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  1. Online Teaching

    Ridiculous. Do you really think that either immigration or the labor department would even entertain my applying for a permit to work for a company in another country?
  2. Online Teaching

    California Virtual University opened in the late 90s. MIT offered an open courseware project online in 2002. Kahn Academy was founded in 2008. By 2009, an estimated five and a half million students were taking at least one online course. By 2014, 98% of public colleges and universities were offering online learning. From this graphic. Distance learning is as old as the hills. The only thing that has changed is the technology that supports it. There have been correspondence courses for decades. If a student in Japan participates in one of my correspondence courses, am I working illegally? All we're doing is sending mail back and forth. Whatever difference you are suggesting, immigration doesn't care about it. Their job is to control the entry and exit of foreigners and set conditions on their behavior during their stay. The rules and regulations governing teaching apply to teachers (both foreign or domestic) working in Thailand for Thai people. Until we get something more recent, those statements from 2014 are our best information on what immigration thinks about foreigners in Thailand employed by overseas companies and working for overseas clients.
  3. Question about a/c

    Instead of cranking it down to 18 and hoping for inefficient radiative cooling, set it for a more realistic twenty-something and then turn on a nearby fan to get a light breeze. This will help you feel cooler without the room actually being cooler. A snug-fitting t-shirt will help wick perspiration away and make you feel even cooler. To answer the OP, I installed a inverter-style a/c in my bedroom two years ago and added a kWh meter inline with the switch. The sleeping part of the bedroom is only about 18 m2 so I bought the lowest powered a/c I could find. I set it for 26 degrees and it costs me on average about 2 baht per hour to run. I also double-insulated the room with stud walls, which helps a lot because they don't get warm to the touch any more. If you haven't insulated the room you want to cool, you're spending a big chunk of your electric bill on continuously pumping out the extra heat that keeps circulating back in.
  4. PIR Light

    I'm having difficulty with IR motion sensors. They keep switching on and off even when nobody is around, possibly from the hot breezes that blow through the hallways.I have several portable ones too, that are battery operated like this: When I relocate them to my office (which is always air-conditioned at a constant 26-27°), they become stable. But if I move them out into the hot part of the house where it's usually around 34-36° (which is nearly the same as human skin temperature), they constantly flick on and off all day and night. Am I the only one having this problem?
  5. Online Teaching

    Immigration authorities have issued public statements again and again saying they're not interested in what they referred to as "digital nomads". These are people who make money from their blogs, monetized youtube channels, come here for vacation but still need to manage their business back home, and so on. Neither their customers nor their employer is Thai, so it would be impossible to get a work permit for it anyway. The authorities understand that there is no realistic way for these people to become "legal". If anything the authorities should encourage this, since it's a revenue stream coming into the country. Until the antiquated labor laws catch up to the technology, thousands of online businesses will continue to be managed/run by foreigners in Thailand. Previous discussions: If you are a 'digital nomad' running your own business on the internet, the immigration office says you can do this on a tourist visa. Immigration clarifies new regulations for foreigners in Chiang Mai:
  6. Or maybe because they were disciplined and afterward were determined to "stick it to the man" and get away with it next time. There's just no way you can know what the effect will be from punishment. Some are rehabilitated and others become hardened and more determined by it. If at first you don't succeed, you know. When I was a teen, my girlfriend told me the story of how she got caught shoplifting when she was a young child in Germany, and her father was rather abusive according to her and punished her quite violently. She says that she carried that grudge with her for a long time and got her revenge by doing several, even more daring thefts later on. I have no idea where she is now. In jail, perhaps.
  7. What spin are you referring to? I just asked a question.
  8. Does that means she is not responsible for the accident? So you fault the car? The supposed benefit driverless cars is that the technology is sufficiently advanced that it should be able to "see" people in its path or even predict an object moving into its direction of travel and take evasive actions faster than a human driver could. Obviously that didn't happen in this case and that's why it needs to be investigated. Drugs and/or insanity isn't an invisibility cloak for autonomous car sensors. It could have been something as mundane as mechanical failure (brakes) or software bug. If the reaction time for this incident was so short that the technology couldn't react to it, them I'm not surprised the human on board couldn't either.
  9. I predict driverless tech is going to become a victim of its own success. It'll be the story of vaccines all over again: countless lives saved, but every once in a while there's a mishap and people scream about how dangerous they are and demand they be banned.
  10. Money laundering and conspiracy are "nothing burgers"? Nice to know where your morality lies. What about Rick Gates?
  11. Trump’s election consultants filmed saying they use bribes and sex workers to entrap politicians A London network went undercover to investigate how far Cambridge Analytica is willing to go to manipulate elections. At one point in the investigation, CEO Alexander Nix even bragged about entrapping politicians with bribes and prostitutes.
  12. It's pretty obvious that Bill Gates wants to reduce the global population and driverless cars mowing people down like a weeds is the best way to do it! There, did I satisfy all of your conspiracy theories?
  13. Do you also teach your child all that wonderful name calling? It's SO age appropriate!
  14. This shouldn't need to be said. Stealing from a temple is just as bad as stealing from any other place.
  15. Was the governor's letter 56 pages long like software T&Cs are?