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  1. Local Mechanic vs Official Dealer

    Rule Number One; Never Assume Anything...
  2. Honda CRF 250L

    Only joshin'...
  3. Honda CRF 250L

    Interesting. Obviously written by an AC sales rep....
  4. Politicians shrug off reform plan set by junta

    No. Jail is not enough. Hung for treason in public is by far the better option.
  5. I think it is a good idea. 90 is too slow a speed limit on motorways and highways, and the current urban area limits are too fast. Sounds quite sensible to me.
  6. +1. One of THE BEST books I've read about Thailand is called "People of Esarn" (correct spelling), by Pira Sudham, first published in '94. Short book, read it in a day or two. Read it and weep....
  7. One of the most nonsensical and stupid posts I've read in ages. Here's a couple of facts for you - The money "poured" into Isaan annually over the last two decades from Western influence is but a pimple on a large arse. I have never met, nor seen a Burmese person in the North East. Not a surprise really as it's the other side of the country. Plenty of Cambodians on construction sites in BKK etc, but not up here. Plenty of Lao labourers , but most of the Lao people over here are either businessmen or female karaoke workers or ladies of the night in the big cities.
  8. Confirmed Snob and Bigot.
  9. No, wrong, they get paid by BOTH SIDES, if there's 3 or 4 crosses to put in the box, then they'll get paid 3 or 4 times. Happens from general elections, down to province elections down to village head man. It's always been like this. And it's not who pays the most money wins. Lets put it this way, up here in the North and NE, Dem hands out 600 baht, Red hands out 300 baht, per voter, who do you think they'll vote for? I guarantee you, the 300 baht man.
  10. Maybe in the south east of Isaan, Surin etc. But up here in the North of Isaan, in 2018, "labourers in the fields", rubber tappers etc are 99% Thai, virtually no Lao labourers doing agricultural work. Always been like this.
  11. Honda Forza 300

    Jesus wept.........................
  12. A guy starts something, and attacks me, my family or my property, then i don't stand by idle and don't react. I will defend myself, my family and my property. It's called a matter of principle. It's called payback.
  13. New Models For The Thai Market

    Saw one in the flesh recently, not too shabby for a transformer bike. Spoke to the Thai owner (who still has his CRF Rally) and he's well pleased. It handles a 130kmph cruising speed keeping up with his Thai mates on bigger bikes. Quite impressive for the money. The stock new Cubs are very pretty, but more money than the Dreams. Just the Big H ripping punters off as per. These new "custom Cubs" @ 89k is just a ludicrous price. Honda price gouging... Nice, and air cooled, better still. A much bigger bike than the small 800's, positive reviews too. I quite like it...
  14. When you only cut 9 of your 10 fingernails...
  15. Music was not my cup of tea at all, but the musicians and dancer are certainly talented. The video was beautifully crafted, well shot and edited.