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  1. Imagine, a Hollywood anti-bacteria-actress with a freaksmile while ordering chicken on the street when she sees the food spits out of the open mouth of the sales woman, and not to mention the unclean "kitchen", bugs, dogs and the pollution. High-end tourists? Haha. Most Thais don't even have a clue what a High-end life is. There's like... a trillion things... It will... take generations...
  2. I "lost" 11 000 baht this month compared to last month (seriously, no joke), converting Norwegian Kroner to Thai Baht. I'm shocked how it can swing like that just in a single month. If you wonder how much I was taking out to compare it with the loss, you can figure that out with a ruff calculation. All I want to say is that it was beyond noticeable. Keep in mind that the NOK is one of the strongest currencies in the world. A nation with good economy. World's 5th largest oil exporter and high oil prices contributes to a strong NOK http://sovereignsociety.com/files/2012/07/SI-G.png Here you can see NOK vs THB http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=NOK&to=THB (Though it doesn't seem to be 100% correct, the graph for a whole year will give you a nice and realistic overview) The last three years, from what I've personally noticed, 1 NOK has been between 5.20 - 5.55 THB (mostly around 5.40-5.50), but at the time I took out money last Tuesday, it was 4.86. It's now gone up to 5.02 but it's still far away from what it was just a month ago. Sadly I had no choice but losing those money since I had something that had to be paid. Luckily I can afford it but I see an industrial problem and a noticeable problem for some tourists and farangs in Thailand, if it continues. Hopefully for me it will end up in a little crash or something. I just don't think Thailand as an industry country and the Thai Baht is strong enough to be playing to much around with. My logic guess is that it will backfire.
  3. Horrific! All kind of imaginable revenge-episodes goes through my mind, but this is a job for the police. Let's hope they do their job thoroughly and with good results.