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  1. Where to buy a used Jeep wrangler?

    If you mean you want to buy a Jeep? There is one for sale on Soi Wat Boon, Jomtien. Trouble is it would a need respray as it's pink. It's parked at Soi Wat Boon market and is located by the Two Mamas bar very near the market.
  2. Jomtien Immigration ?

    Thanks Janclaes, nice to know, cheers.
  3. Jomtien Immigration ?

    Will Immigration be open on Tuesday the 17 Th of this month? I'll be a couple of days over my 90 day period, so would be interested to know, thanks.
  4. Jomtien Top Up Machine for Sim Cards

    You want to know about machines in Jomtien , There is a Top Up machine in Jomtien Beach Condo. Another one on Soi Wat Boon, in front of the first 7-11 on the right as you come from Jomtien Second Road. I've used both machines a fair bit and never been charged anything, that I know of. .
  5. Bottled water makers welcome cap seal ban

    They should just get rid of plastic bottles altogether. Glass bottles do the same job and perhaps introduce return of bottle get 5 Bt cash. People wouldn't leave them lying if around if there was an incentive to return them.
  6. Wine in a box

    Put mine in the fridge and leave the box there. Pour a glass and take it out of the fridge in good time to come up to room temperature (Red wine). It lasts me until the box is empty. No time limit for me and so far all is well.
  7. Sugar free drinks

    I also got sick of sugary drinks. So now if I'm after a soft drink, I just drink Soda Water over ice with a slice of Lime or Lemon. Very refreshing.
  8. Some people (like me) prefer cash as that's what we're used to.
  9. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Yeah, Id like to know also.
  10. music on Thai radio

    Kaiser Chiefs...I predict a riot.
  11. Tm30 revisited

    Which Medical program are you referring too? Thanks.
  12. TM30

    I think that's half the trouble. no one seems to know for sure (I know I don't). I don't think this whole thing is to fight major crime, I think it's been introduced for other reasons.
  13. Another Price Hike

    Bought a box of Tiger light Yesterday and same price since the Tax increase end of last year.
  14. Accommodation close to Pattaya immargration

    Those pics (never seen them before) make the rooms seem like a decent deal. I'd certainly make an enquiry if I ever needed to. Thanks for posting.