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  1. Do you also think the planet Saturn doesn't exist because it hasn't been presented to you? What about germs? Ever seen those? District Attorney does not file indictments if they have no evidence. You're just making yourself looks silly sillier now. This isn't happening in your country, wherever that is. Can we just start yapping about whatever happens in any country we like now? How do you figure Mueller and the state of New York are "left"?
  2. Do you really think SDNY would directly implicate Trump based solely on hearsay? You think a DA or prosecutor doesn't corroborate the evidence supporting their indictments?? How do you know what evidence the special counsel & prosecutors have? Do you have unredacted versions of all those recently released papers? In other words, propaganda. The very thing you riled against in your post.
  3. An 80-year old comic, but we don't need to change a thing.
  4. Sounds like the sequel to Game of Thrones. Can you defeat your enemies and become the most powerful wizard?
  5. attrayant

    Skin splitting under little toe

    Lucky you. I had this and no creams would make it go away. I had to take an oral antifungal + topical cream and it finally cleared up. Now I wear house slippers everywhere inside the house, because it's not just the bathroom floor where foot fungus can spread. You're sharing the floor with the whole family (of monks, apparently). It's hot here. When I have no choice but to put on proper shoes, I wear toe socks.
  6. attrayant

    Stinky laundry

    I do laundry only once every two weeks (because I don't do a wash until I have enough to fill the machine), which means the laundry is positively rank by the time it goes to the machine. Even so, I use very little detergent (maybe a teaspoon or two) because it's a front loader and still never have the OP's problem. You can't use chlorine bleach on most colors or some fabric types. I would recommend an oxygen bleach (Big C sells it in an orange container) because it's safe for most colors. Pre-soaking in diluted hydrogen peroxide seems to get good results too. But before doing that I would get a second opinion to see if it's as bad as you think it is. Maybe it's in your nose?
  7. It's the fasces, the symbol from the flag of the National Fascist Party. It was earlier used as the the symbol of Italian Fascism.
  8. attrayant

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    That post was made by me, not Con Queso. Several people in my house have TV accounts and sometimes we don't notice which account is logged in when we're posting. No wonder I wasn't seeing all these new post notifications. Anyway, I can't comment about the technical stuff in the report. I did manage a government web app development team for a few years and from the many meetings we had, I recognize some of these as critical issues that would cause the QA team to reject deployment of a site that was suffering some of these issues. Here's the web-based utility I used: https://www.dareboost.com/en Not so sure if it would be fair to run it again at the moment, knowing they've pulled the site apart and are currently working on it.
  9. attrayant

    Trump calls Tillerson 'dumb as a rock' and 'lazy'

    This is the kind of deplorable statement that could only be uttered by somebody cowardly hiding behind the anonymity afforded by the internet. You are deriving pleasure from watching the country split into two warring factions, and almost seem to be basking in the suffering of your fellow humans. I suggest you seek professional help.
  10. attrayant

    Trump calls Tillerson 'dumb as a rock' and 'lazy'

    Tillerson ran Exxon, one of the biggest companies on the planet, and never went bankrupt.
  11. attrayant

    Test topic

    Just a test topic to see if I can start one via Tapatalk.
  12. attrayant

    Renewing Visa / Wp

    What does it mean to have a degree certified? That sounds like the same thing as verifying its authenticity.
  13. attrayant

    Sandwich Toaster

    I second this. Use an existing pan instead of buying another single-use small appliance that will be hard to clean, take up space and eventually break. I grill all kinds of sandwiches open-faced on my cast iron griddle, but any large, flat-bottomed pan should work.
  14. attrayant

    Don Meung To Bts/mrt

    Bus #s 34 and 39 both run up and down Phaholyothin road between moh chit station and sapphanmai, which is very close to DM airport. I live in sapphanmai but unfortunately I've never gone to the airport by bus, I always take a taxi. And yes, you need to be light on luggage or they might charge you an extra seat or they might refuse you altogether. The previously mentioned shuttle sounds like a better solution.