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  1. Thai Customs and Immigration - Are They Serious ?

    Indeed. I have a lot of stuff sent regularly from the West. Machine tool spares, motorcycle parts etc etc. I insist that the seller sends by registered Post Office. Some stuff gets hit with duties, others not, no problem. DHL, Fed Ex, UPS = no sale.
  2. Indeed. I watched it on the tv news this morning. If i'd been the copper I would of punched the pair of them out. And then given the boy a right good kicking.... Kudos to the copper for keeping calm...
  3. UK and Thailand to hold Joint Military Exercise

    Too many mushrooms in your tea? Are you on drugs?
  4. Veteran actor Harry Dean Stanton dies at 91

    Great actor. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid - one of my all time favourite movies and albums. RIP.
  5. UK and Thailand to hold Joint Military Exercise

    Blimey! Small world. My Dad was in the RAF, that was his posting just after I was born. I lived there from 3 months old to about 4-5 years old. Guttersloh nearby.
  6. You're doing well. All the local village shops here have charged 55 for ages. I buy 2 cases a fortnight in town, fluctuated between 530 and 560 baht a case, depending on the weather, a full moon, wrong time of the month etc.
  7. Seriously. I heard 5-10 baht a bottle increase.
  8. 21 pages and counting. I've read page 1 and page 21. I can't be arsed to read the rest. Let's cut to the chase - so what's a bottle of Chang going to cost me now at my local corner mom'n'pop shop?
  9. Boss in Soi Cowboy "coyote" slapping video fined

    Where do I sign up?
  10. # Bit late. Been back patch 1% MC's in KK and NK for years. Either bars and clubhouses. # Your last paragraph - do me a favour and stop making stuff up. Conducting research = making stuff up as they go along.
  11. Rubber Trees

    Sold cup at auction yesterday, 29.00 baht per kg.
  12. 1. No. 2. Have very little to do with the back patch MC scene over here. But when I go back home, I visit long standing friends who are. In fact I can count on one hand back patch MC members I know in this country, one of which we go back 30 years. 3. I did not say ALL MC members are good. Nor did I say they are only in it for a laugh. When quoting me, please quote correctly. 4. I would not class a bar fight as criminal activities.
  13. Suzuki GD110 cc

    No. I said well under 10. I digress, I do remember now, only once ever, when fuel consumption was discussed regards motorcycles amongst my wider circle of mates, friends and brothers. It was in the early to mid 90's, when me and another mate bought our first Moto Guzzi's. Both were S/H early MK III 950cc Cali's with the stock 5 gallon tank. We still had our Brit bikes, and everybody else was riding Brit, Harley or (much) older Ducati's. No Jap bikes in our crew. We could not believe the mileage we were getting from those Guzzi's - very very efficient economical engine design. On tour abroad etc, everybody else had to tank up, and we still had half a tank full. Now, back to mpg figures on 100cc step throughs. yada yada.