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  1. Long-time homeless American deported

    Everyone here can say what they want about Thai people and even foreigners living here, there are still a lot of good people in this country. The only way you can possibly imagine this guy has made it for so long, has got to be by people helping him out. Some of the T.V members on here have just become so caught up in the bad news they read on here, on their screens daily from their homes or favourite bar stools, never getting out into the real world. They just don't get to see just how many good people there are still out there.. Caught up in your on bubbles some of you fellows on here, get out and meet some people guys..
  2. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    RUN!!! Been there mate, your just supporting her other boyfriend..
  3. 983 foreigners busted for overstays in 3 days

    That was the offer months ago already mate, It didn't work..
  4. Based on the translation of her letter, It's quite possible that she took her life first. He may have found her an hours later and followed suit, out of guilt? I guess we will never know? Investigation teams here are not very good, with bodies decomposing over 5 days its hard to say if they went at the same time or hours apart. Either way, RIP guys... Another tragic loss of life which could have probably been avoided..
  5. One dead, one injured in wicked pickup accident

    I'm surprised she made it out alive, she must be in a pretty critical state. Hope she makes it out the other side..
  6. Should not be hard to get your Mrs to organise you one mate.
  7. One head is better than two! Lopburi man gets his life back

    Good on him, I'm sure things will be much easier now. Can you imagine carrying an additional 2 kg's on the side of your head? I wouldn't wish that on anyone mate.
  8. http://sherrings.com/thailand-year-end-2017-shopping-personal-tax-deduction-allowance.html That should clear it up mate.
  9. Adventurer declares himself ‘king’ of unclaimed land in North Africa

    Fare comment, but It still wont be his land.
  10. 21 men identified in girl’s forced prostitution case

    They probably got the names through the line app mate..
  11. Probably 200 Billion, Thai only goes up to Million, after that they improvise..
  12. Video: Pensioner pole-axed by PVC pipe in Pathum Thani

    She must have heard it, you can see the pick up increase speed after impact. She was going to try do a runner.
  13. prob·a·bly ˈpräbəblē,ˈpräblē/ adverb almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tell. Still an assumption until proven otherwise, the bottle could have been rolling around in his car for days mate. I'm not saying anyone is wrong, just stating a fact, the man has lost his life and could have "probably" been a good lad. Who knows what he had going on in his life mate? Whether he had kids and a wife which are "probably" missing him. My point was simply not to presume the worst of everything you see, read or hear until you are presented with facts.
  14. I think if you had a 3 month visa 1st time, but wanted on arrival the 2nd time, that may have been the issue. The fact you have a visa in your passport, means Thai Immigration have approved you to enter the kingdom, therefore the airline would have no choice but to let you on the flight.