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  1. rmbrodie

    Tot Adsl Down, Why

    I use TOT's Gold service (1,000 B / Mo). It has been working fine.
  2. I need to spend one night at or near Suvannabhum airport, then wake up early the next morning to make a connection. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive way to do it? Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend a good cabinet maker? I need to have some built-ins made for my condo. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks
  4. rmbrodie

    Flood Report

    I went out on my bicycle to check out the floods this morning. There are rapids on Charoen Rat Rd. (along the east bank of the river) from the Gymkhana club to the electric company! Some pics of people out and about…
  5. Are these windows the outside windows on the balcony or are they to be used to close off the room from the balcony when weather is bad? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The former (the outside windows on the balcony). It is a small room.
  6. Hi, I have a challenging design problem. I want to remodel my condo, and open up one of the rooms to make it a large combined kitchen and open balcony. BUT, I want to be able to close it off when the weather is bad, or when I leave Chiang Mai for a long time. I want to have very large windows that hinge at the top, and open outwards. These windows will be very heavy, yet I want them to open easily, and stay put either fully open or fully closed. Does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks.
  7. rmbrodie

    How To Sell Used Furniture

    We are new intown and need lots of furniture. Please let me know what you have available for sale. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have sent you a personal message with the reply. Mike
  8. rmbrodie

    How To Sell Used Furniture

    Can anybody tell me a good way to sell used furniture in Chiang Mai? Is there a company that will come around with a truck and buy all my stuff for some amount of money? Thanks
  9. rmbrodie

    Good Places To Eat In Chiang Mai

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where the good lunch buffets are in Chiang Mai?
  10. rmbrodie

    Murphy Bed

    Thank you. This looks very promising. I have sent them an e-mail.
  11. rmbrodie

    Murphy Bed

    Thanks for your responses. I appreciate it.
  12. rmbrodie

    Murphy Bed

    Can anyone please tell me where I can buy a Murphy Bed, either locally made, or imported but in stock, here in Thailand? (A Murphy bed is a bed that can be lifted up and stored neatly in a cabinet.) Thanks
  13. rmbrodie

    Wetv Now Suck-tv.

    Does anybody know why many of the English language channels (ch 8-movies, ch 10-Star World, ch 17-Fox New, ch 18-BBC) have been changed to less interesting content?
  14. rmbrodie

    Using Mobile Phone With Laptop For Internet Access

    I have been happily using AIS’s 1-2-call, which is a pre-paid service available to everyone, without the need for a special visa or a work permit. GPRS airtime is only one baht per minute. I have used it successfully all over Thailand. Currently 1-2-Call has two service plans (promotions): - 3 baht/min for a voice call, but only 20 days usage per “refueling” card; or - 5 baht/min for a voice call, but longer usage period. You can switch between the two plans by dialing *777 (I think), and following the directions, which are available in English and Thai. Please note, there is a Yahoo e-group specifically for this topic: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Thailand-WAP-GPRS Hope this helps.