a paralyzed or partially paralyzed lady with siblings to support. Surely there are laws in place to prevent this, or am I being delusional in my old age.
  6. Correct Sir, NEVER coast down a hill, you have less control. Also, as you mention, the engine and gearbox act as a brake, so you do not need to step on the brake pedal so mutt......sirry iriots....
  7. look on the bright side Thaiwrath........At least you still get up for a pee......
  8. While I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments on Roundabouts, I believe I have found a tiny flaw in your plan.........
  9. Man buries vodka weeks before music festival – and digs it up when it's on

    Reminds me of a trick people use on the Bahrain causeway to get Vodka into Saudi Arabia........Buy a large bag of oranges, and inject them all with the spirit using a syringe......
  10. Condolences to the family of the deceased, but three adults on a bike, not a crash helmet in sight. There simply does not appear to be any understanding of 'danger' here. If they do not care for their own lives then they at least should think about the suffering of the families left behind.
  11. Worker drowns in bio-gas pond in Nakhon Pathom

    Exactly, even a length of rope around the waist.......what price a life......But alas I think education is another factor, how often I see workers taking unsafe short cuts at heights, or using power tools / cutters etc and holding the items under their feet wearing flip flops.......the list is endless....