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  1. In another thread the "Investment Visas" are discussed:
  2. Yes, you can legally own the house, but not the land.
  3. Nope, it was the Chanote, aka Titledeed.
  4. Back in the '80s, I knew a guy from the UK. What he said, was that over 2 years he bought 2 houses, with land, neighbouring, i.e. 2 Chanotes. Both in the name of his FUTURE Father in Law (He was not officially married to his GF). Then he did get married, and his Father in Law gave him 1 House as a dowry. This was accepted at the Land Department and his name was put in the Chanote as the owner. The Father in Law was deemed wealthy enough, with 2 houses, 2 cars and a healthy bank account, that he could give away 1 house to his Son in Law. Notable is also that he (the farang) was the ONLY owner of the house, his, now, wife was not in the Chanote. (I did see his Chanote at that time) Has anyone else heard, or know, if this is really do-able ?
  5. I don't know how much you know about TH, or how long you'vr been there. Having said that I would spend 1-2 years first, doing nothing, except looking around and get a feel for the suroundings, so to speak... And don't jump straight into investments, such as buying a house etc. Condos are much more expensive than houses, both to buy and rent. As for securing land, think to lease, from your wife, can be done for up to 30 years (today), and secured with the Land Department. You can also take out an "usurfruct". Google the meaning, way to much to post here... BTW, Lars, Scandinavian ?
  6. I would not overstay in Laos... The Police is not a problem, but Immigration, when leaving, is a Huge problem... You can always get a 1-year business visa, with a work-permit - there are a lot of companies offering this service - all legal - except you don't really work, anywhere... Cost is from $ 400 - $600.- per year. You can not get an MRTV, unless you have a Lao 1-year visa and workpermit + can show THB 200,000 in a bank account (can be Lao, Thai etc.)
  7. Did an extension on a visa excempt, 10 days ago, at Chiangwattana. Total time: 23 minutes, including ques before opening... 0 questions, very friendly officers.
  8. A LOT of items, Amazon USA, won't ship to TH. Books and the like, no problem, and the pre-paid, Customs, estimate has always been refunded promptly.
  9. I buy from a farm "Adams Organic". Excellent produce and service. Certified Organic, USDA, EU & Japan... All seasonally grown; on their website you can download a chart on expected availability. They deliver anywhere.
  10. Will move to CM, later this (or next...) year. Do they have auction houses in CM ? Any link(s) or names, would be helpful. Thanks.
  11. When I lived in BKK, very near Villa, Soi 33, I found "imported tomatoes", 3-4 for 200THB. Only problem, they where from a farm in Kao Yai. Farm owned by a farang friend. He went ballistic when he found out. Secondly, a lot of dry goods - check expiry date - I have seen Wasa Crispbread, more than 1 year overdue... Someone mentiod CM, you have Rimping, which I think is good. Here in Laos, Rimping opened the first "real" supermarket a year or 2 ago. What happened; all the old customers left, from the "Mom & Pop" Vietnamese "Supermarkets" , and Rimping also has lower prices...
  12. I think the OP, Airalee, is coming up with an interesting thread. MrBrad is right about organic etc. The amount of synthetic fertilizer (N-P-K, only...), pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc., etc. in TH is enourmous... One of the largest Agro-Chemical companies here, is having a meeting every year - they are using the "Phu Yai Ban" headmen, to promote their goods. The top guys gets a car, 1,000,000 THB cash etc., etc. (What Thai farmer dares to say no to the Headman ? unless you're a wealthy "Gentleman farmer", Thai or Farang...)) A friend of mine is living next to a Watermelon farmer. He was told by the farmer NOT to eat watermelons, as they inject chemicals, prior to selling, to make the melons taste better... I am happy to pay double, or more, to buy Certified Organic, any day. There are reasonably priced farms, certified by USDA, Japan and the EU, REAL certification agencies - not "Pay-for-the Cert"... BS agencies. Also for meats, 250THB for 500gr of Sloanes Sausages can't be considered expensive (Especially compared to locally made, with lots of "meat" powders, fillers etc.) Freerange chicken, from Lanna, for 210THB a kilo is also not bad, compared to the commercial Thai Battered chicken (which the "Big Agro" now produce in Laos, together with pigs...all fed antibiotic-hormone laden pellets, imported from TH. ( I have a neighbor here in Laos, producing pigs, for CP).
  13. In Vientiane, by far, the best day is to apply on a Friday; and pick-up on the following Monday.
  14. You can already test for heavy metals with a smartphone. You attach a small lab instrument, drop in a special vial (one-time-use only) and, presto you read f.ex. the mercury level... UCLA and others are doing a lot of research.
  15. Please note that the METV will expire when your Lao visa/workpermit expire. So, as you only get 2 METV, per year ( valid for 6 months, each) your best option is to get the METV immediately after you have renewed you Lao visa/workpermit. And note, you also have to have 200,000 THB (or equivalent) in a bank account (Lao, Thai is OK), and a letter from your CEO, verified, that you have the company's permission to cross the border... as well as copies of every single possible document... i.e. Passport, Lao Visa, Entry Stamp, Workpermit, Lao Foreign ID Book, Fresh Bank Statement, Employer's Letter; Photos and 5,000 THB (per person, NO Family discount...)...