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  1. How did the bus eventually stop, on a flat part of the road, if the brakes had failed?
  2. I was at least 5 before my Dad let me sit on his knee to drive his Vauxhall Wyvern back in 1953 !
  3. Will the Pattaya to Hua Hin ferry be going?
  4. And of course name, address, insurance and credit card number.
  5. And the flight you arrived on could give some idea.
  6. On some road signs on the road from Bkk, it says PHattaya. And it's not long since all the kilometer signs saying Suvanhabum had the 'I ' added.
  7. Not heard that one for a while 'The cut of your jib'. What a great language English is? Or should it be 'is English?'
  8. And as for 'Who is Donald Trump or Theresa May'? Forget it.
  9. 20,000 should last about 2 nights out in Pattaya.
  10. And the lethal injection used in USA can take up to 20 minutes. Get the jellyfish in!
  11. What a lovely term....'a handful of kilometers' And 300 pax per hour..wow.