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  1. There is also Khao Yai near to cha am, which is good for big fish. Plus, even better, and easier to fish, is Cha Am fishing Park. Only 200 baht a day. Loads of fish from 4 kg to 50 kg to be had. just copy the locals methods, and use bread as bait
  2. i am starting to forget what the topic was here............
  3. Hi Guys, can anyone recommend a good security system i can purchase on lazada / homepro etc please, that will act as a deterrent to potential burglars? My mate is a builder, so he and i will install it, but i would still prefer one that is relatively simple to install and maintain. We want one that has either 4 or 6 cameras, and will record all video into the cloud, or something similarly secure. Some cameras will be inside the house, and some outside, secured into the ceiling I guess We live in a single story villa, and getting into the roof is not a problem. Can anyone recommend something please, as i am pretty clueless on what the current market offers (there are so many to choose from!!) Thanks in advance if anyone can help
  4. we live in hua hin, and we have a party house opposite us. The police have been quite sympathetic, and if they are called, will usually come quickly and get the people to turn the music down and party from within the house, rather than the garden. one of the neighbours has employed the services of a lawyer, plus the tessabahn have been round to investigate, but it seems that no laws are being broken, and they are powerless to stop the parties completely. there was also a big thread about this on hua hin facebook group a couple of weeks back, and it seemed lots of people were affected
  5. he has expensive taste....... reminds me of the wife
  6. The neighbour is my friend, so i want to buy him his shoe back, as the dog is my responsibilty. I just need to know a good website where i can buy them cheap, or a decent shop in bangkok that will have them........ any trainer buffs out there have any ideas?
  7. we all live around a lake, and the way the houses are set out means there are areas of no fencing between the houses, adjacent to the lake. this allows dogs and people (and the big monitor lizard in the lake) to roam freely). We are doing our best to train the dog though, honest
  8. the dog is good thanks mate.... he is still a pup hence his running amok, eating shoes type behaviour. he has had the snip recently, so hopefully will start to calm down :) Thanks for the tips above - i am in hua hin, so ideally, rather than travel to bangkok i would order online (although i will travel to bangkok if i can find the shoes, and at a good price) does anyone know any reliable sports websites where i might find the shoes, and save some cash too if possible? Thanks again for suggestions
  9. Our stupid dog has gone next door and stolen and chewed up one of our neighbour's shoes. Nprmally, with a flip flop, this would not be too much of a problem, but the shoes he has eaten are red Asics Gel Keyano 21, brought in from Australia, and costings around 7000 baht at normal retail. Does anyone know where i can find a pair of these, at hopefully a lower price? I have looked on Lazada and they dont have the exact ones on there. The shoes are abouts in thailand, i am just having trouble finding them. Any recommendations on websites / places i could try? Plus a big stick for the dog Here is a photo of the shoe (the uneaten one)
  10. look on the facebook groups for hua hin. lots of rooms on there, starting about 5k for something reasonable "hua hin buy & sell official" is a good one
  11. so basically you have told them that it is ok to do what they did to you, and encouraged them to try it with someone else
  12. this newsletter is always difficult to read, as the pictures cover up each headline. is the web designer able to fix it? i am viewing in the latest firefox browser
  13. only 6 deaths in japan in one year - 33,000 or more in the US! the reason? gun control.................
  14. Can anyone recommend me an antibiotic for treating an infection in our dogs foot. He got a cut, and now it has become infected, and has some yellow puss coming from where the cut was. We have taken him to the vets over the last couple of weeks, spending 3000 baht, and the tablets they have given us have not managed to shift the infection. We keep it clean, and treat it with Betadine cream and keep him locked up most the day so it doesnt get dirty, but we cant seem to shift it and he is limping badly now previously the vets gave anti inflammatory, and an antibiotic that was blue / purple and quite large (about the size of a 5 baht coin)