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  1. The UK Embassy's response that they've acted after contact from Thai Immigration, yet, in contacting several other Embassies, they've had no contact or advice of change from Thai Immigration! Time for Expats to petition both UK Embassy & UK Foreign Office requesting restoration of the service... Or, adopt what other nationalities do & individual gets confirmation letter/s from sources of funding & includes with a Statutory Declaration that is signed by the individual & "witnessed" by the Embassy.. Simple!!
  2. Why doesn't British Embassy do what Australian Embassy does? The applicant is required to obtain a letter of confirmation of income in their own country from pension fund, accountant, etc & that it's equal to or greater than equiv. 65,000bht p/m. The applicant prepares a Statutory Declaration referring to the letter & confirming contents, i.e. income, source, etc. The applicant signs Stat Dec in presence of & witnessed by an Embassy Staff member; they are just witnessing the signature of the citizen/ applicant, not the Stat Dec content!! Have used that for past 7 years without an issue!!
  3. So much for taking care of British citizens needs, whilst in foreign countries!! Useless!!
  4. Incompetence!!! What will it take ??? Lives lost??
  5. Hahaha!! Totally TiT!! Doh, who's got the Key? Who's got the Key???? Bit like pass the parcel!!
  6. Excellent !! Hope teaches Musk a lesson in respect, responsibility & accountability!!
  7. Thanks for clarification, but Musk's claims about Unworth are unwarranted & unsubstantiated!! He maybe wealthy & clever, but he's a loose cannon, as seen in recent weeks!!
  8. My info suggests, UK, US, Netherlands, NZ, China , in that order ....... doesn't matter which countries, point is, foreign investors are able to buy land property with AUS Gov't approval!!! Stupidity !!! .. The price increases of recent yrs, mainly due to "foreign buyers effect" that precluded some Aussie families from owning a home, or if do, at very high borrowings!! Few other countries allow foreigners to buy land properties, some don't allow own residents to do so! NOTE: Just announced two more major banks increasing borrowing rates; just the beginning of tough times for borrowers......
  9. Musk is a megalomaniac, similar to Thumper Trump, & needs to be put in his place!! He got S***s -up b/c someone thought little of his submarine idea!! Musk being an expert in cave rescues etc..... against worldwide experts who attended the rescue!! He should stick to making cars!!
  10. There's little left for Chinese to buy... They've already bought just about everything with AUS Gov't blessing!!
  11. And Australia has a perfect system!!! ..... 5 PM's (Morrison, Turnbull, Abbott, Rudd & Gillard) in last 8 yrs!! Not a flawed system..... more, a joke!!
  12. In Thai Culture, will impact on him, as will be considered as "loosing face", as much, a sentence, as a court will hand down!!
  13. eggers

    Najomtien bombs putrid canal with EM balls

    Seems the problem is due to not flushing canals, problem not only Pattaya but everywhere. The Canals should be flushed on a regular basis, otherwise the water becomes stagnant plus used as waste & sewerage systems....
  14. It's all slanted the insurers way, had a particular illness 20 years ago with no further indications; that or any connected illness was excluded!! How long is pre - existing in insurance terms???.... forever!!