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  1. Why would an arrest be expected just because a warrant has been issued.
  2. My missis, and Thais in general just do not SEE litter. The same tin can can lie in the street for weeks. But ezzra, why not let her sleep in th bed instead of the cat basket !
  3. Do you think that the average Somchai will have looked at these guy's photos in the news. My missus and step-daughter don't even know who Donald Trump is !
  4. I've got a Made in Japan Fender Squire strat from 1983 which is worth a great deal now.
  5. Because they say they must be in colour.
  6. And not allow convoys of buses, accompanied by police escort, to do 120 in the middle lane.
  7. The speed limit is 90kph on normal roads, for ALL vehicles, not just buses.
  8. Yeh, the head of his knob was thinking.
  9. <deleted> there are only TWO of them. What about cheerleaders at American Football games, loads of 'em showing what they've got. wish they had them at The Etihad.
  10. More than doubles the vehicle's PRICE, not value.
  11. Each item worth Bht2000 or more...I doubt it.
  12. Was 'the computer model' done just after the Ransomware attack?