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  1. wgdanson

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Thanks John. I, and I am sure many others, did their extensions this month with letters from their respective embassies. So what's next?
  2. wgdanson

    Travel isurance

    Usally travel insurance only be purchased prior to travelling.
  3. Do those countries violate the Data Secrets Act, (or maybe they do not have one) in order to look into each and every applicants bank accounts, pension plans, private investments, rental incomes. I think not, so THEY are telling porkies to Immigration.
  4. Don't worry Sammy Davis Junior, Ry Cooder, Gabrielle, Peter Falk and Moshe Dayan would not pass that test either.
  5. Can he come and live next door to me please?
  6. So are you saying that you have extended your permission to stay with just evidence of deposits into Bkk Bank without a letter from your embassy, for the past 10 years?
  7. I would stop thinking if I were you.
  8. Sorry Jingthing I said exactly the same a bit later on. Don't know where some of these guys have been for the last two months.
  9. Which world have you been living in?
  10. It is a big deal considering that Thai Immgration will not (yet) accept your bank book and letters from VA, SS or the UK pension Service as proof of income.
  11. Correct sir. I would argue that my pension income was earned when I was a mere lad.
  12. wgdanson

    Another one gone!

    BeIN IS full 1080 for which you need 25Mbps to stream. I never had a drop out or buffering in the middle of the Jungle on 3BB 100/30 fibre. Bht 199 per month incl VAT and no extra boxes.