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  1. Yes, had it a couple of times. No big deal, a beach is a beach and any beach will do.
  2. Agree fully. Beer in the UK tastes dreadful also. The Aran sweater and Beard brigade won't drink anything else. If the Pub isn't in the CAMRA guide they won't go lol.
  3. Ate my first one of these this morning. Just wanted to say a big thanks as it tasted just the way I want them. I've been looking for literally years over here to find sausages I liked. Cheers.
  4. I have a Bangkok Bank Savings account. Some time ago my mate told me that if I got it activated then the ATM Card could be used to purchase Items on line . Don't remember exactly how it was done but needed a visit to a Branch. No hardship and can get Airline Tickets etc, easily. No idea if I can use it Abroad as I've never tried.
  5. Went to Sandbar by the Sea (200m from Beach Road, Jomtien along Dongtan Beach) Have eaten B'fast their often and never got on with their morning food other than the Omelette which is the best I've had anywhere. Haven't eaten an evening meal there before, but tried the T-Bone Pork steak last night. The Pork steak was cooked through (not Pink) but was juicy. Had Boiled Potatoes and I think they're called Sugar Snap Peas in their Pods. Gorgeous, not cheap at 320 Bt and with a Red Wine was 500 Bt but lovely.
  6. Hope.it re-opens as it one of my go to for a Breakfast places. It's been going for years.
  7. ^ Cheers for the info, I'd no idea of this.
  8. Yes , I'm amazed each time at the amount of restaurants I see on my trips to Pattaya, I wouldn't swap it though, for my life in Jomtien. I'm sure this post will go down well.
  9. I'm certainly not looking for an argument, though if you're referring to Pattaya, I did it today in a Baht Bus (car is in the body shop). It must have taken 20-25 minutes (didn't time it lol) to have arrived in central pattaya from Soi WatBoon. No hold ups, had it have been a Sunday or Public Holiday then I'd have agreed.
  10. Thanks for the info.
  11. With regard to Krabi airport, we found it small but excellent service from Krabi to admittedly Bangkok (not anywhere in Issan). We were all given a buffet (sandwiches, cake etc) and drinks (with lovely Coffee ) gratis, before the flight and a meal on it, it was only an hour or so journey. This must have been three years ago but the flight cost for both of us was very cheap.
  12. Interesting stuff, who remembers the smiley face in the night sky.
  13. I didn't want to come across as a stooge for any place but as you've asked, (spelling ) Le Petite Bouchon. A thick and juicy Burger and very tasty although I've found it a lot of eating, others would manage it easily. My mate (who also eats them) told me that they've recently raised their price from 80 Bt to 120 Bt for a Burger only and from 120 Bt to Bt 140 for Burger and chips. Anyway, consistently good and worth a visit. Ps. You may have a bit of a wait, regardless of customer numbers.
  14. I like being able to do a lot of things on a Sunday (admittedly not everything). The best Omelette I've ever had at at Sandbar by the sea, and the best burger opposite Rhompo Market. As well as cheap haircuts and the other things already mentioned.
  15. I just get the cheap buy 5 get 6 Blue blades from Tesco, they last me about 10 days each (shaving every other day). Get the Gillette foam from Tesco also when I'm up there.