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  1. I know it's been mentioned and dismissed several times, but this is not only the slowest loading site I use, it also has by far the most ads. Coincidence?
  2. I'm surprised and impressed that a Suisse investment bank, that presumably benefits from income inequality around the world, should publish such a report. Talk about biting the hands that feed them! I guess several 1 percenters are now voting with their feet (and their billions).
  3. - Where to buy, and any recommendations on model? In my home country I had a mid level Trek and then Marin full suspension bikes, and would like something similar here, but prices seem over inflated and shops only appear to stock the top end models. In the Bangkok Trek dealer near Lumpini Park, their full suspension models cost significantly more than a decent motorcycle. In the bike shop at Udomsuk, they have one 'new' full sus bike - a Klein Palomino, which went out of production 14 years ago, and it was THB 199,000! I've seen decent B-Twin suspension bikes in Decathon in Europe, but they don't stock them in Decathon Thailand. There seems be nothing between the cheap, 'toy' full suspension bikes in the supermarkets, and the top-end 200,000 THB carbon fibre, upside-down forks exotica.