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  1. On-line clothes shopping for Thai girls via Facebook Live must be a growing business, if our bank statement is any indication.
  2. Kinnock

    JJ Green Market To Close Forever In 2 Weeks

    Spoke to some of the traders today and they were saying the market will close October 21 - and after that they are moving to a new site behind Chattuchak market, near to an MRT station.
  3. Kinnock

    Nissan X-Trail 4WD - Intial thoughts

    The 2WD is the best value new. The odd thing is I've never seen a 2WD drive X-Trail on the road in Thailand, but I've seen loads in Europe.
  4. Kinnock

    Nissan X-Trail 4WD - Intial thoughts

    That's a good question. We've only used 4WD once since buying it, and that was due to a spectacular failure of Google Maps that led us into a muddy track up a steep hill. We also left it in 'Auto' mode once on a long trip, and it had a major impact on the fuel consumption - so 2WD mode is it standard state for 99.9% of its use. I also think the 2WD X-Trail is spectacular value for money. But having said all that - I'd still go for 4WD again if I was buying today (and I'd also still go for an X-Trail as there's still nothing in the sector to beat it in my view). Why 4WD? Well I could say that it was very useful the one time we really needed the extra traction - but I'm pretty sure 2WD would have been OK with a bit of sliding and wheel spinning. The real reason is that the 4WD just makes it a 'proper' SUV in my mind. Not logical, there's cost and weight implications, but I just like to know it's there if I really needed it. I also think resale may be better.
  5. Kinnock

    Chatachuck night market to close on September 12

    Thailand 4.0 I'm not keen on the upgrade - I preferred Thailand 3.0
  6. Kinnock

    Chatachuck night market to close on September 12

    Replacing a lively night market visited by thousands of people with a park that will close at 9:00 PM. Way to go.
  7. Yes - some of my friends had the 6 weeks - enough for mushrooms to grow in their trucks, and for the walls of houses to expand and collapse. ? If you need to pay for your TV, bike or truck over years on an installment scheme, the flood damage can be a long term issue.
  8. The financial impact on people had some long lasting effects in 2011, but Thai people seem to be able to cope with natural disasters without expecting external help. I took this photo near Chattuchak market in 2011- but wished I'd also managed to get a shot of the converted motorcycles with the 'high level' engines. There was also a thriving business fitting tall exhausts to trucks, and the motorsai teams converted to boats in some areas. I remember that the floodwaters seemed to stay around for weeks in 2011?
  9. Just need to apply the same rules that apply to other foreigners working in Thailand. They are brought in by organized gangs to work on the streets - so do they have Work Permits and the required extension of stay? Do the babies meet the minimum working age requirements? Are they carrying their passports? Have they filled in the TH28? Do they have a waste disposal license for the puppies they throw away once they are too old to look cute?
  10. Kinnock

    Time to rethink prostitution ban, say experts

    They could use their manual skills to make sausages?
  11. Kinnock

    Best small bike for commute

    True - if as in the OP you live out of the CBD of Bangkok. But my daily commute is a hot, gridlocked grind that is 99% filtering between cars with drivers on their phones. A small, light bike is the most practical way to commute, and a clutch would be a pain. I have a bigger bike for the weekends.
  12. Most airports seem to plagiarise the design of public toilets, so at least this looks a bit different.
  13. True - but then using Pakistani as an insult is an issue for me.
  14. Kinnock

    Best small bike for commute

    For a daily commute you ideally want ultra reliable, cheap to run, easy to fix, some weather protection (floods/mud etc). As you're out of the worst traffic you go for a semi-auto (Wave) or a full auto (NMax) for the ABS. (I commute on a semi-auto Supercub with terrible brakes in the centre of Bangkok - but I'm stupid)
  15. If it's a cloned card (copy of your original), then cancelling the card and using new PIN for the new card should prevent access by the cloned card. New card and new PIN should be secure - if that was the original issue.