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  1. I'm going to call viajero on his BS. Not on the "common worker" vs. manager or director, because the tide is turning in that direction. I call BS on the existence of a re-entry permit. PLENTY of HIGH LEVEL Non-B holders with work permit have a re-entry permit. Think of someone who works as an officer for an MNC - they can and do need to travel out and back in frequently. A simple extension with no re-entry just wouldn't work for them. Believe what you want, but I believe Elviajero is half full of crap.
  2. I'd say Bangkok Bank is a good start - they have a branch in New York. You could probably negotiate a special exchange rate for that sum. http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/InternationalNetwork/InternationalBranches/USA/pages/index.aspx
  3. The real story is the lifeguard forced from the beach HAS NOT returned to work. Just one lifeguard at Laem Singh now, and no tent so anyone needing the guard can't find him. From what I am reading, the Phuket Lifeguard Chief lied to Phuket News about the second guard returning to the beach? Very dangerous for the lifeguard and the public to be stationed at a secluded beach alone. Not to mention what the vendors will do to the ONE lifeguard left. How long will it be before there are NO lifeguards at Laem Singh at all? Military needs to take action now before someone drowns, or the lifeguard himself is injured or killed by beach vendors! http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Phuket-lifeguard-quits-protest-vendor-takeover/66221#ad-image-0
  4. Hey Edwin, Just a FYI here. The lifeguard you see with a hand on the victims "crotch" is actually feeling for a femoral pulse. This is standard precedure during CPR performed by professional rescuers. A second lifeguard who is hidden in the photo is performing chest compressions. Lame dig on the lifeguards who are just trying to do their job. When was the last time you did CPR on a person?
  5. I am told this translates to "form STM 2".
  6. In my experience the transfer stamp negates the need to provide copies of prior extensions. I still keep my old passport and bring it with me when doing extensions, just in case.
  7. The form says this in the top right corner ...แบบ สตม.2
  8. For anyone doing their extension of stay, here is the latest from Phuket Immigration as of 1 February 2017: Retirement extensions of stay are no longer processed upstairs. Proceed to room 103 on the ground level. You will see a sign on the window indicating Retirement extensions. I arrived early with (what I thought) was everything I needed. There were about 15 or so seats under shade, and a large table with samples of completed forms, along with some blank forms. Sat right next to the door. About 8:15, a very friendly officer came out, took a quick look at my paperwork, and gave me a queue number. He also informed me that I needed an additional form (TM2 - See below). At 8:30 the first few in the queue were taken inside. Your passport must contain the "Receipt of Notification" (of address in Thailand.) As long as you have not changed addresses since the last extension, the old Receipt of Notification is still good. You should also have your current TM 6 in the passport. Forms Needed: TM 7 Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in the Kingdom (one passport photo needed) TM 2 Acknowledgement of the conditions for permitted continuation of stay in Thailand Copies Needed: (all copies of passport pages should be signed) 1) Information page of passport 2) Latest entry stamp in passport 3) TM 6 Departure Card 4) Original VISA in passport (on which the extension is based) 5) EVERY extension of stay in passport since original VISA was issued 6) Proof of funds/income (bank deposit or monthly income) 7) Copy of bankbook (info page) or ATM card along with the original for verification 8) Photo of applicant in front of residence of record showing house number All of the above were kept by the officer Documents looked at (but not kept by officer - not sure if these are still needed) Copy of rent/lease agreement Copy of Tabien Baan signed by owner Copy of owner's ID card signed by owner Supplemental proof of income (pay stubs) I was short a couple of copies from above, officer advised which ones I needed very politely. Came back 5 minutes later to the same officer (did not need to re-queue), gave him the additional copies and paid the fee. Sat back down inside the room, and about ten minutes later they took a digital photo. They kept my passport, gave me a receipt, and was advised to return the next business day at 1 PM to pick it up. Entire process took less than one hour. On this visit, gone were the old days of pushing, queue jumping, and general chaos. The entire process was handled very well and very efficiently. My best visit to Phuket Immigration by far. My compliments to all the staff - things have VASTLY IMPROVED over the last few years.
  9. My Latest Rant - Department of Land Transport

    Ran into just this thing. Certificate of residence and valid VISA did the trick. Car is in my name which is how I wanted it.
  10. High-surf, storm warnings issued for Phuket

    May I know what problem you have with the 'forecast' stevenl? (It's actually an advisory - not the same as a forecast). Please lend us your expertise on the subject. Daren Jenner Ocean Lifeguard/Ocean Safety Consultant
  11. Snorkelling in Prachup Khirkhan

