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  1. kodi works fine on my 3bb fiber in hua hin, and has for at least two years. i always get problems watching sports coverage though, but i think that is because they are so popular. when i paid a subscription to a sports channel, and watched via 3bb i had no problems
  2. i was busted for a small amount of weed in koh pang yan 20 years back. was 50,000 bail and they kept my passport. went to court in surat thani after 3 weeks on bail. got 25,000 baht back, and a lawyer guy who just happened to pop up on court day, kept 25,000 (to which i agreed) and oiled all the wheels with it, so that i was not deported - which is meant to be bad as you are transported up to immigration centre in bangkok and held until a flight is booked (can be a few days in captivity with all the others being deported apparently) actual court fine was about 2,000 which the lawyer paid for me from the 25 k good luck mum2 and son (i never told my mum) :)
  3. not so much in khao takiab, apart from the beach i think. if you want to be near bars, restaurants and the two shopping centres, plus not far from the beach, then look at soi's 88, 94 and 102. this is where a high proportion of farangs stay now. a good place to look for houses / condos where you can rent straight from the owner is the many hua hin facebook groups. good luck and enjoy hua hin :)
  4. Deep sea fishing in Hua Hin /Cha Am?

    cha am fishing park 200b or khao yai (nearby to cha am) at 100 baht are great value
  5. Uncontested divorce

    at the amphur in hua hin, we took passport, id card, blue book, and marriage certificate no translations were asked for. we dont have any children.
  6. Bringing cheese into LOS

    i freeze cheese and butter, all contained within a big shoe box, and pack any gaps with newspaper. then parcel tape the lid shut and into my suitcase. as the box ends up weighing a few kg's, everything is kept cold until i get to my home in hua hin. Lurpak Butter about 20 quid a kilo here - but 6 quid back home, so worth the effort.
  7. Thanks mate - motion detection sounds really good. does this system also save the images to the cloud, so that if the camera and enclosed memory card were ripped off the wall, the images would still be stored somewhere? What sort of camera are you using? could you recommend a manufacturer and model number? there are so many on lazada that it is overwhelming ? any app you could recommend too?
  8. Haze/smog in Hua Hin?

    we were in prachuap city on sunday and it was very noticeable down there. i think it is a weather phenomenon rather than pollution
  9. sounds like a bad night mate!! was the whole of pattaya literally booked out?! i spent a similar night on NYE in amsterdam, but with three other lads rather than family to take care of Glad you came out relatively unscathed
  10. Miserable Studying Thai in Bangkok

    there are some good schools about. i have attended two different schools here in hua hin over the last 6 years, and have enjoyed studying at both. maybe you should go onto your local farang facebook / message board for where you live, and see if anyone can recommend you a better school. PS is it easy to swap schools, or is it another trip to Laos?
  11. Looted Angkor jewellery returned to Cambodia

    dodgy brits had them?
  12. Getting files off a phone with a broken screen.

    there is an app called myphoneexplorer that you could use to drag and drop the files of your phone and onto your laptop using wifi
  13. Please Help

    i know the guy the OP talks about, and have also been to visit him. believe me, he is a good guy and his crime does not deserve a sentence so severe, under conditions which it also appears are severe....... if the crime had been committed in his home country, or in mine, i doubt he would have even gone to prison........ good on you guys who have offered helpful information and advice........ i pray he can get through this chapter of his life relatively unscathed...... at least he can learn some thai whilst in there.... i am sure he will know every thai swear word under the sun by the time he gets out :)
  14. Please Help

    check your messages on here greg - i have sent you a PM
  15. Thanks for all your help with this guys - she will appreciate everyone's opinions. I asked her when her thai passport was issued, and it was issued after she arrived back to Thailand, after a long time away. So it does not have any exit stamps in it, in fact it has never been used. Will this make it easier just for her to leave on her thai passport, and enter europe on her dutch passport? Also, is there a chance that upon return, she will be stamped out, and not stamped into an onward country (on her thai passport) so the IO will ask to see her other passport, at which time the overstay may show up?