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  1. Not backing off at all .... reading seems to be an issue for you. I said you were suggesting the American did the right thing (protecting a woman) before all the information is in. I didn't know I needed to define the word, "hero" for you...
  2. Technically, the pimp and customer colluded in transporting the girl to another location. That might be what allows the police to tag on an additional charge and increase the sentence or at least the chances of conviction.
  3. You're right. And last time I checked---my old university department was a centre of research on sexual deviance and therapy---this is one compulsion that's almost impossible to 'break'. Unless things have changed, I don't there is any truly effective treatment.
  4. "But do you think that in this situation, where a girl was potentially being strangled, a blowjob bar full of dope heads ignoring the threat to her would have been a good thing? " You are suggesting that ignoring the situation would have been a 'bad thing'. Therefore, the attacker did the right thing by intervening in the situation. Nowhere in the post did you take issue with how he intervened. The latest information is that the victim may have only been joking around with the waitress and she did not at all feel threatened. That's why I was saying that we all need to ease up and wait for the facts to settle
  5. That's my point... I don't think anyone enjoying some pot would find it in themselves to strangle anyone. And don't make this killer too much of a hero just yet. There are different stories floating around and it's unclear where the truth really lies. And even if he did intervene to protect the waitress, stomping the other guy's head multiple times takes the sheen off whatever medal you think he deserves...
  6. I don't want to besmirch alcohol, but I do wonder how often fights break out in marijuana cafes...
  7. What Happened To The First Dogs Sent To Space Is Actually Horribly Sad

    At least the dogs appear to be to have been well treated and cared for before they were sent up. There are countless animals routinely and knowingly harmed in consumer testing and research to this very day. For example, consider the Draize Test: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draize_test
  8. Possibly. It all comes down to the notion of what is a 'fair fight'. To use an exaggerated example to make the point: Is it 'fair' for an agitated pumped-up 220lb kick-boxer to take on a 110lb shop-owner. If you're the shop-owner, is it going to work if you simply say "sorry, it wouldn't be fair for me to fight you - I'm at too great a disadvantage". Is that going to stop the other person if he's being unreasonable? If the shop-owner feels that he is at threat of severe bodily harm should he just take it, or should he try to protect himself? Or should he take a serious beating? Now you could say he should run away. But if a mismatch of this sort took place on a boat, where to run? [Again, I don't know the details of this case.. and it's very possible that the Thai was the aggressor and/or able to defend himself physically ... I'm just saying the notion of a 'fair fight' is not so straightforward]
  9. True - but I can also see how a typically smaller Thai would be looking for some sort of 'equalizer' when dealing with an aggressive much larger man. [If that was the case, and we don't know with certainty the details of what happened here]
  10. Irresponsible OP ... seems to have misrepresented what the video was all about. I showed it to my gf and she said the lady was simply telling girls back home to not marry a farang if you think it means living the easy life. She wasn't saying her own expectations were dashed or anything of that sort. Just trying to give other girls a dose of reality.
  11. Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    "Of a scar running diagonally across Rigaud’s face, Tawatchai said it was the result of Rujira once slashing his face with a knife." What's wrong with these people? Why would you want to be with someone who's done that (assuming that the claim was true). Why would you want to pay 100,000 to buy a not-especially-young-and-attractive woman from another man? And why would you risk destroying your life to get that woman?
  12. I guess the Nation is just pretending not to get it...
  13. Well, all I can say is that it's not an assumption that the building of Buddha statues was directly influenced by Greek culture and practices. The link I gave previously includes this statement: "Although there is no other mention of Han Wudi worshiping the Buddha in Chinese historical literature, the murals would suggest that statues of the Buddha were already in existence during the 2nd century BCE, connecting them directly to the time of the Indo-Greeks." That's about the best sort of evidence you will get if you are exploring cultural influences that took place more than 2000 years ago in a part of the world that's seen much conflict and destruction....
  14. This debate has nationalistic overtones... many years ago I watched Greek and (Slavic) Macedonian mobs in Toronto trying to break each other's heads with long sticks because the Macedonian community had erected a statue of Alexander a few minutes' walk away from the Greek part of town. That said, today's Macedonians are Slavs--descendants of peoples who arrived after the fall of Rome--and are unrelated to the Macedonians of Alexander's time. The ancient Macedonians spoke a dialect of Greek and shared much of the culture (including religious beliefs) of their cousins to the south. Alexander himself was seen by the Greeks as a bearer of Greek culture...
  15. Please read more carefully... I didn't say that Buddhist statuary started with Alexander. They were an outgrowth of the Greco-Bactrian kingdoms that arose after his empire was divided upon his death. In fact, your dates are way off. There is distinctly Greco-styled Buddha statue in the Tokyo National Museum that may have been sculpted as early as the 1st century CE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standing_Buddha Take note... the earliest statue of the Buddha we have is in a Greek style. Not only that, "Some of the standing Buddhas (such as the example pictured) were sculpted using the specific Greek technique of making the hands and sometimes the feet in marble to increase the realistic effect, and the rest of the body in another material." So it would appear that I was making no assumptions...