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  1. Tragic loss of life once again.. RIP little guy.
  2. Not really what I was getting at, but you do have a point.
  3. Does she still give you good massage's?
  4. On the upside, he'll certainly get a lot of good massage's if they do shack up..
  5. They seriously need to start forcing people to get medical insurance before coming here..
  6. Click on the link to the source of the story..
  7. Seen a person on drugs, looks just like that mate.. They must test him!
  8. nitthakarn nunthasuteepat videos Paste that into the search on Facebook, she's a terrible example for the Thai society and she should be taken offline immediately!
  9. Tasty looking morsel, well done mate..
  10. Whatever happened to “My Mate Nate”?

    This post alone will get him more views, how many of you just went to YouTube to check on him and his girlfriend?
  11. Bloody hell mate, you must have too much time on your hands?
  12. More than 420 children went missing last year

    The amount of senseless crap these people share on social media, yet you never see a picture of a reported missing child? Facebook, twitter, Thaivisa etc. Surely they can just make a public group page on Facebook? It would certainly help, why not use these platforms to do some good instead of always, sharing teenagers kicking each other into a coma! How many of these 420 kids were even on the news last year? I only remember a few stories of missing kids, and they were only published once they found their dead bodies. Just a thought..
  13. It is a solid line from the barrier till the end of the red line, only then is it dotted and you may then merge. Nothing wrong.
  14. There is a solid line on the road directly under the red line in the video, if they cant obey simple road rules they should pay!