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  1. What are you on?? Need to change it's doing your head in!!
  2. Was in Melbourne Australia, last March, no doubt for F1 Grand Prix... Message: Pol Col Kritsana Patanajaroen!!! , It's on again (F1 GP) from March 22 till March 25 , so very likely he'll be their again!! Should be able to have him "nabbed" fairly easily on Arrival by AUS Border Protection & AFP!! Get serious & cut the crap!!
  3. It's ridiculous !! Just about everyday, have fools walking & not looking where going, I stop & they walk into me!! Seems no one speaks anymore, just send msgs!! Whilst phones have there valuable use in society; the current usage trend is worrying & appalling!
  4. Now, there's a new word for the lexicon!!...Avatar... where are you going to put your Avatar??
  5. No, no, I heard pool tables are next .....
  6. Well, if trying to promote an idea, you wouldn't use pics of grumpy old farts, would you??
  7. Perhaps you might give some examples of your loss of freedom, restrictions, etc under the current Gov't.... Then, I guess, if it's so bad here why do you stay???
  8. It seems rare these days to make a profit on sale of an older Condo (read as, 3 + years),several friends had sell at purchase price or less, as needed the funds!
  9. As the old saying goes...."You don't look at the mantle piece, while you're stoking the fire!!"
  10. You're still living here?? How come? If so bad why stay?? .... Where is lifestyle better??
  11. Has this one also got the "Gin" on US election tampering??? How come Thailand seems to end up with these questionable Russian persons?? Surely not, poor Immi processes!!
  12. The strength of a currency is dependent on the country economic, political & international situation & for some years Thai conditions have been stronger than other countries. So that translates into the Baht remaining strong against all others currencies, plus, most other countries have had problems/issues that affected their currencies anyway.
  13. OHH, same old, same old story!!!.... Old man meets young girl, she loves him, they have very intellectual relationship... Not about Boom Boom, or Money.... No, of course not!! Sadly, ....She leaves him & she's heart-broken for a few minutes!!, then it's back to business!! Now she's back to "bangin' ", to find another old intellectual partner!! ..... Wha hooo!! +++ Thai papers give her free advertising !! Super!! Ahh, the "Never Ending" Story!!
  14. When will Foreigners realise "love" to Thai women is "money", nothing to do with romance!! .... Old adage: No money no honey
  15. A froggie <deleted>!!! Why's he here?