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  1. Not really. I don't find her attractive either. As the thread is about "sexy" and "model" jobs, the post is relevant. IMO a lot of these "Pretties" are not, er, pretty.
  2. Sold cup at auction yesterday, 30.80 baht per kg.
  3. Jeez, the guy in the pic in the OP looks like a bundle of fun. I can imagine having a few pints and a good old banter with him down the pub. Not. Probably the Western version of a customs big wig looks the same...
  4. She has a nice face too. Beautiful.
  5. The name is Craig.... Daniel Craig....
  6. If, like me, you like Sportsters, (i also like the earlier tubular framed Buells), check out a company called Avinton. Their bikes start @ £28k or 30k Euros. I believe it's a French company. 1647cc S&S 6 speed Sportster based motors. Outrageous quality and design. I suppose a European modern FI version of a Buell. Makes the latest 1200 Ducati Monster look very sad.Probably out-performs one in all depts too. Stunning...
  7. IMO she is the prettiest Pretty i have seen.
  8. Indeed, i've seen the video. That is a seriously impressive motorcycle.
  9. That old chestnut...Me, i've always loved Harley's, but only the older ones and i have a soft spot for Sportsters (Skirtsters as big twin owners will tell you). The myth of HD's being slow is outdated. With a bit of know how and not a lot of money, you can have an HD that seriously hauls arse, reliably too. My old Evo FXR would cruise all day, every day at the above speed and it was'nt even breaking into a sweat. If i could have hung on, it would do 100mph all day long, every day. But that's not practical with beach bars... What i have'nt liked with the Motor Co. is there advertising, the new same same heritage models and the new breed of riders it has attracted in the last two decades. Give me the good olde days any day when only real bikers and weirdos rode Shovelheads, and every rider had black fingernails and greasy jeans. Not accountants and lawyers dressing up at weekends pretending to be the Bad Boyz, riding belt drive bikes that don't need touching, hence clean jeans, let alone finger nails... Sorry, rant over...
  10. Last of the pics before i have to upload new ones to the computer. On all these bikes of this period, there is pretty much no natural finish on any alloy. Everything is painted inc fork sliders, fork braces, mudguard brackets, wheel hubs, etc etc, rims anodized. Presumably because they get wet a lot, riding thru streams, mud etc and it's an anti corrosion/easy to clean thing. The yokes (triple trees for 'Mercan readers - what a daft name/description) i wanted a nice matte scotch bright finish. Over the years i've really grown to like this finish, it is easy to re-apply, and the older i get the less i like shiny stuff. Unlike my Triumph... Which if it sees a wet road will take a good most of the day to get pretty again. I'm not joking, 6-8 hours for a proper wax and re-polish. That's what you have to put up with when most of the bike is polished alloy with a nickel plated frame... Anyway, started with the scotch bright on the worst pair, after an hour i realized i was'nt getting very far, so F this for a game of soldiers, onto the polishing spindle and out with the mops... The only shiny bits on the bike...
  11. Not being picky, but the correct terminology is Hardly Dangerous...
  12. C/mon dude, don't exaggerate now... Kawa 650 twin - incredible acceleration...
  13. You are joking right? Have you actually asked to see the Toyota Genuine Technician's Diploma? Some of the worst mechanics work in big Brand Name franchises. Some of the best are small independents. And vise versa. You cannot generalize. TG, mechanic and machinist with 40 years experience.
  14. So i got myself two decent pairs of wheels and brake plates, off to see the old guy painter, Khun Udom to see what he could do. Sure, he said, strip the hubs out and i'll paint 'em and the brake plates. No, no i said, wheels stay in one piece, you mask the rims, prep and paint the rest inc the spokes. He very politely told me to F off. Why can't you strip 'em out he asked. 'cos i'm not spending £97 for one set of front Z spokes and £99 for one set of rear Z spokes, (£400 quid) and then i may as well buy new rims at a £100 a pop. £800 right now on 4 wheels is not going to happen. So i took them away to a Thai mate of mine who runs a nice little bike shop down a side soi. Very good mechanic, builds up 2 stroke KRR Kawasakis to sell, works on all sorts. And he does his own paintwork. Sure he said. 250 baht per wheel. I gave him a handful of German al/ox cloth strips, a couple of reels of masking tape and let him get on with it. Also agreed a price of 100 baht per tyre/tube/rim to put the tyres on. The rear rims with two rim locks i knew were going to be a bastard. He confirmed this, and i was so happy with his work i gave him 1200 for the paint and 500 for the tyre/tube fitting. He was happy, i was very happy. Not too shabby... Hubs and (magnesium) brakeplates were matt black originally, spokes were sort of galvanised, partly rust look.
  15. Gold anodized alloy DID rims of the 70's and 80's as fitted as original equipment to Honda and Yamaha trials bikes were reknowned for rotting and corroding on the inside. 2 of the 5 rear rims confirmed this. Front rims were better. The pics below does not do the damage and corrosion justice.