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  1. lampard10

    Black Magic In Surin

    Blimey..............................I'll have to contact someone to see if they can cast a spell on my locals to make them dip their 'ands in their pockets.
  2. lampard10

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    Brilliant 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
  3. lampard10

    Black Magic In Surin

    Dear lampard, i am from Malaysia and i want to go to Surin to seek black magic to bind my husband so that he will not leave me for another woman. Please give me the location and address to seek help. How can i travel from Bangkok? By car, air or railway? You did mention about Isaan. Which is better Isaan or Surin?your info will be very much appreciated Dear Yurisan I have only just read your response, unfortunately this does not work all the time. I contacted the Magic Man, and asked him, in the light of what has happened to my marriage, to influence a beautiful young maiden, 48 kg, long black hair, not fat but pretty, to come and see me and propose to me. It seemed to be going to plan, when I received a phone call later that day, asking if we could meet up later, when the Pub was closed. I moved my weekly shower forward, spruced up and awaited my fate. Sure enough, at 22.30, my phone rang again, and she told me she was waiting outside. I opened the shutters, and was immeadiately knocked flat on my backside as this grotesque thing of a woman charged through ther door. The next day however, I contacted my former friend ,the Witch Doctor for an explaination. It seems he had not sprinkled the Lau Kau over pictures of lovelies, rather he drunk it. In his p1ssed up state, he had in fact ordered a 148 kg pretty fat girl for me. So Yurisan, BEWARE.
  4. lampard10

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    I wonder how many of you armchair board members really know what's going on. In fact does anyone know what really goes on. Here is my side to it Chelsea appoinnted Scolari and we didn't start winning. We carried on winning where Avram left off. Why? Because the same person was running the team. Who? Steve Clarke.Along comes Scolari and we were winning in style with those two at the helm. Then what happens. Clarke goes to West Ham and we appoint Wilkins, who couldn't run a three legged race. Then, and only then, do we start our decsent into oblivion. I wonder how many of you see it like it really is.
  5. lampard10

    Proper Bread In Buri Ram

    Give him my regards
  6. lampard10

    Proper Bread In Buri Ram

    Well from where you are there's not a lot of difference coming to us, and as you well know we do Steak & Kidney Steak & Mushroom Steak Chicken Chicken & Mushroom Mince Beef & Onion Meat & Potato Cornish Pasties And new Chicken & Ham Chicken & Bacon Chees & Potato Vegetable And of course there's the fresh baked Hovis bread ( using Hovis flour from UK) In fact we've got lots of new stuff now like: Ambrosia Creamed Rice Ambrosia Devon Custard Branston Baked Beans Picallili Sharwoods coke in Indian & Chinese sauces. ( for getting high) That's meant to read cook, but I won't edit it as it looks funny As they used to say on tele COME ON DOWN Oh, I almost forgot. We do large family size Apple and Blueberry Pies as well.
  7. lampard10

    Dinosaur Museum In Kalasin

    Where? Kalasin or Surin? I'll 'ave you know I were brung up proper. I 'ad a good edumacashun.
  8. lampard10

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    Don't forget it was the Sun that sacked Graham Turner from the England job
  9. lampard10

    Mushy Peas

    Exactly the same as The Farang Connection, same supplier in fact T.I.N. of Bangkok. PM me if you want Tony's number. We in the middle of the jungle do other items that are widely sought after as well, like OXO cubes, Birds Custard, PG Tips & Tetleys teas,Vegamite, Heinz Salad Cream, Colemans cook in sauces and lots more.
  10. lampard10

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    I do find it rather pathetic the whinging of all the so called supporters of other clubs that are jealeous of the way Chelsea have risen to fame. Every one of you out there would have done the same. If you want a new house built, you hire the best man to do the job, you don't train a builder yourself. If you want a top of the range car, you go out and buy one, you don't put a bit of tin in ground and hope one grows. It's the same the World over and has been since the beginning of time, if you want something, you go out and buy it. Of course I see your point though I would be the same, and was when United were flinging money around like it's gone out of fashion. The only team I didn't think were over the top were Blackburn when they " bought' the title. Don't worry though, as I said it's been going on for ever. Since in fact a caveman procured 7 buffalo hides, and bought 4 of the most gorgeous women in the village with them to come and live with him. Of course the other men were green with envy. And as I said to someone else, if you have seen the film ' Rise of the Footsoldier' it shows West Ham supporters to be the most violent,vile and murderous animals to inhabit the planet. Goodnight.
  11. lampard10

    Best Meat Pies

    They are the same as the ones mentioned earlier, for sale in Friendship, they are labelled 'The Bake House'. Best I have found in Pattaya, although still not great compared to back home. I am lucky enough to have an oven in my house (which seem to be like rocking horse sh1t in Thailand), and it does make a world of difference when cooking a pie. We use The Bake House pies in the Farang Connection, and they are probably one of the best pies I have ever eaten. Most of my customers agree with me as well. Both of you are right Keith from the Caddyshack( former from The Rising Sun, same as me)is the boss, and they sell them in the Friendship. We do sell them in our shop in the FC as well, if anyone is interested.
  12. Also speaking of Sidney Potier, did any of you know his DAUGHTER is also Sidney Potier. Saw a movie tonight that fits into my top five of all time " The Constant Gardener"
  13. lampard10

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    No offence taken Actually I do support The Gills as well. Don't forget that's where Steve Bruce originated. And a lot of others. By the way, is that your name M. Singh? I think I might know you I'll have 20 Baht with you that you don't Mate but i am intrigued how you think you could ?? Used to do a lot of shopping around Southall and I thought I recognised the name
  14. lampard10

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    No offence taken Actually I do support The Gills as well. Don't forget that's where Steve Bruce originated. And a lot of others. By the way, is that your name M. Singh? I think I might know you
  15. lampard10

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    They just don't get it do they ?? Hey Mr Lamapard10, my Dad is bigger than your Dad, trust me... I'll let you decide that.......I never met mine