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  1. Where I come, Thais would be considered 'people of colour' … that complicates things
  2. A Buddhist might question whether the dog has done intentional harm to another sentient being to justify being killed... or should being ill or unwanted be considered crimes now?
  3. Wow - that only took a few decades! But better late than never. My earliest bad experiences in BKK were with those vermin. One guy trying to tell me the temple was closed for "Buddha Day" (which was <deleted>, of course) and other drivers refusing to use meters etc.
  4. I presume you're referring to the casinos. Singapore casinos make their money mostly off 'tourists' (read: rich Chinese Indonesians). Singapore residents are discouraged from partaking. They have to pay $100 just to enter (free for non-residents) and they are tracked in the system. The whole point of the casinos is to draw money from outside of the country, not from the pockets of locals. I assume the websites referred to here are going after local 'customers' … very different kettle of fish. p.s. I know three Thais in Singapore who have lost big at the casinos... at their request, I submitted ban applications for two of them. It's a big problem..
  5. Now maybe someone higher up needs to investigate what's going in the Bangkok South Criminal Court since the Appeals Court overturned the conviction on more than just a technicality.
  6. Don't you think it's just possible that he doesn't like the system he was born into? We have no idea of what his real beliefs are...
  7. Docno

    International flights begin at Hua Hin airport

    Interesting. I fly AA several times a year (6-10) to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. with no problem. Bookings seem straightforward, and haven't had any major delays (I stopped using Tiger way back because they were only rarely on time). The only thing I don't like is the damn check in line-up at Don Muang if you're there at a bad time. Thai Air is great, but you typically pay a premium for that...
  8. AirBnB is already illegal in Singapore. That doesn't prevent people from still participating in it. However, there have already been high profile (and successful) prosecutions in the last couple of months of people who ignore the law. Singapore's rationale is that hotels are tightly regulated and AirBnB rent-outs don't meet the regulatory requirements. It's the property owner who 'pays the price' if charged...
  9. Yeah, but I'm not just talking about eyebrow tattoos ... even my mom had those, and she was born in the 1930s. What I'm referring to is the beauty trend of want fat dark eyebrows, larger than what you would see on men. Many Thai (and SE Asian) women simply use makeup to achieve that effect, and that looks equally ridiculous. But at least it can be washed off ...
  10. I just hope the Thai female obsession with thick dark eyebrows, which started a few years ago (saw it among the Vietnamese before that) will finally die off. I don't know how they got it into their heads that it's attractive. It's also big in Indonesia at the moment, but I think the Vietnamese have gone back to normal now...
  11. That's intervening! I never suggested that the friend should jump in 'guns blazing'. There's no indication in the story that the friend did so. I have only (and clearly) said that I would not stand by and do nothing. I would do exactly what you suggested. Others might try to come in between and try to calm the situation. That all counts as intervening! The victim in this situation may have done no more than you suggested, with the agitated and drunk Thai guy over-reacting to it or misinterpreting the victim's intentions. It happens. But that doesn't mean you just stand by....
  12. Love the voice on Mr Benz... had me laughing out loud. Sounded like an upset 12 year old girl.
  13. Fair enough. But when you were 17, did your parents know what you got up to when you went out? Mine certainly didn't have a clue, and when they asked, I always had some believable story to tell. Study after study shows that peers exert a greater influence on teens than parents, but yes, parents need to lay down a good foundation in the earlier years. And we haven't even got into the genetic factors underlying risky behaviour. So please let's not always be so quick to blame the parents...
  14. Little reason to make such sweeping statements. We know two things: Suicide rates are often the highest among the middle aged and elderly. Thailand attracts a disproportionate number of expats/retirees with mental health issues (this is at least the case among Britons, but probably applies to other Europeans - see <click here>) Put those facts together and there's no reason to be so conspiratorial/paranoid about the 'apparent' suicides that are so often reported here...
  15. Didn't realise you had inside information. Perhaps you were there? Where does it say that the victim "joined the fun", as you say? Where does it say that his intervention was violent or even one of taking sides? If you actually read the piece, it says that the victim tried to stop the argument. But given the description--such that it is--it seems just as likely (if not more) that the victim tried to step in and separate the men or cool things down, etc. Nothing in there about the two Europeans ganging up on the Thai. Of course, there is a fine tradition of blaming the victim in these forums, so your view doesn't surprise me.