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  1. so you are saying, all other countries can afford safe alternatives to opioid painkillers, but the US cant / wont? i dont think that is the reason. i think that the pharma companies have very little regulation in the states and have been allowed to influence what doctors prescribe, and are causing this epidemic. the pharma companies benefit, and the doctors and clinics benefit, and the rest of the country suffers also, i actually thought that the opioid tablets were expensive in the states, and that is why many people end up using heroin instead, as it is cheaper
  2. What are other countries using then to deal with their patients who have chronic pain? it seems america are prescribing tablets that are causing huge problems. why dont they issue the same painkillers that other countries prescribe, and prevent this crisis getting even worse?
  3. why is it that america has this huge pharmaceutical opioid problem, but other countries have so far managed to avoid?
  4. there is nowhere in hua hin where you can walk along the sea front, and still be within the city, like you can on beach road in pattaya. this makes pattaya a much more attractive city. the town planning has let itself down in hua hin. being a city on the sea, but rarely being able to see the sea, will always make pattaya more attractive to many
  5. Hey Guys. I am meeting up with my mate from the UK on Wednesday in pattaya, and could do with some info from some of the regulars on here on some good things to do. I live in Hua Hin and he is on his first visit to Thailand. Both male, early 40's and from UK. No women in tow....... Can anyone recommend some good day time and night time activities please? Nighttime especially...... :) What are the best areas to take him for beers? We will be staying near soi 6! I am thinking Soi 6, Soi bukhao, LK Metro and walking street...... anyone recommend any other areas, or any specific bars / restaurants / gogos / clubs that are especially good fun and decent value at the minute please? Any tips greatly welcome....... PS i searched the first 10 pages of the forum but could not see a similar thread, but apologies if this has been done to death recently
  6. Hua Hin in 1987

    many of the smiles are genuine now....... some of you boys are just old and cynical great video BTW and thanks for sharing
  7. No Newsletter

    I have not had the newsletter email for a few days now. I checked my spam folder but it is not in there. Any ideas why please guys? Coffee in the morning isnt the same without it
  8. Place to fish in freshwater in Hua Hin ?

    There is also Khao Yai near to cha am, which is good for big fish. Plus, even better, and easier to fish, is Cha Am fishing Park. Only 200 baht a day. Loads of fish from 4 kg to 50 kg to be had. just copy the locals methods, and use bread as bait
  9. i am starting to forget what the topic was here............
  10. Hi Guys, can anyone recommend a good security system i can purchase on lazada / homepro etc please, that will act as a deterrent to potential burglars? My mate is a builder, so he and i will install it, but i would still prefer one that is relatively simple to install and maintain. We want one that has either 4 or 6 cameras, and will record all video into the cloud, or something similarly secure. Some cameras will be inside the house, and some outside, secured into the ceiling I guess We live in a single story villa, and getting into the roof is not a problem. Can anyone recommend something please, as i am pretty clueless on what the current market offers (there are so many to choose from!!) Thanks in advance if anyone can help
  11. we live in hua hin, and we have a party house opposite us. The police have been quite sympathetic, and if they are called, will usually come quickly and get the people to turn the music down and party from within the house, rather than the garden. one of the neighbours has employed the services of a lawyer, plus the tessabahn have been round to investigate, but it seems that no laws are being broken, and they are powerless to stop the parties completely. there was also a big thread about this on hua hin facebook group a couple of weeks back, and it seemed lots of people were affected https://www.facebook.com/groups/614770915277919/permalink/1330792147009122/
  12. Dog Eats Neighbour's Shoe

    he has expensive taste....... reminds me of the wife
  13. Dog Eats Neighbour's Shoe

    The neighbour is my friend, so i want to buy him his shoe back, as the dog is my responsibilty. I just need to know a good website where i can buy them cheap, or a decent shop in bangkok that will have them........ any trainer buffs out there have any ideas?
  14. Dog Eats Neighbour's Shoe

    we all live around a lake, and the way the houses are set out means there are areas of no fencing between the houses, adjacent to the lake. this allows dogs and people (and the big monitor lizard in the lake) to roam freely). We are doing our best to train the dog though, honest
  15. Dog Eats Neighbour's Shoe

    the dog is good thanks mate.... he is still a pup hence his running amok, eating shoes type behaviour. he has had the snip recently, so hopefully will start to calm down :) Thanks for the tips above - i am in hua hin, so ideally, rather than travel to bangkok i would order online (although i will travel to bangkok if i can find the shoes, and at a good price) does anyone know any reliable sports websites where i might find the shoes, and save some cash too if possible? Thanks again for suggestions