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  1. Thanksgiving Dinner

    No idea about the Dicey Reilly's Thanksgiving dinner. If it's anything like their Sunday roast it'll be good but not particularly cheap.
  2. Friendship Super Market Pricing

    I think it's silly or irresponsible not to check prices.
  3. Yes, more in Thailand, mainly because I no longer have to get up early for work.
  4. Safest ATM's in Pattaya?

    Seriously, many thanks for the info, but I'll stick to the plastic as long as I can.
  5. Safest ATM's in Pattaya?

    OK, thanks for the quick reply, yes it's concerning Thai bank cards. Never even heard of a cardless ATM card? Until this thread. Any way will look into it but I do like that physical piece of plastic, rarely let me down in nearly 40 years.
  6. Safest ATM's in Pattaya?

    Certainly not having a go , how else am I supposed to get money at the bank (apart from walking in with all my ID). Perhaps there's a system to do it that I don't know about? Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Gun to shoot blanks

    I certainly wouldn't be seen with something like that (whether it's legal or not). The Police or a possible adversary would't know it only fired blanks and may react with a weapon of their own that worked.
  8. Care home sets up old-style pub for residents to have a drink

    Sounds a great idea, good on them, I hope they enjoy it.
  9. What the weather like in November?

    Yeah, I know what you mean. It's a bummer when you have to cuddle them, bad enough listening to them moaning all day. Wore a thin jacket last night as it was cold out.
  10. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    That's the figure I aim for, 1000 Baht per day (after the things you've mentioned are taken out). Not always easy as there are always unexpected costs that creep up. Though, on the whole, that's the figure I aim for.
  11. What the weather like in November?

    IMHE it seems to be wetter in the first half of November but generally dying out mid-month and better, dryer weather later in the month.
  12. Breakfast Buffets

    ^ Can only think you're referring to the Kaffa Restaurant, which has been demolished.
  13. Breakfast Buffets

    ^ Yeah the Danmark is the one I use most of the time, I live in Jomtien so it's convenient. I watch how much I eat though as I felt sick all day after eating three plate loads.
  14. Breakfast Buffets

    Casa Pascal, always a pleasure to eat B'fast there.