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  1. That's curious. I'm Canadian but haven't been back there for 10 years or more. How do they track how long a tourist has been in the country and whether he/she has overstayed? [In all my travels in the past 10 years--mostly Asian countries--I don't recall skipping exit immigration].
  2. Have been noticing this 'upward' trend among Thai women for the past 15+ years. And in my gf for the past 6.
  3. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I do wonder if the "it's Indonesian" narrative is just a diversionary tactic to protect the reputation of the school/teacher/nation...
  4. Well, Bangkok is the only place where I remember seeing an overstay-fine-payment office just past immigration... where people can pay a small fine for their over-stay and come back to the country again a few months later. I doubt that there's such leniency in Singapore, the US, Oz, etc...
  5. Strange thing... though I can't make out specific words, the students don't seem to be speaking Bahasa Indonesia ... does sound more like Thai (I know enough of both languages to know the difference, and I suspect most of us could tell the difference between Chinese and German without knowing either language).
  6. Well, I hope the British media will also update this story. Thailand isn't perfect--what country is?--but it doesn't deserve this sort of slur. Yeah - bad things happen, but it's an anal orifice of the highest order who will fake something like this (to cover up other crimes no less). And, of course, all farangs end up being tainted by actions like these...
  7. Except that when you have a large number of males in a society with no prospects of marriage and no outlets for sexual desire you have major problems. And because women typically 'marry up', most of these males will be poor and less educated. In the past, nations could draw from this surplus as cannon (or sword) fodder in their wars... not sure we want China to go down that road. At the very least, skewed gender ratios threaten social stability.
  8. If anything, this manager's reactions to feedback would cause me to pass this place by. His basic tactics seem to be: Disparage the reviewer - suggest they are liars and cheapskates Say that you can't expect a good experience at the prices charged Blame others There's enough consistency across the negative reviews to suggest there's more than smoke here. Defensive is one thing, but to go to the police for a negative review is childish and ridiculous. This guy must be a real delight to have as a boss.
  9. I'm not sure about other places, but 'executive' has a very different meaning in parts of SE Asia than in the West. It actually means is some who executes instructions from managers, what might be called frontline/frontdesk or admin staff in other countries. For example, someone selling products in a showroom will typically be called a sales executive. It's very much an inversion of what we're used to...
  10. Not too many tourists need a plumber, electrician, or computer technician etc while on holiday...
  11. I don't disagree, but it had the unanticipated effect of creating a severe gender skew in the population because of the premium placed on having sons. This is the problem with large scale social policies... it's often difficult to predict unwanted 'side effects'.
  12. Quite the opposite - China has a heavily male-skewed population. Having a son is desirable in Chinese culture, and if you're only allowed one child, it encourages couples to abort female fetuses in the hope the next one will be male ... So there's an over-supply of men in China
  13. Not uncommon for massage girls... sometimes particularly naïve customers help defray the cost as a 'gift'. I've always been impressed with how massage girls often have much nicer phones than mine. There will probably be some massage girls among the first purchasers of the iPhone 10 in Bangkok.
  14. I'm in my mid-50s now... I guess I'll soon have to start putting this stuff on my cornflakes in the morning to enhance my engine's performance...