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  1. Mate, this is Thai visa there are too many old, run down, broken hearted, depressed and washed up souls sitting around all day waiting for a nice polite unsuspecting chap like yourself, to come along and post something so they can release some of their pent up rage. Don't let them get you down, I'm sure there are many people who have not been there and done that which will appreciate you taking the time to let them know how things are right now. Agreed, it really was never that hard to open an account here, but things change daily in this roller coaster of a country. Keep your chin up mate..
  2. jossthaifarang

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    You misunderstand, I didn't say it was the airlines fault, but if it was included in the ticket then the tight arse's would have no choice and everyone would be insured? It's not the airlines fault when someone shows up in a country without the right visa, but I'm pretty sure they check and wont let you check in if you don't have one. Just as easy doing it with the insurance was my point.
  3. jossthaifarang

    Einstein’s Travel Diaries Reveal His Shockingly Racist Views On Asians

    He obviously never visited Thailand? Surely he would have had something to say..
  4. I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning for that kind of money, especially not with a Thai company where you will be expected to know and do everything asked of you, because you are supposed to be educated and get paid 3 times what a Thai engineer normally does.
  5. Agreed, she does. Regardless she was going at a pretty good rate of speed, and obviously has very little experience. Yes the truck is in the wrong, but it could have been avoided by slowing a little less abruptly and simply passing him on the left instead. I have offered my services directly to her on messenger, to help her with some defensive driving lessons. Maybe I'll help re adjust those amulets for her too, they clearly did not help due not being placed securely enough..
  6. jossthaifarang

    Internet Nomad

    The short version: Thai Income Tax Law Under section 41 of the Revenue Code an individual Thai citizen or foreigner who lives in Thailand for one or more periods totaling at least 180 days in any tax (calendar) year is, for tax purposes, deemed a resident of Thailand and subject to tax on all assessable income derived from sources within the country, whether paid within or outside Thailand, and on assessable income derived from foreign sources to the extent that it is brought into Thailand in a year in which income is received. A non-resident individual is subject to tax only on assessable income from Thai sources, regardless of payment location. The long version: https://www.thailandlawonline.com/revenue-code/income-tax-law-in-the-revenue-code#ii
  7. jossthaifarang

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    I would understand doing it on a bigger bike maybe, but a scooter! Just drive in a car, much more safer/comfortable and you can still stop and enjoy the scenery.. It's madness!!
  8. Thanks Joe, any idea what platform they will use to make the announcement?
  9. What a minute, are they taking applications for PR already?
  10. jossthaifarang

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    Why you being the devils advocate then mate? You telling me you agree with all these people getting themselves into all kinds of trouble all over the place and then asking for handouts?
  11. jossthaifarang

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    So I'm guessing you got no insurance?
  12. jossthaifarang

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    Oh right, so lets just continue this free for all with people catching cheap flights to countries who cant really afford to go in the first place, then when something goes wrong becoming a burden on everyone else. Sure you may be right about travel insurance not covering the return of the body, but what if he had been attacked and robbed and was now lying in the ICU? Without a doubt there would be a go fund me, too easy people thinking if something goes wrong they can just open a go fund me!! If you cant afford it, don't travel!!
  13. Barbaric maybe? Isn't what he has done just as barbaric though? I think they should be taking a leaf out of Malaysia and Singapore's books..
  14. YouTube has a way of teaching children all kinds of things they would have never known.. Nothing to see here, just unobservant parents not realizing what the kid see's on YouTube.