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  1. davidst01

    Warning of more wet, windy weather ahead

    no. its still there. I think the beach widening is a huge successsssss
  2. this is exactly what we have done a few times. Works a dream. We leave a few thousand to cover bills in that deposit amount. but we draw down most of the rent out of the deposit.
  3. davidst01

    SURVEY: Facebook, worth it or not?

    If you have a small business in Thailand you must use facebook to advertise. Its highly recommended
  4. davidst01

    Where To Get A Face-Lift ....

    dont do it old boy. grow old gracefully. People who have face lifts look freakish...
  5. When a thai lady starts to put her hooks on you, run for the hills....
  6. Here is a similar story with a farang being cheated by a classy thai lady - with kids involved.... http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/396496-four-ways-to-lose-your-property-in-thailand/?hl=%203%20%20ways%20%20to%20%20lose%20%20property
  7. more aussie bogans heading over to the LOS. thats all we need. Cant they go to bali to surgically improve their looks.
  8. If you have a business in thailand and employ thai staff, it is VERY likely at some point that someone will steal from you...
  9. maybe because she is attracted to him! did you ever think about that one? whatever nanny state country you come from doji, this thread is about LOS.
  10. perhaps this may be common knowledge to you, but many of us do not have the wherewithal to kill a man or dog on hand OP's dad is a Vet... it doesnt mean that Im a vet or have the knowledge of my dad
  11. A girl from Chiang Rai that I have been dating this year told me last night that her father is a policeman. Actually we were looking through her facebook photos and I pointed at the serious looking guy in uniform and was surprised when she told me. She then went to her wallet and showed me his business card. It was all in thai and I could not understand the narrative. I did not think to ask about her parents occupations before as it did not really interest me. My question is…. Its it a concern for me if our relationship goes pear shaped? I would like to find out what rank he is and need to know what the ranking system is in the policeforce... Its duly noted that I am her fathers age and that my lady friend is half my age. She is obviously above the legal 20 yrs of age and thus no issue there. I asked her if her father might have problem with me due to my age and she said no. She is 100% not a bar girl and is very sweet and not to mention a stunner. I am an extremely lucky guy but obviously do not want to end up in trouble. If you have any prior experience with this situation and can offer your opinion it would be much appreciated.
  12. No this dog was not a stray. It was owned by some ladies who have a shop. These ladies are absolutely hopeless and uneducated people and should not have a dog as a pet. I walked past this dog in its cage a month ago and it was lying there in its cage with a small sore on its back. I thought back then that the dog should see a vet but did nothing about it. I regret it so much I found a vet eventually who agreed on the phone to give it the green dream- in oz the vets use a brand called 'lethabarb' I think. It was hard trying to find a taxi that would take us to the vet in the heat of the day. I had to pay him thb1000 and then he wanted a 200 tip. The vet today charged me 200 baht. Whilst I was trying to sort out the taxi we transferred the poor dog to a cadboard box and using my cold bottle of water I slowly in its mouth. It stopped crying (convulsions) briefly. The stupid owners had evidently not been giving it drinks of water. I gave it water all the way to the vet- just felt so sorry for the poor dog as its had a shit life due to its irresponsible thai owners who have no money or are kee neow. The whole experience of this suffering dog was so upsetting but a relief for the poor thing who was in hell for many months. It is a shame that the thai's think its a 'Sin' for putting down a suffering animal.
  13. this statement is innacurate. Kinlyow should ring around some of the vet hospitals in bkk and find out that none of them will put a dog down that is suffering
  14. This is one of my concerns about living in Thailand. My two dogs are like my children and when their time comes, I do not want them to suffer. My fear is that a Vet in Thailand will not euthanize them and they will suffer until the end. Do you know if a Vet would agree to prepare the lethal dose and allow the owner to administer? if I find a vet tomorrow I will send you a PM to let you know
  15. A week ago I walked along the canal where I live and saw a thai lady looking after a dog suffering beyond anything I have ever seen before. My dad is a vet back home and I have seen a lot of suffering animals in my life but this is the worst. The dog is still lying their convulsing and basically crying out. I could not help it 1 week ago and I regret this but just walked past the same area tonight and its still their suffering. I have told the owner I want to take it to the vet and pay for it to be put down. She agrees with this but will not come in the taxi with me. The problem is that I have been ringing around vet clinics and they all refuse to put it to sleep - due to local beliefs. Can you help or advise what to do here. If you can recommend a vet that has more western training or belief system?? I am here in LOS to observe not to judge cultural values but I know that this dog needs to be put down.