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  1. music on Thai radio

    Kaiser Chiefs...I predict a riot.
  2. Tm30 revisited

    Which Medical program are you referring too? Thanks.
  3. TM30

    I think that's half the trouble. no one seems to know for sure (I know I don't). I don't think this whole thing is to fight major crime, I think it's been introduced for other reasons.
  4. Another Price Hike

    Bought a box of Tiger light Yesterday and same price since the Tax increase end of last year.
  5. Accommodation close to Pattaya immargration

    Those pics (never seen them before) make the rooms seem like a decent deal. I'd certainly make an enquiry if I ever needed to. Thanks for posting.
  6. OK in Jomtien, puddles is about all (thank heavens).
  7. ^^ You must have hung out in some dumps to see all these "overweight elderly men who were drunk...ignorant and abusive." You should have tried other bars, bit more expensive right enough.
  8. Jomtien is not so bad

    ^ Very good, looks a lot better.
  9. Jomtien is not so bad

    Gawd, a sight for sore eyes, I'm glad I've eaten already.
  10. Outlet Mall, can someone explain it ?

    Like a fool I used to buy my clothes from Outlet Mall in Jomtien. I was just on Holiday and didn't know my arse from my elbow, very expensive. What I can say is most of the stuff I bought 10-15 years ago , still looks brand new today, despite what must have been 100's of washes. I now buy crap clothes from the Markets 100-150 bt.
  11. tourist extension at Jomtien

    Yeah it is BS after having gone through the hell to get a TM 30 last week). I also believe it's another money making scheme which was created to catch out unsuspecting Falangs. Money extraction.
  12. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Too-true, in my experience. I used to be disappointed, I now half expect it.
  13. This MAY mean money for some people.

    I'm not one of the people who could claim, but I appreciate you taking the time to post this info for anyone who could claim.