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  1. Is Meghan a R Catholic? Still, all the same bullshit they worship.
  2. I think I saw a few yawns during the cello performance, three pieces of music all very similar.......boring. And as for that American pastor........absolute rubbish.
  3. Is that really a big hassle, filling a form in and keeping it in your passport.
  4. wgdanson

    Shaving soap - where to buy

    Try The Bearded Colonel, a UK website.
  5. Sorry, talking about British Emabassy.
  6. Immigration WILL NOT accept copies, they must be the original with the embossed seal
  7. wgdanson

    What's your resting heart rate?

    Same here..........so I gave up jogging.
  8. Is it a 3D laser print because it needs the embossed seal on it.
  9. It'll cost you more than 500 in fuel.
  10. Don't know which Imm Office you use, but they take mine off me each year.
  11. A PAIN? Email gross income evidence to British Consulate, give them 52 quid. DONE.
  12. Dear Sirs, My name is XXXXXXXXXXXXX, British Citizen, passport number XXXXXXXXXXX. Copy included. I would appreciate you issuing a Visitor’s Visa for my partner of ten years Ms KxxxxxxxxxPxxxxxxx in order to visit my family in UK from 1st June until 5th July 2018. I shall be funding the entire trip as I have done three times previously and include recent copies of my UK current Bank account. We shall be staying with my brother David in Bxxxxxxx Berkshire and brother Stephen in Mxxxxxxx Wiltshire. Thank you. This worked THREE times.