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  1. Just looked at the lab report - their conclusion was that there's less plastic in water sold in glass bottles than water sold in plastic bottles. No S#1+ Sherlock - we'd have never guessed that would be the case. Out of interest I wonder what the micro-plastic levels are like in Bangkok air? Also - has anyone ever managed to buy something from 7-11 without getting a plastic bag and at least one plastic straw?
  2. Very likely - the report did say that most of the plastic was the same type as used to make the cap. But this report was commissioned by a group of environmental campaigning journalists and they used a university lab rather than a specialist public health lab, and they just happened to sample bottle from the major global brands. This a an environmental campaign against use of plastics (not a bad think in itself) masquerading as a health scare .... i.e fake news.
  3. The quality of water from the machines depends on how often they change the filters - which from anecdotal reports is 'not very often'. Better to get your own water filter.
  4. Bike Clothing where to buy

    Decathon on Rama IV next to Lotus is a lower cost alternative.
  5. Nonsense. You can't make blubber out of air - you still need to consume excess food to make the fat. If you are over 56 inches, you really shouldn't be travelling by air. In coach you'll be stealing half of the seat next door, and in Business you are threat to your own safety.
  6. Traces of plastic found in plastic bottles - shock, outrage, scandal. So a group of journalists pay a lab to use a non-approved method to test for plastic in plastic bottles, then the report is not sent for peer review before it's sent out as a press release in a format that reporters can easily cut and paste. Hmmmmm
  7. She'll be checking the responses to the earlier post, which was the photos of our dinner. It's an essential step in any Thai meal.
  8. Start of day Commute Lunch Sunset Dinner Evening
  9. Deeply embedded culture of not saying something you will regret later - but in our household the silent treatment only lasts until she feels hungry again and suggests we go out to eat - which is about 20 minutes max. I'm astonished by how much she can eat - and still stay in shape.
  10. Useful post - just a shame we need it. Could you imagine in the US, UK, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand asking the Police Office to empty his pockets and check his sleeves before he performs a search??
  11. Scooter for Girl

    I reckon that's the main problem with the Tricity and the Niken - good idea, but you'd look like a plonker riding one. I heard that the Tricity costs more to build than they make back in sales - so Yamaha are subsidizing it to grow the market - which makes it a great bargain, but I still can't get past the looks. But in the OP's case - if it wasn't for the 110cc limit, I'd still be pushing my daughter towards a Tricity due to the improve stability under braking and cornering ..... just wouldn't ride it myself!
  12. Scooter for Girl

    Yamaha clearly believe in the concept, as they are about to launch a 1 liter sportsbike with 2 front wheels (the Niken). The design of the Tricity and the Niken will help to prevent one of the common causes of bike crashes (front wheel washing out due to poor road conditions/excessive braking or excessive speed), although from what I've seen from the many Youtube videos of bike accidents in Thailand, the two front wheels will not help with the main causes of accidents here (not looking where you are going).
  13. Scooter for Girl

    I think it needs to be a 110 cc bike? Agree about the helmet, but have you tried to get Thai girls to wear a helmet - it ruins their hair ..... apparently. I won't start the bike until my partner puts on a helmet, and when she has it on, she has that "dog in a bath' look on her face until she can take it off. I'd insist on a proper helmet and riding gloves as a minimum, plus a gps system on her phone that I can check to see she never exceeds 40 KPH, plus back-roads only ...... and no boyfriends on the bike, oh, and no tongues when kissing.
  14. My TGF sees it the same way as you ........ but what I meant was that in a "traditional" relationship with an age difference of only 2-3 years, the couple would raise kids together then grow old together, eventually expiring within a few years of each other. With a greater age difference, kids may not be part of the deal, and one partner will enter old age sooner than the other. I'm fit and healthy now - but there will come a time when age related issues start to surface, then after I'm gone she may need to face her old age alone. These are thoughts that can keep me awake at night.