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  1. The collection of Warrants is almost same size as the infamous Watch collection?? When will NCPO actually get The Puppeteer & his Puppet back to face justice!! Guess Interpol will issue another Blue Notice; a Red Notice not any time soon???? Pathetic!!!
  2. Which "watch" are they under?? ......"Watchman's" got so many, doesn't know which wrist to look at!!
  3. Sure, but if steps outside Embassy, he's arrested!! So not so much "free choice', it's sort of, by necessity!!
  4. Correct, had wrong colour Blue warrant.....
  5. Probably, the "Brown Paper Bag" Visa!! Hmmm, Interpol Red Warrant seems to have stopped, as has US National Crime Bureau (NCB), perhaps, "Watchman" needs to rewind!!
  6. Have I? .....What's the point??
  7. It's a sad state of affairs, billions of baht were either stolen/misappropriated by corrupt politicians, namely Yingluck & Co, at the expense of Thai citizens, farmers & others trying to eke out a meagre living in most cases!! Her Puppeteer brother is no better, he also pilfered his fellow citizens; just a total sleaze bag fugitive for over 10 years!! ... In general, seems more & more politicians worldwide are corrupt pack of self - interested, sloths stealing from their country's citizens & they get away with it!!
  8. Yep, "On the road again, can't wait to get back on the road again.....", so the song goes!
  9. Of course was a disgusting act! Simply commenting people have assumed was a male; it may not be!
  10. Didn't say anything about it being British Territory, it's Consular territory & outside that, is British territory!
  11. No, not holding him, but will arrest him & deport him, if he leaves the embassy, why else would he be "holed up" there ??? No diff, to Yingluck, who should have been deported back to Thailand under Interpol Red warrant!! Money speaks!!
  12. Seems many correspondents have assumed was a male teacher!!! ... No where in article does it mention sex of teacher or name!!
  13. Yep, she can join other fine collection of people who've recently migrated to UK & lifting the living standards of the country! No doubt, "the Puppeteer" assisted with some of his "charm" & other inducements!! Like your comment "...not voted out, thrown out and that is not the British way." How do you classify holding of Julian Assange in Embassy for years....the British way????
  14. So how come "the Puppet" gets a Visa w/ an outstanding Arrest Warrant against her, yet Julian Assange has to be holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy? Maybe, she arrived on a skiff from Dubai as an Asylum seeker !! What happened to the Interpol Red Notice!! The Watchman must have been winding his collection!! Hmm, think "the Puppeteer from Dubai" has worked his skulduggery!!
  15. Hmm, 3 individuals & 28 Rolex watches.. Perhaps, they were borrowed from a friend, seems be normal practice here in Thailand!!