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  1. So Thais can LITTER their own country..................................
  2. I only saw ONE shot, and the guy was only holding his arm when he got out.
  3. Missing Briton’s body found by Cha-am Beach

    Please keep your finger off the SHIFT key Mark.
  4. Missing Briton’s body found by Cha-am Beach

    Sorry but, if it was animals who devoured his body, would they not have eaten the Snickers as well. SORRY.
  5. Finnish air hostess, 27, found dead in Phuket hotel

    Why do we need a photo of an aeroplane? Why not the hotel, or a map of Finland.
  6. Where can I buy Robertson's Golden Shred in Thailand please?
  7. Does this mean that 1 in every 3 people you see will not be Thai. lol.
  8. Dead fish flails around after being deep fried

    Otherwise the batter will come off !
  9. So is he an apprentice President?
  10. Like the FA Cup Final later in the day?
  11. Then Donny John Fart would be approriate. JFK and now DJF.
  12. Who does that leave.....able bodied men? And what a great name for the pervy looking guy.......Wallop.
  13. Will this be the CBARTMSP act by any chance?