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    Criminal History

    Pattaya, welcomes you. Join the club...
  2. fiveyears

    Tourists Complain Of Sky-high Prices In Rayong

    It happened to us before on another holiday, I learned not to travel to that side unprepared. Book your room in advance, it's a great rip-off when you have to get a room while driving around. They actually actively discourage people from traveling there by employing these tactics. They surely succeeded in our case, we choose to go elsewhere....
  3. Nope, no friends to be made in Thailand. Loads of Thais I get along with well, but for friends you'd have to look more towards your own culure.
  4. fiveyears

    Refused Again!

    Have you ever considered buying a Golden Retriever? Your savings would be sufficient... or a goldfish in a bowl? Why would someone marry you with your background? No pun intended but if you are not able to live a decent live in the UK it won't become better when you import a bride. flame me!
  5. fiveyears


    what has this to do with ethics when I may ask?
  6. fiveyears

    New Directive ?

    That's exactly the reason why Bangkok Patana ditched almost 60% of its teaching staff last year. A Master's in Mathematics will not do as it doesn't say anything about teaching capabilities, you need a degree in teaching (a subject) A good development, it will make the market more interesting for qualified teachers and send the riffraff elsewhere....
  7. fiveyears

    Iq Of Thai Children To Be Improved

    and who will vote for TRT then.........? the answer means the IQs of Thai children won't be improved, it's far too convenient...
  8. fiveyears

    Barry Gibb (bee Gees) On Truck Flaps

    It's not Barry Gibb, it's Kriss Kristofferson........ he had some country hits, a long time ago...... forgot the title but it was really popular among truck drivers and that kind of people. Pm the doctor, he'll know ........ http://members.aol.com/dblkfan/kkpictures.html
  9. fiveyears

    Thai Patience

    Thats why I think we all need to be on our best behaviour, the odd hit out isn't a bad thing though. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> EXACTLY: Imagine the scenario. Dave, Darren and Chav get back from their holiday in Pattaya having had a great time and catch the train back to Redhill to return to their work. All is not as it seems though because their girlfriends, Shaz, Mel and Melody have run of with 3 Japanese tourists. In fact all the girls from their estate and the next have all gone off to work in Brighton the new resort town set up to satisfy Japanese soldiers on RNR. They decide to go and check it out and find their ladies naked on a bar top surrounded by hordes of drunken tourists from Japan, Thailand and Burma of all places. I can imagine the reaction this situation would provoke even if it is utter rubbish <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And the Japs, Thais and Burmese keep mumbling what a racist country this is! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> and thinking at the same time that they're soooo superior, those stupid brits having an IQ that's at least ten percent less than the world's average...
  10. Check out sunbeltasia.com or any other business broker 'Owner is relocating" will be the line you'll remember well........ and why would that be...........? good luck
  11. fiveyears

    Unfriendliest Town In Thailand

    In my honest opinion I guess some people are unfriendly, on the other hand some are friendly. Also, some are kind, some are not kind. Thai people are Thai people, there's no denying that. So people are people, I tend to say no then. Or maybe yes?
  12. No!!!!!!!! On the other hand.......... Yes!!!!!! or maybe???
  13. H379 Hua Hin 10 km. north of Hua-Hin 0 Bedrooms 0 Bathrooms Price: Baht 15,000,000 Exceptional offering of 42 rai 341 sq.w. lovely beach -land located in Hua-Hin 98 m. frontage sandy property with panoramic view over Hua-Hin to Cha-Am. The sale price for 1 rai is 15.000.000 Baht The sale price for all 642.787.500 Baht . Convenience for transport full of electricity ane water. Suitable for resort, bangalow or honeymoon house . Agent: Skandi
  14. fiveyears

    List of casualties.

    inappropriate post /admin