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  1. Video: Pensioner pole-axed by PVC pipe in Pathum Thani

    She must have heard it, you can see the pick up increase speed after impact. She was going to try do a runner.
  2. prob·a·bly ˈpräbəblē,ˈpräblē/ adverb almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tell. Still an assumption until proven otherwise, the bottle could have been rolling around in his car for days mate. I'm not saying anyone is wrong, just stating a fact, the man has lost his life and could have "probably" been a good lad. Who knows what he had going on in his life mate? Whether he had kids and a wife which are "probably" missing him. My point was simply not to presume the worst of everything you see, read or hear until you are presented with facts.
  3. I think if you had a 3 month visa 1st time, but wanted on arrival the 2nd time, that may have been the issue. The fact you have a visa in your passport, means Thai Immigration have approved you to enter the kingdom, therefore the airline would have no choice but to let you on the flight.
  4. Oh so quick to judge, maybe we wait for blood alcohol tests before making assumptions. Did you know him personally? If not, how can you know he was an idiot? Easy tiger, a man just lost his life and the first thing you can say is this. You must be having a bad day, or you have just been in Thailand too long. Or maybe I'm just making an assumption?
  5. They do the same when drilling, reaming, grinding, sawing, sewing and driving.. Just the way it is.. Get over it, or drill, ream, grind, saw, sew and drive yourself..
  6. Shaving cut cure

    Fare enough mate, maybe an electric shaver? I know they don't cut quite as clean, but certainly another alternative? Either way good luck finding something that helps.
  7. Shaving cut cure

    Have you considered prevention is better than cure? Maybe find a substitute for the Aspirin? I don't know the reason you need to take one everyday, but It seems a better solution to try removing the source of the problem.
  8. Thief blasts open ATM machine in Bangkok to rob cash

    Not condoning it, but I'd say he did pretty well. He must know his explosives and ATM's pretty well. Otherwise how would he have known how big to make the bomb and exactly where to place it on the ATM. He must be a pro, I'm surprised the BIB are not saying it was a farang yet.. Or would that be making a different statement altogether?
  9. I hope none of you are referring to them not fitting in the can holders inside your vehicles?
  10. A septic tank and a well are 2 different things, septic tanks have covers on wells are just open..
  11. The story of the parents doesn't seem to add up, 1st story says she disappeared at noon and they waited till 18:00, 2nd story says mom got home at 18:00. 1. Who leaves a 5 year old outside alone for 6 hours? 2. Who leaves a 5 year old at home alone all day? 3. How did they know to go look for her inside a septic tank 100 meters away? I'm no expert but the story doesn't add up. Never the less, RIP young lady, another tragic story..
  12. New traffic tickets include English, allow appeals

    Brown envelopes will not be accepted, denominations of 50, 100, 500 and 1000 baht will gladly be accepted by 95% of the officers that stop you though.. PS: Visa and MasterCard are also not accepted..
  13. New traffic tickets include English, allow appeals

    I agree with you to some extent dotpoom, however It is apparent that you have never been stopped by a traffic officer, blatantly asking you for money on the spot in Thai because they cant speak English. Once you have experienced this multiple times, you too will begin to lose faith in the the Thai police system, as well as the idea that you would ever actually be able to appeal and ruling they come up with. I'm pretty sure every one of the posters above have experience with these bandits.. The only way to appeal is the system that has been in place for countless years, 100/200 baht neatly folded under your licence when you hand it to them, maybe more depending on the offence..
  14. Video of Thai kid playing a homemade drum kit is awesome!

    I was actually being positive, notice the question mark. The point is, a poor family would probably rather have food to eat, so they are likely to sell it.. Just a thought, but hey by all means, lets do it and see what happens? At least the little guy will have some fun with it, regardless if it is short lived or not..
  15. Video of Thai kid playing a homemade drum kit is awesome!

    Should we start a fund raiser to get him a real set? Or will they sell it after a week?