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  1. I can't remember when the Sino-Vietnamese war started, so I guess that didn't happen either.
  2. No, it's not. You know what's trash? This: Praying for somebody's death. That's utter trash.
  3. My uncle was a chicken farmer in Pennsylvania. One day when I was a young teen, he was showing me the huge cauldron of chicken manure that sat in the barn, waiting for it to "mature" so it could be used as fertilizer. I wondered why such a huge vat of excrement didn't stink, and he said "just wait till I stir it!" With that, he picked up a stick and plunged it into the vat, stirring it vigorously. "Just watch all the farm hands get annoyed and complain as I do this", he said with an evil grin. Sure enough, after a few moments people started to notice the foul stench and began to complain. That's what this discussion is doing - stirring the pot.
  4. ...but it would have to be done quickly so that Graham can go ahead and vote for Kavanaugh anyway.
  5. Trump on Hurricane Florence: "It's tremendously big and tremendously wet."
  6. The point was not about mixing chemicals. It was about basic fundamental knowledge that I always expected people to have, even at a young age. Here, they just don't seem to know these basic things and they rely on poo-yai (who also doesn't know any better, but can't be seen as ignorant so s/he has to say something) to guide them.
  7. Not sure if that was sarcasm, but I meant just MIX them, like in a bucket. People sometimes mix ammonia with other cleaners to improve grease-cutting ability, which ammonia is very good at. But mixing ammonia and bleach (or acids) will create chlorine gas that will put you in the hospital, and maybe the morgue.
  8. The dose makes the poison. Do we need to point out that alcohol is sold at 7-11, despite its being a group 1 carcinogen that many people drink weekly by the liter with utter disregard? People go to skin clinics for botox injections, despite botulinum toxin being the most acutely lethal toxin known to man. In addition to providing professional dispensing advice, public education also important. I knew at an early age never to mix ammonia and bleach, and that children should never be given aspirin, although I didn't know exactly why. Today that kind of knowledge would probably be called a 'life hack' and be passed around on Facebook with 90% of its audience thinking it's fake news.
  9. Care to show your math on that? Here's mine: Donald Trump would like you to hold his beer: "Donald Trump: As projected in the FY 2019 budget, Trump plans to add $8.282 trillion, a 41-percent increase from the $20.245 trillion debt at the end of Obama's last budget for FY 2017. He will add almost as much in four years as Obama did in eight. That would also make him the second-biggest contributor to the debt in history in just one term." Then why is it so popular? Obamacare Hits Highs In Popularity And Profits: "New polls show the public’s opinion of the ACA becoming more favorable, hitting an all-time high in one survey out last week. The Kaiser Family Foundation had 54% with a "favorable view" of the ACA, the “highest share in more than 80 tracking polls ” since President Barack Obama signed the landmark legislation into law in 2010."
  10. I see - you're using "network" as a short form of "social network". I was reading it as the actual, physical network that carries your data. Not that this helps clarify matters much. You can't blame a company - or call it a monopoly - for being popular. You can call it a monopoly if it abuses its popularity or take steps to prevent competitors from entering the marketplace. Saying that Twitter is a monopoly is laughable, seeing as how it's barely keeping its head above the financial waters. Has it ever been profitable? Is that Google's fault? If so, how do you "correct" it? Artificially limit the number of web searches it can perform per hour? I didn't understand it because you predicated this action on your loosely applied term "quasi-public good"; a term which I reject. Whether private or public (or "quasi-public", if you insist), a company has to follow laws. What you seem to be saying is that they regulate themselves (i.e. they have rules and policies) because they don't want to be accused of breaking laws or being an accessory to lawbreaking. Well okay... I don't rob banks because I don't want to be charged with not respecting bank robbery laws. Isn't this obvious?
  11. These companies provide private services that take advantage of public access ways. I don't see it as any different from a private restaurant that you have to use a public road to get to. In any event, considering the subject of the discussion, how is this "the problem"? What "network effects" are these? I use Bing and Google Plus once in a while and never noticed any such issues. With fewer people using them, they should be more available. What laws are these that apply to private companies?
  12. Yeah! Bigger government, more regulation! Are you sure about that? Anyway, there's always Google Plus and My Space. Facebook and Twitter aren't monopolies.
  13. Assuming your understanding is correct (it's not, but let's just humor you for a moment), the logic is therefore this: Since a few other countries aren't pulling their weight, then nobody should? Imagine if we apply this "reasoning" locally. Since there are a couple of houses in my neighborhood that throw their garbage out into the street, let's all do it! No, it's not a sham. Now, as far as your understanding of the situation, China has been surging ahead in the renewable energy sector since 2013. As a moment's though will make clear, this development will be hampered by air pollution. "Looking at over 200 monitors throughout China, a recent analysis found that Chinese cities have cut concentrations of fine particulates — often considered the deadliest type of pollution — by 32% on average since 2013. The city of Xingtai saw the largest pollution decline at 52.2%."
  14. We'll be waiting for a long time. Trump is the aggrieved party and has the DOJ at his disposal. Why then, do you suppose no such investigations have been (or ever will be) forthcoming? It's just like Trump's "wait and see" answers when he has no idea what else to say. Months go by and... nothing.
  15. The generic ballot right now: Illegal, slimy gerrymandering is the only thing that might save some republicans.