    You might want to hold off a bit on the snorkeling mate ... http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Highsurf-storm-warnings-issued-Phuket/65953?desktopversion
  12. Hi Pink, This is a good question and one I wondered about three years ago. The BT-50 back then (not sure if now is exactly the same) had/has the same chassis and drive train as the Ranger and was made at the same factory. The differences were in the body styling and features. I wanted a 3.2 Wildtrak but had to wait 14 months to get one. The first dealer I went to took a small deposit (which I got back in the end), but never got the pickup. After over a year and no pickup, I went to another dealer a few provinces over, and paid another deposit. Again, I was told I would be put on a waiting list. But this guy came through a month later, and I got my truck. Definitely no discount. If you want extra features like; more airbags, traction control, styling, premium sound etc., then the Wildtrak is for you. The six speed auto transmission felt funny at first, but after I learned how to drive it, I now love it. Add the 3.2, and you've got it all. If you like the Ranger, but want more of a utility vehicle, you can save some money on the XLT. Still a great truck with lots of guts. It will save you some money over the Wildtrak. If you like the BT-50 styling and features, and want all the guts of the Ranger, get the Mazda. It will save you even more.
  13. The best scam is getting falangs to believe they can 'buy' real estate (Land) here, and then 'selling' them that land, with or without a house. Anyone who has done even the most cursory amount of due diligence on buying property here (available on the internet in English) will find that foreigners may not own land here, except under a few special circumstances that 99.9% of buyers don't meet. Instead, these 'land owners' will actually own shares of shady stock not under their own majority control. There are very few protections for those that have done so and have a subsequent problem. The stock owner (who is not the actual land owner) has zero legal protection in the event of anything bad happening. Of course the other half of this scam is the falang husband who 'buys land' with his wife. The 'land ownership' only lasts as long as the marriage, and many are surprisingly short once the purchase is made. Those falangs that move here and think they are going to buy or build a dream house are in for a shock when reality returns. Many of us come here believing we are starting a new life, and many of us do hand our life savings, or significant portion thereof, over for land or a house. I don't fault or judge anybody who wants to or actually does this. If you do decide to do it, do it with your eyes wide open, and keep your scam-o-mometer turned up high. Do your OWN research first, don't rely on what lawyers and real estate agents/developers tell you. It could save a lot of heartache and financial ruin.
  14. Thailiban, Im going on six years renting the same house here in LOS. Last year's Visa renewal I showed up at Immigration with the usual documents, after 3 hours found out that indeed needed the following additional documentation to establish residence: 1) Copy of house book of my rental house signed in original ink by the person named as owner. 2) Copy of owners ID Card signed in original ink. I had a utility bill and bank statement with the residence address on it, this was basically ignored by the officer who said I needed the above two documents or no Visa. This mistake wound up taking two extra days/trips to immigration to get things done. If your Visa status and therefore your ability to stay in Thailand require a certificate of residence, your Landlord's refusal to provide this could be a problem for you (depending on which imm office you use) as it was for me until I obtained the additional documents. Renting in Thailand means you are renting TWO things: 1) The actual property. 2) The service of the landlord or their agent. Perhaps you have located an ideal rental property in a great location, at a fantastic price. (Some of these do exist). The week after you move in, the main water supply breaks or another major problem occurs that needs to be fixed right away. If you have a lousy or dishonest Landlord, it won't matter much if your place looks great or is in a great location but you have no water, or poop all over the floor. My point here is that a renter here needs a responsive, responsible landlord, just as much as a decent property and location. I have been very lucky and my Landlords (husband and wife) are very cooperative and responsible. There have been a couple breakdowns (water, sewer) that needed fixing right away, and they were here in minutes, and the problem sorted in the same day. I find it suspicious that your Landlords refuse to provide you with the documents you asked for. If it were me, I would also be considering a move - the sooner the better.
  15. Asking for recent reports on Retirement Extension of stay at Phuket Immigration (Main Office). Last year had to start downstairs (long queue in hot sun) for a certificate of residency to get the process started. Items needed for this: STEP 1 1) Copy of current rental contract (Some claim this is not needed) 2) Latest rent receipt (Some claim this is not needed) 3) Copy of passport cover page 4) Copy of departure card (TM6) 5) Copy of house book where you reside. Copy must be signed by person named on house book. 6) Copy of ID Card of person whose name is on the house book. Copy must be signed. 7) Application form for residence certificate. With the above I proceeded through downstairs queue and eventually received a 1/3 page slip titled 'RECEIPT OF NOTIFICATION' stapled in passport. Do I need to complete the same STEP 1 same process downstairs every year, before I go upstairs to apply for the extension itself? STEP 2 The following copies (along with the residence cert from STEP 1 stapled in my passport) were then taken upstairs to apply for the retirement extension: 1) Copy of passport cover page 2) Copy of original visa on which the extension is based (example: Non-Immigrant O) 3) Copy of current retirement visa or extension 4) Copy of Departure Card (TM 6) 5) Copy of passport page showing latest entry stamp 6) Proof of income/savings 7) Application for extension of stay Looking for anyone who did their extension recently at Phuket to confirm or comment. Thank you.