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  1. I get that regularly ! lol
  2. wgdanson

    Roadside airplanes

    Doesn't a 'naked' aeroplane look ugly?
  3. To add to what you say, yes the BE will accept pdfs of bank statements. I did my Income Letter from them and DID NOT print out a single sheet, filled in their forms with a pdf editor. They must be 'relaxed' about pension statements because I never sent them any (I don't get them), simply bank statements which say where the payment has come from DWP or whatever, both from my UK and Thai banks. £20k in the bank for next year, no worries then ! Sorry just remembered I had to print out the Credit Card sheet because I needed to sign that one.
  4. Have Thai Imm actually said that they will not accept the BE letter in its present format. Thought it was the BE who have said they cannot issue because they cannot 'verify' the income stated by the applicant.
  5. A affidavit would require the applicant to actually go to Bangkok to do the f....ing swearing. I doubt whether the BE will be there much longer!
  6. wgdanson

    McGarrett Instant Oats.

    I read that Instant Oats have stuff added to thicken the porridge up. I use Quick Cooking (like the Hahne small oats). Four heaped spoons, skimmed milk and EXACTLY three minutes in the m'wave, unless you like cleaning up after it boiling over. And stir it halfway through makes it more creamy.
  7. You say 'how does the money come into Thailand'....it doesn't have to. I agree with your final sentence, but could Thai Imm be bothered to develop a letter or subsequently be bothered to follow up and check English, or other language, bank statements. Only if they really suspected the applicant of dodgy business.
  8. Please tell me, is it the BE who will not issue the letters, or the Thai IO who will not accept them? I am confused.
  9. I know someone who still has an address in UK but has never had any form or letters from DWP since he retired 6 years ago, just a bank deposit every WEEK.
  10. This method has been used for many years, and still will be until 1st July 2019, as no further letters, which are valid for 6 months, will be issued after 1st January. Or am I missing something?.
  11. Many UK financial institutions demand that you send an original with a 'wet signature' for important documents, which is a pain when it take a week or so to get to UK from here. I have emailed copies in the past and told them that the original is onn its way. But, do you think those companies can tell the difference between an original signature done with a Parker fountain pen, leaving no indentation, and a laser copy....NO. And I did note that the Income Letter I got this week from the BE.....has a copy signature on it.
  12. Do you think you are not taking a gamble on simply living here?
  13. wgdanson

    Bitten by something

    Try SISTRAL cream from any pharmacy.
  14. My GF decided she wanted a Brazilian. It knackered my 4 stroke Honda !
  15. wgdanson

    Roadside airplanes

    First 747 flew in 1969, Vietnam War ended 1975. So these planes were less than 6 years old when dumped?