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  1. Nottingham, at the time I did my PGCEi five years ago, was 6th in the UK, 67th in the world and a top 20 education department. It was very academically rigorous, but also incredibly beneficial. Anything in the 800s worries me a little to be honest. Does anyone know the SUNY Buffalo rankings or have any personal experience with their program? Many thanks.
  2. Cheers, have the PGCEi already but looking to go a bit further. Nottingham want 300k up (for a masters) now which is very expensive.
  3. Hi there, I'm looking into doing the Master of Education Concentration in International Teaching based at BCC in Bangkok. It seems good, but I was wondering if anyone has first hand first hand experience with it and would they recommend it? Many thanks!
  4. Teachers in Thailand please help. I've been trying to get a teacher FB group off the ground lately. The goal is to share information on PDs, local education news, conferences, good practice, journal articles and also have professional discussions. We all know how tough it is to find here and I really think this could help. If you have one of these: M Ed B Ed, PGCE, Dip Ed, CELTA, DELTA, TCT 5 year licence or US State certification,
  5. Bad load balance and centre of gravity is spot on. It's almost like pickups aren't designed for it and the manufacturer tells you repeatedly.
  6. Covertjay

    Vasectomy @ Midrange Hospital BKK Area

    Not a reversal mate, just original snip.
  7. Looking at getting the snip, searched the old threads and can't find much on vasectomies. Google says it's 25k at Bumrungrad and there's a free clinic next to Cabbages and Condoms, but can't find anything inbetween. Any members had their members modified for around 10k in the greater BKK area? Thanks in advance for any information.