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  1. # unfriendly locals - not where i live. Possibly in the tourist ghettos, dog eat dog world. Understandable if i was a local having to deal with a job involving foreigners/tourists, day in day out, month after month, year after... # higher prices - same the world over. Nowhere is getting cheaper. # dual pricing - never happened to me in 14 years. In fact a lot of stuff i can buy cheaper than the Thais; m/c parts, building materials etc etc, because 1. i speak the lingo, and even better, in the local dialect. 2. i'm not shy to barter. # visas - ok got me on that one. Agree. # Inability to buy land - been like this forever, aint gonna change, did'nt put me off. Bought land, built house, built business, Mrs's name, no problem for me. # military junta - been several coups before i came, during and no doubt again in the future. This is SE Asia, not the West, not the same and never will be. # high taxes on imports. Again this is not a recent thing. I moved here in 2003, have a lot of parts imported over the years, paid a lot of tax, moved household and workshop possessions over here in my own containers. It's not changed, in fact at least the Post Office service is 200% better. # So the list goes on, but basically nothing has changed or got worse generally for expats. In fact a whole bunch of stuff has got better over the years. Depends where you live. And your outlook on life. Me? my glass is still half full...
  2. Loud. Very loud.
  3. Thanx. I ONLY wear loud, bright shirts over here.
  4. ... to my T140 Bonneville. On this day, 38 years ago, i walked into my local Triumph dealer, and rode out on a new Cherry Red with black scallops T140E. 38 years later...
  5. In a word, no. While prices are pretty low still, there is no point. The only advantage with sheet is storing it (more expense) and playing the markets. With latex (virtually nobody does it up here) there is always a good chance you are getting ripped by the middlemen or end buyer with their "version" of the DRC content. I spoke to one of my husband/wife tapper teams at the end of last season about the above, they've tapped all their working lives (mainly in the South), and they concurred with the above. Once cup hits 60 TB per kg and sheet is 120 TB per kg, it's worth a re think.
  6. Bundle of un-intelligent racist fun, are'nt you?
  7. My avatar. '89 Cali mk 3.
  8. # Agree, background looks very, er green. # You can get nearly everything new for a Vincent these days, inc a complete motor. The VOC have a remarkable spares scheme, that has been running for decades. # Approx 5,000 Vincent twins were made post war, until '55, the last year of production, most still on the road. # I for one, would not be putting engine and frame numbers in ad in print or on the web. Serious enquiring punters would be down there in a flash checking the product out. # I've seen a few of this guy's ads, seems to have a decent stable of bikes. A Rocket III recently advertised for 600 odd k seemed very reasonable.
  9. 32 TB per kg @ auction round here last week according to the missus. Our first sale of the season will be on the 27th.
  10. Got to sell something. Anything. Everything. The wife. The MIL. The step daughter. My left testicle. Anything. Even my Guzzi... (but not my Triumph...). My weekly B&S perusal of motorcycles. 1953 Vincent Series 3 Black Shadow. Rebuilt, as new, legal with a book and plate. 2,600,000. Not outrageous at today's prices. Always wanted one. Apologies for no link supplied, i'm a bit thick, unsavvy, illiterate, when it comes to computers, so you'll have to get off your butts and go and check out Motorcycling Nirvana yourselves.
  11. ...yawn... tatts again... Me, covered in 'em... And?
  12. Disagree. My personal experience is virtually the complete opposite to what you have written in all of the above. Totally . Now 14 years and counting...
  13. Sounds about right. 50k for the book and 50k for the bike. Then rip it apart and make something decent from the basics.
  14. The Spanish Mafia and it's called Dorna.
  15. Dunno, but the thing looked like it had had a hard life. Rims and fork tubes looked the best things on it. Tyres had not seen a lot of use. A '95 Techno was on B&S a coupla months ago, later RWU forks fitted, CM area owned by a Brit, had over 20k invested in new mechanicals, and the guy would accept 40k. Seemed a far better bet. Photo is the CM bike. Still got it's rear mudguard...