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  1. Hi, I've heard I can get 2 extensions, is this from 1 30 day visa or is it 2 times per year? Plus can I do 2 or 3 visa runs in 1 year, are they allowed back to back? I've searched forums but things change so fast..... can anyone shed any light? Thanks
  2. Minibus to Mae Sai recommendations

    Thanks so much for this suggestion, have booked already, much appreciated.
  3. Minibus to Mae Sai recommendations

    Hi, I usually use poochailee near 3 kings monument of a minibus to Mae Sai but they have not been open or answering phone for a few days, I really need to go in the next couple of days so I'm wanting other recommendations, it might be a stretch too far but preferable one where the drivers are not maniacs? Thanks in advance
  4. How many days at a land border do I get?

    Hi, so if I extend this 60 day visa for another 30 days, then after that has expired where can I get a visa exempt entry, does it have to be a land border? Or can I get this at my local immigration office? Sorry, I've never had to do this before as I usually got a double entry visa and just did an in/out border run once. Regards
  5. I'm from the uk and my 60 day visa is soon to expire, if I cross a land border do I get 15 or 30 days, and once I've got the visa can I then extend at an immigration office for another 30 days? Or should I extend this 60 days visa and then do a border run? Which is best, but mainly concerned with how many days I get at a land border? After that I'm return back to the uk, just need to arrange what's best for the next 60 days. thanks
  6. Diatomaceous earth

    Maybe just 100-200g, I forgot to mention it needs to be food grade.
  7. Diatomaceous earth

    Hi, where can I buy Diatomaceous earth in chiang mai, don't need huge amount? Regards
  8. Help with remembering a name of a shop please?

    Thanks for the suggestion, I don't think it's this one, I was after some jewellery that they made and this charity only really sells clothing, never mind, it just wasn't meant to be. Thanks again ?
  9. Help with remembering a name of a shop please?

    No it wasnt Darren, ive remembered it was called house of potentially, did it move?
  10. It is down sompet market road, heading west just past the small cross roads on the left, I'm sure it was called house of .... Something. I think it supported charities for handicap people, now it has been pulled down and it is waste land, has it moved to a new location of has it closed forever?
  11. Infrared sauna

    What is your source to back up this claim? I had a quick search on the Internet and cannot find anything to substantiate this? Regards
  12. D-Mannose supplements

    Hi, where will I find this supplement in Chiang mai?
  13. Infrared sauna

    Hi, is there an infrared sauna in Chiang mai? Don't want to have to travel too far out of the city if I can help it. Regards
  14. Organic coffee

    Where will I find a 100% organic air roasted coffee, to buy not to sit in cafe. Preferably in old city or not too much further. Regards
  15. Aromatherapy electric diffusers

    Thank you I will have a look [emoji1]