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  1. You talking city hospitals. I'm talking tambon clinics. There were virtually none pre 2002. Ditto tarmac interconnecting village roads. Ditto dirt sois in villages. Ditto lack of water in dry seasons. You've not answered the question. Why did it take Mr. T to do all the above. Why was this not done with earlier regimes/governments? Why did'nt the Dems come up with some of these ideas?
  2. I'll mention that to some of the nurses i've got to know over the years who are very proud of their "underfunded, understaffed, under SKILLED clinics". As i mentioned earlier, i ask you, who did anything remotely like that before, and since? Dems in the last 40 years? don't make me laugh....
  3. Another condo dwelling snob... Utopia? Keep 'em lean, keep 'em mean, eh? Average wealth increase? Ask any self employed business owner how good the times were back then. I have many Thai friends from all walks of life, everyone misses the good days back then.And moans about business today. Table scraps - well, clinics on your doorstep, and actually being able to walk out of your front door onto a concrete road rather than a mud hole, or the whole of the front of your house not covered in red dust anymore, or the village having access to reliable water in the dry season, yeah ok call 'em table scraps. I call it a vast improvement in quality of life.
  4. Strange that innit? So was i. But in the boondocks of Isaan. '03 onwards. Never, ever, before or since, in such a short space of time was so much accomplished up here. Less than 5 years. I'm talking artesian water wells for villages that were reknowned for drought. I'm talking inter connecting village roads finally having tarmac, after, ooh, decades of dirt roads. I'm talking inside the villages, the villagers themselves being given, cement, sand and gravel to make their own concrete soi's instead of decades of dirt soi's, dust and unhealthy air. I'm talking about the hundreds of new clinics that spread up in every tambon, automatically reducing a lengthy visit to the nearest market town hospital, and having local pre and post natal care on their doorstep. I'm talking finally every village and market town getting reliable electricity and water. Countless other ideas, new ideas, OTOP, 30 baht healthcare, countless others. All of a sudden, instead of BKK and Chonburi industrial zones getting all the money, the little people in the sticks got a better healthier life through lots of little, simple things. For the first time ever, their voices were heard, and more importantly, listened to. Here was a politician, an incredibly wealthy self made man who promised stuff, and actually delivered. Their votes counted and could actually change their lives for the better. Bangkokians and the HiSo Elites etc never could grasp how their power was taken from them by the peasants, farmers and factory fodder of the North. Why even today they still do not want a one man one vote system. Yes he was bent, which politician is'nt. Did he buy his votes? Well if delivering on his promises is what counts, yes. Now why did NOBODY in the previous 50 years or last 10 years do anything similar? Why did NOBODY help the piss poor? Keep 'em skint, keep the factory fodder conveyor belt running, keep sending the 15 y/o single mums down to the bars and karaokes. Keep 'em stupid. And people who don't know Northerners or live in the Isaan boondocks wonder why the guy is STILL held in high esteem, and people don't forget... And why his sister would win a land slide if people were allowed to vote for her. With all the shit that has gone on in the last 3 years, i can guarantee you her land slide victory would be even bigger than anything before up here in the NW and NE. Nobody up here forgets...
  5. Debit card = good. Credit card = bad. Worldwide, not just here. If you have'nt got it, you can't spend it. Simples, really.
  6. Ditto up here. Been seeing it for more than a year now. BIG trucks loaded with 5,6,7 y/o trees every week. That is young rubber coming out, and something else going in, probably sugar cane in most cases, possibly a bit of tapioca and palm.
  7. I've come across a couple of topics started by the OP. Generally always about problems with the missus. And then relating the story and asking for advice on this forum. Sounds like you found a wrong 'un. Big Time. And you are correct, you have not heard the last of her. If the son has a UK passport, get the hell out of Dodge with him anyway you can, legally or illegally. My 2 baht's worth...
  8. Little charmer are'nt you. Got a lovely way with words. Such a ray of sunshine. Ray of Sunshine 2.0.
  9. An expert who has made a 3 year study of street food vendors in Thailand for the University of?
  10. Hope so. Would finally sort BKK out. But if this country was going to split, it would be more along Yugoslavia's lines, ie into 3,4 or 5 different countries.
  11. It will. Have some friends in the UK who now legally buy canaboid (spelling) oils from Holland for similar pain relief problems. Not cheap, but they swear by it. They still smoke weed, but use the oil medicinally...
  12. Excellent news boys. Keep it coming. News like this makes up (sort of) for the 250,000 tons coming out of Ivory Coast or wherever in the first 6 months of this year.