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  1. Not forgetting to mention that Park Lane has a separate Bedroom.
  2. ^ Good one lol.
  3. ^ Yeah, poor Soi 11, once a quiet little connecting Road between the Beach and 2nd Road and now like the M1. Plenty of boats up there tonight.
  4. They're always trying it on, got short changed 200 bt in a bar the other night. Spotted it immediately, she pretended she'd made a mistake.
  5. There was a huge pipe only a few days ago you could see when you drove past. Not the one in the photo. Anyway it's been bad for local business and access to the beach.
  6. It sounds very difficult, you've got me worried already.
  7. Yes, was looking at this tonight and it looks ominous. I drink in a nearby bar and I'm worried about being driven out by the noise. I don't handle the loud noise well.
  8. Come on lads, I registered for this whenever this first happened, and I haven't felt controlled in any way.
  9. These large fancy pools that some of us have are expensive to maintain. They look nice but as said previously the rectangular pools are the way to go.
  10. Will be a great concert, would love to go myself.
  11. I've had AIS for years. No problem at all. I can't speak for any other company, as I've never needed to use them. Edit. I'm in Jomtien.
  12. There's an air-Conditioned gym up Soi Wat Boon (think it may be this Bear gym mentioned earlier). The only other gym I can think of (no AC), is at Rhompo Market and is very popular in the evenings. If you're going to be staying in a Condo when you move, then it may have an AC gym. Ours has and I should try using it.
  13. I went here tonight after reading your post. Had the ribs and enjoyed it, so thanks for the info.
  14. Sprouts need firm soil to grow properly. Blokes I know used an old roller. At least heel the seedlings in. Not sure there are anything like the Cabbage white Butterfly (eat Brasica's and lay eggs on them) in Thailand. If so they need netting, really firm the soil up or they'll just blow before maturity (no good for eating).
  15. ^ Agreed, certainly do it at the condo I stay.