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  1. electric is extremely expensive in oz. Its so cheap here in LOS. Your use of the word 'slightly' is incorrect
  2. We are in month 2 of a new business. I've put up most of the money and she agrees to pay me back 1/2 of expenses eventually. Last week I made a few mistakes re some expenses on a spreadsheet. She starts crying blah blah. Tonight she cried again over another financial issue. Im concerned she might be concealing something with regards to her own financial situation. Maybe she owes money to someone else etc. Our business is doing well and we are making good money. She is the main worker as I dont have a Work permit. I dont think she understands how hard I worked in the last 20 yrs to get the money to open our business. I had to borrow money and take risks. She has no idea how hard it was for me. I get the feeling she doesnt like me having 50% of profits for our business. She says she now looks so old when looking in the mirror since meeting me and getting married to me (5yrs). Last night I woke up for an 11pm pee and noticed she was still surfing facebook on the iphone- with the light off. I think this phone addiction thing is affecting mental health. Its not me thats the problem.
  3. If your child is exceptional (top of the class) then your better off keeping him/her in the thai govt school system. They will get access to the medical entry 'quota' system for medicine and dentistry. This is what my wife did and after studying at a uni in central bkk she had to work in a govt hospital as part of the contract. Im unsure if theres access to this if you send your kid to international school
  4. davidst01


    from the moment you enter vietnam the people will try to rip you off. its an annoying place to visit.
  5. davidst01

    Can i protect my dog from other dogs?

    unwise to put a photo of yourself. thai tabloid media love these BS stories. take a bamboo stick on every walk. problem solved
  6. davidst01

    Barking dog

    throw a few bones over the fence close to the time when you know the neighbours will be arriving home. they will think someone is trying to poison the dogs. It could cause them to do something. it worked for us. the dogs are quiet when eating the bones as well. double effect
  7. jesus this government are s>>t. Im glad I sold my PPOR a few yrs ago and didnt pay a cent in tax. dont forget guys.... you dont have to pay any tax on gains from international shares. Im not invested in tech stocks on nasdaq anymore but if the market corrects / crashes Im back in for sure. It will be easy money- just a waiting game before they go up.... all tax free
  8. davidst01

    Inefficient thai gardener

    The next door neighbor has a reasonable size front garden. I estimate mowing and brushcutting (wipper snippering) might take 4 to 5 hours max. The thai gardener has come back again today (3 days in a row). He is extremely slow and hopeless. Day 1 is the mowing. Yesterday and today is the brushcutting. The most annoying thing is that he doesnt hold down the button on the machine like any normal person. He revs it constantly- stop start / stop start. Last month I paid him to collect rubbish in our garden and asked the wife to translate the fact that he is going to burn out his engine if he operates his machine like this. But still today rev/ rev/ rev. If this guy is on hourly rate its going to be an expensive job for the owner. Why would anyone come back 3 days in a row to do this piss easy 4 - 5 hours max job?
  9. but I heard through a reliable source that one MUST get a receipt when paying it at the police station or court house
  10. davidst01

    Mid Life Crisis ??

    You're assuming he wants to work in a standard school. If OP wants to work at a government university there is no requirement for a TL
  11. davidst01

    How unlikely hero helps stray dogs in Pattaya

    maybe your nuts. give her a break.
  12. why such a small amount. Its a bit weird isnt it? If he persued this in a U.S courtroom surely he could get millions. He sounds a bit clueless if he is only going for 70k
  13. cant wait for things to correct. many australians dont think that property prices can decrease. many didnt live through the 80s with interest rates above 10%
  14. Looks like a fine selection