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  1. Cadet died ‘due to health issue’

    Indeed. This is on the front page of today's BBC World News website. Horrific. Scumbag army cover up. I feel for his family, though this being the army with, er, the army in govt, justice will never be forthcoming.
  2. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    A wise Thai once told me that power moves between the police and the army, depending on who is in govt. And both sides at the top dislike each other. Reds in govt = police have the power at the top. Yellows in govt = army have the power at the top.
  3. PHOTOS: Toyota Hilux Revo 2018

    What, like the Toyota Tacoma V8 that has been sold in the US for many, many years? Agree, although not difficult. The Revo has to have had the worst looking front out of all the manufacturers. Now mucho better.
  4. Rubber Trees

    Prices for cup are ranging from 15-18 baht depending on where and to whom you sell. Yet still they are opening new trees here that are 5-6 y/o with a ridiculous diameter. 2 years too young and 20 cms too small....
  5. The average Thai Citizen would welcome Mr T back with open arms. The average Thai Citizen hates Mr P more by the day, week, month. Both Mr T and Mr P know this.
  6. Rubber Trees

    We get weighed and paid out tomorrow, after delivery to the auction this morning. Just found out the winning bid was 18.95 baht per kg for cup. Worst price since Jan 2016. We will be going over to a 55/45 split with the tappers tomorrow... The only good thing is this is "prime time" for tapping up here - production figures are way up. If this was rainy season, mid July or similar, at those prices, tappers would down tools and we'd shut the plantations down. Nov-Dec-Jan we'll keep going. Might go back to the UK in the new year and get a job....
  7. Indeed. All the old vote buying malarkey stories of Red Shirt provinces, ie 500 baht, 1000 baht per household paid blah blah. Anyhow... I guarantee you one thing, up here in the NE, Mr. P could offer each household 10,000 baht, nay every adult over the age of 25, 10,000 baht, hypothetically, and he would get the worst losses in results in history. Guaranteed.
  8. They are in charge. They can do what they want....
  9. The above is meaningless drivel. Below are the important bits; # The Economy. Or what's left of it. Not got a clue how to look after it or improve it. # Reconciliation - never happened, and getting worse. Never was meant to happen.
  10. The last LSD he took must have been one helluva trip....
  11. jeez, and I thought i'd gone too "native"....
  12. Give it a rest will ya, you troll. Stop insulting a man and his family. They live here, they are happy. End of. Got nothing to do with politics or the current shambles of a govt why he, or anyone of us continues to wish to live here. With our wives. With our children. Left Pattaya and found your "Buffalo Scrubber" yet? Your disrespectful words, not mine...
  13. Indeed. The locals from all walks of life and the missus reckon no way will there be an election in 2018. Something extraordinary or out of the ordinary needs to happen, otherwise they doubt there will be one in 2019... Ordinary folks are hurting financially, they are getting more and more pissed off, and sooner or later it's gonna boil over.
  14. Interesting. Never even heard of them before. Checked the links, they seem proper. Been going a long time too. Just about every FI model made covered.